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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Good, bad...I am the guy with an axe

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 31 2012 at 1:40AM
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Day began as usuall: chopping some trees, storing logs in silos, then making some boards...and repeating circle.

Went to hunt for some lvl.40 crystals. It was no problem, lvl.59 Fiyakis were eays targets. They dropped sellable stuff which I did not take, they dropped crystals...but no crystal I was needing. Player S. came and asked if she could help, but all she could (not) do was to persuade Fiyakis to drop at least 1 crystal.

Returned harvest, when one player told in the chat she needs some components, but is bored to hunt. I asked what she needed and voila – some components I had. Teleported to Aughundell, gave her 8 Bhal'kuk wariror jawbones (I had 15), one more time assured I wanted nothing for it. Just when will people understand that if I say I will give, I mean I will give, not sale?

And then took a look at local Consigner. My prayers were listened to: they had 200 Wood reaping potions! I bought 100 immediately and returned to harvest maple. It was faster than I imagined. If one massive tree earlier gave some some 1500 logs, now it was ~2500. And the speed increased greatly: instead of 1-5 logs per hit, i got 5-16 logs per hit.  Managed to advance by some 3 levels this way, filled one silo with boards. Had to switch to Fletcher, make tools from boards, then deconstruct tools and repeat circle again untill there were no tools. Gained 3 Fletcher levels this way, so now I am almost lvl.71 Fletcher.

Then Player A. showed up. I was in private chat with S, when Player A. told me to bring him "some iron or silver ore". People in the chat reacted explaining he was rude. Player's A. arguments that he wants to advance to lvl.20 were not valid. I too crafted stuff to lvl.100 in weaponsmith school and did not ever asked that someone brings me stuff. I returned and explained he can gather metals alone, I told the places he could harvest and told him to take a look at our wiki.

But that was not the end. Player A. wanted to visit armorer trainer in Sslanis. Well, Sslanis is not a maze-like town, it's possible to find. And if it is not possible to find, there is wiki with exact location of each trainer. Player A. searched, then began telling trainer is nowhere to be found. I lost my patience and told him to start exploring.

Yes, I lost my patience. Every time Player A. or one of his clones comes to the chat, he always commands/demands. Bring me metal ore. I lost my armor, make me new one (while it is impossible to lose armor at all). Help me to get as much trophies as possible. Escort me to another town. That's the way Player A. in most cases communicates with other players.

What I would understand would be: Nakties, I want to harvest [resource], but there are some monsters stronger than me: could you, please, hold them up untill I harvest? I used this several times and was helped, just I did not over-use it.

The day was good one. Although not being able to help others (Player A. with his demands is not an option any more), I managed to grow while keeping up with Istaria's etiquette (had my boards dispersed at 3 silos, but emptied them immediately leaving only one silo occupied). And finally, I have an opportunity to grow faster than before.

Big impression weekend

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 30 2012 at 2:04AM
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A weekend in Istaria, playing almost all the day from morning to 2 AM.

First of all - wedding. My Player S. has chosen a husband and arranged a wedding in the deepest cave of Dralk, the Dragon city. I was invited, as well as some hatchlings and one old Dragon, who was the Master of ceremonies. Some of the invited were late by almost 1 hour (and patience is not what I am famous for...), but we finally got the party started.

Player S. and her chosen one stood face to face, while Master of Ceremonies began the ritual. He called to the gods - protectors of the Dragons and all the famous Dragons' spirits that protects Dragonkind, to witness the marriage. Then, he passed a magical Orb (which was unseen by biped eye) as a medium between Heaven and Earth and each Dragon took an oath. Later, everyone was asked if they got their own song (there wasn't) and both exchanged presents. Ceremony was over at some 2 AM (began at 1 AM) and the new day in Istaria began with a pair of newly wed players. My present to them was a little flower gathered in a distant ice continent:the flower itself has no use, it's just decorative and it may show one travelled far tp get it for ones he loves/likes.

Traditional crafting: it went good, I was shown how to optimize everything and xp gaining went faster. Reached some lvl.64 in Fletcher school, when our Guild master asked if I could not make Pale essence orbs: Guild was in need of them and I was already a lvl.4 Gatherer. Well, I re-took this school.

Following the advice, I chopped lots of maple logs, stored them in silos and then I just had to process them to boards. One day of work - and I reached from lvl.4 to lvl.35, strong enough to produce Pale essence orbs and use quality tools. Finally - some 1400 Pale essence orbs stored for use by the Guild..

I really enjoyed levelling up Gatherer. I could chop trees, make logs...and repeat untill there were no more logs. The only problem was when I filled silo with boards (7000 pieces) and hat to switch to Fletcher, process these boards, gain some 3 levels more and switch back to Gatherer.

Now, it is taking a bit slower to advance, mainly because Gatherer cannot make tools/weapons and deconstruct them (something that Mason gains lots of xp for).

Tried to help Player S., but mysterious thing happened: I filled almost 2 full silos, and when Player S. came - they wree empty. I suspected theft (a very rare thing in Istaria), but was explained there was a bug with that plot causing all stuff stored in silos to disappear.

Helped one player to kill Giant sand beetles: he killed, I just healed. He advanced by some 2 levels this way. It was the same who was late on Player S. wedding and it was partly due to me. I was asked for some trophies, but I had a small quantity - enough to advance by 1 level only. I refused :(

Yesterday helped one lvl.100 Dragon with killing. Healed him or we just splitted to kill more monsters. Initially we went to kill 20 Fire ogres - these reside near Dralk and are usually guarded by nasty Fire pygmies ("Call me a xenophobe/racist, but I do hate ogres" - I said). Killed, although these uglies managed to hit me, mutliclassed biped. Weird. Then we went for 20 Shadow spiders - they were easily killed too. And then...then my Dragon was killed, I tried to resurrect him.

He just went into region full of lvl.60-69 monsters, that hit harder than lvl.80. Together we survived, experiencing some hard moments. The hunt was over and that Dragon (let's call him Player I) asked if I could help him to kill the rest mobs needed for Ancient rite of passage. I agreed, the exception being Thickleface.

Thickleface is a named lvl >100 thornwood treant. Went with one Dragon to kill it...and was killed too easily. His attacks does some 2000 damage and I could hit it by some 20 hp. Second time some more strong players joined, but monster went after me, I ran away...when I returned, named treant was killed. I was disappointed: I was of no help to others.

I also accepted first person into Guild. Since I am an officer, I have a right to do it. And this person was Player I. Suppose it was good choice. I also noticed I was awarded some 5 times within a guild for helping others. Wow, really nice.

All this experience ends up with rather strange thought: I am starting to like crafting more than fighting. Don't know how it would end though.

Weekend was very good. I was of some help to others, I was of osme help to the Guild and I managed to advance. It's good. Theb stronger am I, the more usefull I am for others.

So close, so cloning

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 27 2012 at 3:56AM
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I think I could be found more often in the leafy maple woods near Morning Light than in the battlefield, killing all opposition around. It may be kind of bad, but the fact is: if I want to make wooden weapons for my future battle classes and if I want to wear a universall all-class armor, I have to be at least lvl.91 Fletcher.

So, woods once again. Gathering full load...and then running begins. In Istaria, there are some free teleporters: if you get there, teleport almost anywhere for free. But if you have cargo disk with any item in it - you have to pay. Therefore (call me greedy!) I left cargo disk near teleporter, transferred as much as I could to my backpack, unloaded it, then back to cargo disk...untill I was finished. It usually takes some 6 runs. After that - returning to harvest maple again.

The problem was, there were no wood reaping potions and I was left to mine maple very inefficiently. Example: 1 wood gave me some 70 logs without potion and some 150 logs with potion. The faster I advance, the better, therefore asked in chat that if someone can make these potions - I would like at least 20. (it wasfunny typo when I typed "220" instead of "20"...).

Dragon, that we hunted sand beetles, came and at once - "Nak, come to me to hunt some mobs". It was first time I refused help. I lied. I told I was busy with maple and then I would harvest some sandstone for our guild plot and after that I would be for maple again. It was a lie: if anyone, except him, would have asked for help - I would gladly come.

I used to think that Dragon was a clone of our famous Player A. - but thought it may be paranoia. Well, yesterday I told him Dragons have so many quests and asked if he had played biped. The answer was: yes, you know him, it's Player A. I explained that Dragons have so many quests and fun and that quests may be fun - if one (like me in the past) would dpend on heavy trophy-hunting, he won't have much fun. So, for now Player A. has at least 2 'clones'. Just now he is a bit less commanding, although words like "could you..." or "please" are not common for him. I explained him he may want to take quests, they (quests) are cool and he should not miss them, especially Dragon.

So, instead of helping him, I went to harvest sandstone and added >150 items to our guild plot in Bristugo. Almost all sandstone is done there, I may add only slate items...and then my help there would be finished. At least something good that I have done to my won Guild's behalf.

One player came and asked if I could make armor. Alas, I can't make it yet - it requires Armorer and all I can do is some lame Bronze helmet. Ok, told me player, can you make it with Two hand slash I technology? It later became clear I could not. All I could do was adding place for crystal which wasn't that bad (though crystals start at lvl.20)...but player said no.

At the end of the day I advanced some lvl.56, if I am not wrong in Fletcher school. It proves that 2 full loads equals to 2-2,5 crafting levels. At level 60, I could add some crystals to my tools to improve everything. Player S. came, asked to help her in finding certain Dragon lair. I went there...but it was almost midnight and she disappeared and I wanted to have some sleep.

Overall, day was kind of success. The only thing that bothers me is that I am refusing help to Player A. It is not good, but if I agree, I would not have time for anything - only helping him to have more and more trophies. I look forward for weekend - maybe I would reach that lvl.91 at the end of the week.

helping and crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 26 2012 at 1:52AM
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First test of new cobalt Fletcher tools was very succesfull. I managed to gather more logs with 1 hit and Wood reaping tier 5 potions worked just great. I went to maple, cut down everything that was unguarded, made logs, then boards and finally recycling (constructing-deconstructing) tools. This way managed to reach lvl. 53.

There still remains question on strategy. I can harvest maple at Morning Light settlement. Maple is plentyfull, unguarded. Bad things: no structures nearby, had to go to town, recall to my home town, store logs, then back to Morning light... Second settlement is Spire's Trail. Wood is guarded by all types of treants (from lame sappling to powerfull massive treant), distant, but there are silos and structure.

Player S. came to me to fight some treants for trophies and (possibly) xp. I helped her with some of monsters, focusing on Fletcher skill though.

Then one Dragon came. I saw him before (hunted Giant sand beetle before). He asked for help with killing Bronze boulder golems. I agreed...but later asked if he tried to kill one himself. The answer was negative. And it was my first time when I adviced that he should try kill some mobs himself. Dragon tried, fight was hard for him, several times I saved him by casting healing spells.

I reminded that it was my mistake to hunt for trophies, exchange them into xp...thus missing lots of fun and quests. Speaking about Dragons - they have more quests than the most rich biped school ever imagined.

Later some things that I dislike began. Commanding. Ordering me what to do. Dragon was attacked by 2 golems. Bad enough, but still possible to fight back or run. He just stood and later ordered: Nakties, kill that golems. I explained he should fight, which he later did. Later I was commanded "Nakties, we have to kill 20 cedar treants". I refused, arguing that he should try doing it alone.

I suspect this Dragon was another clone of Player A. It's same way he calls me. He knows "you are best at trophy hunting". He needs all trophies he could get.  And it's the same way he commands. The only difference is he does not tell :cry: if I refuse. Well...or maybe I am paranoic.

Our chat was divided. While helping others is a must, most players disagree with power-levelling telling one has to die many times to understand fighting strategy. I stand at the middle: if person needs help, he has to be helped as long as he asks (not commands). If it is obvious person does not want to advance himself - maybe it is acceptable to politely refuse help.  Once again, I remember Player S. Initially she heavily depended on my help. Later she asked for she asks only sometimes. Yesterday she asked to show where maple treants were and (later) for my help with killing 2 or 3 of them.

One player asked to help him locate one monster. I went to Eastern Deadlands, the most dangerous in the Istaria...and was quickly killed. Well, maybe it was bad idea to went alone into regions swarming with agressive lvl.120 monsters. Tried to outrun, later tired to recall...and was killed. Monster was not located. On the other hand - at least I tried to help.

The day, I think, was succesfull. I helped others, also gained some crafting xp. I do hope this week I will reach lvl.91 in Fletcher school, though it would require lots of time and -maybe- teleporting back-forwards.

remembering future and why 50% is only 9%

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday January 25 2012 at 1:40AM
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A day of memories (not those from "Cats").

Once again - worked in the woods, choping down every oak tree unlucky enough to stand in my way. Killed some oak treants just to get logs. Advanced to some lvl.47 in Feltcher school.

And then one old player appeared. He asked if there is a hunt going on. I just said that all I wanted was to hunt for some lvl.80 tool crystals. wish was granted. We went for a hunt.

Level 80 crystal hunting is difficult thing. Even my multiclassed character can do little. First, you have some "dung pile". You attack it once, lvl.80 magots spawn. All very angry, very social and they spawn untill they see you. Initially there were two of us: me and Sslik bloodmage.

Bloodmage performed perfectly. Only few times I had to heal me (it's Cleric after all), other times he casted some powerfull spells. Lated one Dragon joined so there were three of us. It was a real hunt, we just slained almost every magot that came in sight. Crystals were plentyfull, I was given even Dragon crystals (gave back to our Dragon though). I got some 20 tool, armor, jewellery, weapon crystals and then retreated to my own woods.

In the chat one experienced player told he counted that first 50 levels out of 100 possible form only 9 or 10% of entire xp. The higher level, the more resources you need and on higher levels you just are tied to tier 5 resources. However, the same player pointed out I used outdated tools: I almost forgot Cobalt tools! Crafted them, equipped, bought only 7 Wood reaping potions (increase skills related with woodworking) - today I will test how does this stuff work on maple. And maple so far gives the most xp.

One Dragon asked or help in killing Giant sand beetles near Kion. I went, having some 30 minutes before going to bed. And then that experienced player asked why am I helping that Dragon to collect trophies. It was unexpected for me: if someone asks, I wil come to help (our Player A. being the only whom I am unlikely to help).

Then it came to my mind that Dragon may be repeating my own mistakes. I remember when I hunted for trophies in huge numbers and gained xp. How I hunted easier monsters for crystals and gained xp. And how I went to hunts with bigger players (maybe too often) to gain xp. Every time it was almost free xp with little efforts. I told that maybe Dragon was repeating my mistake on heavy trophie hunting, but I can't enter his mind. People told Dragon, he'd better hunt alone and therefore develop some tactic. Lucky for me, soon we met another same combat level Dragon so that these could could fight and heal each other together. And without me nearby they would earn mre xp.

Talked with Player S. about combat. She was guarding a group of hatchlings and told it was hard. Of course, it is. I remember when I protected her against Silver golems: sometimes even I ran out of spells (as they need to cool down). The same I told to her: imagine, there were not 2, but 4 or 5 of us then. The answer: it is impossible. My answer: it would be hard. I can protect one player. I can even protect two of them...but not more, even if I use all healing spells on them.

It became clear I over-flooded our Guild House. It is full of my own trophies, so no one would be able to add anything. Well, another reason to hurry up and use all of these trophies as soon as possible.

And thus another day in Istaria ended. I am waiting for the day I become some level 91 in Fletcher school. Then, i could finally start adventuring: druid to level 20, mage to level 10, spiritist to level 20 and only them - Shaman to level 100. With Shaman I am going to use all the trophies I have collected: either for xp or for cleaning up the vault. Maybe today I would take some rest and help finish some of our guild plot structures in Bristugo.

The day was good and interesting, I'm looking forward for today.

beetles, spiders, wood

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 24 2012 at 2:12AM
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Went to the woods again. My good old oaks that I chopped without mercy in order to gain xp. Did one experiment: when I got boards from logs, I put them in silo and later came to see what xp can they give. well, too little to bother. Result: boards deleted.

This gave me understanding that deleting boards was the most rational decision. So, pretty sure about this, I returned to chopping. Managed to advance some 3 levels and now I am lvl. 45 Fletcher. Still 46 levels to go.

One of new players (Player S. clone?) asked to find a spell. Searched all consigners - but found nothing. It's not good I cannot make spells, but I will take spellcrafter school one day.

Had a talk about crafting schools in our chat. I still insist on the point that I need basically those schools that are usable in combat: to make tools, weapons, armor, jewellery of all type. To make those more efficient I would have to rise my Miner and Mason. And in order to be more usefull - take some builder schools.

Also had a talk about weapon crystals. Bought one, for lvl.90, very nice looking, having 5% possibility to deal some 100 points damage to the monster. Still, people told I bought wrong one. Well, some money wasted.

Player S. appeared -she needed to grow up to the next level. We went to the New Brommel deadlands and succesfully fought spiders and zombies. Initially she wanted to hunt sand scarabs, but I dismissed this idea:she would need some 100 trophies which would mean killing several hundreds of scarabs. Undead drop no trophies, but give some xp. Of course, Player S. received little xp (only ~3000 per kill) while she needed some 108.000 xp to next level. But we did easily, killing one enemy after another. The only boring thing was to wait untill monsters spawn - we killed them too fast.

Overall, day was succesfull. Once again I was of some use to other players and managed to grow up. One day (today maybe?) will hunt for Fletching crystals lvl.40 or 60.

some help, sme wood, some grinding

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 23 2012 at 1:53AM
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If trees could talk (at least in games), they will sue me for genocide. Just because I was fletching every oak or mapple tree I spotted.

I have joined Fletcher school. It turned out my skills were not high enough to produce wooden weapons needed for my future combat schools. So, had to abandon Blacksmith and join Fletcher. Boy, it is hard. My skills are not high to use tier 4 resources (maple), so have to use tier 3 ones (oak). Started school at level 10, first 10 level were not that hard: 1 full load of oak - some 2 levels. And the place where I almost live - it is full of oaks, even large or massive ones.

Later it began with 1 full load - 1 level. And now it is 4 full loads - 1 levels, counting that I am at lvl.41 now. In order to gain any advantage of my school, I have to be at least lvl.80 in Fletcher school. So - real grinding ahead.

I tried to harvest tier 4 resource (maple), but to lame results. I manage to get some 1-3 logs per hit (with tier 3 resource I get some 5-10) and making maple boards from logs was very inefficient, although giving the best xp.

Then came Player S., asking to aid her in her quests. Each of them required killing some mobs, so we had to find them and then kill them. It was interesting: we spent almost all day. Initially - snow pygmies or ogres, kill 20 of them (and since we were in group, my kills made nearby Player S. counted too). Then - 25 undead in some Dead Pool: killed with ease. 20 elm treant sapplings and 20 elm treants: killed too, was easy just because they were nearby Dead Pool. Leafy Oastics, my once favourite monsters, since they used to drop trophies: killed 20 of them too. Flame beetles near Dralk, same 20 - killed. Finally, two more huntings left: initially kill 20 oak sapplings. It was a bit problematic, since they spawn by two only: we had to wait, locate, kill...and wait. Used to kill other treants while waiting. Finally, last oak sapling killed. Quest update: kill 20 oak treants, no matter size. Ok, back to my crafting grounds, this time things were quicker.

Helping Player S. was done and she was very kind to help me in my oak chopping, she managed to get many oak logs and help me advance faster. I really appreciate this.

Later it was all-day crafting and advancing...when I got message from Player S. She -paying for the game sometimes pays off - made at least 2 or 3 her 'clones': 1 Dragon and 1 human. Of course, human is Cleric and Blacksmith, a choice not too wise: Cleric lacks offense, blacksmith is good only for the begining. Anyway, helped her to fight, collected some crystals and gave to her. Some time passed, one of her 'clones' or friends asked me for help: he needed crafting tools. It was very easy for me, made him tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 tools so that he would have them in future.

Besides from crafting, I occassionally killed oak treants and looted their trophies. These would be very good when I would become Shaman. Of course, now I remain cleric: before I become druid/mage/shaman - I should be able to produce any weapon myself.

The day was good. I advanced quickly, there was plenty of wood to chop and recycle. I learned to count both time and efforts to advance in the best way possible. And once again I was usefull to others.

advancing, thinking of new ideas

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 20 2012 at 3:31AM
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Mithril mine was occupied by two players, so I had almost zero chance to advance my Blacksmith. Managed to mine some mithril, make some bars, but these would not be enough even for half a level.  Felt a bit angry about that.

Helped Player S. to kill Cobalt golems. It was a rather easy task, I almost did not need any heals to myself. Well, Player S. needed them since she is always first in the battle, even if she understands battle may be too hard for her. This time it was trophy hunt. She needed to get 50 trophies and we got it easily. Only last trophy was problematic, since Golems refused to drop it. But, as I told, 'the more they resist, the more they suffer".

My quiet slaughtering was interrupeted by another player - she asked if I had some trophies (Aquamarine golem ones). I had 10 of them in my vault, gave all to her - although had to interrupt combat for that. I thought it was not good for me, but then I thought I would always be able to hunt those monsters and get even more trophies without geting any harm. And helping others should be higher priority than my own interests.

Was discussing my future levelling again. Unfortunately, each school I start at lvl.1, so path to lvl.20 may be a bit painfull. It became clear I would need to take one more school, so now scheme is:

Druid to lvl. 20 --> Mage to lvl. 10 -->Spiritist to lvl. 20 --> Shaman.

To make things more complicated: magic schools uses wooden weapons and making wooden weapons uses Fletching skill. This one is rather low (some 600). If I am to make wooden weapons myself, I am to switch to Fletcher school as soon as possible and reach lvl.100 as soon as possible. It may require tons of wood to gather.

I also got armor, it's not as powerfull as my current, but it is usable by all classes. At least I may be able to use it up to lvl.60 and then change to more advanced. However, I would treat this armor as a borrowed one, not as my own property.

I also helped with our silos' constructing, contributing some Slate blocks. Silos still lack some components, but I can't make them.

The day was normal one. Little crafting, too much thinking about future levelling, but everyone approves the choice I made (after consulting with everyone who wished to advice).  I helped others, which is also good.

Now some not so optimistic Istaria-related thoughts.

<offtopic>I read one blog about person who is lucky enough to be investor of some MMORPG. And I dont know what to think about. Another quality MMORPG on the market is excellent...and a pity I could not take any part. I don't have enough money to be qualified even as a mini-investor. All I have are ideas. Ideas to make one MMORPG in my native Lithuania - a game that had almost no competitors and some ideas other games were lacking. Alas, I had not enough money, companies were not interested in MMORPG, so I ended up with a DVD full of pictures of structures, units and conceptions.

No, I am a realistic person: I do understand that if I write email "Hello, I have some non-typical ideas, plz accept me to team and give me buckz" I may receive anmswer like "We really greatly appreciate your valuable offer and as soon as we need it [which would never happen], we will contact you".

That is one side of the coin. The other side is: I wish I had several millions to invest into game that gives all I need - to Istaria. I know the changes I would introduce then. Something would be completely revised then, from classes to skill distribution. The point is - I still think Istaria is the best for me and if I offer my ideas to any other game, be it AAA or AAAAAA class - it is Istaria that may suffer. And I don't want my favourite game to suffer. All I would want is developers to listen to other opinions. </offtopic>

top-levelling:what are my own goals?

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 19 2012 at 4:06AM
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Day was spent fighting and collecting trophies. I found monsters that were not hard to kill and they were generous enough to drop both trophies and some rare components: mithril and mithril boulder golems. The latter were for xp and trophies, single mithril golems - for some rare components. The fighting was going good, only one time I fell into trouble: by accidentaly attacking named lvl.101 monster that hit me by some 600 hp. Had to run. Otherwise - killing everything and looting everything.

Player S. came, she was leading group of hatchlings to hunting area and needed me to help hatchlings. Which I did, even managed to resurrect one killed Dragon. It's very pleasant to see Player S. in action. Almost an example of how any player in any game should behave. She asked my help only when she needed it, she ran into battle anytime she could fearing little about death, she was determined to die for others, and she helped others every time she could. I am so happy I was one of many who helped her.

Then one Dragoness came asking for help. I thought it was something serious, like hard combat where my many healing were needed. No, it was just need for some 20 trophies. I had too little of them left for myself, but gave almost everything I could. I was usefull once again and felt a bit happy.

Then I returned to fighting, jokingly telling in chat "golems, please please please don't be greedy". Well, they managed to be half-greedy and I felt it was The Moment.

Cleric level 100. Top level in Cleric school. Second combat school finished.

Everyone in chat congratulated me on this. And then...then there was a big discussion about my future. DIscusion where difficult questions were asked and left almost unanswered by me. The fact is, I want more offensive to my character. I already have defense, 7 healing spells (thanks to Cleric), I can use all weapons and wear the heaviest armor (thanks to Warrior). When I was asked what I prefer in combat, melee or ranged, I answered I don't really care. The only thing I do care is making my character stronger, more offense. No difference whether it would be ranged attacks, melee attacks or spell casting.

Our leader adviced to take Healer to greatly increase health, then Monk (unarmed combat expert) and some others. Our chat members adviced to go for Shaman. However, this involves taking Druid school to level 20 (and Druids are defensive), then switch to Spiritist school (which is something people do not like too much as well as Monk) and only then advance my own Shaman. Counter-argument for Healer was that I had enough defense and healing abilities. All big hp and big defense may be required for hunting lvl.112 monsters that are really hard to hit - but tit is not in the close future.

I was asked simple question: what is my goal in the game? And I felt there was little answer. First reaction was; to be a tank like our leader. "But he has finished 12 combat schools", I was told. Even with these he may be killed. I felt confused. At first I levelled warrior just be hard-hitter. Then I levelled Cleric just to make sure I have enough skills to heal myself.

I need more offense (since defense can wait). This may mean only one logical thing: need to cast offensive spells that may help me in combat.  Therefore:

Druid lvl. 20 --> Spiritist lvl. 20 --> Shaman (to lvl. 100).

Today I'm taking druid school, hopefully would be able to advance it to lvl.20 quickly, then collect trophies for Spiritist...and up to Shaman. I hope it would take some month to reach Shaman's lvl.100 with the help of consuming crystals and using trophies.

The day was very good and I am looking forward for new combat, new crafting...and answers to what I really want from game.

re-fighting (the world)

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday January 18 2012 at 1:56AM
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Yesterday has just one mithril run. Instead of typical 2 level advance, chose to reach only 1 level which I easily did.

The rest was up to the fighting. As always, mostly my favourite golems - they form good targets and some of them are very generous when it comes to trophies. Initially picked up emerald golems (some lvl.97-99) on Island of Ice.  It was not too hard, only problem being lvl.86-87 Peridot golems: these used to interfere into my private talking with Emerald golems.

Fight was succesfull. Only one time had I to run from a group of monsters, rest time - just quiet slaying and looting. In terms of xp, they gave little, only some 8000 per kill. Fortunate enough, I have collected 10 trophies, so easily exchanged them into ~400.000 xp points.

Voila, level 99 in Cleric school!

Decided to pay a visit to Mithril and Mithril boulder golems. Got some trophies too. Later tried to do one quest at Tower of Magery: kill icy wolves untill I collect 5 their claws (represented as  red tokens). I fought, even very hard named lvl.93 Wolf. The fight was hard, wolf was often casting cursing spells on me and my only dispelling  sometimes did not work. I used all heals, all attack spells...and finally Wolf was slained. I got more xp than from killing two normal wolves. Red trohies were gathered, but I got rather low xp (some 28000) and not so low amount of money (45 silver coins).

Conclusion: peridot golems - dropping trophies; emerald golems - very rare drops; mithril golem - dropping; mithril boulder golems - rarely dropping; wolves - rare drops.

Now, I have some 0,5 million xp points and need 0,72 million xp points to reach the long-awaited Cleric level 100. It would be my second combat school and then - I should choose next combat school. I thought about Paladin, but remembered I was adviced to take some magic, like Mage or Monk or even Druid. All of them lack but one thing: big offensive abilities. Druid mosly fortifies, Monk relies on unarmed combat, only Mage seems to have some more offense. Still not sure, will re-ask in chat today.

The future seems to be a bit hard to work, but very promising.  It is possible to reach top level in adventure school within some 1 or 2 months. Crafting may be done too, since it is possible to make 2 levels per day with no over-working.

I do feel satisfied. As a fighter, the better I am, the more usefull I am to others. As a crafter - one day I would be able to help with any items for new building. Everything is looking almost bright.

Preparations for jet-jump

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 17 2012 at 3:44AM
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Crafting once again. Once again - peacefull running to Mithril Anvil's mine, then to smelter and backwards. Managed to advance 2 crafting levels and now am some lvl.86 Blacksmith. Everything was going fine - mithril plentyful, road clear of golems...untill once Mithril Boulder golem sat down right at the entrance to the mine. I thought it was a sign to change.

Talked in chat with other players: one big crafter and our famous Player A. He once again uses his style, like: who wants to hunt enemies with me? I asked maybe he should try to kill enemies himself? His answer: no, it's hard for me. My answer: almost any monster can be killed if you use right weapons with right equipment and right spells. Another player added what I did not dare to say: we may not be able to help you all the time. Player A. neded in almost traditional ":cries" and that no one is going to help him. I tried to advice him to go, hunt down Bronze boulder golem (they are 1-2 levels lower than Player A.) alone. Not sure if Player A. understood.

Then came to help build our Guild plot in Bristugo. Once again it needed slate keystones and construction blocks. Went to harvest, it was rather easy: two runs, then one short crafting session. Travelled to Bristugo and saw what I always wanted to see: how functioning structure appears out of scaffolding. It was simple tier 2 storage silo, some 4 more left.

Returned to harvest slate, gathered enough slate to craft 180 slate keystones and applied them to rest storage silos. Of course, there are more resources to add, but I felt satisfied with it. Once again I was usefull, I helped others to do usefull things, my work was not just grinding to gain more levels.

Later went to one region after hearing I may kill some lvl.112 enemies. These were Enraged Bright wisps, attacking with energy attack. I killed them all, although the fight was hard. Had to use almost all healing spells and special attack abilities. However, I was triumphant.

Talked with Player S. She became true Adult Dragon: although impatient, instantly running into problems, she fears almost nothing in battlefield. Was killed by Obsidian Boulder golem - but did not call for reinforcements, instead she killed every Obsidian boulder golem in sight. I am of little use to her...

That was almost the end to my adventures. Went to kill some more forest skulks for trophies. Talked about this with our grand crafter. He thinks different than me. My approach: kill lots of monsters to gain thousands trophies,switch to new class  and then level up to wear quality armor. His approach: switch to new class, obtain some armor that depends on crafting, not adventuring class, kill monsters and level up easy, without need for trophies.

I am planning to combine these two. Asked to produce me that armor. It will take not so much before I am lvl.100 Cleric...and then I will switch to Paladin. With armor that will protect me from most attacks and hundreds of trophies I would be able to advance quickly. It's just a question about picking up right monsters.

I am also planing to jet-level up my Miner from lvl.75 to lvl.100. It would take almost hundrends of thousands resources, but I would do it.

The day was good. I was usefull once again and since today, I will prepare for crafting and adventuring advance.

helping, counting to 520

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 16 2012 at 4:06AM
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Weekend in Istaria was very intereresting. I found myself in a very new role.

Initially was mining mithrill, which is pretty standart: run, mine motherload of mithrill, untill inventory is full or overloaded, then run to smelter, make bars, deposit them in silo...then repeat step 1 untill silo is full. And when silo is full, make mithril weapons, deconstruct them, repeat this step untill no more bars left. Levelled some 2 levels this way.

Then had to help one Dragon. His lair constructing is just devouring resources. Thousands of cobalt bars, thousands of obsidian bricks, thousands of gold bars...I helped him with cobalt bars. Then Obsidian bricks, the most hard came.

Obsidian is found near Dralk only and even if some structures exists, there are no silos nearby. So, producing Obsidian bricks is not very productive: you gather all inventory, then make bricks. And - main trick: leave your cargo disk, gather everything to inventory, make bricks, get them to cargo disk...and repeat untill have no place for bricks.

I gathered some 1800 bricks (out of some 3000 needed), then retired to help our Guild house in Bristugo. It required lots of resources too. Several hundreds sandstone and slate components were added. Later, I aided our builder in gathering iron and bronze. Initially needed "just" 3500 iron, stored all in one public silo. Later bronze was needed, gathered some 2500 bars. Then iron came again, crafted (only 750). Once again, running, teleporting, storing in vault.

I felt really usefull. I was contributing to building that many people would use. The more I contribute (no xp/money gained), the faster our building is built, the better for everyone.

Later went to relax: I am preparing trophies for my next adventure school, the Paladin. Main strategy is: kill monsters of lower levels, gain hundreds of their trophies. So, when the time comes, I would just exchange trophies into experience and would advance quickly, as I say - jet-level.

Initially I thought some 200 of trophies would be enough. I was wrong. It came up, that I may need some 500 trophies for each 5 levels. It's more than I expected, grinding even if monsters have a good drop rate and headache if they are greedy.

Fortunately enough, gathered some "unique" (never used before) trophies as well as some monsters that have good drop rate. I have trophies to jump from lvl.20 to lvl.21. I have trophies to jump from lvl.21 to some 23. And I have trophies to jump from lvl.25 to lvl.31. So - few hundred trophies more and within one hour I would be able to advance by 11 levels. In ideal - I should be able to advance to some lvl.60 within one day, just by using trophies alone, fighting no monsters at all.

The day was good. I was crafting and crafting, writing down what I needed to make for others and how many I needed. I do enjoy it when I am needed for others, when I can aid someone in building. Today I will advance 2 or 3 more levels in crafting and then - either killing poor monsters or making thousands of metal bars again.

busy day in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 13 2012 at 3:27AM
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It was only for a brief time that I took chance to advance my Blacksmith. Gathered some mithril, recycled it, advanced a bit...and then noticed I had little time left.

Went to kill Obsidian golems for Player S. It would be easier for me to kill them, loot trophies than to fight in group with her. Initially had some problems with finding Obsidian golems, but later managed to find and kill them without any problem and with very little healing. Soon, 25 trophies were collected.

Player S. came just in time. We had a funny conversation:

S. : hi.

me:Hi. Guess what am I doing now? I think you will never guess.

S.: Killing Mhedon {lvl.103 Mithril golem]

me: no

S.:Killing Ellia? [very hard monster that may be defeated only by lots of Ancient Dragons]




S.:Then I surrender.

me: getting Obsdian golem trophies for one impatient Dragon...

Finally I collected these. Then I was needed for Player S. again: she took some quest that required killing skeletons in Western Deadlands. We went, fighting our way and the fight was hard. Finally, we found some skeletons, took one of them. Fight was not easy, lvl.70 skeleton is naturally not easy enemy. Voila,enemy killed,  Player S. found what she needed and we went home: she got trophies and some hoard items from me.

Then I could go to do crafting. Our guildhouse in Bristugo needed lots of sandstone and slate resources - some 600, so I went to aid with what I could. Sandstone was not too difficult. Slate proved to be a challenge. 300 slate construction blocks were required and each block meant 15 slate bricks (one brick is made from 2 slate slabs). 150 slate keystones were required (and each is produced from 20 bricks). Lots of running - but no complaining. I was usefull. I contributed to my Guild and maybe saved some time for someone. Before midnight last slate block was completed and added to our plot.

Of course, I knew I should aid one Dragon with his lair and the lair requires lots of resources. I also allowed myself to remark to one player who told he worked on tier 2 silos for too long: "Some players could help you. Like I am aiding that Dragon".

My job with Guildhouse was done, I did what I could. Had an extensive and very usefull conversation about my future schools. I want to jet-level them and I found a way to do it.

Today I am planning crafting too. Need 1500 steel bars and some 3300 granite blocks. Guess it may take me all day, but I like helping others. Unfortunately, had no time to aid Player S. while she was fighting in New Brommel deadlands.

Things are going rather good. After I finishe aiding the Dragon and our Guild plot - I will finally be able to advance my Blacksmith before downgrades are in power.

crafting, helping and observing

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday January 12 2012 at 3:13AM
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Order shard yesterday had some problems. Was in mine, harvesting mithril while everything began going wrong and I went disconnected. Tried to log on - no use, "error 30" (network too busy, server down). Waited, checked support site - nothing. Returned to forums - and there some posts about this error, developer's promise to look at problem. Later Order went to maintainance "untill 9:30 PST" and around 9:15 PST it was online and functioning.

Mithril harvesting was going mediocre. After recent downgrades, it takes more time for mithril to pop-up and the area is overguarded by monsters, you just have to run at top speed between them. Met another player harvesting mithril, but later she told she was not going to return there. I asked her, was it because of me (competition, I agree, but she took one motherload of mithril for herself and I - one for  myself, we were not fighting for one motherload). Answer was -"no".

In the chat there was a long talk about recent downgrades. Almost everyone (i.e. everyone who participated except player I met in the mine) used such words as "awfull", "terrible" and alike. Everyone agreed with me that this will ruin metal-based schools. And yet nothing can be done. Developers just won't listen - looks like they sometimes just listen to what they want to hear. To make things worse, some other resources are downgraded too. Some player filled a ticket about that .

Forum confirmed that I was never needed there. Just because I represent opinion developers may not be interested into. A different, not hardcore, opinion.

Later I switched to Balit's quest. Was helped by two players to get the components I needed as I could not produce them myself. When these were finished, I hunted several golems for components and voila - time to Balit's werewolf island.

Quest was interesting. Balit received components, cast some anti-werewolf spell and asked to kill 5 werewolves. Not so bad...but the spell went wrong, I received more damage with it than enemy. Returned and Balit said oops, I was wrong, give me second chance. Second chance: better spell, kill 5 werewolves. This time spell was ok, hunted, received some reward. Final quest was to kill named lvl. 70 werewolf which I did. Quest line was over, I received some formulas, emblem and xp.

Then talked with Player S. - she needs to hunt down some Obsidian golems both for trophies and money. Promised her to do so next day.A Dragon that I helped with a lair, appeared and wew discussed components he may need for a lair.  Also, i talked about constructing our guild plot at Bristugo: Guild hall and storage silos needs lots of stone blocks and keystones.

I returned to harvest mithril and finally advanced by 2 levels: now I'm lvl.76 Blacksmith. It's 24 long levels to go, but maybe I will make it before downgrades are introduced.

Today it would be a rather busy day for  me. I have to help Player S. for some time. I have to make thousands of resources for Dragon's lair. I have to help build our Guild plot in Bristugo. And I have to find some time to level my own Blacksmith (not saying anything about levelling up combat school).

So, the day was interesting one. If I manage to finish this crafting school before downgrades come into effect - it would be great achievement.

teamplay: avenging for old debts

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday January 11 2012 at 2:07AM
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It was a maintainence day on Istaria, so the rest of the day was spent on crafting: running to mithril motherloads, fulling all inventory with mithril ore, making bars, then - after storing some 4000 bars in one silo - making weapons, deconstructing them. Gained some 2,5 Blacksmith school level in this way and stopped only because motherloads disappeared.

Was able to help the Dragon with further resources. This time it was cobalt bars, a rather easy task. Only 1500 were needed and it was less than my inventory can handle. Soon I was able to leave these bars in one silo. Now, one difficult task remains: Obsidian bricks, same 1500. The problem is, Obisidian is very far from any silo or vault, so crafting and transporting would not be easy one. Same problem with gold.

While I was crafting cobalt, I was approached by another Dragon asking my help with Platinium golem. Promised to help him after I finish cobalt...but he found support sooner.

And then, happy hunting with Player S. She asked my help to hunt down some 47 Flame pygmies. They are little, but nasty and may cause harm even to multi-classed players. But once again, we were two in the group, sometimes fighting against 5-6 enemies at one time. Health was running low, spells cooling down seemingly too slowly, but we made it. Yes, we were hurt, our health sometimes being at some 30%...but no one died. It is too hard to resist Dragon from one side and healing biped from the other. Numbers of enemies left to slain were decreasing fast: 43, 37, 21, 16, Player S. grows, she gain more self-confidence and this is good, I am happy she is ok.

Then I returned to crafting, but found no motherloads. Chose to fight some mithril golems instead, then went to Aughundell to exchange trophies to xp.  Result: lvl.74 Blacksmith, lvl.98 Cleric. I am too close to Cleric lvl.100 and on my way to Blacksmith lvl.100.

The day was a good one. I was needed by others and I was able to help them. I managed to grow myself and I realised I was thinking about power-levelling metal based schools once again. The future may be brighter than I thought before.

crafting self-confidence

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 10 2012 at 3:28AM
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It was supposed to be an ordinary day. Everything began with questing. Took a quest that I really cursed before. The topic is: one positive Werewolf, named Balit, wants to know what happened to her companion and her island. After discovering that her companion is long dead and island is inhabitated by angry werewolves - player needs to reduce local population a bit.

Fight was easy - all thanks to multiclassing. Werewolves are a bit more powerfull than their level (some 60-67) suggests, but they were defeated. Result: some 10.000 xp points and Balit's ring that gives great bonus to defense.

And then - the best part.

Player S. appeared, she needed some help with crafting slate. I finished one quest and ran to slate mine. I was good with mining slate and can have lots of it with me. Player S. mined slate too. Soon we filled one silo and I began to fill another. Some time passed - and Player S advanced by one crafting level.

Then one big Dragon appeared. He too asked why I left Guild chat and I had to tell (in short) what happened. We both agree that each player may have his own way of living in the game and that is good. The problem is approach to someone who has different opinion. This Dragon really encouraged me telling that I was the most helpfull person he met that I am needed and am not abandoned by Guild members.

And then he told me he was going to construct a lair (bipeds can have a land plot in Istaria; Dragons can have lairs) that needs lots of resources. 2400 aquamarine uncut gems; 2400 citrine uncut gems; 2400 jasper uncut gems; 7000 gold bars. I had to leave Player S. and run to our Guild member.

It was The Idea. I was usefull for someone once again - so I went to mines and mined all gems. It took me three runs from mine to teleporter...and gem problem was over. Gold bars are more problematic, since gold is far from public silos or teleporters and 2 ores are needed for 1 bar. But I will make it today, I think.

Then another Dragon asked me if I had some trophies to spare. I shared some of them - although could give almost everything, it is easy for me...but I left something for me. Once more I was usefull to others.

Player S. showed up - she was hunting some Restless Shades. Hunting for her was easy, she ruled battlefield alone, I was needed as support fire only. It was a nice return for her. First she came in need to be covered up and now she is the queen there. For some reasons  this battlefield reminds her only of first deaths. I doubt it is a good idea to remember negative moments.

Then Player S., my brave and impatient Dragon, gave me most valuable information about mithril. I asked her to air scout the area and she returned with great news. There were 3 (!) mithril motherloads: two in mine (!), and one outside, guarded by some golems.

These are the best news for me: I could level up my blacksmith and possibly (before any "game balance", i.e. downgrade is introduced) to hurry up other metal-based schools like Jeweller or Armorer.

Conclusion: the day was very good. Once again I was usefull to others and it looks like I am not left alone, like others may need me as well. Life may be bright after all...

downgrades, understanding, grinding...

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 9 2012 at 2:18AM
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First weekend after some (see preivous post) disappointment in Istaria. Was adventuring in silence: almost all chat rooms either inactive or turned off.

First of all - my own Guild missed me in the chat. I was asked why I did so - and I had to explain. Of course, people may have different opinions about one or another think, the question is approach to the oponent. Imagine person A, who hates MMORPGs and person B, who has found WoW to be superb MMORPG:

Person B: oh my, WoW is so exciting, so cool, I found new friends and together we defeated that lvl.529 Mandragorian SkyDrake!

Person A: you are lame nolifer, go to rehab for mentally ill people.


Person B: oh my, WoW is so exciting, so cool, I found new friends and together we defeated that lvl.529 Mandragorian SkyDrake!

Person A: good that you found MMORPG of your taste. Hope you would not forget real life...

Both Person A answers reflect opinion, that whatever superb MMORPG is - don't forget real life. Still are they the same?

I am not forcing anyone to accept my opinion: all I wanted was to listen to it. To try understand it. And maybe to advice something. I found this while talking in private chat with one of the Guild members. The talk was long, but frank and I am happy because of it. This player understood me, he listened to me and gave advice. What I told him was that I am not leaving Guild and that I would always help anyone who needs help, be he/she in Guild or not.

I talked to various players - and almost anyone agrees that recent changes about mithrill are devastating to any metal-based school. However, there is no chance developers would hear it anyway. And more: found myself telling a phrase I would never imagine one year before: "I have to do [grinding] before developers decide to "make balance" and ruin it".

Took some crafting, although it takes very long. It would take me some 200 runs with full load to advance by 1 level. Took some fight for trophies: Emerald golems that I was fearing for so long....and now I fight them easily. Peridot golems, I may fight two at once.  And then I went to NT, first town for new players.

There I was needed. Met one Human and two Dragons, all of them needed to make one quest. I helped them: fought skeletons, healed anyone in the group or just cast curses on monsters. No one died while I was in the group and my spells could save anyone.  I re-visited New Trismus several times. Helped someone, gave some hoard items to one young Dragon and later helped one Dragon to reach teleporter in safety. Helped one player to hunt down Obsidian Boulder golems for trophies. It was such a good feeling - to be usefull to others.

One more positive feeling. Met one Dragon on my way to New Brommel deadlands. He approached and said: You remember me, I was young Dragon when you helped me? I remember - and now he is a big adult Dragon, easily killing lvl.80 monsters. We went to group, fighting any monster we met and it was good. Once again, we were in some risky situations, but no one died or was severely injured.

Sunday was spent on low-level trophy gathering. I am collecting trophies, so that for each 5 levels I have some 200 trophies. When I finish my Cleric - I want to jet-level another offensive adventure school. Developers downgraded my once favourite Leafy Oastics: they drop trophies too rarely, preferring sellable items instead. But it won't stop me from grinding: no one knows if tomorrow Oastics would be dropping any trophy at all.

My approach to Istaria has changed. No longer do I feel such excitement as it was before. I became more pessimistic, seeing any update as a possible  new downgrade. I'm starting to be afraid of the future and I'm afraid I will not fullfill what I said about going through Istaria and visiting beautifull places. But the life continues after all: I did not lose friends, I am in my Guild and I am still usefull for others. That's the main thing, downgrades or not.

some disappointment in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Friday January 6 2012 at 1:35AM
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One Russian Prime Minister, mr. Chernomyrdin was asked some question. Response was epic: "We wanted the better, and result was as always" (i.e. fail).

There were two active discussions in Istaria's forums, both ended like mr. Chernomyrdin said.

Metal gathering.  Something any metal-using crafter needs in very big numbers. Untill then, there was possible to get every resource (except very top-level ones) with little or no guardance. And if they were guarded, one could always time up monster's movement and simply run through it. One of the top used metal was mithril. It was scattered throughout some locations and the best one was near Mithril's Anvil settlement. There was a mine (safe place to harvest) and nearby fields, all heavy or half-heavy guarded by Golems.

Players could safely go to the mine, then get as many mithrill as they need and safely run to the neariest plot and make some crafting. No one ever objected the presence of the Golems, no one told that founding motherload is bad.

Problems arose when some player asked for minor improvements. Developers responded quickly:  all harvesting area was divided into 4 sectores: two are left heavily guarded, including named golem (he was hardly killed by some 3 Ancient Dragons; I was killed by him with 2 hits) and they contain most of mithril. Two are left "unguarded" and they contain some 5-6 mithril veins.

This ruins all mithril-based crafting: weaponsmith, blacksmith, armorer, jeweller schools. 5-6 veins are low enough for one player - what about three at the same time?  Yes, I could safely harvest Platinium that was left in mine...but it gives such low xp that it isn't worth going there.

Of course, veteran players that have finished every school at level 100, fully agreed with this. They told me - everyone who talked at all - that it is good, that harvesting should be hardcore and the system where gathering resources does not mean being killed 29 times in a row is dumb. It was very hard to hear. No one even tried to understand me, that I needed metal-based schools to produce myself weapons, armor and jewellery. All other schools are not so important, I could easily live without them.

I also felt ignored by almost everyone, except my brave Player S. No one wished to listen to my problems. Developers just ignored most of my proposals as if I had told nothing at all or something like "gimme everything for free".  I am feeling like I am not needed by anyone in the game, starting from the Guild I belong to, endind with developers. Only Player S., brave and a bit impatient Dragon, understood me, listened me.

I even thought about leaving Istaria, but decided that in this case radical solution is not the best one.  I will stay in Istaria, although disapointed. One lesson I have learned for sure: if developers promise they may change anything - hurry up to harvest/kill that, because any  new change may worsen situation.

Don't get me wrong: there is no game better than Istaria. It offers everything I need. No PvP: check. Deep crafting system (as long as it is not metal-based):check. Superb combat class system, not connected to races:check. Many interesting quests:check. Community that mostly is very warm to newbies:check. Free-to-play without any serious restrictions:check. Player-driven economy:check. No items for real money:check.

Istaria:one year review

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday January 3 2012 at 4:56AM
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It has been one year since I started playing Istaria:chronicles of the Gifted. Why did I go there? Correct answer: because folks at adviced to do so.

I went to the game as everyone newbie does - alone, with no knowledge, just wanting to be big and strong. Chose Order server (Istaria has three of them: Chaos - for casual play; Order - for roleplay; Blight - for testing).

First steps were medium ones. I was alone impatient player, quitting any chat that won't give answer right away. I knew I was noob and was a bit afraid to ask Big Ones just because I was noob and they were Big Ones. I went to do quests and when it came to killing named ones - I had to ask ask for help and I still remember how experienced players buffed me with almost anything they could and I finally killed that wolf. It was something great, I did kill such powerfull monster for my level!

Quests were not disappointing, some of them had cool sense of humor and there was not so much grinding in the begining. When adventure quests were gone - I had crafting ones. And then I made several mistakes: 1) I decided I am aloner and would do anything myself, since I was a Warrior and thought to be heavy hitter; 2) I decided that if I do not like advice, I may ignore it.

Boy, I was wrong. I missed several wise advices about levelling up. I knew better than experienced players and the price is...well, the price is still paid by me. And as I went alone, it was too late to understand the joy of fighting in group. But at the mean time, I was wandering, sometimes asking community, most of the time killing magots and growing up by using their crystals (since some crystals may g ive you crafting or battle xo when used). Initially it was good, later I was growing up too slow. It was not faster when I moved to other towns, as I lived on trophy hunting quests and occasional quests.

I do remember how folks helped with Skulk village near Bristugo. Skulks were dangerous enemies for me at that time and soon some Ancient Dragons gathered, some bipeds came too and everyone covered me up, just to finish that quest. And it was finished with forces enough to slain lvl.126 enemy, not just poor lvl.26 skulk. I was impressed with the power of the Dragons, how easily thet swaped away any opposition. I remember how I was killed while going through dangerous enemies and one player dropped anything she was doing, coming to rescue me; I still remember her  as my saviour.

And then I found my guild, Universal Soldiers. They accepted me, asking nothing in return, helping me to grow up, doing stuff for me. I remember first hunt to deadlands against lvl.120 Fiyakis. I was  a bit low level character, any hit could almost kill me...but they protected me and I did my best to heal them with my low level spells. But I grew there. Then was taken by one very nice and cooperative Dragon - this time as a Cleric - to hunt Fire Opal golems. I gained much experience there, just trying to heal 'my' Dragon. Only in guild did I find the joy of group hunting. I met very helpfull players there that cared about everyone and everything. Player 1 needs some spells - someone will do. Player 2 is constructing a plot - every free crafter would help, even if no xp or coin is rewarded. Player 3 has achieved level 6 in crafting school - everyone will great him/her in the chat. In the guild, I learned to listen to advices, since more experienced players may know better than me.

At some moment I understood I may help others. Cannot recall when was the first time I helped someone, just think it was during one of my visits to New Trismus. I remembered how I walked in the same fields being afraid of that huge lvl.6 monster or, even worse, lvl.9 magot. Now I could kill them all, leaving all loot to newbies and healing newbies should they be hit. I felt strong. I felt usefull to others. I knew the quests they were going to do, I knew what should they kill and what may come next. I am very proud that I was with one young and very impatient Dragon almost from her first quest to her last one. Helping her to kill monsters, healing her, escorting her to safety. Now she is Adult Dragon, she can fly...and she in turn helps other Dragons.

Of course, soon I noticed "over-powered" monsters. It's something one has to know: if monster is level 80, it does not mean you can attack it if you are level 90. Or sometimes you could attack level 99 monster, being yourself level 80. Sometimes I felt very strong. Sometimes I felt almost depressed due to the fact that lower-level monster killed me one more time or that a horde of lvl.40 monsters could almost kill me.

Soon I noticed I was almost unable to spend money. Bought some crystals from consigner or some cargo disks - that was all. I was constructing things for other players free of charge. More experienced crafters constructed stuff for me - free of charge too. Sometimes it was just borrowing: use this armor as long as you wish, but please, let others use it when you won't need it.  My money was spent on storage upgrades, sometimes -formulas and very rare purchases on the side.

Then there was quick going, recently reached level 100 in first adventure school, level 100 in first crafting school. My own goal was to reach level 100, no matter in which school, and I was able to finish two of them - and there is more to come. As I grow, I know I would be of more use to the community. The stronger I am, the bigger enemies I may kill.

In Istaria I also met a great community. Almost everyone comes to help should I say I am in problem. If I need advice - I am adviced, if I need stuff - there would also be someone who would help. I witnessed for the first time what does role-playing mean. I witnessed how entire families (daughter-father-mother-grandpa) were created, how some games in the chat were played. Although I am not into RP - I enjoyed it, even played some light RP for some time. It is Istaria that first learned what online friendship is.

I took part in great events, from Dragons, ascending to Adult or Ancient ones to our event when we were shown beautifull lakes and mystic remnants from far past of the Istaria. It was like a good party of friends for friends.

Well, there were some problematic persons (like Player A.) that instantly demanded everything. "Nakties, you help me", "No, don't fight, just heal" - something is written in this blog, everyone could read it. Initially I helped, later just discontinued. Yes, it is not good, but I do not like to be commanded. I do like when player knows what he wants. If I am told: "Nakties, I need 50 trophys", it's ok, I will hunt 50 trophys. But if I am told - "Nakties, I need all the trophies" - it's not fair. If I am told - "you will help me from lvl.20 to lvl.40" - it's not very fair too. However, I would help such players, if they give a good reason, like "I need to kill 15 forest jungle crawlers to complete quest", "I need 18 trophys to advance to lvl.22".

Another problematic issue is me. My wish to hurry, to have almost everything right there and right now. Sometimes I got depressed too early, although it is only a game. Would have to do something with that in this year.

Overall, I am enjoying Istaria. It gives me almost everything I desired from MMORPG: it has deep crafting, numerous options to advance it, it takes numbers of quests to take and lots of monsters to kill. Or, if one is tired from that - just beautifull landscapes to see or rare snow flower to be brought to the one you care about (flower itself has no use in crafting/fighting/hoarding).

Dragon year - to Dragons' game!

Posted by Lithuanian Monday January 2 2012 at 3:07AM
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It is a new year, new hope for better future, happier gaming, lesser grinding - and overall, happyness.

And of course, it is a year of the Dragon. You know it.

What about being almighty Dragon, roaming the sunrise skies above the snowy mountains and grassy plains? What about hundreds of quests, almost each giving you new abilities? Learning Dragon history, how they met first Humans and what happened later?

And of course, Dragon hoard. Millions, if not billions, worth well-hidden hoard that no one could take away? What about your own personal Dragon Lair, decorated with precious stones...or, if you like, rivers of magma?

Dragon island. Dragon-inhabitated cities. Dragon-only rituals and language.

All of this await you, should you really want to experience what does it mean to be Dragon. Come to Istaria:Chronicles of the Gifted and you will see yourself, how you will start as a Hatchling, guided by wise trainers. You will start in Dragon-only island where any biped creature is a rare one. Later, it would be up to you to learn more about ancient Dragon history and choose your own path.

And yes, you will have to ascenf to the Adult and later - to the Ancient Dragon. To do so, you would have to make tasks, some easy and some almost deadly. But only trough this exam would you become the strongest warrior of the strongest race in Istaria.

So - in Dragon year, to Dragons game!