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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

remembering future and why 50% is only 9%

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday January 25 2012 at 1:40AM
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A day of memories (not those from "Cats").

Once again - worked in the woods, choping down every oak tree unlucky enough to stand in my way. Killed some oak treants just to get logs. Advanced to some lvl.47 in Feltcher school.

And then one old player appeared. He asked if there is a hunt going on. I just said that all I wanted was to hunt for some lvl.80 tool crystals. wish was granted. We went for a hunt.

Level 80 crystal hunting is difficult thing. Even my multiclassed character can do little. First, you have some "dung pile". You attack it once, lvl.80 magots spawn. All very angry, very social and they spawn untill they see you. Initially there were two of us: me and Sslik bloodmage.

Bloodmage performed perfectly. Only few times I had to heal me (it's Cleric after all), other times he casted some powerfull spells. Lated one Dragon joined so there were three of us. It was a real hunt, we just slained almost every magot that came in sight. Crystals were plentyfull, I was given even Dragon crystals (gave back to our Dragon though). I got some 20 tool, armor, jewellery, weapon crystals and then retreated to my own woods.

In the chat one experienced player told he counted that first 50 levels out of 100 possible form only 9 or 10% of entire xp. The higher level, the more resources you need and on higher levels you just are tied to tier 5 resources. However, the same player pointed out I used outdated tools: I almost forgot Cobalt tools! Crafted them, equipped, bought only 7 Wood reaping potions (increase skills related with woodworking) - today I will test how does this stuff work on maple. And maple so far gives the most xp.

One Dragon asked or help in killing Giant sand beetles near Kion. I went, having some 30 minutes before going to bed. And then that experienced player asked why am I helping that Dragon to collect trophies. It was unexpected for me: if someone asks, I wil come to help (our Player A. being the only whom I am unlikely to help).

Then it came to my mind that Dragon may be repeating my own mistakes. I remember when I hunted for trophies in huge numbers and gained xp. How I hunted easier monsters for crystals and gained xp. And how I went to hunts with bigger players (maybe too often) to gain xp. Every time it was almost free xp with little efforts. I told that maybe Dragon was repeating my mistake on heavy trophie hunting, but I can't enter his mind. People told Dragon, he'd better hunt alone and therefore develop some tactic. Lucky for me, soon we met another same combat level Dragon so that these could could fight and heal each other together. And without me nearby they would earn mre xp.

Talked with Player S. about combat. She was guarding a group of hatchlings and told it was hard. Of course, it is. I remember when I protected her against Silver golems: sometimes even I ran out of spells (as they need to cool down). The same I told to her: imagine, there were not 2, but 4 or 5 of us then. The answer: it is impossible. My answer: it would be hard. I can protect one player. I can even protect two of them...but not more, even if I use all healing spells on them.

It became clear I over-flooded our Guild House. It is full of my own trophies, so no one would be able to add anything. Well, another reason to hurry up and use all of these trophies as soon as possible.

And thus another day in Istaria ended. I am waiting for the day I become some level 91 in Fletcher school. Then, i could finally start adventuring: druid to level 20, mage to level 10, spiritist to level 20 and only them - Shaman to level 100. With Shaman I am going to use all the trophies I have collected: either for xp or for cleaning up the vault. Maybe today I would take some rest and help finish some of our guild plot structures in Bristugo.

The day was good and interesting, I'm looking forward for today.