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Author: Limitations

Blog #65 Returning To Neverwinter, Part I

Posted by Limitations Wednesday November 27 2013 at 5:21PM
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Ah, well... Here we are again. I've been doing a lot of "Returning". It's become a thing with me, that needs to stop. Actually, this time it turned into a very good thing. I posted in the past about Neverwinter when it first went into Open Beta, and I gave good praise to it as well. It was riddled with bugs, and exploits, and it sort of died off. So I was looking back at it, and then I saw an announcement of Module 2, and I said to myself "Hey, let's check back on it". After a quick download and install, I re-rolled a character, and started playing, and then about 8 hours passed by. (Not an exaggeration either). My body finally gave out, and I went to bed. It seems the bugs and exploits are gone, the gold spammers are still a problem, but in any popular free to play game, you will have that. (Runes of Magic anyone?). Ignore function is your friend here. I found the community on my server to be very lulzy, and extremely... Odd? Anywhere from MLP, to Obama, to how to bake food in zone chat in the main town. How does that happen? Who knows, but it's very enjoyable to read. As for it being a free to play game, there are many ways for you to spend money. I think people think to much of it as a "Pay to win" game. I don't see it as that. The prices are very high I agree, that's how I think PWE does it, but hey... They make their money and I enjoy their games, end of story. Now there is somethings that are a little interesting to the Cash Shop, you can buy special companions. I don't think it's game breaking at all. I'v'e read what most of them do, and frankly... I think they are really cool, and eventually I might buy one, but it's in no way game breaking, or balance breaking. I think a lot of it is just "Here let's help you along". I must say, the outfits and dye are pretty fancy. As I said before, nothing game breaking, but some are very expensive, and that's okay with me. If you don't have the money, well you can play the whole game without a dime, and even get the items you need along the way. You DONT need to spend money to be decent at the game. 

Enough of that rant, the game play is still really fun, and the combat makes it great. It's fluid, and it's challenging. They have made a lot of good fixes to the game. The dungeon finder is a whole lot better, (Thank the lord almighty). I haven't had one single problem getting into a dungeon as of yet. Also having a companion is not bad either. It may encourage solo play, but hey... Free heals? I'm not going to complain. I know people have really strong opinions on this game, and when you are reading this you might just be like "Fanboi, shut up". Yeah, i'm a fan of the game, and I am giving you the pros of it, but I'm not going to sit here and say there isn't cons in the game. There is, a few of them actually. Crafting is very easy in the game, but it's takes forever. You can always boost the time with Astral Diamonds, but some take anywhere from 5 minutes, up to 8 hours, depending on the rewards you get. Do I like that? No, I don't, but I can log off, and get it done, or whatever. It could be a lot better, and not so pricey to make it go by quicker, but you know... I'm not going to complain to much. It's the same thing when Companions level up, you send them off to get training, and you can speed up the time, with of course, Astral Diamonds, or you can wait. When this happens, I just switch to a different companion, until my main one is down. Simple, not a big deal, but could be better.

There a lot of ways to make easy Astral Diamonds in the game. A lot of em, you can just do freely. You can get a daily quest, for dungeon. Que up for a dungeon, complete it, bam 3,000 Astral diamonds. Same with PvP, skirmishes, and others I believe. Not that bad eh? Still you can get them easily, even through crafting, but as I said... Could be a better implemented system, or just cheaper in general. You know how it is? It really doesn't bother me to much, I will find myself spending money on maybe a companion, or cosmetics. Hey, I wanna look fancy to you know? All in all though, I am really enjoying my time back so far. (More than LOTRO). December 5th, brings the second Module, and adds an additional class to it. I'm super exited for that. New classes and content is always nice. Cryptic seems really into developing this game more and more, and I hope it keeps that way. I might get a lot of hate or dislike for writing about this game, because people have such strong opinions, but alas... That is up to you. I would check it out again when Module 2 gets released if you played it in the past. Cheers!