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Author: Limitations

Wildstar Revisited [P4]

Posted by Limitations Saturday November 1 2014 at 4:04PM
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My last Wildstar post was on August 25th... A lot has happened since then. Let's talk.

Well, a lot of things have happened to Wildstar, good and bad. I kind of want to get through the bad first. We all heard the news of the restructure of NCSoft West operations, including Carbine Studios. I believe the losses were around 60? (My facts may be wrong, I apologize in advance). Has Wildstar failed though? I honestly don't know how to answer that. If I were to give my personal opinion, I don't think it has... Yet.

A lot of people will say the game failed though, and I'm not going to disagree or agree with them. I am neutral in this topic. I don't think it's a healthy subject to talk about, there is a line of hate that I never want to cross. I respect Carbine, and the employees, which is why I remain neutral. I have talked about what has happened in the past, but the restructuring has hurt. I was reading about it, and I felt a lot of pain, and misfortune for them. I want Wildstar to be a success. Who wants a game, a company to fail? Well, if you do... There a lot of words I could call you but I won't. 

Mega servers were implemented into the game, but has that fixed all the problems? Of course not, but I do find people, not in lower levels, but in higher levels there are a ton of people. (At least on the PvE server). What does the game need to do now? I mean, we got some really good pieces in the puzzle right now, but going forward what needs to be done? I will save the payment model for last, but let us talk about Drop 3. Drop 3 is the upcoming big patch, and I am looking forward to it. Along with the release, they should try to reintroduce the game to the people/media. I'd like them to really be honest with people, I always say honesty is key. "Hey look, we didn't do as good as we though, but we are fixing things, and with drop 3, a lot of cool things are being added". 

I mean I will be honest, Wildstar in a sense has disappointed me, and sure I didn't play for awhile, but it's a game I keep coming back to. Why? Well, I won't go into real detail about it, but It's just fun. Just like Destiny is. The De-sync, and the FPS optimization has improved, and I don't have a constant 10 fps. (I have mentioned this in previous posts). Everything is improving, but for a lot of people it may be a little to late, and that sucks. Wildstar can't have the FFXIV treatment, and do a complete overhaul, and come out better than ever. I don't think the time, nor the money is there. So, without that option, we have to move forward right?

There have been a lot of blows dealt to the game, and community. A lot of people have left, along with the restructure. I believe they still have some very talented people moving forward, and we will have to see what Drop 3 brings to the table. So, what about the payment model? "Josh, you've been so adamant on this game staying a sub game, has that changed?". Honestly? No. I don't like free to play games. I prefer sub games, and I have stated that in the past. Again, I am curious on what's going on inside Carbine, and what they are thinking. They may restructure and go a hyprid model. In that case I will still pay for the game, and continue to support it that way. 

If by chance they go the hyprid model as well, I hope they really think about the free to play model they go with. That will also make or break how the gaming world take it. People don't like this model, and prefer this model. (Not going to name names, for fighting sake). I will support Carbine, and Wildstar in whatever they wish to do of course. I'm not in management, so I cannot tell you what they should or should not do in a professional sense. Only on a personal level. 

The interview with Tony Rey will be posted when I have everything ready and done for it, I will of course keep you posted either here or on Twitter. If you would like to talk about Wildstar, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!