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Author: Limitations

Devilian: The Long Awaited Update

Posted by Limitations Thursday December 17 2015 at 6:33PM
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Er-mah-gawd, it’s been forever. Devilian has launched! Well, has been launched for awhile now it seems, and by gawd have I been playing it! (Also streaming it). It’s been a very fun road. I’ve gone through Alpha, Closed Beta, and now full blown launch. Special thanks to Trion, and Scapes for letting me test out the game in Alpha and Closed Beta. I’ve tried all four classes, and my favorite used to be Shadowhunter, but now it’s Beserker. Something about spinning fire and just owning everything with fire is just awesome. It brings me great joy to burn my enemies…

A lot has improved since Alpha, and I know I haven’t been posting at all lately. (Depression sucks). It’s time for a well needed update from me to you. The game has really got me addicted. I’ve been playing it non stop, like I said before. The game does have some issues with servers, and has had some rollbacks, and people are upset, but I mean… Some are warranted, some are not. My server (Asperon) was down for awhile, but I just played some Heroes Of The Storm instead of complaining about it on the forums. Anyways, I’ve been just grinding away at levels, and there a ton of people already max level (52), and doing +3 hell runs. (End game content). My Zerker isn’t max level yet, I’m sort of taking my time this time with my guy, and really having fun. I am even dipping into PvP content since the que’s aren’t that long anymore.

Let me just say one thing, I guess Evoker is the flavor of the month, and boy are they annoying in PvP, let me tell you that right now. I usually just run if I see more than two Evokers coming at me. PvP does have some bugs and kinks to work out, I’ve noticed a lot of lag/rubberbanding when it comes to PvP. Every match I have been in has had some serious rubber banding in it. I don’t know if the servers were lagging really bad at the time, or that’s just how the game is. Either way it was annoying, but meh, we still won. Annoying, but not totally game breaking.

Being an Asian imported game, probably the most annoying thing you will run into is: Voice over work, and translation issues. We have English voice overs for quest and such, and let’s just say some of them are… Interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we have English voice overs and everything, but I dunno, some NPCs are just annoying. There are some translation errors here and there, but you sort of just read through them, and you get the jist/point of all the story and quests. Again, semi annoying, but not game breaking. A lot of imported games have these issues, and I am sure with future content updates there will be fixes and such.

Since Launch has arrived, dungeon ques and PvP ques have been pretty short. At least on my server, so it’s really cool to find a party just like that. I remember in Alpha and Closed Beta, I solo’d every dungeon I came across because I didn’t like the wait for groups. Some dungeons have longer waits than others, and with announce chat, you can get a group going in no time. Speaking of announce chat. That comes the biggest problem for me at least. I could probably write a ton of stuff about how this is the biggest problem for me, but I’ll do my best to cut to the chase.

Announcement chat is essentially Global chat in a sense. You get your usual, group advertisements, guild advertisements, trade advertisements, and etc. There is a lot of immaturity that goes along with it as well. Just to mention a few “Hail Satan/Hitler” “I had sex with your mom/sister” and of course lots of swearing. That’s just some of the stuff that goes on. Now, all of that would be easier to deal with, if you could simply ignore it, well… In Devilian, you can’t. You are stuck with whatever people say. A lot of the complaints I am hearing on different sources wish you could just simply ignore Announce chat, but you can’t. You are stuck with whatever people say. Luckily, gold spam hasn’t become a huge issues. There are some spammers in Zone chats and such, and have on occasion seen spam on Announce chat, but since they require megaphones, they did not last long. Thank God. I am hoping that may change in the future. I know Trion doesn’t develop the game, but maybe they can do something about it. Who knows right?

I won’t go into detail about the amount of trolls in Announce chat, because that is sort of a given, but whatever, I can deal with it. I know it will cause a lot of annoyance with other people, and it is annoying to me, but I just look through it, and ignore it, and laugh at the immaturity. Heh.

The core gameplay, and everything about it makes me love the game, and look past everything else. It has the type of gameplay I love (ARPG), with the type of game I love. (MMO). It can only get better with updates right? Daily quests, daily login rewards, and etc are just more reasons for me to login every day, and of course Abyssal Tower. Boy, do I love me some Abyssal Tower. Easy XP, easy loot, easy life.

Of course we have the generic questing, fetch this, go here, kill X, and etc. It don’t bother one bit, because 1. I actually enjoy the game a lot, and 2. Auto run. Hell, I’m lazy, and sometimes I want to identify some items, and look at my inventory, well now I can do all of those things while my character goes to where I need to be. Who doesn’t love that? Seriously, I have a new found love for the auto-run feature. I know it’s lazy, and it’s stupid to some people, but when you first use it, you just won’t stop. For me, it’s just I can get more done while doing other things, type of thing… If that makes any sense.

There is a lot of daily things to do in this game. Daily friend gift and guild gifts. Daily to do list. A lot of incentives to login each day and do a ton of stuff. Dungeons are fun and exciting. Sure they are not as complex as say FFXIV, or WoW, but we aren’t playing the game for complexity. Some dungeons have unique mechanics, and I haven’t hit true end game yet, but when I do I will sure as hell tell you how it is. My point is, there is a lot of things to keep you going in the game, and to make you want to play more, and login each day. Isn’t that what we want? We need reasons to login each day, and play more.

I have always said, community does a lot of good for the game, and is a very core part to me when I want to play a game, and want to play it long term. The community, on my server at least has it’s very immature moments, but you find a good guild and try your best to ignore the Announce chat, you find yourself with a really, really good game at it’s core. I mean yeah, we got the translation issues, and sometimes horrendous voice over work, but maybe that can all change in future updates. (I hope to God, the translations issues do at least). Future updates to end-game, and raising the level cap should come soon, I hope at least. I am taking my sweet time like I said, but leveling in this game with all the daily offers, is pretty easy. Abyssal Tower really helps, and doing daily quests, and sometimes dungeon grinds for ze loots, can really make leveling super easy, and super fast.

Of course, I do have a wish list for this game, but I won’t tell you all, until I hit end game content, and play around with it first. I am really looking through all the issues the game currently has, and just playing the game for the good elements of it. The game certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you are like me and want a good ARPGMMO, Devilian is a really good one. I compare all the ARPG games to the holy grail (To me at least) of ARPGs Path Of Exile. Devilian isn’t better than PoE, but it does have the potential to be, and I will be playing the game, and hoping it does surpass it. I really, really am digging Devilian. I’ve been streaming the game when I can. Since it’s the Holidays I’ve been spending time with my Girlfriend and been playing on my laptop, since I am out of town for the Holidays as well. Can’t really stream on my laptop heh.

Even though I’ve hit a rough patch of depression lately, I really wanted to write this up, and post about it, because I haven’t really been writing anything lately, and I really wanted to apologize for that. I won’t go into details with my personal life for now, I guess I can save that for a later date. I mainly just wanted to apologize for the lack of content, even though I promised you guys more. Depressions sucks, but I’m slowly getting better. Anyways, that’s it for now. I will be posting more Devilian content in the near future. The next post will probably be when I hit max level, which should be very soon. I think I will be streaming most of the end game content as well, which you can catch all the cool action at

If you enjoyed this post, and would like to talk about Devilian, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers! writes:
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