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I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Warlords Of Draenor [P4]

Posted by Limitations Saturday November 29 2014 at 2:55AM
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I’ve been thinking to myself lately, what exactly drives me to play World of Warcraft? I ask myself this more than you think trust me… It can’t be only the fact that the expansion was released, sure that plays a huge role with it. I do believe World Of Warcraft was my first MMORPG, and a lot of people attribute a first MMORPG like a first love. You just don’t forget about them. They sort of always linger in your head, behind some walls or whatever. I think that does it justice, World Of Warcraft is always lingering my head when I’m playing other games. I wouldn’t say that’s a sad or bad thing.

I stated before, and then edited my post saying I would re-roll pretty much everything. Server, faction, and classes. I’m used to playing on PvP servers, and this time I rolled on Wyrmrest Accord. A RP server. I think it’ll be a nice change of pace, along with the faction change. A little back story on this, I’m always felt like I have been a Horde player at heart, but when I first got into the game, way back in Vanilla, my IRL friends were always Alliance, and I never switched over due to that fact. Now that most of my friends are not playing anymore, it seemed to be the perfect time to switch over. For the Horde! (Alliance people, I am sorry).

Alright, back to my question, what exactly drives me to play? We got the first MMO down, and the expansion, but deep down what does really matter? Raiding? Pvp? Lore? Yes, I actually read quests and such. The shame of it all! (No, there’s no shame in that). It all sort of bundles together. I have such a love/hate relationship with the game, but that’s what is exciting about it. Rose tinted glasses were never fully on when playing the game, even back in Vanilla. I always found something to complain about… Even now, I still find things to complain about. The game isn’t perfect, and somehow… I don’t want the game to be perfect. I want it to be flawed, and I want to elaborate on that a little bit.

If the game was perfect as it was back let’s say in Vanilla, we had all that we wanted, and we didn’t need anything else. There would be no Burning Crusade, or Cataclysm, so on and so forth. With the newest expansion released, it brings that sense of, there is way more to do now. Sure, you could look at it like it’s the same old stuff, just branded new. It’s there though! For us to do! The game needs to be flawed so it can improve, and Blizzard has done a hell of a job with Draenor. Is it perfect? I’m sure it’s not, and I can’t even give you a good answer, until I have done even some of it’s content, and I assure you I will.

We’ve all read about the rocky launch, the DDoS attacks, so on and so forth. I have had que times, and I usually just played Destiny, or Hearthstone while waiting. I’m not going to sit around on the forums and complain when I can just do something else while waiting. (My queue times were usually around an hour or less). Not the worst, but certainly a wait nonetheless. I’ve been back and forth with this game ever since the release. I come and go, and each time I say it will be different, it’ll last. (Like a relationship, ha!). I do however tend to ask myself this time, will it? Mist lasted a very long time for me, and I played, and played. Other things came around, and my subscription ended, and I didn’t renew it.

Distractions, or shiny new things usually end my World Of Warcraft playing streak. First it was SWTOR, then FFXIV, then Elder Scrolls Online. All these great games came out, and then I sort of just forget about the game, and then it comes around back to World of Warcraft, funny eh? I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way about this game, or another game. Though I try to stick around in most of the games I have played, I keep coming back to WoW. It’s not really because the other games are worse, and it’s not entirely it’s better than the rest, it’s just… I don’t know how to really put it. I’ll explain to the best of my ability though.

Every expansion, except probably for Cataclysm has made the game 10x better. (We can argue about Cata later). When I took my I believe second break from the game, Mist was about to be released, and afterwards about a month after being released, I renewed, bought the expansion and went on with my life in World of Warcraft. The distractions came in, new games came out, and it withered away on my PC. Even when I am playing other games, like I said before, it always lingers in the back of my mind. I got news of Draneor, and here we are talking about it. The game constantly improves.

Improvements can be small and big things. Every time I come back I find more and more of what I like about the game, and less I dislike. I don’t know if that’s the fanboy in me talking or what. After watching multiple streams, and IRL friends play the new content I cannot wait to hit it myself, and play. If you have played the content. Do you enjoy it? I would love to know all ya’lls opinion of it. If you would like to discuss this post, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

Warlords Of Draenor [P3]

Posted by Limitations Friday November 14 2014 at 3:55AM
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It has arrived...

It's currently 3 AM here, and I just got back from vacation, a small one at that. I wasn't able to post as it launched, but now that I can, I'm going to give you a little run down on what's going on in the World Of Warcraft. I mean, let's just get it out of my system, I am super stoked for this. I know I have not talked about it much, but time really does fly this year eh? New level cap, garrisons, new models (Granted they came before the expansion), and much much more things to do! For me, every expansion is a breathe of fresh air for World Of Warcraft, whether it lasts a long time or a short time depends on how good it is. (Cataclysm people). 

I won't give a detailed run down on everything the expansion has to offer, I would literally have a wall of text, and you can just read patch notes over at the official site, what I am going to do is tell you what my plan is for the expansion and going forward. As you all know, I play a lot of games, and there is not a lot of time in the day. I sleep a lot, and when I'm not in school or working I just play vidya games. I am going to devout a certain amount of time to play World Of Warcraft, and the new things the expansion has to offer, and talk about it. Whether I play it after I do most of the content, which will be a couple of months at least on my pace, is up to debate until we get to that point. I do plan on exploring all of the content piece by piece. 

How exactly am I going to reach this goal? I've been rolling it over in my head ever since I heard about the expansion, and I wanted to plan ahead, which I try to do when I know an expansion/content drop is going to happen. I'm re-rolling servers, and starting from scratch in a sense. (God bless heirlooms). Why am I doing this you ask? When I can just get all my other 90s to level 100 first. I know this sounds odd, but I don't like feeling overwhelmed, or lost. I know that's how I am going to feel, I promise you that, so starting from scratch will help me cope with that, and the amount of time I play, I'll be hitting 90, and then the content after that sooner than you or I think, I can assure you that. I've also been known to strictly play Alliance, only playing Horde a few time, just to try it out. As a change of pace, and I think I mentioned this before, I will be rolling a Horde character, I don't know the class/race yet, but I'll tell you when I get there.

I know it's odd to feel overwhelmed and lost, but that's just how I am when something this big drops. I was like this for every expansion. (Except for WOTLK). Of course, we get all new fancy content, level increase, and overall a ton of more things to do in the already vast world. I do not think I will be disappointed in the slightest, even though I do wish they would add a new class, but hey I'm asking to much here. I encourage everyone to comb over the patch notes, like I have and really take in what Blizzard has done here. (Yes, I am praising them). My expectations for this expansion are kind of high, due to the fact that I quit WoW awhile back, coming back here and there. A lot of my friends are also re-subbing to the game in light of the expansions release. I think a lot of people are in general as well. It's new stuff right? NEW STUFF!

After work tomorrow, (Today I guess). I will be playing World Of Warcraft, on my new server, and character. I will probably edit this post on the bottom to release what server, race, class etc. Just in case anyone is on that server and wants to tag along, and make a new friend. Talking about expectations a little more, I want to say a couple things. Mist Of Panda Land really gave the game new light for me, mostly because of the monk class. I do love me some pandas, but I overall enjoyed the hell out of the Monk class. (I love Monk healing). I'm going to do my best to explore Garrisons and the things of that, but also the end-game content when I get there of course. I do hope that the game brings a similar light to what Mists did. I was very impressed with Mists, like I said it gave a new light to the game. The addiction reborn you could say. 

I will continue this series as I progress into the game, and eventually the expansion. What I might just do in the end is give a review of the expansion overall after I have covered most of what it released. Which of course will probably be awhile, and you might not see a lot of talk about this, until I get to the end-game point, of just fiddle with the content offered. Part 4, might not be awhile, but I defiantly won't give this series up. It is really going to depend on when I have enough to discuss the expansion, and things like that. I don't want to blab on how I am leveling, and what I'm doing questing. I've been through that processes more times that I would have liked, and I don't want to retell the tale to people who would also find it boring, or have gone through it as many times as I have. I can be boring at times I know, but damn that would put me to sleep talking about it.

The agenda is pretty much what I just stated, and I'm going to keep that. It'll be easier for me, and the readers to understand the expansion is the main focus, and the secondary focus in my adventure through it, not every level, every detail. One of the highlights of course, is the level increase. I know it's only ten levels, but it's ten levels of newness. (Okay, well... You get my point). Anyways, I'm going to end with a question. 

Have you purchased the Expansion? If so, do you like it so far, and what are your first impressions? I would like to hear from you all about it. Leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

Edit: The server will be Wyrmrest Accord, Horde. The server is RP, and I think it'll be a good change of pace. Thanks for reading!

Destiny [P6]

Posted by Limitations Saturday November 8 2014 at 3:48AM
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I've talked about Destiny a lot more than I originally thought I would, and I've said it before, I felt like I would not have a lot talk about since it's a grindy FPS game. Originally my plan was to play it out, and see how far I could get by writing just about how I felt about the game, content wise and such. Now that I have done like the social experiments, and talking about that, I felt like I can talk more about the game, without everything getting to blurred and boring. Spicing things up a bit, I would like to talk about the PvP aspect of the game. Now, I am a huge fan of shooters, heavily favoring Counter Strike: Source, and Gears of War series. I've spent a ton of time on both games, and have come to love death match like scenarios. How does Destiny fair though? To be completely honest, I am not to impressed with it, I have found that I play Destiny more for the PvE aspect more than anything you know? Now, just because I am not impressed with it, does not mean it's terrible in any way shape or form. 

Getting hate messages is always fun, when you are crushing people. I got that a lot during Call Of Duty, and Halo. The worst sides of me come out during shooters. I recently purchased the new Call of Duty. (Which I do like), and I turn into a huge monster. Why? Well, I don't like to think I'm better than anyone else, or have an ego. I just generally get upset when I die when I knew I should have done something different, or I second guess myself. (I thought I saw someone, didn't shoot, end up dying for it) That sort of thing. So, when I feel like I'm not playing on the tier I should be playing at, I generally just start raging out loud, and I start swearing. (In my day to day life, I rarely swear). It's not that Destiny PvP is bad, I just don't feel that rush I get from other games. I don't get a sense of accomplishment or anything for going 10-0 or something like that. I feel like I have defiantly avoided talking PvP, just because it doesn't impress me, and I hate faulting games. (Unless they truly deserve it). In most MMOs I play, I try PvP if the game allows it. I'll be completely honest with you all, I'm not the biggest PvP person in the world. Why?

Either I suck at it, and/or it just makes me angry. A loooong time ago, I used to twink pvp in World Of Warcraft, and I may get a lot of hate for saying this, but I loved it. Elder Scrolls Online PvP was amazing as well, I enjoyed that a lot as well. In general though, I tend to stray away from PvP like things. Nature of my beast, I guess you could say I'm a carebear PvE nooblet. (Please don't, my feelings). Back on subject now, sorry! I've been doing a lot of these social experiments, to keep Destiny refreshing, and I'm not the most social person IRL. I'm the guy in college who sits in the back of the class, and faints when a cute girl talks to him. Yup, that's me. I guess being in front of screen brings out the social person in me. It's not a bad thing either. Recently, I ran into some trolls. Two of them to be exact. After I died to the boss (Last one alive). They invited me to their chat and proceeded to yell at me, and I just burst out laughing, because of how serious they took it. Don't get me wrong, wiping on a boss is a waste of time, but we discussed this before right?

They proceeded to get more angry, and I just left the chat. I could have egged them on, and did said some nasty things back, but I found it more funny than anything else. I wasn't offended, I wasn't mad at them, I just found it to be hilarious. I think League of Legends has made me numb to most trolls, and such like that. I have found very few trolls on Destiny (At least for the PS4), and I have played a lot. It's not the typical I hate to say, but it's the easiest way of putting it... Call of Duty kids you know? I haven't heard someone tell me they banged my mother... I always found that one hilarious. 

In bigger Destiny news, the first DLC for the game "The Dark Below" will be released on December 9th, which I am super stoked about! Strikes, Raids, and new light equipment up to level 32 will be added. I haven't done extensive research on the DLC yet, but I will do that when more information about it is released. I also posted on Twitter today, that I would like to have this series go beyond 10+ posts, with the DLC around the corner, and I haven't even streamed Vault Of Glass, I can see that happening very easily, which I am very proud of. As promised, when I do the raid, I will be streaming it, and posting it via Twitter. I keep on forgetting to add this, but If you have a PS4, and want to game with me on Destiny, please feel free to add me PSN: Joshthenewt

If you would like to discuss Destiny, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

Return To Eorzea [P1]

Posted by Limitations Friday November 7 2014 at 2:39AM
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A lot of has been released since I last talked about Final Fantasy XIV, more recently was patch 2.4 "Dreams of Ice". Added a lot of content, I'm not going into detail about the specifics of the patch, although I will talk about how I am enjoying coming back to FFXIV, and playing the game again. One things to note, that patch 2.4 added the Rogue, and Ninja classes, which is really great that Square Enix has released classes in a non expansion patch. As a subscription game, it really impresses me. Also, the expansion Heavensward has been announced as well, and will be released in Spring 2015, which I am very excited about. So, what's exactly going down in FFXIV? Let's talk about.

I've praised the game multiple times on Twitter, and on here. There have been times where I did cancel my subscription to play other games, which is more of a impulse buy/play. I have been playing Final Fantasy games since I was practically born, and I did not have the funds at the time to play Final Fantasy 11, and when FFXIV came around, I had the computer, and funds to play the game. When I did talk about the game, I did have my issues, but most importantly I loved the game. Just as I do Wildstar, World of Warcraft, and other games. Is there a reason besides the patch/expansion news to come back to the game? Of course there is, and talking to you all about it makes it that much better. Currently I have three characters right now, a level 50 Paladin, a level 28 Lancer, and a level 40 Arcanist. As you can tell I mostly play the Paladin, because I love tanking in this game, and pretty quick que times. Yay for being an under played class. (Tanks). 

Of course, like every Final Fantasy has a great story line to follow, with twist and turns. A character named Wedge, Biggs, and of course Cid! I loved the story line of FFXIV, and I can't wait for more continuation of it. Enough of that though, FFXIV is pretty much a theme park MMORPG. No turn of century questing system, good late game raids/dungeons. Yet, you know since this is a theme park game, does it offer anything better than other theme park games? It's a common question a lot of people have asked, and I have asked myself over and over again. I can get the same experience in other theme park games, but Final Fantasy does everything a little better than the others. Okay, let me retract that, not everything, but most things I look for in a game, it does on an above average level. There are things I can't give a strict opinion on due to the fact I haven't touched it a lot. (Crafting). That's why I feel FFXIV is very popular. It does a lot of things extremely well. (Above average level). 

Although, I do dislike what end-game has to offer in a sense. (Gear grind). Okay, before I get hate for saying that for playing Destiny, the situation is different, because of the game play, so please don't give me crap for stating that. Now, since I have taken an extended break from the game, (At-least talking about it). The gear grind dislike isn't as bad, and since my college buddies have started playing with me, and have hit late game with me it's more of a blast. I am also with a very mature, raiding guild on my server which makes learning new raids I haven't done yet. (Coils, and extreme primals) easy and fun. I must say, the word extreme I do not take lightly. Even running with experienced players, and wiping keeps the game fun because of the challenge. I always like a challenge when it comes to end game stuff. 

Not to stray to much away from the point I was making, I found the leveling experience in the game to be very fun. I have talked about it before, but a long time ago so I am going to talk about it a little bit. Even though the game is theme park, and has the standard questing hubs and such, the story line enticed me to keep going, and when I hit 50, it felt like a huge accomplishment, maybe it was only because it was my first 50, but it's reaching max level in a game! My Arcanist hopefully will be 50 one day, I say hopefully because I am very addicted to my Paladin right now. The one downside to alts in this game, is of course even when you start with a new starting area, you have the same story line, which I have played all the Final Fantasy games multiple time, I feel like since it's an MMORPG, the story line has limited replay value. Which I hate to say, because I love Final Fantasy. Although I am talking like it seems through a lot of rose tinted glasses, and I apologize if you dislike that, but it's the first post of the series, so I want to talk about the game in good light you know?

It's running a tad late for me, like usual of course, so along with FFXIV series, Wildstar series, and Destiny. You may get a little sick of me, but I am going to space it out a little bit. For my sake, and of course your sake. I will be focusing on all of them equally, I have no idea what order I will post them in. Probably just in random order for now, until I figure something out. Until next time though! If you would like to talk about FFXIV, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

Wildstar Revisited [P4]

Posted by Limitations Saturday November 1 2014 at 5:04PM
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My last Wildstar post was on August 25th... A lot has happened since then. Let's talk.

Well, a lot of things have happened to Wildstar, good and bad. I kind of want to get through the bad first. We all heard the news of the restructure of NCSoft West operations, including Carbine Studios. I believe the losses were around 60? (My facts may be wrong, I apologize in advance). Has Wildstar failed though? I honestly don't know how to answer that. If I were to give my personal opinion, I don't think it has... Yet.

A lot of people will say the game failed though, and I'm not going to disagree or agree with them. I am neutral in this topic. I don't think it's a healthy subject to talk about, there is a line of hate that I never want to cross. I respect Carbine, and the employees, which is why I remain neutral. I have talked about what has happened in the past, but the restructuring has hurt. I was reading about it, and I felt a lot of pain, and misfortune for them. I want Wildstar to be a success. Who wants a game, a company to fail? Well, if you do... There a lot of words I could call you but I won't. 

Mega servers were implemented into the game, but has that fixed all the problems? Of course not, but I do find people, not in lower levels, but in higher levels there are a ton of people. (At least on the PvE server). What does the game need to do now? I mean, we got some really good pieces in the puzzle right now, but going forward what needs to be done? I will save the payment model for last, but let us talk about Drop 3. Drop 3 is the upcoming big patch, and I am looking forward to it. Along with the release, they should try to reintroduce the game to the people/media. I'd like them to really be honest with people, I always say honesty is key. "Hey look, we didn't do as good as we though, but we are fixing things, and with drop 3, a lot of cool things are being added". 

I mean I will be honest, Wildstar in a sense has disappointed me, and sure I didn't play for awhile, but it's a game I keep coming back to. Why? Well, I won't go into real detail about it, but It's just fun. Just like Destiny is. The De-sync, and the FPS optimization has improved, and I don't have a constant 10 fps. (I have mentioned this in previous posts). Everything is improving, but for a lot of people it may be a little to late, and that sucks. Wildstar can't have the FFXIV treatment, and do a complete overhaul, and come out better than ever. I don't think the time, nor the money is there. So, without that option, we have to move forward right?

There have been a lot of blows dealt to the game, and community. A lot of people have left, along with the restructure. I believe they still have some very talented people moving forward, and we will have to see what Drop 3 brings to the table. So, what about the payment model? "Josh, you've been so adamant on this game staying a sub game, has that changed?". Honestly? No. I don't like free to play games. I prefer sub games, and I have stated that in the past. Again, I am curious on what's going on inside Carbine, and what they are thinking. They may restructure and go a hyprid model. In that case I will still pay for the game, and continue to support it that way. 

If by chance they go the hyprid model as well, I hope they really think about the free to play model they go with. That will also make or break how the gaming world take it. People don't like this model, and prefer this model. (Not going to name names, for fighting sake). I will support Carbine, and Wildstar in whatever they wish to do of course. I'm not in management, so I cannot tell you what they should or should not do in a professional sense. Only on a personal level. 

The interview with Tony Rey will be posted when I have everything ready and done for it, I will of course keep you posted either here or on Twitter. If you would like to talk about Wildstar, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!