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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lord of the rings online: alone

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday October 11 2018 at 3:09AM
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Lord of the rings online

A weird feeling: an Update I have been waiting for. Excited. Lands of my favourite Dwarves, their history, their proud and nice folk, new quests to do, new  monsters to kill, new deeds to complete and hey, I am smart, i collected Black keys to open those new boxes, yay!

Then news began to appear. Excitement vained. New crafting tier (another senseless grind). Only ~100 "quests and deeds" (i guess maximum 100 Lotro points to earn), but hey - quest packs goes around 700-800 Lotro points...

News again and again, each time darker and darker. Untill the very last day - holding, trying to find optimism, even if I had to force myself.

And now Update 23. Only negative news that makes life harder and lacking any sense. Before any fanboy tries to oppose hard data: all this taken form official announcement.

Masteries nerfed twice.

Enemies are harder to kill.

Some stuff became harder to master.

All keys vanished, no chance to get them in game.

No NPC vendors "for 2 or 3 weeks".

All Gorgoroth instances: drop of Anfalas  crystals/scrolls removed. Left only for tier 2 challenge.

New quest pack price: 2000 Lotro points. I.e. - it would pay off after 21st toon (imagine 21 capped toons...).

Healing classes heals are reported by players to have been nerfed

Loremaster pets' health is reported to been nerfed.

Local tokens are capped at 400. Got more - trash them on such cosmetic half-owl.


In short - new region, you are helpless again monsters, because they have 100% masteries, have maximum 50%. If you get some embers - feel free to do whatever you want, items are hidden behind reputation, level, even could be - content. Newbies, feel free to die often and should Minstrel be of any use - befriend one to resurrect you.

To make things more interesting: quest pack comes with obligatory raid. I don't need any raid at all, I never raid, my PC always lags, loot is always bad and I typically am of little use (because elites do all the job and i just got killed). And "crafting instances". What if I do not need any instance and never needed one post Lothlorien?

So, new toon that arrives to new lands: is in already outdated equipment, cannot get normal equipment, cannot earn enough motes/embers, even if earns, cannot barter anything, has skills nerfed at least twice and cannot run Court of Seregost to earn crystals. For SSG fanboys: if essence in new lands is only 2500 embers and if trashbox drops 30 ash: I need some 84 trashboxes, i.e. 84 keys, each 200 Lotro points. That's 16.800 Lotro points for only one essence. Imagine, I have no keys and have to barter them and buy Lotro points:

5000 points is 50$ in Lotro market. We already have 150$ + 2500 goes for 30$. 180$ each essence plus some grind from our side.

Ten essences - 1800 USD. And that's only ten essences. We have armour, jewellery etc.

"You are nto obliged to buy!" -fanboy would scream.

No. But if I am to survive more than 2 hits - I need quality armour, weapons, essences...

No, it's not pay-to-win, in PvE there isn't pay to win. it's just heavy Pay-to-Advance or Pay-to-Survive.

That's how Update 23 looks now. Needless to mention bugged quests, lost NPCs and alike.

I stand in Lotro alone. There is no content to do. There are no more quests to run (in fact, some in Mordor, but these require lots of friends to guide and protect me), there is absolutely nothing left to do. Just stand in Bree, ask in /World if anybody needs help (nobody does...a pity).

My dream about Dwarven lands has turned to be a nightmare. Situation is worsened by simple fact: Lotro is still the best for me, I tried many other games and none had a soul and atmosphere like Lotro does.

Alone in the middle of big Middle Earth with no perspectives, no content, just nothing.

Wellcome to nightmare of Update 23.

Thoughts on

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday August 8 2018 at 1:14AM
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It's me once again.

Lord of the rings online

Long story short: despite all initial fears, I do enjoy LOTRO's Mordor. So many things to do, most things are doable, even if hard. I am efficient at getting Mordor keys for local lootboxes and thus grinding valuable ash. Nothern Mirkwood - purchased and finished, I am good at doing dailies there. The only thing I dislike: so-called "refugees" theme in Dale. Politics should have zero place in MMOs.


I  thought about returning here. To my Universal Soldiers Guild. To my grinds: gather materials, store them, craft stuff, deposit, transport, aid somebody's plot - and enjoy seeing new buildings appearing.

And then I read about changes.

Free players must log into once a month to confirm their account.

New Free players can advance to lvl.15 only. After that - no xp, no quests.

Free players cannot access open public storages "due to theft". (exceptions maybe to old accounts made when f2ps could be only Human and are > lvl.50).

Free players cannot lead Guilds.

In short, istaria's f2p switched from the best model - one I always reccomended - to only a limited demo. A pity. A game that does have potential, that has loyal (yet small) playerbase - it can grow up, it just needs to thing what is it willing to sell for cash. Shiny things for plots? Fluff items? Or even some races for, say, 10-20 $ each?

Now, I have no sense in returning. No advancement, no quests, the only activity - to aid other players' plots. No more use of public storage which was so efficient.  I feel really sorry I must leave that game. Thought about saying "good-bye", but did not do so.

Perfect World

Somehow thinking about it. Asiand grinder - alas, yes. Race-locked classes - yes. Not sure about real PvP and controls. Like - is it "camera follows you, where you look, there camera looks" or "direct your run and camera with separate controls"? As far as I heard - not too restrictive f2p.


If anybody has thoughts, feel free to share.

In need of answers

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday July 19 2017 at 7:09AM
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Lord of the rings online, my favourite game. The only one I have played that has soul and is (mostly) player-friendly. F2P system in Lotro is perfect.

Yet the Mordor expansion is making me feel nervous. No, I am not on Bullroarer, yet I do listen to what other players say.

And they say monsters are really powerfull. The weakiest attack is some 7000 (example: my toon has 35.000 health). At lvl.106 you are being hit hardly even if armour and statuses did not change. Resources are heavily guarded, so that crafting is almost impossible. Forced group/raid content. Tons of debuff wherever you go, almost no chance to counter them. Every craftable item, almost everything gated behind expansion purchase. You want armour - purchase expansion to have a right for heavy grind. You want essences - feel free to purchase expansion and be entitles for heavy grind.

I have only three options, all wrong:

1. Do not enter Mordor, yet level up.

2. Do not enter Mordor now, level up and wait untill they fix it, making player-friendly. May take years.

3. Enter Mordor and die every second step, losing money and nerves.

There are no other options left. If I do not enter, I may lose, if I enter, I will lose.

Sometimes I really wish Lotro was shut down after Mordor...

Final Fantasy or Lotro?

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday June 15 2017 at 7:46AM
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My search for second home (mmo) is leading almost nowhere. I have tried most of free games, quality or not, almost all of them lack soul.

Lotro becomes my biggest addiction and dissapointment. Scavenger hutn turned out to be grindy disaster without almost any satisfaction. Yeah, run there, use "remembrances", rush here, perform emote, ok - quest finished. Many quests locked behind paywall (need to purchase specific skirmish). Some require impossible things (killing unkillable, finding non-existen stuff).

Yes, it's good I am free player - if I was VIP, I would feel cheated. 15$ for such crap hunt?  I'd better eat crap fastfood.

I was adviced to try Black desert online or Final fantasy. Yes, both - Buy to play.

FF: free trial with a bit draconic restrictions. But hey, this is really fair: you wannta try, you can try.

Soul and Blade: another proposed mmo. Not sure what it is in reality.

Black desert online: buy to play, very different opinions, from "you may grind it" to "money milking factory".

Any ideas what to choose as secondary home?


Posted by Lithuanian Saturday May 27 2017 at 3:12AM
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Once again, I am at crossroads.

Lord of the rings online: my favourite mmo, an example to everyone who wants to use free-to-play model (only Istaria has the better). Nice housing, nice classes, good story, known places...

And yet once again I do live in frustration. Content is shifting towards hardcore, group-focused only. Found no group? What a pity, you aren't able to do almost anything. Content is shigting towards perpetual grind. Example: Host of the west jewellery. To be able to barter, you need Kindred with: a) Host of the West itself /85,000 reputation/; b) Three crafting factions /85.000 reputation each/. Oh, good to hear you may get HoW by giving task items...which is 10 per day, i.e. 3000 per day. Is it entire month? yes, but don't despair - factions would accept crafted items! Either +100 or +500 ones! Yes. One +100 item - with cooldown of 18 hours. If it's 1 item per day, then you need 850 of them for one it some 3 years of crafting? Come on, there are single-use recipes without cooldown, just craft! Yes, an very rare drop from humanoids, sometimes you may farm half a day and get 1, non-your class. Oh, each of these requires crafting journal that sometimes drops from featured instance or is rare to very rare to get from nodes (mostly - from instance). Such item guves +500 reputation. Only 170 of these, 170 journals...if you get 2 journals a day, would it be..emmm...almost 3 months for one faction? Since we have 3 factions - 9 months of perpetual grind.

Then, we have quest packs. Almost every costs 795 Lotro points. Outcome is some 80-90 points. Content is (as I mentioned) hardcore forced grouping, soloers have almost nothing to do. Question:why should I lose 700 Lotro points? I'd better invest them into Mithril coins, storage or even some class.

And finally, we have Scavenger hunt. Shoulsd be fun, but some hunts are pay-to-enter (example - participate in Lotro-store purchasable only instance) or impossible (killing Mummak) or plainly stupid (like "hug Huge Worm"). There is no fun in it: rush to field, collect memories, then return to get nice reward: thorn cloak and silent cow.  I have absolutely zero fun from Scavenger, only depression.

Community. I don't know what's wrong with it last time. I was in Rohan, needed one beacon to climb, since climbing is almost impossible - asked for help. No help came, just one player trolled: it's doable, but I won't help u. When I murmured: well, anyway it's impossible - he send me message he was on the top. Well, either do  not troll or help...but let us troll one who needs help. Next time, other toon: asked if anyone was in Dead Marches. There should have been some players...nobody responded. Result: I would NOT help any player, big or small. Sorry, community, I can't be nice if you spit on me - though I won't spit back. I just turned World chat off, I will turn off any asking for help.

Tried to play Asta - gosh, it's just...unplayable. You control tiny toon, everyone else is tiny and shiny, there is no story, you may not read quests, killing owls, devils and some brigands instead. Could not chat untill lvl.15, so if you need help - feel free to leave game. Also, gold scammers are everywhere, game admins do little to eliminate them. I went to lvl.14 there...and then stopped.

So, I am in a situation where I want to play a quality f2p MMO with low-fantasy that is friendly for soloers...and understand there is no fascination in Lotro. Either grind Lotro points or do remaining slayerr deeds...or grind stuff, what my toons do now (grind ore, grind Scholar items, craft Host oft he West rep. items...). To make things worse, I tried too many mmos and none has impressed me. AIon, Terra, Asta, Guild wars 2, Everquest 2 to name just some. 

Yes, Lotro is shifting towards hard/very hard content with developers that woul listen to fanboys only and community that has some 100-200 PvP hardcore enthusiasts: they dictate everything on forums. Since devbelopers never actually player Lotro - they have no idea about how game really looks like. No, i do not consider Twitch as actually playing: create lvl.40 toon, run around some plot of land and chat. They have lvl.105 toons? In their place I could create them with ease. Create a toon, give all he needs - from lvl to finished quests - and then boost how cool you are. The more I play the more I see Lotro isn't the game I started to play, it becomes less interesting, more grindy, developers care about minority of, say, 1000-2000 players. Soloers are just a subject of mockery and ignoring.

And yet there is no alternative where I could spend my time.

I do feel grumpy, angry, lost, needing any quality f2p solo-friendly mmo...but I have tried almos all f2p.

End of my confession. If you read and have thoughts - please comment there or on my blog (

My dream MMO

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday September 22 2016 at 1:46AM
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Following the topic "If I ran the MMo company" - my two cents.

So, I have some money. Not too much, maybe 10 billion USD. I hire the best coders, artists, I have thousand alpha-beta/whatever testers, voice-over actors.

First of all, I wait. Wait untill "give uz all PvP, fool loot, da perma death" crowd leaves only few hardcore PvP games around, Kickstarters fail and all that remains on PvE are some MMos with either extremely low population or severe restrictions. Good, guys, you have done most job for me: left my MMo without competitors.

Then i start my MMO. It's low-fantasy PvE only, tab-targeting, free to play model.

Low-fantasy:your standard elves, humans, dwarves...

PvE means that player cannot be attacked by other player. Maybe there would be one arena to combat player versus player, just without looting anything from defeated player and playing/winning does not mean you lose/gain something.

Free to play: Lotro+Istaria model. Paying players gain all benefits, including all future updates (as long they pay standard 15$/month). Free players have minor restrictions - most regions purchasable by Grind Points (kill 25 rats, receive 5 points...region costs from 300 to 4000 points). There could be also osme other removable restrictions (like Lotro's inventory space, aucton house slots...).

Cash shop: yes, it does exist. Selling only vanity items. If item gives/may give any advantage in combat, it won't appear in the shop. All other things - exists. Nice cloaks, hats, mounts etc - every kind of cosmetics you may think of. And all for real cash.

RNG, this curse of game industry, is almost entirely removed. Where it exists, the game would clearly tell, like "Big Token of Dead Rat: drop from NN dungeon end-boss Da Rat Gang Leader. Chance of this to drop in tier 1 dungeon - 20%, chance to drop in tier 2 dungeon - 40%". However, my RNG system is smart: it scans every single player in group. If you have won that Rat Token before AND if there is a player who participates for the very first time - you won't get it, newbie would. If you have not won these tokens recently and there is no newbie - you are most likely to get them. If dungeon rewards specific armour and you already have al of it - you are most likely not to receive. If loot is some Nice Crystal and you have tons of gold to buy it on auction - you are most likely not ro receive. Well, if you have 1 piece of armour, everyone else has more pieces -you are most likely to receive missing piece of armour.

Quests:this is where my MMO would out-shione any other. I would ask to introduce tens of thousands of quests. Standard "kill da rats". Fedex "Deliver this trash to Trash-master". Guard "escort lame NPC to location".  My main thing would be: make every single choice matter. Examples:

1. Peasant asks to exterminate rats. You may offer peasant help and kill rats. You may offer help, buy some dead rats and tell you killed. You may lie you killed rats. Response from peasant would be different, all other peasants would change opinion about well as nobles, merchants etc. This lowbie knight kills rats? Oh, gross - nobles despise you, peasants like you. You cheat peasant - what a cool guy, trade NPC think and you may get a discount. You do not kill rats? Oh, superb - nobles are happy. You choose 1 from 3, no turning back. You befriend peasant, you are disliked by nobles. You befriend traders, you are disliked by peasants and nobles.

2. Dragon asks to hoard valuable stuff in some sacred place. You may bury it. You may take it. And you may tell whatever you like. Depending on the answer you may be loved or hated.

3. You start as race A. race A are cool warriors and good miners. A pity, race B despides you because of yoru warlike nature. Race B is an idealistic race, race of philosophers, liked by half other races, hated by Race A and Race C. race C are necromancers-warriors, the best in combat, they would stop at nothing to achieve victory. A pity everyone hates them, only Race A has some softer attitude.

Also, I won't forget starter territories. At the end game, NPCs there would remember about that ancient threat burried beneath old ruins that needs to be discovered and fought.

Realism: yet another feature to outshine my MMO. Everything would come at cost.  Holy trinity - yes, but if you are heave-armour dps, you won't be able to heal. Are you a healer? So nice and pity you are lame at melee combat.  Do you wear heavy armour? Good, it would greatly protect at the cost of movement (you move very slowly), unable to swim and losing some visibility. You switched to light armour? Good, you move fast, you can evade better, can swim, have all visibility...but have little protection. You use that Great two-handed sword? Very nice, it delivers mortal blows to enemy, but weapon attack speed is slow. You are using two swords? yes, very frequent attacks, you may even block incoming attack with one weapon...but you are likely to miss some blows. If you use bow, you are ok for ranged attacks...beware of melee ones.

There would be weather changes, seasons and all of this would affect player. If you go through snow, you cannot run quickly. If you see footsteps, you may track your enemy...and so can it track you.  Forest in summer is nice to hide from that monster...but monster may wait in ambush for you. Got struck with lightining? Well, you are dead no matter how heavy equipped you are.

Fighting would be tab-targetted. My game would please both solo and group players. Each quest can be soloed, one way or another. There would be as ltitle mazes and riddles as possible. If you need to go and kill, you may go straight and kill. Or you may take that little way through mountains and sharpshoot from safety. Or maybe hire some mercenaries to go, kill and die. Each dungeon would be clearly defined: this is group-only content, monsters are really hard. If you are in group, you receive more xp. The harder, the more xp, the better rewards. Hard to kill monster means nice reward/loot.

Crafting: all the good equipment is crafted by players, not looted/bartered. Some recipes are purchasable from trainers, other may be looted 9with really realistic chance of getting it). Each item is customizable to change status. Dislike +1 might and want +1 Vitality? ok, use ingredients A, B, Z, X to change. Auction house would have special function to make orders. You pick an item, enter desired number and amount you are willing to pay - other player gives item, receives coin.

Housing: another good topic. Free players rend houses (Lotro model). You rend plot of land, you get either standard house or blueprints of it. If you choose blueprints - ok,  you may build it solo or allocate some coin for other crafters to get xp and coin. If you build, you may get some patterns to change your house. Paying customers may purchase land and buold almost anything they wish - once again, solo or not. House has enough "hooks" to show your shinies or add crafting facilities or just make a 5-floor maze.Of course, game shops offers lots of nice housing items (for the low 1.99$...).

That ends my ranting.

Necroing in Everquest

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 16 2016 at 1:12AM
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Everquest II

Tried to play with Fairie class. Tiny timny with psychodelic coloured wing. No good at all. She was AoE mage, but once again - little use. Deleted.

Then, Necromancer came to life. Chose random name, thinking she won't last long. I was wrong.

Necro is just my class. So far (lvl.11) has one tiny tiny skeleton. Little guy has some actions and does all combat for me. My Necro, in turn, has many Damage over Time spells just to support mian fighter, i.e. skeleton. Even one heal to make little guy last longer.

I can cast some diseases, also - ranged attacks. My guy is melee only and sometimes does not want to attack target. Sometimes he just swims (!).

Found out I missed one quest in evil guys starting area: I should have talked with NPC about gathering and receive quest. This would lead to a chain of quests and some cool rewards.

Fighting was easy: just go, tab-target, unleash skeleton, cast some spells, watch monster dying.

I was expecting more like Age of Conan type - me, controlling an army of undead. But little guy would be nice too.

The only nuissance are severe f2p restrictions. Cannot use chats, cannot mail anything, cannot use auction house...and cannot fill questionnaire for entering Guild. This makes EQ2 just an online single player game with zero social interaction. I guess developers should leave at least some socializing action for free players.

But overall - things are nice (so far) in EQ2.

Open taping, Everquest 2

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday August 10 2016 at 5:09AM
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Everquest II

My Wizard continued slaughtering. This time had to kill some Cultists in some crater and eliminate their leader. Figured out most safe path, went there, killed one after another,....untill I was aggroed and killed. Wizards at lvl.13 have zero selfheals, so I was doomed.

Met one player, she was killing same monsters. I tried to help her, but my kills did not count. This is what EQ2 lacks - open taping. If I attack monster and you attack monster: in EQ2 only one of us grets credited; in LOTRO both of us are credited. Later I killed that named monster and returned to quest givers. Now I need to return to that crater and envoke some daemon. I saw him in action - cultists won't be happy...

Have one new spell - some AoE fire circle. I wish i better had any, even most weak, healing spell.

Got one more point in Alternate Advancement, but I have no ideas where to use it. If loyalty points are much like LOTRO's Turbine points...AA is just a mystery, Something not really needed, at least for me for now.

I do lack any form of socializing in EQ2, an option to chat, ask for help or even give help. But this single-player game is just a single-player game, no matter what the arguments are.


Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday August 9 2016 at 2:43AM
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Everquest II

My toon continues her evil journey (I am evil there, after all). Human, somehow evil, Wizard, level 13. I managed to finish some quests to kill dragonflies, then some fairies, finally - some cultists (too hard to pronounce). Had to go to one crater,kill local cultists and then gather some ore.

Cultists spawned too quickly, sometimes my health was dropping too low and I still have no self-heals.To make  things worse, next quest is to go to same cultist-infested crater and kill their leader. I doubt cultists would just stand and look. They would attack and have too high chance of killing me, And I have no chance to oover-kill them all, then 3-shot their leader.  Not sure how would I finish this quest: maybe grind 10 levels to be able?

I started gathering materials and faced 2 problems:

  1. I was gathering metal and stones for some reason
  2. I am not sure which crafting school to pick. I can't pick just a set of 3 (like in Lotro). Only one and I do need everything. Weapons, armour, jewellery, spells, inventory bags.
For f2p it is impossible to use mass chats or auction. Not sure if I can use other means to communicate, liko posting job offer. I am low on money, because can rely only on vendor trash. And finally, my bags are almost full: lots of stuff, many housing items.
Forsaken world: uninstalled. Sorry, my nice shiny Asian grinder, you did not fascinate me.
Terra: would be uninstalled in the neariest future.
Lotro: still playing, having fun, but feeling like game actually ends. Right now many of new content is closed for me. I do lack firepower and morale to get through tens of grouped/aggroed monsters, ruide throuigh deadly enemies within unexplored territory only to finish one (!) quest. I calculated: in order to enter, I need every single monster killed. To do that, I need groups. if we have 20 monsters, then I need at least 60 player (one tank, one ranged dps, one healer). 60 players in one small plot -->server crash. All I wait is lvl.110 - maybe then I could, with all precaution, try to finish this quest.

Everquest 2, Forsaken world

Posted by Lithuanian Monday August 8 2016 at 2:53AM
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Forsaken world

New mmo I have tried.

Customization:little. From visuals, was able to change hair style and colour. There are several races, some classes limited to races (just not gender). I picked up Human Mage - lucky for me, she was weavering kind of bikini armour (nobody complains though...).

World: shiny shiny, bright bright one with Asian style. If someone dislikes Asian style - do not enter this game. Each quest may provide autotracking: you click, you go to quest giver/territory. Easy. Experience is nice, I levelled to lvl.10 in no time. Attacks were nice, including one AoE. However, mana depletes very quickly and does not auto-restore easily.

Controls: a bit clumpsy. Once again, "look" and "run" are 2 controls, not one. From this point of view, EQ2 and Lotro are just superb. I had only 2-3 attacks, but once again - combnat was like "press button and go drink coffee". Monsters were kind enough not to touch me unless I attacked.

Game may be considered either pay-to-win or with very intrusive cash shop. Bag is a bit of mess. Chat is organized in weird way and local chats are mostly empty. I tried to communicate - no results.

Would probably uninstall. A pity, but this game lacks warmth and soul. It could be played just to kill time.


Everquest II

My evil mage continued her journey. Killing fairies, then some animals and alike. Doing dailies, earning Loyalty tokens (what to do with these?), collecting collection items. Yes, getting new skills and going better with Disruption.

I managed to finish some quests, receive some nice equipment and many housing items. Unfortunately, I can't own a house and won't be able to pay upkeep. Not easy to live entirely from vendor trash + being unable to communicate with others.

My mage is still really noobish and weak. Almost always I involve into melee and get almost killed. Not sure what am I doing wrong though. I stun targhet, use Immolation, then some kind of lightining...and if enemy is alive, I use all other attack spells. Not working as I expect.

Started to read some quest texts. Liked ne grumpy fairy that went on revenge.

Housing is still not an option.  It is expensive and I won't be able to pay upkeep. Getting lots of gold is problematic.

I need some clan/guild in EQ2 at least to communicate with others and receive advice about my toon.