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Author: Limitations

Warlords Of Draenor [P3]

Posted by Limitations Friday November 14 2014 at 3:55AM
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It has arrived...

It's currently 3 AM here, and I just got back from vacation, a small one at that. I wasn't able to post as it launched, but now that I can, I'm going to give you a little run down on what's going on in the World Of Warcraft. I mean, let's just get it out of my system, I am super stoked for this. I know I have not talked about it much, but time really does fly this year eh? New level cap, garrisons, new models (Granted they came before the expansion), and much much more things to do! For me, every expansion is a breathe of fresh air for World Of Warcraft, whether it lasts a long time or a short time depends on how good it is. (Cataclysm people). 

I won't give a detailed run down on everything the expansion has to offer, I would literally have a wall of text, and you can just read patch notes over at the official site, what I am going to do is tell you what my plan is for the expansion and going forward. As you all know, I play a lot of games, and there is not a lot of time in the day. I sleep a lot, and when I'm not in school or working I just play vidya games. I am going to devout a certain amount of time to play World Of Warcraft, and the new things the expansion has to offer, and talk about it. Whether I play it after I do most of the content, which will be a couple of months at least on my pace, is up to debate until we get to that point. I do plan on exploring all of the content piece by piece. 

How exactly am I going to reach this goal? I've been rolling it over in my head ever since I heard about the expansion, and I wanted to plan ahead, which I try to do when I know an expansion/content drop is going to happen. I'm re-rolling servers, and starting from scratch in a sense. (God bless heirlooms). Why am I doing this you ask? When I can just get all my other 90s to level 100 first. I know this sounds odd, but I don't like feeling overwhelmed, or lost. I know that's how I am going to feel, I promise you that, so starting from scratch will help me cope with that, and the amount of time I play, I'll be hitting 90, and then the content after that sooner than you or I think, I can assure you that. I've also been known to strictly play Alliance, only playing Horde a few time, just to try it out. As a change of pace, and I think I mentioned this before, I will be rolling a Horde character, I don't know the class/race yet, but I'll tell you when I get there.

I know it's odd to feel overwhelmed and lost, but that's just how I am when something this big drops. I was like this for every expansion. (Except for WOTLK). Of course, we get all new fancy content, level increase, and overall a ton of more things to do in the already vast world. I do not think I will be disappointed in the slightest, even though I do wish they would add a new class, but hey I'm asking to much here. I encourage everyone to comb over the patch notes, like I have and really take in what Blizzard has done here. (Yes, I am praising them). My expectations for this expansion are kind of high, due to the fact that I quit WoW awhile back, coming back here and there. A lot of my friends are also re-subbing to the game in light of the expansions release. I think a lot of people are in general as well. It's new stuff right? NEW STUFF!

After work tomorrow, (Today I guess). I will be playing World Of Warcraft, on my new server, and character. I will probably edit this post on the bottom to release what server, race, class etc. Just in case anyone is on that server and wants to tag along, and make a new friend. Talking about expectations a little more, I want to say a couple things. Mist Of Panda Land really gave the game new light for me, mostly because of the monk class. I do love me some pandas, but I overall enjoyed the hell out of the Monk class. (I love Monk healing). I'm going to do my best to explore Garrisons and the things of that, but also the end-game content when I get there of course. I do hope that the game brings a similar light to what Mists did. I was very impressed with Mists, like I said it gave a new light to the game. The addiction reborn you could say. 

I will continue this series as I progress into the game, and eventually the expansion. What I might just do in the end is give a review of the expansion overall after I have covered most of what it released. Which of course will probably be awhile, and you might not see a lot of talk about this, until I get to the end-game point, of just fiddle with the content offered. Part 4, might not be awhile, but I defiantly won't give this series up. It is really going to depend on when I have enough to discuss the expansion, and things like that. I don't want to blab on how I am leveling, and what I'm doing questing. I've been through that processes more times that I would have liked, and I don't want to retell the tale to people who would also find it boring, or have gone through it as many times as I have. I can be boring at times I know, but damn that would put me to sleep talking about it.

The agenda is pretty much what I just stated, and I'm going to keep that. It'll be easier for me, and the readers to understand the expansion is the main focus, and the secondary focus in my adventure through it, not every level, every detail. One of the highlights of course, is the level increase. I know it's only ten levels, but it's ten levels of newness. (Okay, well... You get my point). Anyways, I'm going to end with a question. 

Have you purchased the Expansion? If so, do you like it so far, and what are your first impressions? I would like to hear from you all about it. Leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

Edit: The server will be Wyrmrest Accord, Horde. The server is RP, and I think it'll be a good change of pace. Thanks for reading!