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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #65 Returning To Neverwinter, Part I

Posted by Limitations Wednesday November 27 2013 at 4:21PM
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Ah, well... Here we are again. I've been doing a lot of "Returning". It's become a thing with me, that needs to stop. Actually, this time it turned into a very good thing. I posted in the past about Neverwinter when it first went into Open Beta, and I gave good praise to it as well. It was riddled with bugs, and exploits, and it sort of died off. So I was looking back at it, and then I saw an announcement of Module 2, and I said to myself "Hey, let's check back on it". After a quick download and install, I re-rolled a character, and started playing, and then about 8 hours passed by. (Not an exaggeration either). My body finally gave out, and I went to bed. It seems the bugs and exploits are gone, the gold spammers are still a problem, but in any popular free to play game, you will have that. (Runes of Magic anyone?). Ignore function is your friend here. I found the community on my server to be very lulzy, and extremely... Odd? Anywhere from MLP, to Obama, to how to bake food in zone chat in the main town. How does that happen? Who knows, but it's very enjoyable to read. As for it being a free to play game, there are many ways for you to spend money. I think people think to much of it as a "Pay to win" game. I don't see it as that. The prices are very high I agree, that's how I think PWE does it, but hey... They make their money and I enjoy their games, end of story. Now there is somethings that are a little interesting to the Cash Shop, you can buy special companions. I don't think it's game breaking at all. I'v'e read what most of them do, and frankly... I think they are really cool, and eventually I might buy one, but it's in no way game breaking, or balance breaking. I think a lot of it is just "Here let's help you along". I must say, the outfits and dye are pretty fancy. As I said before, nothing game breaking, but some are very expensive, and that's okay with me. If you don't have the money, well you can play the whole game without a dime, and even get the items you need along the way. You DONT need to spend money to be decent at the game. 

Enough of that rant, the game play is still really fun, and the combat makes it great. It's fluid, and it's challenging. They have made a lot of good fixes to the game. The dungeon finder is a whole lot better, (Thank the lord almighty). I haven't had one single problem getting into a dungeon as of yet. Also having a companion is not bad either. It may encourage solo play, but hey... Free heals? I'm not going to complain. I know people have really strong opinions on this game, and when you are reading this you might just be like "Fanboi, shut up". Yeah, i'm a fan of the game, and I am giving you the pros of it, but I'm not going to sit here and say there isn't cons in the game. There is, a few of them actually. Crafting is very easy in the game, but it's takes forever. You can always boost the time with Astral Diamonds, but some take anywhere from 5 minutes, up to 8 hours, depending on the rewards you get. Do I like that? No, I don't, but I can log off, and get it done, or whatever. It could be a lot better, and not so pricey to make it go by quicker, but you know... I'm not going to complain to much. It's the same thing when Companions level up, you send them off to get training, and you can speed up the time, with of course, Astral Diamonds, or you can wait. When this happens, I just switch to a different companion, until my main one is down. Simple, not a big deal, but could be better.

There a lot of ways to make easy Astral Diamonds in the game. A lot of em, you can just do freely. You can get a daily quest, for dungeon. Que up for a dungeon, complete it, bam 3,000 Astral diamonds. Same with PvP, skirmishes, and others I believe. Not that bad eh? Still you can get them easily, even through crafting, but as I said... Could be a better implemented system, or just cheaper in general. You know how it is? It really doesn't bother me to much, I will find myself spending money on maybe a companion, or cosmetics. Hey, I wanna look fancy to you know? All in all though, I am really enjoying my time back so far. (More than LOTRO). December 5th, brings the second Module, and adds an additional class to it. I'm super exited for that. New classes and content is always nice. Cryptic seems really into developing this game more and more, and I hope it keeps that way. I might get a lot of hate or dislike for writing about this game, because people have such strong opinions, but alas... That is up to you. I would check it out again when Module 2 gets released if you played it in the past. Cheers!

Blog #64 Returning To Middle-Earth

Posted by Limitations Wednesday November 20 2013 at 7:38PM
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Holy moly. What a week it's been for me. Since my sleep pattern has been messed up for the billionth time, i've been doing a lot of late night gaming, which means... Switching back and forth between games. Been playing Skyrim while deciding what MMO I should play. I hate having a lot of options, and the new MMORPGs coming out, aren't here right now, so I can't play them. /sadface I don't like change...

I heard the new Expansion launched for LOTRO, and as you know, I have played that game for years in the past, and quit because of other games. (I blame my friends). The problem here is, I am going to be re-rolling a new character, and possibly a new server, and my account is not going to be a sub. I have unlocked all the quest packs, and the only expansion I do not have is Rohan, and Helm's Deep. What does that mean? I PLAN on playing the game until I get to the content that I need to purchase. I'm not one to do every deed, or everything that will get me Turbine Points, I will spend money on the expansion if it merits it. If I feel like it will do me some good gameplay wise. Helm's deep has already gotten some really good reviews, and I am stoked because of that. Like I said, if it merits it, I will purchase it. Alas, I have every quest pack, and there we go, I'm on my way to the expansions. If I can get there. There has been a LOT of changes since I last played... Back when Moria launched? So yeah, that's been a long time. Am I super excited? I am in a way, because of how much time I put into the game last time I played, and how much I enjoyed the adventure. The game is vast and deep as the story Tolkien wrote. I love the story of LOTR, I have all the books, and I've watched the movies like a billion times over. I will delve into the story line just like I did last time. I don't remember much of what I played to be honest. I remember some classes, and quests, but nothing that amounted to anything that I can remember. I can remember the adventure, and the exploring, which was really important to me.

I'm also glad the game is on Steam. Basically all of my friends use steam and are always on there. Chit chatting while playing is always a plus for me. I'm installing the game again, and I assume it will be a long process, so that's why I'm writing while I can, because i'm waiting. As for the Secret World, I will probably not post my review on the game, because of the little time I put in it. I didn't appeal to me like I thought it would. So, sorry about that. I don't really make promises about what I can write on here anymore, because of how my gaming habits have changed, and what I want in an MMO. I can say with 99% that I will be posting one or two more posts on LOTRO, and we will go from there. LOTRO is really easy to write about, because it's so deep. You are always doing something, while doing something else. I remember spending an hour not even questing, just going around and seeing the beautiful game. I hope the community is still the same, and very helpful. I am going to be a little hopeful that the game has changed for the greater. We will defiantly see what is going to happen, and i'm excited, and hopefully I won't be disappointed. 

The return to Middle-Earth will start soon. With my recent sleep schedule, I will probably be playing into the late night. I am going to give at least two days, until my next post. Unless I have some solid SOLID stuff to write about earlier. I'll give some time to attach myself a little bit, and get a feel again of the game. We will defiantly see what happens. Stay tuned for part II. Like I said though, I am re-rolling probably everything, so it's defiantly scary. Cheers

Blog #63 May The Force Be With Us, Always. Part V

Posted by Limitations Monday November 4 2013 at 2:08PM
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At long last, we meet again. We will read more into this game, as my fun, and now struggles begin. I finished Alderaan, and did some side quests, before going on to the next chapter in the game. I've begun to run into some problems, but not so many. Though the game has given me great fun, and long lasting fun, I feel like the time is almost coming to an end! Sadly, I think it's true. This will be the final post of this adventure, and I will continue to another game, which I will mention at the end of this post. This game has a lot of fun in it, there is no doubt about that, but as I dig deeper into the game, I've realized I'm missing something here. The characters, the story line, the companions, all great things, and space quests. Amazing features. That are a lot of fun as well. As I got down to the nitty gritty of it all, as much as I praised the game, there is defiantly a hole there, that cannot be filled. I know, if you are reading this and saying "Oh my god, you didn't hit end game" It's true, and it saddens me that I couldn't, but it's become more and more clear to me that there is something missing from the game. I don't think I could continue with a game that got bland around level 40. The quests seem to go on for a little to long. The story got a little old, within the chapters, as far as "Oh, this sith has gotten away again!" Yeah, I get that, even in the books they do that, but when they drag it along for a long time... Things seem to lose perspective, and lose the edge of fun that it had! 

"Boo hoo, you praised the game so highly" Yeah, I did because it has such excellent features, and deserved the praise I gave it, it still does. Though, I cannot give any further detail on the game, and my adventure's because it's stopped. I canceled my sub. Sure, I could continue as a free player, but eh... Why would I play a game in which I just un-subbed to? Doesn't make sense to me, but hey, that's just me! I have the money, it's not about that, it's just, why you know? So anyways, I don't think praising the game like I did was wrong, it's how I felt at the time, so I expressed my true feelings about it. I just made it sound like I was in some deep relationship with TOR, Lol. Anyways, but yeah, in my current state, I just un-subbed, and just thought about it for awhile. I think it is still worth the money, but the time I invested in the game, and the more time I could, I felt like... It wouldn't be worth it you know? I would still recommend this game to other people, because it is good, but it just got... Dull, harsh word but it's true. Down the line I may try the game again, but as for now, I'm going to focus on another game. I will defiantly be posting about it on here as well, because well... Some people read my stuff, right? RIGHT?

Let's continue then, If I were to give this game a rating, I would give it a solid 8.5/10 I don't ever give a game a perfect score, butt this is a really solid game, and has some good points. I love a good star wars game, especially in a MMO form, but alas, the dullness kicked in, and it was to strong for me to handle. That's okay though, I didn't expect it, but it happened, and we move on. I'm not going back to World Of Warcraft, because no one wants to read something that is really mainstream now a days, well sort of has always been that. I'm not going to take a break from MMO's for awhile, I would go insane from boredom. It sucks really, that I can't find the fun in this game anymore. "Oh, but you said it was SOOO much fun" You are correct, but after playing it like I did, some things just never work out. Maybe I played it to much and burned out of it? Maybe, I expected to much later in the game? Who knows!? I'm going to miss my guild, and the community in general, but life goes on, and when it goes in a different direction, sometimes you have to follow it, even in gaming. I make it seem like it's a huge life changing decision but you know... Add a little drama to everything more people will like it. Least... that's what they told me.

So, that will be that for this adventure. Five blog posts out of it, and I think it was a fun adventure while it lasted. As I said in the beginning I will be playing another MMO and posting about it as well. I surely will, after 63 blog posts, I don''t think I will quit anytime soon! It's to much fun to write for you all. Maybe one day, I will be up there in the highlighted blogs! It'll be the red carpet for me. I'll be one of the cool kids, and people will know me as "The guy who always wanted to be highlighted" Attention whore I am.. Anyways, I am pleased to say I will be turning my attention to The Secret World. I bought it awhile back, and now i'm going to touch it, for the very first time! Hawt right? I'm going to TRY, to keep it a daily posting, I'm a lazy bum when it comes to writing. Even copy and paste hurts my fingers. I'm that lazy. I hope to bring TSW a little more attention on this site, and bring some people to play with me. I'm always looking forward to playing with readers. I've been able to in the past and you guys/gals are a lot of fun to be around. I'm shocked people actually wanted to play with me, and shot me some PM's. Hooray, some people like me! I still have to come up with a name for the adventures, that's the part that takes me the longest. 

I'm still working on the live stream, and I hope it will be up soon. I want to have decent quality, because I stream, so people don't get grossed out when they tune in. Until the next post, it will be about The Secret World. Cheers!