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I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Wait, What Happened?

Posted by Limitations Monday November 9 2015 at 1:34AM
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 I want to expand on what’s going on in the world of MMOs with me. I’ve canceled every active subscription, and haven’t really touched a true MMO in some time. I’ve had a few games keep me going. Heroes of The Storm, H1Z1(BR), Das Tal, and Grim Dawn. Is there a game that calls me back, beckons for my return though? Yeah, there is, but I just don’t know… I’m biding my time until other games come out of Closed Beta. (Tree of Savior)

I truly am bored with the genre in whole. I’ve tried them all, and when I mean try, I actually give the game a shot and don’t uninstall the game if I don’t like it within the first two hours. I give all the games I play a good, fighting chance. Nothing has peaked my interest enough to download, or even buy into. I’ve gotten desperate I am looking into Early Access games. I am awaiting for the release of The Repopulation, I do like the game, but due to a very annoying bug that I can’t fix, I can’t play it. When the game gets released, and the servers are wiped and everything is fresh, I can’t wait for it. It looks amazing, and has come along real nice.

I bought Heart of Thorns for Guild Wars 2, I even, when I told you guys I wouldn’t, purchased TTK for Destiny. Nothing has kept my grasp for longer than two weeks it seems then I am done, even with subscription games. I can’t even get my full month’s worth out of it. Isn’t that sad? I actually did like the Revenant class in Guild Wars 2, but the gameplay didn’t hold on to me, just like the first time around. The action camera though, it’s really, really nice.

What else can I do, but wait you know? I stated in the last post that this really hasn’t happened to me before, I have always found another MMO to go to. I still have many of them installed on the my computer, but there is no want to play them. My biggest fear that 2016 will be a big letdown for me as well… There are a lot of games slated to come out next year, so I doubt that it will happen, but I swear to God if it does, I will just quit the MMO genre. Haha. That leaves me with the games I am playing currently. 

I have been addicted to Heroes of The Storm for awhile now, sunk some cash into it for some skin unlocks and character unlocks. It’s more addicting than League was for me, and the games are shorter, and more action packed. I don’t rage, or get annoyed as much as I did in League. H1Z1 Battle Royale I am getting better at. My aim with different types of weapons have gotten better, and I am surviving more than I used to. It’s fun for a couple of hours, then I get into a rage when I die early, or die to things I could have avoided. (My character wouldn’t crouch dangit)

Das Tal is definitely a different from what I usually play. It’s open world PvP, and yes I have died in it a few times, and it gets aggravating. It’s different though, I enjoy it’s unique graphic style. I was luckily invited by the people who make the game to play in the Alpha, and I haven’t been disappointed as of yet. There are a few things I wish I could change, but alas I’m not in the forefront of the development, but I do hope they listen to community feedback. It’s a niche game, for a niche player base, but it has the potential to do very well with it’s unique design.

I will say this, because I am a carebear, if the game had a PvE server, i’d be all over it. Skill combat, with a unique graphic design and overall runs pretty well, i’d probably like it more, because I am a PvE carebear. Don’t judge me. I’ll touch on it more on the Das Tal series that is coming up shortly.

Hopefully down the road, I will get the urge, or a new game will come out that just blows my mind and I want to play it constantly. Until then I will just be biding my time until that game, or games comes out. I will say that I am super salty that I didn’t get into the Tree of Savior closed beta, I kept getting an error when I could have joined, and yeah… All my friends are playing it, rubbing in my face on how good it is, and they suck… I will defiantely be playing the game when it is fully released, and I’m not sure when that is… Anyone know?

I just realized, half the games that I mentioned are in Early Access, but they are worth it for sure. I dislike Early Access as much as the next guy, but Grim Dawn and H1Z1 are extremely worth the price tag. I was lucky enough to be invited to play the Alpha of Das Tal and talk about my experiences so far.

Wildstar keeps calling me back, and you can even see me stream it once and awhile. It’s a lot of fun, and the free to play transition, which I have forgotten to write about has done the game wonders… I see people everywhere, and so far the game is mostly selling cosmetics and things of that nature. No sign of Pay 2 Win yet, and I’m hoping it stays that way. I guess I just contradicted myself but saying I don’t play any true MMOs, but it’s not that same feeling I got say a few years ago, where I could play without an end, and still enjoy it. Honestly I’ve spent more time playing other games in the past couple of weeks than MMOs, it speaks for itself doesn’t it?

I guess I am just frustrated with the waiting game. Every game is in Early Access and don’t seem to come out for a very long time. (I guess that’s a good and bad thing). Maybe I really need to just force myself to play a MMO. That’s not something I usually do though, I sort of let it flow, and if I like it I just play it constantly. Wildstar is probably the closest I’ve gotten to a decent flow since the free to play transition. Maybe it’s a sign. No, probably not. I really need to sit down, and just write a pros and cons list of every game I have installed currently…

Therein lies another problem. To many games. Burnout is real. I can’t tell you how many games I have installed currently. Some I haven’t touched in ages, and I don’t want to talk about my Steam library! It’s a common practice nowadays for me just to switch over constantly, and stop really “caring” about a game. Everyone is so hyped about Fallout 4, and I have never even played a Fallout game… I wish I could be that hyped about a game. My friends are going bonkers of the release of it soon, and I am just sitting here like… I’ve never played a Fallout game. LOL

Who knows, eventually down the line a game will come that I am just so hyped for. Until then, I shall wait and see. Thinking about it now, I probably could just force myself to play Wildstar as my main game for awhile. I do enjoy the heck out of the game’s combat, and the free to play transition has made the player base a lot stronger. It’s so funny because I still read doom and gloom posts about the game’s population and future… I see the game thriving every time I log in. That is the PvE server I am speaking of though. I would be very contradicting of myself then wouldn’t I? Oh god, what I have become? One of my bigger problems is that I just compare, and compare, and compare… I need to stop doing that as much. It’s good to compare, but have a limit. I don’t have a limit, so I just compare everything to something else. Perfect example is ARPGs. I compare very ARPG even Grim Dawn to Path of Exile, because I feel it is the king of kings of ARPGs. It’s just so good. I compared Grim Dawn to it, I compared Devilian to it, it’s strange I know, but I just do it.

I don’t really have a MMORPG I compare everyone of them to. Not yet, of course. I sort of nitpick and say well, the storyline isn’t as good as X, or the combat isn’t as good as X. Does anyone else do that, or do they have a specific MMO they always compare to? Like I said, I have multiples. Heh. I think what I am going to do is try to push Wildstar to it’s limits until something else comes along, and if Wildstar then fills my need to not play another game than great, if not then I can try something else. I have nothing to lose at this point, and I can even stream my adventures and frustrations along the way.

Anyone else having the problems I am having? I really don’t want to feel like the only one here. Somebody out there, one of ya’ll has to feel some of my pain right, RIGHT? I hope you all enjoyed this post, it’s been awhile since I did something substantial like this. Comment below if you did, or tweet @SirIsaacJewton with your comments/thoughts. See ya next time! Cheers!


A Casual Update

Posted by Limitations Monday November 2 2015 at 12:10AM
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 Hey all, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? I have been doing nothing but been busy the month of October, which is why you haven’t heard a peep from me unless you follow me on Twitter… I get bored, I go on there. So, what’s been going on? Well, a lot of sadness in the world of MMORPGs. I’ve officially cancelled all my active subscriptions, and am not currently playing a “True” MMORPG.

What does that exactly mean? I’m not playing any traditional mmorpgs. I.E FFXIV, ESO, and etc. It’s truly a sad day when I report that isn’t it?

I’m currently enjoying Heroes of The Storm, Grim Dawn, and was invited to play Das Tal. Das Tal is really giving me good impressions for the Alpha, and I will defiantly have more on that in written and live stream form. Stay tuned for that stuff though, it’ll be a lot of fun. I’ve only put a couple of hours into it so far, but it’s different from what I have played in the past, and it’s fun. I’ll talk about that more in the Das Tal specific post.

I really haven’t had fun in traditional MMORPGs lately, you guys read about my woes and such. I broke down and bought Heart of Thorns for Guilds Wars 2, TTK for Destiny which I said I wouldn’t, but I was so god damn desperate for something, and nothing has shown up. I’m just in a state of disarray when I don’t have a MMO to play. I lead a sad life okay, don’t judge me. There are a ton of games coming out in 2016, and some games that I’m waiting for full release from Early Access. I.E The Repopulation. (It’s looking real good)

I just been coping with playing other games, like the list I mentioned below. I’m kind of diappointed I couldn’t get into the Tree of Savior beta, I loved me some Ragnarok Online, and it looks really good. Some of my friends are playing it, and rubbing it in my face. Gee, thanks guys. Blade and Soul didn’t really get me with the Closed Beta only running on weekends. I honestly didn’t want to pay to access it either. There looks to be some good games coming out on the horizon, I just may need to bide my time till then with other non mmos. Shame, but that’s how it seems it’s gotta be you know?

I’ve never had to really take a break from finding a game, I could always find another mmo to play, but it seems like I’ve played them all, and all of them are now boring to me. If you all have some recommendations, I would love to hear them, or a friggin beta key to Tree of Savior! (Har har). I mostly wanted to let you all know what’s been going on, why I haven’t been posting. Devilian Part 3 will be posted up shortly as well… Closed Beta has hit for the game, and I will be posting part 3 and then part 4 really soon afterwards, because part 3 was written when it was still in Alpha, so I apologize for the lateness. I hope you all can understand, it was a very odd and rough month of October for me.

As for game reviews. It will be Devilian, and Das Tal for right now. If I find another game, or I somehow with a miracle get into ToS I will be reviewing that as well. Sorry for the lack of content, I know I promised to churn out better content, and it’s just been a very rough past couple of weeks for my family and I. It’ll get better though, I assure you. I’ll have content back on a regular basis in no time. I promise! I will be streaming more often as well, which will be great! More content is what I’m looking to do!

Thanks for the read! If you enjoyed this post, or have a recommendation for a game for me to play, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!