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Author: Limitations

Devilian[EP2] Hunter or Hunted?

Posted by Limitations Friday October 2 2015 at 11:01PM
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Author’s Note: I was very intrigued by this game, an ARPG mixed with MMO elements. I asked for an Alpha key and was supplied with one in return for a review. As you know I keep everything fair and balanced, and even though I was given a key, I will not give this game a glowing review.

Please keep the discuss civil.

I’ve been playing this game non stop since I last posted. I’ve been questing, crafting, and doing dungeons. Also, doing the Abyssal Tower once a day, because that’s all we can do… I know why we can’t do it unlimited times, but hell… I can dream right? It is a BLAST to do. I’ve met a ton of nice people, joined a nice guild and and overall enjoying my time so far. That doesn’t mean it’s all be nice and pretty in the land of devils.

There is a nasty bug at the time I am writing this, that the majority of quests are not coming up correctly, and have “Quest on Hold”. I literally have no idea what I have to do until I get to the place I need to be, and since the questing is pretty linear it’s not that hard to find out what to do. It’s an annoyance that I hope gets fixed ASAP. It’s not just me either, a lot of people in the “Announce” chat channel have experienced this issue as well. (Resolve it Trion!)

I have felt a few desync here and there, and some lag spikes. Although, the spikes subsided, because the servers did crash… (It’s Alpha people.) Desync has show up a few times, but it hasn’t killed me or anything. Besides the servers crashing there hasn’t been too much lag to be dealt with. (I am playing on a wired connection) There isn’t a difference when I am playing on my laptop on my wireless connection either.

There has been an update on the dungeon stamina system which I am pleased to talk about. As far as I know currently, you will not need stamina to do dungeons, but when you have stamina you will get bonus rewards. I am totally okay with this system in place. You get 200 stamina daily, and most dungeons so far I have done use 10 per use. I know some people who do dungeons a lot, and use all the stamina. Right now in the cash shop there are stamina potions, but since you don’t need (So far) stamina to enter dungeons now, I don’t see that being a problem…

Since this game in an ARPG MMO there is mostly just grinding in the game. As most ARPGs are. I touched on this last time, but since I have been playing non stop since the last post, I want to touch on this some more, because this is basically what you will be doing while playing the game. I hope going in, most people know what an ARPG means, and how most of them play. My Shadowhunter mainly uses all his spells, but three more than the rest. I am specced in the shadow tree. I have specced into all of them (Shuriken, Assassination, and Shadow) and found shadow to be my favorite.

I basically am allowed to aggro a ton of mobs at the same time, and murder them all at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the tanky class, and I do have to watch my health and use potions time and time again. You get most of your experience from daily quests, and questing. I have found that mobs don’t get you enough experience to sustain yourself and not do quests. That’s just not how the game works. This isn’t Path of Exile. Questing is a breath of fresh air in the ARPG world. The grind in the game is defiantly there, but it’s fun. It may not be the most unique action in the world, but it’s definitely fun, and turning into a devil to kill bosses? Priceless. I mostly use my devilian forum on daily quests and quests that involve a “boss” so I can kill them quickly, and move on. Don’t get me wrong, the quests are the same thing over and over and over, and over again. I’m not bored of it, because I have goals to reach, new equipment to be had, and more damage to be dealt.

Since I do compare ARPGs to my personal favorite Path of Exile. There is a ton of differences, but the one I want to touch on the most is customization of skills/attributes. I feel like there is less min/maxing in Devilian. That’s a good thing, and a bad thing. In Path of Exile I always wanted to make my character the best he/she could be, but taking the right passive nodes and making sure I get exactly what I am specced for. In Devilian, I have less worry because there are set items like in Diablo III, and I don’t have to make sure I am using the right nodes in PoE. (There are only skill nodes, not attribute nodes) and crafting helps me max my damage or max my defenses out in Devilian. Crafting is actually useful in Devilian, and have used it quite a few times to help my Shadowhunter out.

I have mostly crafted damage so far into my weapons. I have asked around, and most of the people I have talked to in my parties and dungeons have used crafting and have benefitted from it. Daily quests help with crafting because you get tools to help you make the crafting elements. The limit on daily quests as of right now is 15, and I’m not sure if that is permanent or not. I would like it to be increased, and maybe the rewards decreased to balance it out, but hey… I am not Trion, but if Trion reads this, think about it please. It’d help me out a lot…

All in all, the experience in Alpha is steadily getting better. The translation portion is still not there, I don’t know how much it’s being worked on. I hope it’s progressing well though. Korean Shadowhunter does sound pretty badass though I still admit that, but I would love to see english voice overs at least for the skill portion. I don’t mind reading dialogue and things like that for quests. It’s Alpha and it’s a work in progress of course. Do I expect a lot to progress? I want there to be a lot of progress, but I don’t know much behind the scenes. I am asking questions though. I want more information, I’m just trying to find the best way to get it.

Alpha is really shaping up to be more and more fun. I’m really getting into all the systems the game has to offer and try to figure out how each one can be most effective to my character. I’m still learning how min/maxing works in the game, and how efficiently I can do it once I hit the “endgame”. I’m closing in on max level, and should be there within a couple of days. If there is a wipe between Alpha and Closed beta, I will be doing a different class rather than Shadowhunter to get more variety. I have no decided on which class because the date for CB(I hope it’s still a little while) hasn’t been announced yet. There is a lot more to talk about than just what I have covered in these two episodes, and ton more to come. This game packs a huge punch for what it offers in Alpha, I am so stoked for what closed beta, and launch brings.

I wanted to add one more thing before I close this episode, because I really want to focus in on this. I have even tweeted this out before… Trion, you have a really, really solid game on your hands. Do not mess this up. Do not make this a cash grab. I am in love with this game even in it’s Alpha state, I want to love this game when it comes to launch and you have made decisions on what this game has to offer. Keep it real, keep it clean, and do not… I repeat. Do not screw this up. That’s all I gotta say about that, but I will keep saying it, over and over again…

Thanks for the read, if you enjoyed this post and want to talk about it, or Devilian in general, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton

[Note, I have not posted all the bugs in the game, only the ones I am experiencing, there is more bugs than I am telling. I just want to put that out there.]