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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Good, bad...I am the guy with an axe

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 31 2012 at 12:40AM
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Day began as usuall: chopping some trees, storing logs in silos, then making some boards...and repeating circle.

Went to hunt for some lvl.40 crystals. It was no problem, lvl.59 Fiyakis were eays targets. They dropped sellable stuff which I did not take, they dropped crystals...but no crystal I was needing. Player S. came and asked if she could help, but all she could (not) do was to persuade Fiyakis to drop at least 1 crystal.

Returned harvest, when one player told in the chat she needs some components, but is bored to hunt. I asked what she needed and voila – some components I had. Teleported to Aughundell, gave her 8 Bhal'kuk wariror jawbones (I had 15), one more time assured I wanted nothing for it. Just when will people understand that if I say I will give, I mean I will give, not sale?

And then took a look at local Consigner. My prayers were listened to: they had 200 Wood reaping potions! I bought 100 immediately and returned to harvest maple. It was faster than I imagined. If one massive tree earlier gave some some 1500 logs, now it was ~2500. And the speed increased greatly: instead of 1-5 logs per hit, i got 5-16 logs per hit.  Managed to advance by some 3 levels this way, filled one silo with boards. Had to switch to Fletcher, make tools from boards, then deconstruct tools and repeat circle again untill there were no tools. Gained 3 Fletcher levels this way, so now I am almost lvl.71 Fletcher.

Then Player A. showed up. I was in private chat with S, when Player A. told me to bring him "some iron or silver ore". People in the chat reacted explaining he was rude. Player's A. arguments that he wants to advance to lvl.20 were not valid. I too crafted stuff to lvl.100 in weaponsmith school and did not ever asked that someone brings me stuff. I returned and explained he can gather metals alone, I told the places he could harvest and told him to take a look at our wiki.

But that was not the end. Player A. wanted to visit armorer trainer in Sslanis. Well, Sslanis is not a maze-like town, it's possible to find. And if it is not possible to find, there is wiki with exact location of each trainer. Player A. searched, then began telling trainer is nowhere to be found. I lost my patience and told him to start exploring.

Yes, I lost my patience. Every time Player A. or one of his clones comes to the chat, he always commands/demands. Bring me metal ore. I lost my armor, make me new one (while it is impossible to lose armor at all). Help me to get as much trophies as possible. Escort me to another town. That's the way Player A. in most cases communicates with other players.

What I would understand would be: Nakties, I want to harvest [resource], but there are some monsters stronger than me: could you, please, hold them up untill I harvest? I used this several times and was helped, just I did not over-use it.

The day was good one. Although not being able to help others (Player A. with his demands is not an option any more), I managed to grow while keeping up with Istaria's etiquette (had my boards dispersed at 3 silos, but emptied them immediately leaving only one silo occupied). And finally, I have an opportunity to grow faster than before.