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Author: Limitations

Let's Talk: The Fading Genre

Posted by Limitations Thursday November 3 2016 at 12:10AM
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It’s a shame that I have to talk about this. We have this great genre of MMORPGs and it’s just slowly fading away. Before you get your pitchforks out though, let me say this: It’s still a popular genre in the sense of a few games we could mention. World of Warcraft, FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online and some others. In my opinion we have five popular MMORPGs out of hundreds out there. It’s becoming a dull market and for years we have had copy cat games and blunders. I’m not saying I’m getting bored with the genre but it just seems like it’s been stalling for awhile now.

Free to play has taken over with many MMORPGs that came out pay to play going to the free to play or buy to play route. Was that the start of the downfall? Many people tend to think so. Many people prefer the sub model, because you don’t have the toxicity of a free to play community. The game’s population might not be the highest but generally you have a more mature audience. Some games like FFXIV and WoW have a lot of servers and some games like ESO have the megaserver tech. I prefer the megaserver tech, while others would prefer the abudance of servers. I’ll do either though. There are a lot of things that go into a MMORPG before we even think about playing them

Graphics is one of them. Thankfully I am not one of those people who will play a game just on graphics. Community and core gameplay mean the most to me. There are some out there that will just look at the graphics and go “Nope, not pretty enough” and pass on by. I think LOTRO is one of those that people just don’t play because of how outdated it looks, even though it has some really good gameplay, some may say even the best. Granted I think LOTRO looks just perfectly fine.

We also look at the company who is making them. We have people that will not even touch a game by Daybreak. Am I one of those people? I’m sort of so-so on that. I will be very hesistant but I will still try the game. If Blizzard puts out a new game, you will see me first in line to try it out. Daybreak seems to be like the EA of MMORPGs. We also take into account if this is the company’s first project? Who is it run by? Sort of like Crowfall. Artcraft is a new company but has a lot of experience behind it, but it’s also the company’s first game. Will it be a blunder? I don’t know, I did not buy into the kickstarter nor have I purchased any sort of Early Access. I’m sort of waiting to see this one out, probably after it’s final release, or soft launch they are calling it…


We go into other things the game has to offer. Combat, crafting, does it have X or Y. We have become very picky and somewhat needy. When a subscription is needed, how much content are they putting out to warrant that subscription. How is the playerbase? How is the balance of the game? I know a few MMORPGs that have terrible balancing problems… I’m looking at you Neverwinter. We have a lot of factors to account for before we either purchase the game or even download the game if it’s free to play. Granted we aren’t losing much besides time and HD space when trying out a free to play game.

There is a reason why I say the genre is fading is because it’s still ran by the same powerhouses it’s always been ran by. Is that a terrible thing? No, because those games are fun, but I always wish for something new and exciting. Don’t we all at times? What happens when we are waiting for the new and shiny thing? It’s a little thing called patience or the pool of Early Access games.

Oh, Early Access how much I love and hate thee. If you were to go to Steam and go to the Early Access store and search by “MMO, and Massively Multiplayer” You find a lot of survival games and not so MMORPGs. You have some that are doing extremely well like Gloria Victis, which I am currently writing a couple of articles on, so stay tuned for that!

You are sort of confused when you head over to that store page though… Have we forgotten what the term MMORPG means? Are we just going with MMO from now on? What’s the deal? Someone for the love of that is all good and merciful tell me what is going on, please! It just seems to me we have forgotten where our roots came from… Better question is: Will we ever find our roots again? Only time will tell. Somehow I doubt it though, sorry guys and gals…

It seems like games with 20-40 man servers have taken over the MMORPG market and we have totally forgotten how much “Massively” is. Do you believe it’s over 100 people in a zone, or thousands in a server? Is massive to you 30-40 man servers? I’d like for you all to tell me your opinions on this. I’m very curious. So please, leave a comment below or tweet at me your replies. I’d love to hear from you all about it. I’m more of a “I’d like to see more than a thousand people online” type of massive person. I may be in the wrong, but who knows? I certainly don’t.

What would it take to bring back the glory days? Is that impossible? Do we just have to deal with what we have now and take it day by day? We have a couple of games that are on the horizon that could redefine the genre. Crowfall, Pantheon, Revelation, and maybe even Star Citizen? Just a couple of big ones that I could think of off the top of my head. Do I believe in any of them? Er I don’t think so right now. I have no serious opinion of SC, Revelation looks okay. I don’t know much of Pantheon as of right now to be perfectly honest, and I already spoke about Crowfall.

Gloria Victis is one of the games that I feel that could be huge once it exits Early Access, I’ve been in close contact with Black Eye Games for some time now.

Are there any games that you are excited for or that you think could redefine everything we know?

Do you think we are just lost right now and sooner or later we will find our way back? Are you perfectly content with where we are now? Please, let me know in the comment section below!

I honestly hope for a wide opinion on this matter, so I’m excited to see your comments below.

I’m content with the game’s I play right now. I really am, but I just feel like the genre has lost it’s true meaning and we are just going off of spinoffs. We have lost that massive feeling. Survival genre has taken over, which some of them are extremely good *Cough The Black Death Cough*

The MOBA genre has taken over and it seems like a lot of the pvpers are just playing those type of games, you know? Maybe I am wrong and hopefully I am. Don’t get me wrong, I have a strong Overwatch addiction and I haven’t pvp’d in a MMORPG in a couple of days… Don’t shoot me please thanks.

It’s been such an exciting journey with so many games that I have played, loved, disliked and sometimes just downright hated. I won’t name those I hated though, I don’t want pitchforks at my doorstep.

Final question for you guys before I wrap up this post: How do we reinvent the wheel so to speak? Does it start with questing? Combat? What things can we do to spice up the genre or maybe to some people save the genre? Let me know! Do you think the genre is fading or needs saving? Maybe I am all wrong about this and someone can enlighten me.


Again thank you all for the continued support of reading the blogs and tweeting to me. It means a lot to me. See you next time! You can catch my adventures over at and follow me on twitter @SirIsaacJewton Thanks again! Cheers!