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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Farming Ered Luin

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 31 2014 at 6:04AM
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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday finished with Xaac, created Xaad. Human female minstrel, skip intro in Bree, travel to Celondim, then grind every single and easy quest in elven lands, ride to Dwarves, take some easy quests, finish all deeds (except spider slayer and 1 exploration), recall to Archet, do Spider slayer…and voila, some 130 Turbine points earned. Folks have calculated it is a work for some 2 hours.

I once again enjoyed Xaad. Up to 7th level it is hard to be minstrel:every enemy may require 3 ranged shots. Later you just go, use “earthquake” anyone and enjoy one shot killing. My NaktiesKarys helped minstrel by creating lvl.7 and lvl.10 swords. They were better than even the best quest reards or loot. I saw a competition: a Champion came to Nen Hilith to kill wolves and I was here to kill wolves. I ranged shot every wolf, so Champion had to retreat:Minstrel was victorious.

I ended up my Xaad in Bree land, after finishing spider slayer I was too lazy to continue and deleted the toon. It gave +400 silver coins for my NaktiesKarys (that’s upkeep for some 2 weeks). Xaae was created, saw Archet burned and already arrived to Ered Luin. Here, my new Minstrel would be ready for new adventures.

Shared my experience with the Kin. Everybody agrees with me, gives some valuable advices about what to level and what to avoid. I do thank my kinnie who adviced me to go as Minstrel. Later, we discuss Champion and Mini (and it turns out, Champion is outperformed).

And so the day has ended, I had 667 Turbine points (very close to Mirkwood quest pack!) and ready for more adventures. Perhabs one day I will start a Minstrel as one of mains. The day has been just super in Lotro.

Minstrel the invicible

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday January 29 2014 at 6:41AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys turned in some task items, increased reputation with Helminga and logged off.

Xaab continued adventures. Now – it was time to feel like terminator in Bree. Did all quests I could. Almost soloed quest to defend lame sheriff Bolger from 3 waves of Brigands. Soloed named lvl.14 Brigand and his thieves easily. I do remember going there as Champion: sneak, wait, then attack, if any aggro – run. Now, I just took half mob’s health with 1 call, yet another with second and finished with some simply ballad. That’s all.

In swamps near Combe- finished Neeker slayer (simple and advanced), Sickle fly slayer (simple) deeds. Easy, too easy. While running forwards and backwards, all 45 quests were finished. Then – short run to Bree, finishing History of Dunedain.

Playing Minstrel is pure enjoyment. A very powerfull ranged class. Before enemy reaches Minstrel, enemy would be dead. The problem is in ranged class itself: only one weapon, only light armour. While light armour looks fancy and romantic – it does not protect much. However, self-heals are nice, helps when you health potions are on cool down. Another problem is I could not sent money to my main or use quick travels.

Deeding in Bree is less proftable than in Ered Luin. Distances are too long and some quests do require “kill boar, go to NPC, go to second NPC, kill 10 board, go to NPC…” things. However, I do these deeds just to feel the joy of being almost invicible. Stand at 35 meters from target, make one shopt, watch target dead, wait for 10 seconds, one-shot another monster. I just enjoy this new class.

And yeah, class quest at lvl.15. Rewards: excellent new weapon, new title. Quest – to slay some mobs, I just one-shotted them. Too easy, unlike Champion. At the other hand – class deeds are harder than those of a champion.

In a future, I will be rolling Minstrels, ride them to Ered Luin and then grind every single TP. Few hours gave me ~120 TPs while yesterday same (and maybe more) amount – only ~70. If ~3 hours gives me 130 Turbine points, I could earn about 250 per day.

And so the day has ended. i had some 357 Turbine points and ready for more Minstrel adventures. Life is just excellent with Lotro.

Lotro TP grind:faster, funnier

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 28 2014 at 6:55AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was mostly offline, resting, preparing for further Western Rohan deeds. My new Minstrel, Xaab, was active.

I followed advice found on one blog and levelled Xaab in Ered Luin. Had to strictly follow instructions, though sometimes I did things for fun. Levelling took really little time, was not time consuming and I have earned more than I would normally earn in the same time in Bree.

First of all – the class. Ministrel may be agressive self-healing ranged monster. One shot, enemy dead; if not dead, another (weak) ballade kills. Distance is some 30-35 meters, so minstrel does feel safe. When it comes to aggro, squishy minstrel with just 1 melee attack is in trouble – this is where I had to use health potions….and self heals. Ministrel is limited to ligh armour only and cannot dual wield – so it’s very, very limited in close combat. However, things are better if you choose red trait line (agressive one). I one-shotted weaker enemies and strong ones required maximum of 3 shots (1 miss, one hurts, third kills).

So – Minstrel proved to be awesome class and probably demanding since it can heal self, others and even revive. Maybe I should have taken this class instead of Champion (but the question is what to do in close combat, like Moria, when ranged attacks are of little use?).

I did almost all Ered Luin deeds, leaving only Hendroval slayer (advanced) unfinished. Then, according to instructions, returned to Archet, little burned Archet. Here, my toon paid for two house upkeeps, sold loot…and prepared for new adventures.

And so the day has ended, I really enjoyed my Minstrel, am determined to use it longer than just Bree deeds and Shire exploration. I had 282 Turbine points, that’s some 120 earned per day (not exactly 130 as I was supposed to, but still close). The day has been superb in Lotro.

Big Battles ahead

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 27 2014 at 6:57AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was busy in Western Rohan, doing all available quests. The region really fascinates. Eowyn, the Shieldmaiden, orders a full-scale evacuation (and we know where). Lots of people are on the move and it was up to me to aid them. Find a lost child, repair houses…what really made me feel the drama – was a task from farmer. He asked to water his crops one last time…and pull out the weeds.

It was later, in another town where I saw fields of crops – they were burning, demolished by the Orcs. Once green fields, now they were black and only wargs inhabited here. And I saw river full of dead Rohirrim and their horses. They fought as well as they could, yet they failed and now Orcish looters were defiling their bodies :(

But at that very moment – I felt sorry for that man. If he would return, he won’t find his fields as he left them…and still, it is triumph of life over death, faith – over countless hordes from Mordor and Isengard. At the same time – politics. One Reeve/Thane disagrees with Eowyn, another even attacked her, blaming her for war. Traitors of Grima are everywhere.

Over all, quests were doing just superb. They were interesting, I was immersed in them, sometimes they made me smile (like Eowyn became not so grumpy and even happy after killing entire warband).

However, I could not say any good word about quests near Helm’s Deep itself. These are of “we will torture you if you take this” type. Go, encourage men. And then they give you some puzzle to perform emotes (as far as I understood – two emotes, one after another). If there are 100 emotes only – then total number of combinations is only…10.000! Now, we have 5 NPCs, so one should use same 10.000 combinations 5 times. I.e. if all NPCs were in a row and targeting+typing one combination takes ~2 seconds, we have a total of: 50.000 x 2= 100.000 seconds which means 1667 minutes. And, dear developers, it is some 28 hours! There is no info on wiki and on the forums information about 4 emotes that work…but even if they work, that leaves us with “just” 24 hours. Cancelled that quest, it was impossible (and a pity even my kin did not listen to mathematic arguments).

Another quest – of evil Moria type. Go, take this stuff at the highest wall place near Legolas. I went where evil Elf should be – nothing. Went to another point – no Legolas, no place to drop stuff. Cancelled too.

Exploration deeds in HD region are finished. Orc and Dunlending slayer deeds – finished too.

Another activity: helped one kinnie to farm Annuminas…and finished deed to kill 80 brutes there (10 Turbine points). Found yet another 2 Emerald shards so now I have 3 of them.

And then – time for Minstrell, named “Xaab”. I fought, killing wolves, getting to almost level 7 after Archet was burned. Had a problem with trait trees, finally chose red one.

It was THE choice. I almost one-shot any enemy and if not – well, I was able to use few other ranged attacks. 35 meters is a safe distance to slay an enemy. Minstrel was, of course, better than Champion. One shot from distance, wait for cooldown, kill another mob…Farmed wolf slayer very fast this way, the only competitor being another minstrel, lvl.13. I am excited about this class – very easy to grind TPs, easier than for champion.

And so they weekend has ended, I left almost satisfied, had 157 Turbine points and ready to grind more. Helm’s Deep…it will wait untill someone posts information how to finish these “pick something bring somewhere in some way” quests. Days have been good in Lotro.

Helmingas, Eorlingas:reputation

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 24 2014 at 6:02AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent his time in Helm’s Deep region, travelling from town to town. Witnessed one session play, but fortunately I managed to win. The region continues to fascinate me. The trails of Orcish assaults are everywhere: outposts burned, cities ready to be evacuated and treachery everywhere. Grima finally deposed, but I once again witnessed him. Alas, could not smash Grima, only his bodyguards. Went to one little town where lots of bad things were happening: leader was ill, his advisor wanting to ally with Saruman and an ore mine owner wanting to establish his own law, eventually one of leader’s advisors abandoning him and hiring/recketeering. The choice for leader was a hard one: recketeer or Saruman’s pet? He has chosen the first. Of course, everybody forgot local soothsayer’s prophecy that unseen enemy will burn the town before it could be saved: everyone was thinking about “the seat of power”.

These quest lines made my reputation with the Helmingas – a difficult one, since they mostly rely on task items. And their task items do not drop as frequently as Eorlingas…and I am almost Kindred with Eorlingas. This reputation builds up really fast.

Met first fellowship content: an orc with some 100.000 hp. I tried to kill it, but to no result. Fled, being healed by some good-heartet player (God, give her all the fortunes You can!). Asked in Kinship chat for help, hope it will come. While I could deal with some 50.000 – I could not be that overpowered. And I do not have The Green Bubble, all thanks to trait trees…

Have found one Emeral shard. WIll continue to harvest Eorlingas skarn, only to have standard 100 low skarn ingots, 100 medium skarn ingots and 100 high grade skarn ingots. That’s a lot of things, so maybe would loot an extra shard or two.

I have finally reached level 95! Yes, I am a tank now, just have to grind for quality armour (mine is not that good now). After making first age LI, I would be more than ready for Big Battles and other end-game content.

And so the day has ended. Managed to finish several deeds, got 57 Turbine points, achieved end-game and had lots of fun. Life is just superb in Lotro.

Helm’s Deep crafting, minstrelling

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 23 2014 at 6:11AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent all his time in Helm’s Deep region(still messing Eastern and Western Rohan). Harvesting every ore I could find. Doing every quest I could. This time went to Aldburg. Had to patrol roads, then rescue some workers, kill Orcs (it was my pleasure to slaughter them), boars, wargs…Then – lots of tasks in Aldburg itself. Find this, kill that, patrol one camp, kill more orcs. There were stories too and sometimes I even read the quest text.

After finishing quests in Aldburg – was sent in one settlement in swamps. Yet more stories there, from fairy tale’s “find ring in a hay” to telling local landlord’s daughter she won’t be marrying Theoden King. And, of course, incompetent local leader that pays little attention to the orcs. If he would ask me, I’d tell – exterminate them all because trhe best defense is offense. Good orc is a dead orc, only then they won’t be a danger.

Experience was flowing – both from task items and quests and killings…and crafting. Sometimes I think experience grows too fast. I was just begining the region…and too soon I am near level 95.

Was happy enough to craft lvl.95 Second age weapon for my kinnie. Travelled to native Thorins Hall, crafted lots of Eorlingas ore and then – weapon itself. That’s why it’s worth living in Lotro – to help others.

Started “Xaab”, my woman-minstrel. One colleague adviced for quick levelling. Well, starting was horrible. I had light armour only. No dual weapons. 1 melee attack. 1 ranged attack. 1 self-heal. And some weird stances I had no idea about. Finally, some 2 weird abilities I dragged off toolbar. At some level (2?) received lute and could range-attack enemies with it.  At level 3 I could not one-shot level 3 wolf: ranged attack damaged it, but I had to finish with melee one. What would such squishy toon do in, say Moria or Iornaith’s dungeon – no idea.

However, colleague encouraged me to play Minstrel telling it is godlike toon that one-shots enemies at lower levels. I just need nerves and patience (and remember I have no dual wielding, no medium, no heavy armour, no AoE and bracing attack and might is not priority). I think I will try. If this toon grinds TPs fast – I will play minstrels.

I have also reached another reputation with Eorlingas: it seems easier than I expected. 9 times I turned it task items, then did quests – and voila, new reputation.

And so the day has ended, I had 22 Turbine points (but wait, who cares about points when region is superb and everything is interesting?), also reached level 94. The day has been superb in Lotro.

Helm's deep:local

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday January 22 2014 at 6:44AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent almost all day fighting in HD region (yes, it’s Rohan, but I continue to call it Helm’s Deep). Quests are really good, landscape is done good and the uneasy atmosphere is everywhere. I saw towns demolished by evil, I was encouraging people to flee to safety. Had to extinguish fires and improve barricades. Had to listen to sad story of one lady – she was forced to marry Thane she did not love, her heart was with another man. I listened to her story, it was really interesting.

And then the battles. Enemies are mostly mounted, battles are hard because now enemies form groups. You could see that Half-Orc rider you need to kill…but what about 2 Half-orc warriors and 1 Goblin-defiler nearby? Sometimes I ran into hard situations with these…but still managed. One tragic assault: unwise group of Rohirrim decided to retake their fortress. They killed lots of of Orcs, but lost their leader and were angry on me. Why on me, I was protecting as much as I could, dear Rohirrims, it was your plan to assault!

Reputation: HD region features both Eorlingas and Helmingas. So far Eorlingas is easy one, every quest rewards with their reputation.

I was interested in quests, be it main or side ones. Now I am just ‘devouring’ the content enjoying everything (well, except my HDD works very slow that makes combat difficult). I enjoy fighting named monsters, getting prisoners free, listening to NPCs’ stories. Landscape is nice, Rohan is truly a masterpiece of Turbine (and of course, Evendim).

At the end of the day responded to kinnies ask for help – we did level 30 instance. We swept away all opposition, be it wolves, dwarves or giants. It was quick, I received marks and medaillions.

And so the day has ended, I had 12 Turbine points (first reputation with Eorlingas), reached level 92 and am prepared for further adventures. Region is great, mood to fight everything exists – life is just superb in Lotro.

Helm's Deep:epic

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 21 2014 at 6:03AM
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Lord of the rings online

There was no time to waste – NaktiesKarys rushed to Helm’s Deep. However, guard felt I was still banned from these lands, so needed to make some runs forwards and backwards before guard allowed me into these lands.

Eastern Rohan is just great. Landscape, iconic locations, even aging king Theoden. I enjoyed these quests remembering what I saw in movies. Grima’s intrigues, Gandalf’s return, iconic houses with horse images…and iconic phrase that “your hand needs your sword to regain strenght”.

A pity, Grima escaped. Too early/too late, and as in movie King did not kill this…creature. And I really wished I could slain him and then stomp it into the ground. Turbine is so humanistic.

I watched the King leaves to battle, with his armies of Riders of Rohan. And then it was up to me to help those staying: search for info about Grima’s betrayal only to find he had allies and fight those; help one NPC to pack her belongings; finally, persuade citizens to leave to safety.

Only then I was given quests to ride to other towns and do quests there. Started killing mounted Urucs (warriors and pillagers). Received exploration deed.

In short: region is great to feel its atmosphere and explore. Quests are (so far) non-problematic, but return value of the region is low: I suppose it to be 300 TP at maximum (200 Tp counted after wiki +50 TP for another faction reputation +50 TP that may be not listed on wiki). Armour for quest completion is worse that Hytbold one, so all this stuff is for sale only.

And so the day has ended, I was very satisfied with HD atmosphere and had same 7 Turbine points. New adventures begins, life is one again superb in Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 20 2014 at 8:12AM
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Lord of the rings online

Weekend meant much work for me. WoneT, WoneU, WoneV were created, grinded for Turbine points and deleted. Every reputation items was used, had to log in my mule toon often for that. At the end, I had not enough rep. items to reach even basic reputation – had to use reserve ones, 15 high-level (+700) to get 5 Turbine points.  Yesterday last girl was created and deleted.

I had time, but very little will to go on. Lucky, there was a toon on Crickhollow – so I used it. Activated slayer deed accelerator, so was able to finish Neeker-breeker slayer deeds (simple and advanced), quickly ran to finish History of Dunedain.

5098 Turbine points. Enough to buy Helm’s Deep (4295) and discounted 6th bag (796). Lotro store–>Bookmarks–>Add to chart.


Order delivered Notification:

We have just added the items/services to your account! If the purchase was an item, open your Inventory Bags (I) to view it.

nsaction Details:
Order Total: 5,091 Points

Item Price Quantity Total Price
Inventory: Bonus Bag Inventory: Bonus Bag
796 Points 1 796 Points
Expansion: Helm's Deep Expansion: Helm’s Deep
4,295 Points 1 4,295 Points
Total charge for this purchase 5,091 Points

Finally, Helm’s Deep is mine to explore and defend. Finally, I have enough inventory bags to hold everything that drops. And finally, months of grind are over. I have worked towards this purchase, mobilizing every single Turbine point. Creating/deleting toons. Doing same things again and again and again.

Now, much fun awaits me. Kinship congratulated with this purchase and now I will be able to quest in new region, experience its beauty (since former Rohan region was beautifull).

Turbine with its temporaly VIP has saved me lots of points. At least 2 bags that were worth 1500 (discount)–2000 (full price) TPs.

Weekend ended with just 7 Turbine points. But new adventures are only beginning. Forwards,to Helms Deep! Big Battles awaits!

Grind ahead:100 Turbine points/day

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 17 2014 at 6:39AM
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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday NaktiesKarys still had his VIP status, but moved to Annuminas instead and farmed some reputation items. Now, I have 400 Bands of Numenor and some 600 Black badges. Should be enough for 3 tooks – then we can add Thorin’s Hall 165 First age relics and get some 200 Turbine points worth of investment.

WoneT started her adventures, finished Spider slayer, received 5 Turbine points and logged off.

Meanwhile Turbine announced discount on inventory bags, so I must grind to save 200 Turbine points. Would take some time, because I have a goal of 100 Turbine points per day. Not easy to achieve, but doable. And when I have additional bag (no matter, 4th or 6th) – I will purchase Helm’s Deep and move to new adventures.

In short – much clicking and grinding awaits, but at the end my toon would be ready for quick fighting in Helm’s Deep.

Life is intensive and good once again in Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 16 2014 at 6:15AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lotro was on maintenance and it took more time than I expected. When game was finally online, I went to do quests in Trollshaws, last of them. Run there and here. Hunt Troll, find arrows, bring arrows to Forsaken Inn, bring stones to Bree, then talk with NPC in Rivendell – I was running forwards and backwards. Rewards? Did not care much about them, since it was coins and xp that I was interested into.

One instance failed: I had to track Gollum, but too soon lost it..and abandoned quest. Maybe next time, when I will purchase this region…or Turbine grants at least 7 days of free VIP.

With Trollshaws completed, I went to hunt in Annuminas. Angmarim slaying went very good, stuff dropped, reputation items too. There was some competition, but every side managed to finish its goals.

The end of the day was dedicated to investment. Took all First age relics, Bands of Numenor, Black badges to the shared vault. Result – some 160 First age relics, ~340 Band of numenor and ~440 Black badges. I am and will be investing into Turbine points. One day – 150 TPs without any trouble, sounds just good.

Now I have to wait and start grinding for some 900 Turbine points: really need more inventory bags. All I have to do is grind and wait for discounts. Then – purchase Helm’s Deep, inventory bags and rush to new adventures!

And so the day has ended, I grinded many reputation items, earned zero Turbine points, but left very satisfied. The day has been good in Lotro.

Lotro VIP: on/off

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 14 2014 at 6:27AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys ran 3 quests in Limlight Gorge. Trees, Huorns, Spiders – everything was owned, all thanks to one very friendly player. Then I saw I had one quest missing and decided to take instance Roots of Fornost.

Man, it was a mistake. We were two, were defeated many times untill we went to the last boss – some 300.000 health with 2 guards. It was risky, but we tried. Failed. Resurrected, I called another friendly player (Hunter), but we were defeated and after some tries we left instance. Tried to call Kinship for help, but to no results (those willing were under-levelled or did not have quest pack).

Then, I ran to Trollshaws, to do remaining quests, hurrying and picking up every quest, starting every exploration deed (and by accident – finishing one). I had my “finish 20 quests in Trollshaws” completed, picked up some 11 quest to make sure I would be able to do “finish 30 quests” after I cancel.

And then – logging to my account and cancelling subscription. A pity, but I have to do this. I really enjoyed VIP status. Squeezed almost every Turbine point from some regions. North Downs (with the exception of Fornost) is done. Great River would be finished soon, except Heroes of Limlight Gorge reputation. In short, free VIP gave me:

  • free Great River -  795 Turbine points
  • free North Downs – 595 Turbine points
  • free 4 trait slots – 400 Turbine points
  • from North Downs – some 150 (?) Turbine points
  • from Great River – some 105 from slayer deeds + 105 from exploration (metadeeds not counted)

In short, 14 days of eternal grind has given me (in theory) some 2150 Turbine points both directly and indirectly. Also, there are some things I would now later, like inventory bags or change in maximum number of toons.

At January 16th my subscription will be terminated. I really enjoyed it, bringing even my Vytautaz to explore North Downs and starting some slayer deeds. As of today, I had 4348 Turbine points, more than enough for Helm’s Deep.

Life is just superb in Lotro. And new adventures are starting soon.

Helm's deep:too far, too close

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 13 2014 at 6:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

Entire weekend was spent in Lotro. NaktiesKarys desperately sought to do quests in Limlight Gorge. All other deeds in Great River were completed – and now only slaying of super-huge monsters remained. Did some solo quests…

…and then came the Great Silence. I was spamming local chats all the time, asked Kinship – and almost to no results. Everyone was busy, everyone has better business to do. No, I did not try globallff, since it is full of trash. Only after few days did I manage to get some help from occasional players. They were very kind for me and helped to do all the things I asked for. In return, I helped them with some of their quests. My champion did not perfor very good, even runekeeper of lvl.88 was performing better (and hunter, and guardian). I was just…supportive, nothing serious. Anyway, it was done. 16 out of 20 quests required. One player from my former Kinship, “Dunedain of the North” was especially kind, helping with every single quest. A very promising and kind one, I foresee bright future for him.

To make things worse, today I would have to cancel my temporaly VIP, so I will need to ask for any help and find any repetative 4 quests.

While out of job in Limlight Gorge, went to Sarnur, later – to Annuminas to farm reputation items. One player asked for help to kill named monster which I easily did. Hope that player found his safe way back – I killed some Angmarim, but they do respawn quickly.

Finally, did some epic, finished one book and tried to do session plays. This was an awful experience. “We cannot get out” is totally bugged, bracing attack won’t work, Dwarf “defenders” die after 1 hit and I could not do anything. If I don’t fight, I face too many monsters and die, if I fight I die soon. Game forum is full of screams to repair Bracing attack, but nobody from Turbine is paying attention to it. Then, tried to become Laerdan: oh well, some 15.000 hp, very low nukber of power and lame attacks…and power runs out very quickly.  Session failed (again).

Asked about “cannot get out” in Moria chats: 1 player responded. Why can’t Turbine just abolish all channels? They were dead when I came, they are dead and they…well, most likely they will be dead.

Later did some epic in Trollshaws and here took exploration/slayer deeds. Game would allow them to be continued later, so I’ll get some Turbine points.

At the end, I created new toon, “Xaa”. It made one last mega-run. Went to Yule, grinded all titles (30 TPs), then reputation items with 3 factions…and I finally had 4295 Turbine points. Finally.

And so they day has ended. I have >4300 Turbine points, ready to start Helm’s Deep and maybe there would I receive more help and advice than I did in Limlight Gorge. Days have ben – let’s say – normal in Lotro. New adventures starting very soon!

Lotro:killing spree

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 10 2014 at 6:04AM
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Lord of the rings online

Turbine’s servers (I suppose, affecting all their games) went down yesterday for some 30 minutes. Therefore was not able to play as much as I wished.

NaktiesKarys finally found NPC in Great River, heavily armoured Elven girl Noriel and quickly finished all Thinglad quests. Received one quest to report to Stangard and that was quests’ end. Also, finally reached Kindred reputation with Riders of Stangard and used all 20 golden tokens to purchase “Return to Stangard” skill. One more region I could travel free to.

And then I went for some killing. Went to one Brigand camp (Lavakh?), where Brigands were with their warghs, thus advancing Beast and Brigand slayer deeds. It was quick, then I switched to Easterlings which was not that fast…but still it was done. Took nearly all day and at the end I hunted Shades. This hunt was the most painfull: not so much shades and they were scattered across fields. Thought to use accelerators, but there was no need.

Now, only two realistic slayer deeds remain: Orc slayer advanced and Shade slayer advanced. Managed to kill 110 out of 255 monsters, today I have to slay remaining 145. And then, my headache: Limlight Gorge. Regional, LFF channels are dead, no one talks, no one listens, although I saw player around, some lvl.70x, some lvl.95.  I am feeling despaired, all I need is just one person that could heal me, that’s all. No need to fight, just heal and that’s it. Two meta-deeds would be finished with Limlight Gorge…but still no help. A pity.

And so the day has ended, I was mostly satisified, had 4063 Turbine points (so close to my goal!) and only few days to grind. If only I could get someone to aid me in Limlight Gorge – it would be just perfect.

Lotro:the choices

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday January 8 2014 at 6:33AM
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Lord of the rings online

Quests and deeds in Great River continues. This time I was directed to a new region…and once again, dealing with Oath breakers. This time I was to make a choice: curse them forever or use them against Sauron. Why curse, I thought, let us give a chance to repent…

And it went wrong. I did some quests, did some instances and finally was victorious. My own NPC was satisfied…while the other was in furry. How dared I to do so? As a revenge – decreased reputation with the men of Dunland. Oh my, another travel to do some repetative quests and restore Kindred! Lesson: folks, feel free to choose radical solution. While you are in Great River, you could easily re-built reputation…

Quests moved to Brown Lands, had to fight lots of magi there. Luckily, quests helped greatly in slayer deeds. I already have finished Easterling slayer, as well as some exploration deeds. Of course, quests are all grey, no monster could really hurt me and I can solo anything there: such a good thing to feel invicible. Quests also gave me valuable reputation, I am now en route to Kindred with Riders of Stangard.

I have but one troublesome region:Limlight Gorge, where I would really need some help. My only wish – some healer who needs to quest there. I could fight, healer could do 2 things: a) stay away at safe distance from monster; b) heal me. That’s all, with good heals I could do all the fight.

And so the day had ended, I had some 3938 Turbine points and felt much fun. Life is so great in Lotro.

Shades and oaths

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 7 2014 at 6:32AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued quests in Great River. Already asked for Kinship’s help to deal with Limlight Gorge monsters, since they cannot be soloed.

An interesting quest line was in Parth Celebrat where I had to deal with shades. Initially it was simple “go and kill”, then I had to talk with Shade’s captain…and then the story began. I witnessed their story, how brave soldiers of Gondor faced Easterlings, Gondorian being few in numbers, but still they decided to defend their fortress. And how Easterlings offered life and gold and Gondorian captain agreed, because he wanted to save as much people as he could…and how it was up to me to throw cursed treasure to the river. It was interesting, I was fighting along with the shade and hope shade finally got some rest.

Deeds were completing slowly – number of mobs to kill is a bit large (120 for simle, 255 for advanced). I think I would be forced to take some slayer deed accelerators and use them. Most of these are for 30 minutes, but with right hunting spot should be enough.

And so the day has ended. I had 3888 Turbine points (some 400 remaining), had much fun and liked Great River region. The days are so good in Lotro.

VIP:day 3

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 6 2014 at 6:04AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys continued his journey. North Downs were finished, every single deed. Tens of quests remain, but these are of little importance.  Impression about North Downs: many running forwards-backwards and too little Turbine points from deeds. And deeds (except Rangers of Esteldin) give 90 Turbine points only. Not so much. Some were very grindy, but I got my rewards with reputation items, from Mathoms to War master’s lashes. North Downs were finished, time to move to Great River.

I started with Standard…and once again, dark atmosphere. Men and horse starving, local leaders at odds, one leader killed, another poisoned, third went to an exile…and the shadow of Grima, that evil worthless creature I am wishing to kill since Rohan expansion! At the high cost, Stangard was free of Theoden’s (i.e. Grima’s) envoy. Quests were kind of…banal. Gather grass for horses, plant crops, mine for crude ore. Some were stealth, like “get to point A without being noticed”. I was very happy to meet majestic Landroval and help this nice bird with some quests.

Slayer deeds are long (takes 375 mobs to be killed), but quests helps greatly with that. Go, kill goats for some meat (+ to “Beast slayer”), free land from Orcish defilers (+to Orc slayer) and so on. Sometimes I killed just because that orc was standing in a wrong way. Spiders were hunted, they are rare and they form a problematic slayer deed. Last quests involved killing shades: there are some good locations so I will surely farm these.

In short, Great River is a quality region. There are many deeds, there are two meta-deeds and reputation deeds too. I will get some valuable Turbine points from this region and I find I like it (but not dark shadow of Grima).

Can’t rememeber if I wrote about Inn of the Forsaken quest which I failed 5 times in a row (the evil one with the cellar and riddles. It’s impossible to get past this killer-doors) or how I slayer Dragon matron in Angmar with few hits.

And so weekend in Lotro has ended, I was three-days old VIP and had 3868 TPs, some 810 points away from Helm’s Deep quest pack. The days have been just great in Lotro.

Lotro VIP: day 1

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 3 2014 at 6:52AM
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Lord of the rings online

Finally, used “VIP for 14 days” thing. Got a card with some 1,5$ on it, checked that magic stuff…and hurray. Now I have 5 bags, some “rest xp”, though I don’t know what to do with them, access to some regions, access to Ettenmoors and Swift Travel. Also, I am able to spent Destiny points (though nothing spectacular, only buffs). VIP unlocked all slots I thought I would have to purchase.

NaktiesKarys managed to finish Sarnur (now have 120 first age relics + ~340 Dourhand cresrs) and rode to North Downs. Lots of grey quests to do. Took every of them, missed only one by far. Orc killing was a pleasure:one hit – one orc; in case of AoE attacks one hit – few orcs. Finished “Orc slayer” and 15 quests deeds. Defeated every single monster with maximum 2 blows. I am getting some xp from quest completion, so it helps me to advance a bit. Now, I am officially in North Downs, taking every quest/deed – and when I finish, I will take Trollshaws.

WoneS did her last riding quests (ruins of Bree land, sighs of Shire, farms of Shire, Elf ruins, places of Dwarves), deposited last 100 silver coin in shared vault…and got deleted. Now, my toons spared me about 700-800 silver coin. Not so little, upkeep for 4 weeks.

And so the day has ended, I was very happy with temporaly VIP (will use every single feature I could), had 3698 Turbine points. and VIP spared at least 800 TPs. Life is excellent with Lotro.

2014 in Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 2 2014 at 5:53AM
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Lord of the rings online

…and New Year is there. Happy New Year to everyone, may the Luck be with you, may even the grindiest grind have sense and fun.

Meanwhile NaktiesKarys finished last sensible deed in Yule festival: 120 quests. I got a Yule frame for my portrait and warsteed appearance. It was over, I could head back to Thorins Hall and farm a bit Sarnur. Was interrupted by one kinnie: he wanted lvl.85 Burglar legendary weapon. I went home to Thorins Hall, bought receipt and made him the weapon. It’s very fortunate, I still have some bound to account Celebrimvor symbols. Not too many, but still…

WoneS, my new girl, started her adventures and -in short- did almost all deeds. All that remains are 25 Turbine points worth deeds: Ruins of Bree land, Elf Ruins exploration, Places of Dwarves, Farms of Shire, Sights of Shire. However, these adventures were quite good, I earned some 115 Turbine points in one-day run (having  in mind need to be with my girlfriend, eat, go to shop, clean flat etc).

These days were good. I hunted, I did quests, I had fun, I saw numbers of earned TPs increasing. With Yule festival, I earn additional 30 TPs and completing 2 new quests (WInds of the Storm and reachinf lvl.10) gives me additional 10 TPs.

Now – to New Year plans. I do plan:

  1. Purchase Helm’s Deep quest pack
  2. Purchase 4 trait set slots
  3. Purchase Mirkwood quest pack
  4. Purchase Great River quest pack
  5. Purchase Milestone II quest pack
  6. Purchase remaining 4 race slots

If only I could try VIP for 14 days, I could get 4th bag and fast travel for free…but looks it’s not an option.

Overall, these days were very succesfull ones. I am close to my goal, some 1000 TPs remaining from HD and 4 trait slots. The days were just superb in Lotro and I look forward for new adventures.