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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

top-levelling:what are my own goals?

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 19 2012 at 4:06AM
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Day was spent fighting and collecting trophies. I found monsters that were not hard to kill and they were generous enough to drop both trophies and some rare components: mithril and mithril boulder golems. The latter were for xp and trophies, single mithril golems - for some rare components. The fighting was going good, only one time I fell into trouble: by accidentaly attacking named lvl.101 monster that hit me by some 600 hp. Had to run. Otherwise - killing everything and looting everything.

Player S. came, she was leading group of hatchlings to hunting area and needed me to help hatchlings. Which I did, even managed to resurrect one killed Dragon. It's very pleasant to see Player S. in action. Almost an example of how any player in any game should behave. She asked my help only when she needed it, she ran into battle anytime she could fearing little about death, she was determined to die for others, and she helped others every time she could. I am so happy I was one of many who helped her.

Then one Dragoness came asking for help. I thought it was something serious, like hard combat where my many healing were needed. No, it was just need for some 20 trophies. I had too little of them left for myself, but gave almost everything I could. I was usefull once again and felt a bit happy.

Then I returned to fighting, jokingly telling in chat "golems, please please please don't be greedy". Well, they managed to be half-greedy and I felt it was The Moment.

Cleric level 100. Top level in Cleric school. Second combat school finished.

Everyone in chat congratulated me on this. And then...then there was a big discussion about my future. DIscusion where difficult questions were asked and left almost unanswered by me. The fact is, I want more offensive to my character. I already have defense, 7 healing spells (thanks to Cleric), I can use all weapons and wear the heaviest armor (thanks to Warrior). When I was asked what I prefer in combat, melee or ranged, I answered I don't really care. The only thing I do care is making my character stronger, more offense. No difference whether it would be ranged attacks, melee attacks or spell casting.

Our leader adviced to take Healer to greatly increase health, then Monk (unarmed combat expert) and some others. Our chat members adviced to go for Shaman. However, this involves taking Druid school to level 20 (and Druids are defensive), then switch to Spiritist school (which is something people do not like too much as well as Monk) and only then advance my own Shaman. Counter-argument for Healer was that I had enough defense and healing abilities. All big hp and big defense may be required for hunting lvl.112 monsters that are really hard to hit - but tit is not in the close future.

I was asked simple question: what is my goal in the game? And I felt there was little answer. First reaction was; to be a tank like our leader. "But he has finished 12 combat schools", I was told. Even with these he may be killed. I felt confused. At first I levelled warrior just be hard-hitter. Then I levelled Cleric just to make sure I have enough skills to heal myself.

I need more offense (since defense can wait). This may mean only one logical thing: need to cast offensive spells that may help me in combat.  Therefore:

Druid lvl. 20 --> Spiritist lvl. 20 --> Shaman (to lvl. 100).

Today I'm taking druid school, hopefully would be able to advance it to lvl.20 quickly, then collect trophies for Spiritist...and up to Shaman. I hope it would take some month to reach Shaman's lvl.100 with the help of consuming crystals and using trophies.

The day was very good and I am looking forward for new combat, new crafting...and answers to what I really want from game.