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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

some help, sme wood, some grinding

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 23 2012 at 12:53AM
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If trees could talk (at least in games), they will sue me for genocide. Just because I was fletching every oak or mapple tree I spotted.

I have joined Fletcher school. It turned out my skills were not high enough to produce wooden weapons needed for my future combat schools. So, had to abandon Blacksmith and join Fletcher. Boy, it is hard. My skills are not high to use tier 4 resources (maple), so have to use tier 3 ones (oak). Started school at level 10, first 10 level were not that hard: 1 full load of oak - some 2 levels. And the place where I almost live - it is full of oaks, even large or massive ones.

Later it began with 1 full load - 1 level. And now it is 4 full loads - 1 levels, counting that I am at lvl.41 now. In order to gain any advantage of my school, I have to be at least lvl.80 in Fletcher school. So - real grinding ahead.

I tried to harvest tier 4 resource (maple), but to lame results. I manage to get some 1-3 logs per hit (with tier 3 resource I get some 5-10) and making maple boards from logs was very inefficient, although giving the best xp.

Then came Player S., asking to aid her in her quests. Each of them required killing some mobs, so we had to find them and then kill them. It was interesting: we spent almost all day. Initially - snow pygmies or ogres, kill 20 of them (and since we were in group, my kills made nearby Player S. counted too). Then - 25 undead in some Dead Pool: killed with ease. 20 elm treant sapplings and 20 elm treants: killed too, was easy just because they were nearby Dead Pool. Leafy Oastics, my once favourite monsters, since they used to drop trophies: killed 20 of them too. Flame beetles near Dralk, same 20 - killed. Finally, two more huntings left: initially kill 20 oak sapplings. It was a bit problematic, since they spawn by two only: we had to wait, locate, kill...and wait. Used to kill other treants while waiting. Finally, last oak sapling killed. Quest update: kill 20 oak treants, no matter size. Ok, back to my crafting grounds, this time things were quicker.

Helping Player S. was done and she was very kind to help me in my oak chopping, she managed to get many oak logs and help me advance faster. I really appreciate this.

Later it was all-day crafting and advancing...when I got message from Player S. She -paying for the game sometimes pays off - made at least 2 or 3 her 'clones': 1 Dragon and 1 human. Of course, human is Cleric and Blacksmith, a choice not too wise: Cleric lacks offense, blacksmith is good only for the begining. Anyway, helped her to fight, collected some crystals and gave to her. Some time passed, one of her 'clones' or friends asked me for help: he needed crafting tools. It was very easy for me, made him tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 tools so that he would have them in future.

Besides from crafting, I occassionally killed oak treants and looted their trophies. These would be very good when I would become Shaman. Of course, now I remain cleric: before I become druid/mage/shaman - I should be able to produce any weapon myself.

The day was good. I advanced quickly, there was plenty of wood to chop and recycle. I learned to count both time and efforts to advance in the best way possible. And once again I was usefull to others.