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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Helm's deep:too far, too close

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 13 2014 at 6:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

Entire weekend was spent in Lotro. NaktiesKarys desperately sought to do quests in Limlight Gorge. All other deeds in Great River were completed – and now only slaying of super-huge monsters remained. Did some solo quests…

…and then came the Great Silence. I was spamming local chats all the time, asked Kinship – and almost to no results. Everyone was busy, everyone has better business to do. No, I did not try globallff, since it is full of trash. Only after few days did I manage to get some help from occasional players. They were very kind for me and helped to do all the things I asked for. In return, I helped them with some of their quests. My champion did not perfor very good, even runekeeper of lvl.88 was performing better (and hunter, and guardian). I was just…supportive, nothing serious. Anyway, it was done. 16 out of 20 quests required. One player from my former Kinship, “Dunedain of the North” was especially kind, helping with every single quest. A very promising and kind one, I foresee bright future for him.

To make things worse, today I would have to cancel my temporaly VIP, so I will need to ask for any help and find any repetative 4 quests.

While out of job in Limlight Gorge, went to Sarnur, later – to Annuminas to farm reputation items. One player asked for help to kill named monster which I easily did. Hope that player found his safe way back – I killed some Angmarim, but they do respawn quickly.

Finally, did some epic, finished one book and tried to do session plays. This was an awful experience. “We cannot get out” is totally bugged, bracing attack won’t work, Dwarf “defenders” die after 1 hit and I could not do anything. If I don’t fight, I face too many monsters and die, if I fight I die soon. Game forum is full of screams to repair Bracing attack, but nobody from Turbine is paying attention to it. Then, tried to become Laerdan: oh well, some 15.000 hp, very low nukber of power and lame attacks…and power runs out very quickly.  Session failed (again).

Asked about “cannot get out” in Moria chats: 1 player responded. Why can’t Turbine just abolish all channels? They were dead when I came, they are dead and they…well, most likely they will be dead.

Later did some epic in Trollshaws and here took exploration/slayer deeds. Game would allow them to be continued later, so I’ll get some Turbine points.

At the end, I created new toon, “Xaa”. It made one last mega-run. Went to Yule, grinded all titles (30 TPs), then reputation items with 3 factions…and I finally had 4295 Turbine points. Finally.

And so they day has ended. I have >4300 Turbine points, ready to start Helm’s Deep and maybe there would I receive more help and advice than I did in Limlight Gorge. Days have ben – let’s say – normal in Lotro. New adventures starting very soon!