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Author: Limitations

Destiny [P4]

Posted by Limitations Wednesday October 22 2014 at 10:35PM
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So, to try something different I did a little social experiment on Destiny. I would add random people, and chat with them. I wanted to see how people act/mannerisms. I was very curious if I was playing like I did in my Halo days where it was all a bunch of 14 year olds, telling me to "Go screw yourself". I was pleasantly surprised with some of the people I met and talked to. Maybe it was just the time of day, but I met some really chill people and most of them either gave me advice, or invited me to play with them again. I have played with some of them again, because of how chill they were. Now back in the day, during Halo 2/3, I was a real uh... Dumbass? Pardon my french. I was the typical whiny teenager I guess you could say, that would curse in every sentence because I thought it was cool. Playing with mature people really brought another fun factor to the game, which will lead me to my next point. Being in match making is cool and all, and this point can go with every MMO in existence. (Unless your a strict solo player). Playing with people that are friendly, is just way more fun. We joke and laugh, and make jokes about how we died, or failed. Thinking about to my World Of Warcraft days, I constantly made fun of my tanking fails, and eventually my healing fails, and people found it funny so I just kept with it.

I'm still a clown today, and part of my point as well is... We can't take it seriously all the time. Stuff happens you know? I know some very strict raiding guilds out there in the various MMOs that I have played that I disagree with. Now I guess this is just really personal opinion, but... I hate when people get yelled at, voice or in-game chat. It really irks me, because I used to be a huge jerk as well as being a dumbass, I guess they go hand in hand. It really gets under my skin, and usually I end up saying something about it, and then an fight breaks out sadly. Maybe I wasn't "hardcore" enough for them, or maybe I was seeing it wrong. What do you all say? I mean besides it being flat out awkward. I won't name anyone, but I was watching a World Of Warcraft stream on Twitch, and one of their healers failed or something, and the guy goes bonkers. It was extremely awkward, and even the chat in Twitch was like "Wtf, chill". For people who have had that done to them, or witnessed it. How do you react?

Sorry, off the subject of Destiny. Talking/shooting things go hand and hand for me. After I warm up to people, I can talk your ear off, like I am now in this post. I'm just a person who can talk about anything and everything, so meeting new people used to be hard for me, but not so anymore... Now if it's a girl... Not the same story. On the flip side, I did meet some really rude people as well, who either raged quit, or did what I was just talking about "WTF WHY YOU DIE NOOB". God, that does ring it my ears still. I usually just left the party, or muted them if the other person was chill. I mean I get it, if we are at the last boss, and we all die, it can be very frustrating don't get me wrong. Yelling and degrading people isn't the solution though, I mean... You died as well right? Blind hatred is a scary thing ya'll. I speak a lot about community when talking about a full fledge MMO, but the ignore feature in this game can be so useful, as in a lot of games of course.

The community doesn't make or break this game for me. I'll go into detail why in the next post, but I thought it would be cool to talk about my little experiment I did. I'll talk about one more thing before I end this post, it is off-topic as well.

FFXIV is released Patch 2.4 next week. I will be going back to the game, and playing the new class. Along with Destiny posts you will see FFXIV posts as well. You should see the first back to FFXIV post around Tuesday, or Thursday depending on how much school work I get done, and real life things. I may or may not have a life. Who knows at this point.  Also the VoG stream will probably be happening next Friday, I will let you know, I did some test streams and my internet seemed to hold up pretty well, when I was wired, so that should be good to go. Have a good one ya'll. Cheers!

If you would like to discuss Destiny, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton