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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #19 You Can Pay For School, But You Can't Buy Class

Posted by Limitations Monday December 7 2009 at 5:59PM
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Recently, i have been playing more than usual. I'm sort of glad i have. I've learned some new twists with the community. Everyone acts... Differently. Of course, i knew that. I recently seen some massive changes. I've sort of classified them.. Which is kind of mean, but it's the best i could. The quickies(Sounds naughty huh? Heh). Who type like... "Yo, you wan 2 party so we cud finish questies". I don't have a problem with that, but too much of it, it becomes very annoying. I know some people find that annoying too. It's a stresser for me, because sometimes i have to find out what they are actually saying. I don't really classify myself. I have a variety of usages. I type how i please, and act how i please. Some people find that annoying, some love it when i'm in a good mood. I tried to get the best out of people, and have an amazing time with them. When people are down, i try to get them back up. We all know, it's not fun hanging around a downer. Recently, me and my friend we're in vent, having a good ol' time. When a new person joined it, and said "Mmorpg are being ruined, life sucks... Why do i still play them?" We looked at each other and was like... "Wow." It killed the humor filled room, and dumbed us down a few notches. We started talking about, how he plays mmorpgs, and why he thinks all of this. He had some really legit reasons, i think he may have exaggerated some of it, but it was legit. We all complain about a lot of things. Grind, questing, pvp, whatever. We can't stop the complainers, hey... Even i'm a complainer. I don't mind complaining, except when it goes too far. What do i mean by that? When you complain, you have to have limits. If you complain too much, your just going to lose your lust to play the game. Positive thinking makes me keep going. If i think my game sucks... Why should i play it then? If i keep complaining about my game, why am i still here?

A friend and I were talking about the perfect mmorpg, that will never exist in this world. Thinking about what we like, and what we dislike. What should be in a game, what should be deleted forever. Our conversation was pretty much pointless. Because it is never going to happen, we may find our perfect mmorpg. That is the thing. People can find their "Perfect" mmorpg. That has everything they like, and a little that they dislike. It's highly possible, people just don't see the silver lining. People keep saying, "This game is the saviour of mmorpgs" Game is released, and the hype is killed, and they find out the game sucks more than sour milk. My most hated saying is "WoW Killer". I must admit, WoW is a very constructed game. It's has the good and the bad. It's popular, you cannot deny that. It has a loyal fanbase, every game does. I don't think WoW will ever die. It might lose a lot of players, but it will still exist. I might get flamed for that, but i think it's the truth. Do i like WoW? Yes and no. I played it awhile back, it didn't stick too me. I did like it while it lasted though. So it was okay. Will i ever return to it? I could, it would take a lot to get me too come back, but who knows? I don't think there is a saviour of mmorpgs. I think there is such a thing, as the next big thing. A lot of people keep thinking, the newest games are the next big thing, but some people have been very disappointed lately. Even I have, and it's a horrible day, when i'm disappointed haha. My friend, whom i find hilarous, calls his mmorpg "His baby". His wife... Isn't very happy about that, but it's his choice. Does he take his mmorpg too far? Oh yeah, thats the truth, he will probably shoot me for saying this. I hope he doesn't find out. Haha.

How is my gaming life? It's pretty good as of now. I'm not addicted to my game yet, but i hope too be. To be honest, i want to be addicted, so i am not bored after work. Maybe i'll fall in love again, i don't hope, but i do think about it constantly. I want to be in a constant state of north. What i mean by that, i just want things to keep better for me, and everyone else. We all want the state of games to get better and better. Not worse. Hilarously, i have find hope for myself. I know right? Wierd change. I just hope i'm not let down again in the future. I don't think i will be. I think i have found my escape in my mmorpg/fps. Let's just hope now, i know i have not said that before. Let us hope, and maybe even pray that we have something good come out of all this hatred. I hope we all find our peace, and perfection... Or close as we can get too that.