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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

advancing, thinking of new ideas

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 20 2012 at 2:31AM
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Mithril mine was occupied by two players, so I had almost zero chance to advance my Blacksmith. Managed to mine some mithril, make some bars, but these would not be enough even for half a level.  Felt a bit angry about that.

Helped Player S. to kill Cobalt golems. It was a rather easy task, I almost did not need any heals to myself. Well, Player S. needed them since she is always first in the battle, even if she understands battle may be too hard for her. This time it was trophy hunt. She needed to get 50 trophies and we got it easily. Only last trophy was problematic, since Golems refused to drop it. But, as I told, 'the more they resist, the more they suffer".

My quiet slaughtering was interrupeted by another player - she asked if I had some trophies (Aquamarine golem ones). I had 10 of them in my vault, gave all to her - although had to interrupt combat for that. I thought it was not good for me, but then I thought I would always be able to hunt those monsters and get even more trophies without geting any harm. And helping others should be higher priority than my own interests.

Was discussing my future levelling again. Unfortunately, each school I start at lvl.1, so path to lvl.20 may be a bit painfull. It became clear I would need to take one more school, so now scheme is:

Druid to lvl. 20 --> Mage to lvl. 10 -->Spiritist to lvl. 20 --> Shaman.

To make things more complicated: magic schools uses wooden weapons and making wooden weapons uses Fletching skill. This one is rather low (some 600). If I am to make wooden weapons myself, I am to switch to Fletcher school as soon as possible and reach lvl.100 as soon as possible. It may require tons of wood to gather.

I also got armor, it's not as powerfull as my current, but it is usable by all classes. At least I may be able to use it up to lvl.60 and then change to more advanced. However, I would treat this armor as a borrowed one, not as my own property.

I also helped with our silos' constructing, contributing some Slate blocks. Silos still lack some components, but I can't make them.

The day was normal one. Little crafting, too much thinking about future levelling, but everyone approves the choice I made (after consulting with everyone who wished to advice).  I helped others, which is also good.

Now some not so optimistic Istaria-related thoughts.

<offtopic>I read one blog about person who is lucky enough to be investor of some MMORPG. And I dont know what to think about. Another quality MMORPG on the market is excellent...and a pity I could not take any part. I don't have enough money to be qualified even as a mini-investor. All I have are ideas. Ideas to make one MMORPG in my native Lithuania - a game that had almost no competitors and some ideas other games were lacking. Alas, I had not enough money, companies were not interested in MMORPG, so I ended up with a DVD full of pictures of structures, units and conceptions.

No, I am a realistic person: I do understand that if I write email "Hello, I have some non-typical ideas, plz accept me to team and give me buckz" I may receive anmswer like "We really greatly appreciate your valuable offer and as soon as we need it [which would never happen], we will contact you".

That is one side of the coin. The other side is: I wish I had several millions to invest into game that gives all I need - to Istaria. I know the changes I would introduce then. Something would be completely revised then, from classes to skill distribution. The point is - I still think Istaria is the best for me and if I offer my ideas to any other game, be it AAA or AAAAAA class - it is Istaria that may suffer. And I don't want my favourite game to suffer. All I would want is developers to listen to other opinions. </offtopic>