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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

some disappointment in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 6 2012 at 12:35AM
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One Russian Prime Minister, mr. Chernomyrdin was asked some question. Response was epic: "We wanted the better, and result was as always" (i.e. fail).

There were two active discussions in Istaria's forums, both ended like mr. Chernomyrdin said.

Metal gathering.  Something any metal-using crafter needs in very big numbers. Untill then, there was possible to get every resource (except very top-level ones) with little or no guardance. And if they were guarded, one could always time up monster's movement and simply run through it. One of the top used metal was mithril. It was scattered throughout some locations and the best one was near Mithril's Anvil settlement. There was a mine (safe place to harvest) and nearby fields, all heavy or half-heavy guarded by Golems.

Players could safely go to the mine, then get as many mithrill as they need and safely run to the neariest plot and make some crafting. No one ever objected the presence of the Golems, no one told that founding motherload is bad.

Problems arose when some player asked for minor improvements. Developers responded quickly:  all harvesting area was divided into 4 sectores: two are left heavily guarded, including named golem (he was hardly killed by some 3 Ancient Dragons; I was killed by him with 2 hits) and they contain most of mithril. Two are left "unguarded" and they contain some 5-6 mithril veins.

This ruins all mithril-based crafting: weaponsmith, blacksmith, armorer, jeweller schools. 5-6 veins are low enough for one player - what about three at the same time?  Yes, I could safely harvest Platinium that was left in mine...but it gives such low xp that it isn't worth going there.

Of course, veteran players that have finished every school at level 100, fully agreed with this. They told me - everyone who talked at all - that it is good, that harvesting should be hardcore and the system where gathering resources does not mean being killed 29 times in a row is dumb. It was very hard to hear. No one even tried to understand me, that I needed metal-based schools to produce myself weapons, armor and jewellery. All other schools are not so important, I could easily live without them.

I also felt ignored by almost everyone, except my brave Player S. No one wished to listen to my problems. Developers just ignored most of my proposals as if I had told nothing at all or something like "gimme everything for free".  I am feeling like I am not needed by anyone in the game, starting from the Guild I belong to, endind with developers. Only Player S., brave and a bit impatient Dragon, understood me, listened me.

I even thought about leaving Istaria, but decided that in this case radical solution is not the best one.  I will stay in Istaria, although disapointed. One lesson I have learned for sure: if developers promise they may change anything - hurry up to harvest/kill that, because any  new change may worsen situation.

Don't get me wrong: there is no game better than Istaria. It offers everything I need. No PvP: check. Deep crafting system (as long as it is not metal-based):check. Superb combat class system, not connected to races:check. Many interesting quests:check. Community that mostly is very warm to newbies:check. Free-to-play without any serious restrictions:check. Player-driven economy:check. No items for real money:check.