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Author: Limitations

Warlords Of Draenor [P4]

Posted by Limitations Saturday November 29 2014 at 2:55AM
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I’ve been thinking to myself lately, what exactly drives me to play World of Warcraft? I ask myself this more than you think trust me… It can’t be only the fact that the expansion was released, sure that plays a huge role with it. I do believe World Of Warcraft was my first MMORPG, and a lot of people attribute a first MMORPG like a first love. You just don’t forget about them. They sort of always linger in your head, behind some walls or whatever. I think that does it justice, World Of Warcraft is always lingering my head when I’m playing other games. I wouldn’t say that’s a sad or bad thing.

I stated before, and then edited my post saying I would re-roll pretty much everything. Server, faction, and classes. I’m used to playing on PvP servers, and this time I rolled on Wyrmrest Accord. A RP server. I think it’ll be a nice change of pace, along with the faction change. A little back story on this, I’m always felt like I have been a Horde player at heart, but when I first got into the game, way back in Vanilla, my IRL friends were always Alliance, and I never switched over due to that fact. Now that most of my friends are not playing anymore, it seemed to be the perfect time to switch over. For the Horde! (Alliance people, I am sorry).

Alright, back to my question, what exactly drives me to play? We got the first MMO down, and the expansion, but deep down what does really matter? Raiding? Pvp? Lore? Yes, I actually read quests and such. The shame of it all! (No, there’s no shame in that). It all sort of bundles together. I have such a love/hate relationship with the game, but that’s what is exciting about it. Rose tinted glasses were never fully on when playing the game, even back in Vanilla. I always found something to complain about… Even now, I still find things to complain about. The game isn’t perfect, and somehow… I don’t want the game to be perfect. I want it to be flawed, and I want to elaborate on that a little bit.

If the game was perfect as it was back let’s say in Vanilla, we had all that we wanted, and we didn’t need anything else. There would be no Burning Crusade, or Cataclysm, so on and so forth. With the newest expansion released, it brings that sense of, there is way more to do now. Sure, you could look at it like it’s the same old stuff, just branded new. It’s there though! For us to do! The game needs to be flawed so it can improve, and Blizzard has done a hell of a job with Draenor. Is it perfect? I’m sure it’s not, and I can’t even give you a good answer, until I have done even some of it’s content, and I assure you I will.

We’ve all read about the rocky launch, the DDoS attacks, so on and so forth. I have had que times, and I usually just played Destiny, or Hearthstone while waiting. I’m not going to sit around on the forums and complain when I can just do something else while waiting. (My queue times were usually around an hour or less). Not the worst, but certainly a wait nonetheless. I’ve been back and forth with this game ever since the release. I come and go, and each time I say it will be different, it’ll last. (Like a relationship, ha!). I do however tend to ask myself this time, will it? Mist lasted a very long time for me, and I played, and played. Other things came around, and my subscription ended, and I didn’t renew it.

Distractions, or shiny new things usually end my World Of Warcraft playing streak. First it was SWTOR, then FFXIV, then Elder Scrolls Online. All these great games came out, and then I sort of just forget about the game, and then it comes around back to World of Warcraft, funny eh? I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way about this game, or another game. Though I try to stick around in most of the games I have played, I keep coming back to WoW. It’s not really because the other games are worse, and it’s not entirely it’s better than the rest, it’s just… I don’t know how to really put it. I’ll explain to the best of my ability though.

Every expansion, except probably for Cataclysm has made the game 10x better. (We can argue about Cata later). When I took my I believe second break from the game, Mist was about to be released, and afterwards about a month after being released, I renewed, bought the expansion and went on with my life in World of Warcraft. The distractions came in, new games came out, and it withered away on my PC. Even when I am playing other games, like I said before, it always lingers in the back of my mind. I got news of Draneor, and here we are talking about it. The game constantly improves.

Improvements can be small and big things. Every time I come back I find more and more of what I like about the game, and less I dislike. I don’t know if that’s the fanboy in me talking or what. After watching multiple streams, and IRL friends play the new content I cannot wait to hit it myself, and play. If you have played the content. Do you enjoy it? I would love to know all ya’lls opinion of it. If you would like to discuss this post, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!