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Author: Limitations

Warlords Of Draenor [P5]

Posted by Limitations Saturday December 20 2014 at 2:55AM
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It's been awhile... So we continue on...

Long time no see, or read I guess. It's been some time since I've posted anything really, so I thought I would start off with World Of Warcraft, (Don't worry, Destiny posts will come soon). I believe last time I just talked about what I plan on doing, server wise, character wise and such. Time to get deep down into what's actually going on inside the game, am I liking it, or am I disliking it? Truth be told I have always liked the leveling process more than anything in the game, not more than raiding, but more than most things. Actually reading the quests, and doing other things besides getting to 100 ASAP you know? There are many improvements that I love, generally has to with the graphics overhaul, and it feels like a brand new game since switching to Horde side. (Sorry Alliance). It's not brand brand new you know, but it's that vanilla feeling that I so desperate want to feel all the time... Sadly that's not how it is.

Is that such a bad thing? To many people probably, for me it's not such a huge deal. As much as I love "Vanilla" World of Warcraft, it won't be there for long, so what can I do except cherish it for as long as I can feeling it. It's like growing up, and moving on from things... It's great that they were there, and maybe the future won't hold better things, but we still have to move on with it. I won't be stuck in the past, hating the game for what it should be, I'm loving it for what it stands for now. It's not all perfect sadly. There are still things in-game that I truly dislike. I wish the inventory system was different. I wish flight paths were faster. That's just not how it is, so we suck it up move along, and find things we like and don't focus on those bad things.

My buddy is desperate for the "Vanilla" feeling, and I can't say to him yeah the new expansion, all the new additions is just like that... It's just not there, I would be sort of lying to him if it was you know? Sure some elements are there, but it's not the whole thing. One thing I am feeling a lot more now, is that I'm playing less and less. (That sounds bad, but true). I went from playing 3-4 hours a day, to about 1-2 1/2. Sounds rough, but the thing is I am enjoying my play time. It doesn't feel like a chore, or anything. I generally feel like I am having a great time playing the game. Quests/crafting/etc don't feel like a friggin chore. Playing time could change, you know? It's really confusing how I am stating it, but the point is, I am more overall enjoying my time playing.

This post will seem out of whack so I apologize if it does, tired, and been very busy and I figured I wouldn't have much time writing for awhile so better do it while I can. My horde character is level 68, been progressively leveling pretty fast, even while reading the quests and such. (Spoiler: I use a ton of heirlooms). Cheating I know! I'm sorry! Shame on me, okay well... I still earned them haha. You could argue it devalues the true leveling process, but I'm still taking my time, reading the quests and even exploring. It sure quickens the process, but it doesn't lessen the value of the overall experience to me, which is what I came for right?

Since hitting up the Role playing server, I've started to do it within chats in towns and such when multiple people are doing it. It's defiantly interesting... I'm not sure how to take it as of yet, maybe it was just that group of people? Still trying to find an hardcore RP guild to test the waters out as well. I think RP is better suited when you have the same people daily doing it with you. (Hence, why I loved DMing DnD). I think that will defiantly up the value of role playing. It's something new and exciting for me to do.

It's funny to me, I have been doing WSG (Warsong Gulch for people who don't know). I'm so used to the Horde stomping every time, but it's been very 50/50 lately which is depressing... I want to win every time dammit. It presents a challenge, and I haven't dabbled to much in Warrior PvP, I'm mostly watching Swifty PvP, or various YouTube videos of Warrior PvP. It's defiantly fun, charging to everyone and then killing them. (Level 19 PvP). I still hate Hunters and Fear. If you don't hate Fear then please... Get feared some more until you learn to hate it.

I think this will be the last post until I hit 90ish, and update you all on how I like all the content. The series is called Warlords Of Draenor dammit. When I hit I wanna say 91, I'll update you on how I feel about all the new content, quests and such. It'll be a blast I'm sure. I think I will upload another Destiny post before Christmas... Hopefully. I hope you have enjoyed the read! If you would like to discuss this post, or Warlords Of Draenor, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers, and Happy Holidays!