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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

crafting self-confidence

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 10 2012 at 2:28AM
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It was supposed to be an ordinary day. Everything began with questing. Took a quest that I really cursed before. The topic is: one positive Werewolf, named Balit, wants to know what happened to her companion and her island. After discovering that her companion is long dead and island is inhabitated by angry werewolves - player needs to reduce local population a bit.

Fight was easy - all thanks to multiclassing. Werewolves are a bit more powerfull than their level (some 60-67) suggests, but they were defeated. Result: some 10.000 xp points and Balit's ring that gives great bonus to defense.

And then - the best part.

Player S. appeared, she needed some help with crafting slate. I finished one quest and ran to slate mine. I was good with mining slate and can have lots of it with me. Player S. mined slate too. Soon we filled one silo and I began to fill another. Some time passed - and Player S advanced by one crafting level.

Then one big Dragon appeared. He too asked why I left Guild chat and I had to tell (in short) what happened. We both agree that each player may have his own way of living in the game and that is good. The problem is approach to someone who has different opinion. This Dragon really encouraged me telling that I was the most helpfull person he met that I am needed and am not abandoned by Guild members.

And then he told me he was going to construct a lair (bipeds can have a land plot in Istaria; Dragons can have lairs) that needs lots of resources. 2400 aquamarine uncut gems; 2400 citrine uncut gems; 2400 jasper uncut gems; 7000 gold bars. I had to leave Player S. and run to our Guild member.

It was The Idea. I was usefull for someone once again - so I went to mines and mined all gems. It took me three runs from mine to teleporter...and gem problem was over. Gold bars are more problematic, since gold is far from public silos or teleporters and 2 ores are needed for 1 bar. But I will make it today, I think.

Then another Dragon asked me if I had some trophies to spare. I shared some of them - although could give almost everything, it is easy for me...but I left something for me. Once more I was usefull to others.

Player S. showed up - she was hunting some Restless Shades. Hunting for her was easy, she ruled battlefield alone, I was needed as support fire only. It was a nice return for her. First she came in need to be covered up and now she is the queen there. For some reasons  this battlefield reminds her only of first deaths. I doubt it is a good idea to remember negative moments.

Then Player S., my brave and impatient Dragon, gave me most valuable information about mithril. I asked her to air scout the area and she returned with great news. There were 3 (!) mithril motherloads: two in mine (!), and one outside, guarded by some golems.

These are the best news for me: I could level up my blacksmith and possibly (before any "game balance", i.e. downgrade is introduced) to hurry up other metal-based schools like Jeweller or Armorer.

Conclusion: the day was very good. Once again I was usefull to others and it looks like I am not left alone, like others may need me as well. Life may be bright after all... writes:
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