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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #18 Chivalry Is So Old School Kid

Posted by Limitations Monday November 30 2009 at 4:16PM
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I've been talking a lot about helping people in mmorpgs. Random people, guildies, party members, and even real life friends. A lot of people say, people ask dumb questions. Rather it be, where is the npc at, or how do i learn this skill. A lot of people think the game is self explanatory. I don't think so in a lot of ways. Every game has flaws. Every person has flaws. We are not perfect, nor is the game. We cope with our imperfections, and try to cope with the game's imperfections as well. Personally, i have a reading learning disability. When a quest comes up, i cannot focus on the paragraphs presented. I take key words, and try to figure out what to do. It's how i am, i can't help it. Don't shoot me over it. What am i do too? Of course, ask for directions/help. Like i have said before, i like support channels, or groups. Of course, when your in a guild, it is a lot easier to ask for help, because you are all one big happy family. I like smaller guilds to be honest. One thing i do hate, when people ask questions. *Gasp* I hate something, i know right? I'm not pointing to any age group, or immaturity, just in general. I hate these kind of questions. "So, like, were in this npc yo, i cantz find it. I am a n00b helpzz me d00d" Or... "Free goldz plox, i need gold plox". Spamming gets on my nerves. Unless your trying to sell something, then it's fine. Spamming frustrates a lot of us, i find even when i have all-chat on, and there is spammin going around, it is hard to focus on the conversation at hand. Of course, there is always a ignore button. I hate using that though, unless it's gold spammers. Then i just love putting that ignore hammer to use. Actual people i find it hard to ignore. I feel hatred when i do it, even when the people don't even know i've ignored them. Why do we act differently in mmorpgs, than in real life. It could be, e-thuggish, or a gentlemen. I think it's because we try to play our character, as if we could in real life. I play my characters semi-seriously. I don't roleplay, but my intentions are pure. What i mean by that is, I like to play the nice guy, the helpful guy. When people piss me off, you will see my angry side. Not often do people piss me off, i am pretty well tempered. Some people just push my buttons often. We all have buttons, we all have button pushers. It's all in our course of action, how we deal with those types of people. I deal with them fairly good. Depending on the subject, whether it be, politics, religion, music, whatever.

I have had the most serious conversations, and the most random conversations. I like the random ones to be honest. Chilling out, and letting go really puts me at ease when i am grinding. We could be cracking jokes, one after another. Laughing till we are tears. It makes the whole game so much better. When i'm grinding, i usually listen to music, or watch comedy central, or something funny off youtube. Ease my stress. When i'm grinding, i love to listen to screamo/hardcore music. When i'm doing various other things, i watch comedic stuff. People in my previous guilds have said i am a clown. I so am a clown. Though, i do have a very, very serious side too me. I bring it out when needed. Mostly i am a clown thought. I say some of the most random things, and it makes people laugh and smile. It brings joy to my face when i am able to do that. I have met a lot of people like that, and a combination of me, and someone like me... Your bound to laugh your ass off. I promise you that. I would love to game with every gamer known to man. I love meeting fellow gamers, and making new friends. Some people are loners, some people are groupers. Whatever you are, just play your style, and don't let anyone bring you down because of it. My friend and I have had some many discussions, on grouping vs soloing. I do pretty much both of them. Which is difficult to explain. I like soloing, because i always need my space. I love grouping, to meet fellow gamers. Which do i like the most? I can't really say, it's pretty dead even to be honest. They both have there ups and downs. Pros and Cons.

I've stated in this post, that we have imperfections, so does the game. I find that 100% true. We just have to work around them, to make the best gaming experience possible. I hope we all find those imperfections, and fix them for ourselves. So we are people, can make those friends, find that joy, and feel in sync with our games.


Blog #17 Empathy, Harmonizing The World

Posted by Limitations Wednesday November 25 2009 at 6:01PM
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My last post, i talked about the good and the bad people in mmorpgs. This is very personal for me, since i have been flamed, harassed, made fun of, however you want to put it, it has happened too me. When it first happened too me, i was shocked and very hurt by what those people said. I remember asking a certain question, it  was about a quest, and i got flamed for asking in the chat. It was a very simple question, the person could have saved a lot of time, just giving me the small answer. I soon figured out by myself where that npc is, and felt very betrayed by my fellow players that is was that simple to find, and they could have just told me. Now, thinking back, i looked at his perspective, and you know it is newbie island, it's pretty explanatory. It was my first mmorpg ever, it was all brand new too me. Even though it was pretty easy to figure out, i thought time would fly by faster if i asked. When this happens to other people, i find out that the players, like me... Feel betrayed. Players are meant to help other players. It's natural, for people to ask questions. If you don't know the answer in school, you ask for it too be explained right? Does that apply for mmorpgs? If you don't understand the text of the quest, if it doesn't explain it well, you want to find out how to complete it... So you ask right? I think about, 45% of the time, i get a jerk response. "Just google it" "Stop asking dumb questions" My all time favorite is "Stfu noob". I don't give them the time with my response, i brush it off, and continue asking, and hope that someone answers my small question. Generally, once i figure it out, and another player asked what i asked. Of course i'm going to help them, so i know exactly what to do. If players have done that quest, multiple times, and know it like the back of their hands, don't you think they would be willing to help? You can say i am complaining, but am i really? You have all experienced this. No matter, how old, or how young. This is probably happened to you, and if it hasn't it will. It's the sad truth. A

A lot of games have tutorials now, or a island called "Newbie Island, or Beginners Island". I like that idea. Most of them are very detailed, and really explain the game well. If done correctly, it will help new players immensly, and help them understand what this game is all about, and how it will be. Think back, to when you were a newbie, was it hard? Was it difficult to learn? Were you a fast learner? Whatever the case is, we were all newbies. We all had to learn. My first few mmorpgs didn't have those tutorials. You make your character, and you in the game. Hopefully the mini map, will have the first npc highlighted and ready to go. Well, if it didn't, you are left searching and sometimes wasting time, finding that first quest. Most new mmorpgs have newbie helps, and other things like that. Times have changed dramatically. Some people are hardcore players, some are casual. I don't know about this, but it is my personal opinion. Hardcore gamers, don't give a lot of answers. I find the casual players more helpful, and less stressful. Hardcore gamers, are really into the game, but in a totally different way. I respect hardcore players. I also respect the casual players. Depending on the game, i am either casual, or hardcore. I haven't been hardcore in awhile, hopefully i will find a game that will hook me in. Will mmorpgs communities ever be perfect? No way. There will always be some flamer, or some hater. It's life, for some people, they just plain love it. It can always get better and better though. I don't know how many people actually read this blog, for the people that do. You can always make the community better. You may say... "I'm just one person" One person can make all the different in that newbies experience. For better or for worse. I hope you are nice in the games you play, and that you are very helpful. If you are... I respect you, and i wish i could shake your hand. We need more people like you.

Answering questions, is probably the smallest thing you could, but will have the most impact. First impressions will last forever. I know most people don't go to players and go "Do you need any help?" Some people will find that awkward, some people will find that very helpful. I hope too see that more often. It would be an amazing thing, if one game, would have a very good community. Most games do, don't get me wrong. Mmorpgs are getting better. In one way or another. I don't want to say i have hope for the future. I don't want to get my hopes up, and be let down again. If you do have hope, good for you. If you don't i'm with you on that. Just remember, if you are nice to newbies, you could have made their day. You can also ruin the game for them, and other peopl around you. Think before you speak, and make sure you are nice.

Thanks for reading this blog! Cheers!!

Blog #16 Xenophobia, Welcome To The World

Posted by Limitations Tuesday November 24 2009 at 10:40AM
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Are we afraid when we play an online game? Meeting new people, finding new friends, guilds, whatever it is. Are we afraid? When i first started playing mmorpgs i would be afraid of talking to people, because one, i didn't know where the people were from, how old they were, or how they would react. It scared me half to death, to be honest. I know there are some people who have that exact problem. It's very hard to overcome. It took me a couple of years to overcome this fear, and sometimes i find myself still afraid. Mainly in my FPS though, because we all know the FPS crowd is a little worse than most. Haha. I am generally a nice person in mmorpgs. I love helping people, partying, and things like that. I used to solo most of the games i play, because i was too afraid of asking for help. Some games have "Zone", or "World" chats. I like the idea of mutiple chat rooms. It is a brilliant idea. Though, i find sometimes it is a pain in the butt. There is always flamers out there, finding prey with noobies. It disgusts me, when newbies ask a question, and receive a cocky answer. You know the answer, why not stop wasting your time, and his/her time and just answer the question? It makes things so much easier. That doesn't happen all the time, but most of the times i have seen that, the newbies get trashed, and made fun of. It puts the player down, and the game too. I'm not saying one player can ruin the game completely, but for that one person, who could have ruined it. First impressions last forever. I respect everyone who do help that newbie out. I applaud them in the highest respect. We were all newbies once, and i think sometimes we find ourselves acting noobish at times. I know i do, just for the giggles. I think, for me... When i get that kind of cocky response, i feel kinda low, because is this how the community is? There are always good people in games. You just have to keep looking, but i know that is hard too do. You don't want to be shot down again. Nobody does. I like the idea of Support Channels. Most of the people who join that type of channel usually get a mature response. I like games that support that function.

Of course, when you enter an mmorpg your expected too interact with strangers, and people you have no clue about. That is part of the game itself. Sometimes, i find mmorpgs as a social experiment. All ages play, some young as ten, and old as fifty. Haha. It's true though, i know ten year olds that play world of warcraft. He is actually a mature player, even though he has a squeeky voice. (I hope he doesn't read that, haha). I try to bring an emotion input on playing games. When you begin, it's like being born again. You have no idea, what the world is like, and what it has to offer. Your meeting new people, over again. Making friends. I have met some of my best friends in mmorpgs. Most of them live in my state too. So, that is a bonus. I think we all have met really great people in games. Making good friends, and sometimes like me, best friends. I find the hardest part, is the initial contact. Asking simple questions, like... Where is this npc, or... Wanna party? I hated asking the question, it's like asking a girl on a date. Haha, well... Maybe not that bad, but for some people it is. I find for every bad apple, there are two apples that are good. Of course, you will have the jerks and losers who make fun of newbies, and don't help at all. There are the people that do help, and are actually nice. You just have to look past those jerks, and find that light in people. My last post, talked about my friends suicide. Tragic, wasn't it? It's true, he got attacked by jerks, and that was the result. You need tough skin sometimes to play games. When i play my FPS, i get yelled at constantly, called some of the nastiest words i have ever heard. I rub it off, because it's how they act in those types of games. Of course, sometimes it does hurt, because after all, it may be just a game, but some people they take it very seriously, i have no problem with that. It's their lives, i have no say in that matter.

Xenophobia: A phobic attitude toward strangers or of the unknown. The term is typically used to describe fear or dislike of foreigners or in general of people different from one's self. Meeting strangers, is so hard for some people. I know it was for me. If you are afraid, you can overcome it. Welcome yourself to the world. Make some friends, sometimes you will get shut down, but there are some good people out there, i know that for fact, in every game. No matter, what it is, Anime, Cute, Hardcore, 2-D, 3-D. Whatever. I used to fear it so much. I won't say i have grown out of it, i just have beat it. I know everyone can that has this fear. Dig deep in yourself, you will find some hope in people!

Hope you have enjoyed this read! Cheers!

Blog #15 I Pound The Walls, I Shake The Cage

Posted by Limitations Wednesday November 18 2009 at 8:00PM
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I love passionate gamers, of all sorts. I have been called a nerd, or a dork, or even geek countless times for playing online games, and PnP Games. Sometimes it really gets on my nerves, depending on how the person says it. Usually, it is in a joking matter. Whenever i am called those names, it opens a whole new oppurtunity for me, to talk about why i play them. I love when passionate players discuss the game they are currently playing. In a civil manner anyway. I have stated a lot, that i used to be a huge flamer. I couldn't discuss mmorpg's for the life of me. My thought process would be... "No, my game is better, too bad, so sad". Learning from that, i let people discuss what their game has too offer, and maybe even playing it before i even begin talking about it. Hyping, is well... Over-rated for my taste. I like when developers release screenshots, it is just what happens afterwards that really bugs me. Players who dislike the game, will be like "Looks pretty, but i am sure it will be the suck". That really makes me mad. Your going on that, off just a few screenies? You haven't played the game yet, so it's not really your call, yet they are entitled to their own opinion. It's our choice to argue them, or just leave it alone for the time being. I am perfectly fine interacting or dicussing the game with a player, who has atleast played the game for a couple of weeks. I do not like to discuss the game, with players who have played the game for a couple of days, or even hours. It's a big waste of my time, i'm being kind of critical, but it's the truth.

Can mmorpgs be overdone in a way? Of course they can. Now, this subject is a little touchy for me, i had a friend commit suicide over an online game. It is a sad story to say the least. He was a very cool kid, and a wise one at that. He just took a game too seriously. Now, he didn't commit suicide over being ganked to much, or loss of a level. He killed himself because of how the community treated him. If your laughing, you are heart-less my friend. Here is his story, i have told this a couple of times to be honest. His family, and friends are okay with this. He was playing his game, adventuring and doing his usual grinding and questing. A un-named person appeared, wishing to party with him. He accepted because they were doing the same quests. Everyone was doing fine, and just swell until they had to go into town. This un-named person friend came online, and asked kevin(My friend), if they could go into town to meet up with him. He said sure, because he had time to spare. Ten minutes went by, and kevin accidently intercepted a message, a whisper from this un-named player stating "Dude, this kid sucks balls, he can't kill crap(Didnt' say that word), and he is just worthless!" Note: Yes, you may say thats just kids being e-thugs, or whatever. This matter is actually serious. Kevin, didn't say anything back, because he was saddened already, he just let it slide. They went back to questing, with a new player on-board. Little did kevin know, these two were making fun of him behind his back. Sad isn't it? After they completed their missions, they went back to the town, turned them in, and had gotten their rewards. Kevin, said thank you for the help, and i will be off. They said "Wait, we want to tell you something... You suck at this game, for this level your crappy, you don't even have good equipment, we had to do all the work". I don't know if they were joking, or actually being serious. Kevin was a very emotional kid, he took everything to heart. Insults, praise, whatever it may be. This really effected him, because his game was his getaway. Kevin signed off, and soon after commited suicide. (There is much more to the story, but it would be took long, i gave you some of it).

Why did i tell you this story? One, it is a very sad, but true story. You can call it whatever you want, cyber bullying, e-thugs,haters, whatever. This happened to a young teenager, it could happen to anyone one of us. Whether you are playing a pay-to-play mmorpg, or a free-to-play mmorpg. Their will be little kids, and emotional teenagers. This could happen to anyone of us. Some are weak, and some are very strong. You are always talking to a real person, with real emotions. Be careful what you say, unless you know the person whom your thrashing. I know i am just some random blogger, but i speak of a serious matter. Take this to heart, be nice, be helpful, and be thankful. A lot will come out of it, you will see.

Thanks for reading this story, i wish Kevin's parents the greatest love, and life. R.I.P

Blog #14 My Black Dahlia

Posted by Limitations Thursday November 12 2009 at 5:26PM
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I find it very hard to approach an mmorpg. After years of playing, and seeing every genre, every type of game-play out there, and knowing what i like, and dislike. It's kind of dorky, but my friend sees it as approaching a girl. What to say, what to do, how to do it, how not to screw up, how to make it work. I laughed, when he said that. After careful thinking, it is sort of like that. Though, you just shift and change some things. I've played dozen's of mmorpgs. I've been in love, and i've hated some games. I'm not going to list the games, for flames sake. My usual pattern is very bizzare. I go from, disliking, to liking, to liking a lot, and usually i don't get to the love part, because most of the time... I won't lie, i do give up. Games, take away stress, and give stress. Confused? So, was i. Haha. What i mean by that is this... We play games for the sake of the fun, and excitement it may bring. It doesn't matter what shape or form, this entertainment comes from, as long as we get to that point, where it is a ton of fun, and at an enjoyable state. My personal opinion, once that fun hits a high peak, it becomes stressful to suceed past that peak. Gaining the highest level, or reputation, and going on from there. I think it gets stressful, from a little bit, to a lot. I think it's for me, it's gaining level. The first exciting levels for me, are usually... 10-30. Beyond that, it does get a little old, and very stressful, depending on the level curve, and the quest system that have. We all know, we gain most of our experience from quests, unless you do some major grinding against monsters, than i am mistaken. I am being very bland here, i think i need to explain more, and give some honest opinions on this matter.

All games are different in some fashion. Cloning is just a part of it. We all know, games are clones, of clones, of other clones. I believe it's endless. Whether it be combat, quests, animations, spells, npcs, who knows? They are some-what different from the current big hit. Right now, i honestly don't care for the big hits out there. I care about the games i play, and if a game sparks inside my head, i may give some attention to it. It's kind of hard, to find a curving mmorpg. Where there is a endless curve to it, and doesn't peak at a certain point. Is it out there? My experience, i haven't found anything like that as of yet. Every stresser, has a peak, where your so used to it, it doesn't even matter anymore. I honestly, wish i could find a peakless game. There is no way to eliminate grind, but there is a way to curve it in our favor. Along with some other features. I don't think anyone will every do that, i do hope they will though. I'm not going into detail, on how they could curve the experience for us because that would take some major time, and explaining. I might in my next post, who knows? Besides the developer's helping us, i think other players help us more than the developers. Developer's dish out the content, players actually use it. Of course, we can ask developer's how everything works, i would rather have a player's point of view, rather the developers. Of course, we all play the game, the players are dedicated, play it night and day. Some people, study the game. I find those type of people, very helpful, and very bizzare. Haha. I study my games, so i just called myself bizzare, but i think we all knew that statement is true.

Players perspectives, help developers, and mainly other players, new and old. The mature people, help us choose what to do, why i should play/join. There is two big groups, when it comes to players, current and old. The flamers, and fanbois. I'm not going to go deep into this subject, because it is touchy, and i hate it with a passion. Actually, you know what? Let's cut out fanbois, let's put passionate players. Both players are diverse. You have the intelligent flamers, who know what they are talking about, and the relentless flamers, who flame to piss people off. You have the passionate players, who know what they are saying and know the game very well, and then you have the players who just blurt out what they like, and give no real detail to why they like it. I personally, depending on the game, and situation will post on a flamer/passionate player's subject. I love a heated intelligent discussion, and i hate the flame posts, who have no real meaning to them. It's a strong annoyance to me. No matter what, each group helps us choose if we should play the game or not. Whether it to prove a flamer wrong, or see what a passionate player is talking about, and if there is any truth to what he/she said. I like doing both in a way. I like proving flamers wrong, and proving passionate players right, and see if they are actually telling the truth, and if this game is trully remarkable. It's a very fun adventure for me, i enjoy it a lot, even though i haven't done it a long while. Haha.

Well, i'm a bit tired. I'm gonna cut it right here. I hope you have enjoyed this read. Cheers!

Blog #13 Defeatism, The Great Mistress

Posted by Limitations Wednesday November 4 2009 at 11:25AM
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I've seen myself in countless moments of defeat. Whether, i defeat the game, or the game defeats me. I'm going to focus on how the game defeats us. In all possible ways. I hope i cover them all equally and just.

I think most of the gamers today has a problem with grind. That is one of the common ways, the game beats us. Grinding is rarely impossible to defeat, there are just ways to cope with it the best way you can. I've stated a lot, how i cope with the grind factor. I just pace myself, and play different games. It is very different with everyone else. Some people have very high tolerance, and can go for hours and hours of just pure grinding. Personally, i really don't see how thats possible, i would have shot myself in the head by then, or at least tore off my right arm. Some people have a very low tolerance, who can barely take an hour or two of grinding, and they move on too crafting, or something different the game has to offer. Then there is the people who have a normal tolerance, as i like to call it. Grinding sucks, i will say that. Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining. It's part of every game. To level-up you must kill, and do quests. It's natural. People who have played for years know this by now, and just go with the flow. I've been playing for five years now, it's still hard for me to pass the grind. Maybe, because i started young? Who knows, i've just learned, it makes it a ton worse when you cry about the grind. So, i've learned to set a goal. I'll grind to this level, do this many quests. Break. Repeat. Depending how involved you are in your game, it depends. Some people feed off their games, some people are casual gamers.

Graphics is also a huge one too, i've seen lately. I've seen a lot of people complain on how the graphics are so "2005". Expressing my opinion will be hard on this matter. Graphics are the lowest of the low when it comes to my game list. So, i went around asking my friends why graphics matter so much. Some said, they wanted to see a lot of special effects when it comes to skills and spells. Some wanted beautiful scenery, and a lush world when they go into the game. Some didn't want their eyes to bleed out... I found that one the best response. Don't get me wrong, graphics are amazing now of all days. It's always expansive though. The newest "High-class" mmorpg will always have better graphics than the last one released, or equal too it. Graphics don't matter too me, i don't have sensitive eyes, to the "Cruddy" graphics. It's just effort too me. If the game-play is worth it, i certainly would play a game that has graphics that are equal to the N64. Haha. I guess, it's all in personal taste really. Most of my gaming buddies are all about graphics now. I'm still stuck in the age, that game-play is more important than flashy animation. Well, i won't lie, i do have some dislikes when it comes to graphics. I don't like too... "Cartoony" That turns me off when it's over-done too much. Little kids love it maybe, but me... That can make my eyes hurt. Haha.

A big one for me is PvP. I'm a huge PvP nut. Who doesn't love killing other people for pure fun? Getting to the top of the ranks, and being the best "Skilled" player. I'm gonna be completely honest, and this my own opinion. Cash-Shop games, have suck PvP. Why? Cash-Shop of course. Items to boost the player. It's always going to be un-even. Some people, dedicate a lot of money into the game, some don't even bother. So it's gonna be unfair no matter how you look it. Free player, has the best weapons, and armor in the game. Paid player has the second best weapons and armor, but has potion boosts. Who wins? Probably the person with the boosts? I love PvP that has ranks, ladders, etc. It makes it more challenging and fun. To be the best, to destroy everyone, to be hated. Haha. I love being hated. It brings smiles to my face. Why? I'm not mean or anything. It's just fun, when i kill an enemy, and he/she gets so ticked off. It shows their immaturity, and shows me off in a way. I'm not boosting my own ego. Not my fault, if i got some help from a team-mate, or an instanced PvP boost. It's all for pure fun and sport for me. A friend of mine, we had a huge debate on Instanced and World PvP. It was actually a very deep conversation, on both sides, pros and cons. I'm personally like instanced PvP. It seems more rewarding and challenging for me. Don't know why, but just is. Don't flame me for it. If you a PvP lover, or hater. It doesn't matter too me. It's still a blast to play.

How do we defeat games? Is it even possible? Honestly? Yeah, i think it is. Defeating games, is some-what hard to do. You have to overcome a lot of things. Grind, graphics, whatever it may be. You can defeat it, it just takes some effort. I mean, i will be honest, it's hard to defeat the game. Least the parts you dislike, or even hate. Find some courage, or even grow some balls. (Wow, i wish i hadn't said that, lol). It takes some practice, but you know... I think it's well worth it, when you defeat something you hate. A sense of pride, hope, and happiness. You may love the general game, but hate specific parts. Overcoming what you hate, so you may like that part of the game, or even ignore it. I think in perspective it makes you like the game even more. Makes you play it more, or not cancel your account. Haha. Give a game a chance, give the aspects a chance. You may suprise yourself, and find happiness. I'm getting there with the games i'm playing. I still not loving them yet, but i think i will eventually. Who knows? We may all find our mmorpg true love. Some people have already, some people are still waiting for that game to come along. I know a lot are. The future does look bright, i'm not gonna hype it anymoe than that. Let us hope, the future will not be a good huge letdown. I shall pray it won't be.

Thank you for reading! Cheers!