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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

helping and crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 26 2012 at 1:52AM
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First test of new cobalt Fletcher tools was very succesfull. I managed to gather more logs with 1 hit and Wood reaping tier 5 potions worked just great. I went to maple, cut down everything that was unguarded, made logs, then boards and finally recycling (constructing-deconstructing) tools. This way managed to reach lvl. 53.

There still remains question on strategy. I can harvest maple at Morning Light settlement. Maple is plentyfull, unguarded. Bad things: no structures nearby, had to go to town, recall to my home town, store logs, then back to Morning light... Second settlement is Spire's Trail. Wood is guarded by all types of treants (from lame sappling to powerfull massive treant), distant, but there are silos and structure.

Player S. came to me to fight some treants for trophies and (possibly) xp. I helped her with some of monsters, focusing on Fletcher skill though.

Then one Dragon came. I saw him before (hunted Giant sand beetle before). He asked for help with killing Bronze boulder golems. I agreed...but later asked if he tried to kill one himself. The answer was negative. And it was my first time when I adviced that he should try kill some mobs himself. Dragon tried, fight was hard for him, several times I saved him by casting healing spells.

I reminded that it was my mistake to hunt for trophies, exchange them into xp...thus missing lots of fun and quests. Speaking about Dragons - they have more quests than the most rich biped school ever imagined.

Later some things that I dislike began. Commanding. Ordering me what to do. Dragon was attacked by 2 golems. Bad enough, but still possible to fight back or run. He just stood and later ordered: Nakties, kill that golems. I explained he should fight, which he later did. Later I was commanded "Nakties, we have to kill 20 cedar treants". I refused, arguing that he should try doing it alone.

I suspect this Dragon was another clone of Player A. It's same way he calls me. He knows "you are best at trophy hunting". He needs all trophies he could get.  And it's the same way he commands. The only difference is he does not tell :cry: if I refuse. Well...or maybe I am paranoic.

Our chat was divided. While helping others is a must, most players disagree with power-levelling telling one has to die many times to understand fighting strategy. I stand at the middle: if person needs help, he has to be helped as long as he asks (not commands). If it is obvious person does not want to advance himself - maybe it is acceptable to politely refuse help.  Once again, I remember Player S. Initially she heavily depended on my help. Later she asked for she asks only sometimes. Yesterday she asked to show where maple treants were and (later) for my help with killing 2 or 3 of them.

One player asked to help him locate one monster. I went to Eastern Deadlands, the most dangerous in the Istaria...and was quickly killed. Well, maybe it was bad idea to went alone into regions swarming with agressive lvl.120 monsters. Tried to outrun, later tired to recall...and was killed. Monster was not located. On the other hand - at least I tried to help.

The day, I think, was succesfull. I helped others, also gained some crafting xp. I do hope this week I will reach lvl.91 in Fletcher school, though it would require lots of time and -maybe- teleporting back-forwards.