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Author: Limitations

Return To Eorzea [P1]

Posted by Limitations Friday November 7 2014 at 2:39AM
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A lot of has been released since I last talked about Final Fantasy XIV, more recently was patch 2.4 "Dreams of Ice". Added a lot of content, I'm not going into detail about the specifics of the patch, although I will talk about how I am enjoying coming back to FFXIV, and playing the game again. One things to note, that patch 2.4 added the Rogue, and Ninja classes, which is really great that Square Enix has released classes in a non expansion patch. As a subscription game, it really impresses me. Also, the expansion Heavensward has been announced as well, and will be released in Spring 2015, which I am very excited about. So, what's exactly going down in FFXIV? Let's talk about.

I've praised the game multiple times on Twitter, and on here. There have been times where I did cancel my subscription to play other games, which is more of a impulse buy/play. I have been playing Final Fantasy games since I was practically born, and I did not have the funds at the time to play Final Fantasy 11, and when FFXIV came around, I had the computer, and funds to play the game. When I did talk about the game, I did have my issues, but most importantly I loved the game. Just as I do Wildstar, World of Warcraft, and other games. Is there a reason besides the patch/expansion news to come back to the game? Of course there is, and talking to you all about it makes it that much better. Currently I have three characters right now, a level 50 Paladin, a level 28 Lancer, and a level 40 Arcanist. As you can tell I mostly play the Paladin, because I love tanking in this game, and pretty quick que times. Yay for being an under played class. (Tanks). 

Of course, like every Final Fantasy has a great story line to follow, with twist and turns. A character named Wedge, Biggs, and of course Cid! I loved the story line of FFXIV, and I can't wait for more continuation of it. Enough of that though, FFXIV is pretty much a theme park MMORPG. No turn of century questing system, good late game raids/dungeons. Yet, you know since this is a theme park game, does it offer anything better than other theme park games? It's a common question a lot of people have asked, and I have asked myself over and over again. I can get the same experience in other theme park games, but Final Fantasy does everything a little better than the others. Okay, let me retract that, not everything, but most things I look for in a game, it does on an above average level. There are things I can't give a strict opinion on due to the fact I haven't touched it a lot. (Crafting). That's why I feel FFXIV is very popular. It does a lot of things extremely well. (Above average level). 

Although, I do dislike what end-game has to offer in a sense. (Gear grind). Okay, before I get hate for saying that for playing Destiny, the situation is different, because of the game play, so please don't give me crap for stating that. Now, since I have taken an extended break from the game, (At-least talking about it). The gear grind dislike isn't as bad, and since my college buddies have started playing with me, and have hit late game with me it's more of a blast. I am also with a very mature, raiding guild on my server which makes learning new raids I haven't done yet. (Coils, and extreme primals) easy and fun. I must say, the word extreme I do not take lightly. Even running with experienced players, and wiping keeps the game fun because of the challenge. I always like a challenge when it comes to end game stuff. 

Not to stray to much away from the point I was making, I found the leveling experience in the game to be very fun. I have talked about it before, but a long time ago so I am going to talk about it a little bit. Even though the game is theme park, and has the standard questing hubs and such, the story line enticed me to keep going, and when I hit 50, it felt like a huge accomplishment, maybe it was only because it was my first 50, but it's reaching max level in a game! My Arcanist hopefully will be 50 one day, I say hopefully because I am very addicted to my Paladin right now. The one downside to alts in this game, is of course even when you start with a new starting area, you have the same story line, which I have played all the Final Fantasy games multiple time, I feel like since it's an MMORPG, the story line has limited replay value. Which I hate to say, because I love Final Fantasy. Although I am talking like it seems through a lot of rose tinted glasses, and I apologize if you dislike that, but it's the first post of the series, so I want to talk about the game in good light you know?

It's running a tad late for me, like usual of course, so along with FFXIV series, Wildstar series, and Destiny. You may get a little sick of me, but I am going to space it out a little bit. For my sake, and of course your sake. I will be focusing on all of them equally, I have no idea what order I will post them in. Probably just in random order for now, until I figure something out. Until next time though! If you would like to talk about FFXIV, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!