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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

re-fighting (the world)

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday January 18 2012 at 12:56AM
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Yesterday has just one mithril run. Instead of typical 2 level advance, chose to reach only 1 level which I easily did.

The rest was up to the fighting. As always, mostly my favourite golems - they form good targets and some of them are very generous when it comes to trophies. Initially picked up emerald golems (some lvl.97-99) on Island of Ice.  It was not too hard, only problem being lvl.86-87 Peridot golems: these used to interfere into my private talking with Emerald golems.

Fight was succesfull. Only one time had I to run from a group of monsters, rest time - just quiet slaying and looting. In terms of xp, they gave little, only some 8000 per kill. Fortunate enough, I have collected 10 trophies, so easily exchanged them into ~400.000 xp points.

Voila, level 99 in Cleric school!

Decided to pay a visit to Mithril and Mithril boulder golems. Got some trophies too. Later tried to do one quest at Tower of Magery: kill icy wolves untill I collect 5 their claws (represented as  red tokens). I fought, even very hard named lvl.93 Wolf. The fight was hard, wolf was often casting cursing spells on me and my only dispelling  sometimes did not work. I used all heals, all attack spells...and finally Wolf was slained. I got more xp than from killing two normal wolves. Red trohies were gathered, but I got rather low xp (some 28000) and not so low amount of money (45 silver coins).

Conclusion: peridot golems - dropping trophies; emerald golems - very rare drops; mithril golem - dropping; mithril boulder golems - rarely dropping; wolves - rare drops.

Now, I have some 0,5 million xp points and need 0,72 million xp points to reach the long-awaited Cleric level 100. It would be my second combat school and then - I should choose next combat school. I thought about Paladin, but remembered I was adviced to take some magic, like Mage or Monk or even Druid. All of them lack but one thing: big offensive abilities. Druid mosly fortifies, Monk relies on unarmed combat, only Mage seems to have some more offense. Still not sure, will re-ask in chat today.

The future seems to be a bit hard to work, but very promising.  It is possible to reach top level in adventure school within some 1 or 2 months. Crafting may be done too, since it is possible to make 2 levels per day with no over-working.

I do feel satisfied. As a fighter, the better I am, the more usefull I am to others. As a crafter - one day I would be able to help with any items for new building. Everything is looking almost bright.