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Author: Limitations

Destiny [P2]

Posted by Limitations Tuesday October 14 2014 at 1:48AM
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Note: It's 1:30AM, Post will be shorter than most, sorry. Can't sleep, deciding to write instead.

I've been playing Destiny constantly since I've last posted, and I must say I haven't gotten bored with it yet. Almost light 25. Haven't touched Vault of Glass yet because my college buddies haven't be able to do it with me yet, so I am holding off on pugging it. I know, I know I'm playing the same content over and over again. Isn't that late game though? I'd be doing the same thing if it was Diablo 3, World Of Warcraft, or whatever. The story for Destiny was short as hell though, which was kind of disappointing, but I didn't really play the game for the story sorry!

It's like the same for Diablo III, and Path Of Exile. The story is an addition to the game play for me. I don't read the lore, or you know story like things. Maybe that's a terrible way of looking at that, but for me it's an added addition. For instance, I played The Last of Us for the story/adventure. The game had an amazing story line, and it really developed a relationship with me, and kept me going. The game play was alright, but the story line drove me to play. I look at Destiny the exact opposite. I'm not really playing for the lore/story line. I'm playing to kick some ass, whether it be alien, or human ass. I don't play Halo, or Call of Poop for the story line either. It's the game play that drives me. It's driving me pretty hard as well, I cannot get enough of this game. *Rose tinted glasses activate*.

Sorry enough of the praise. I do get aggravated with the game believe it or not. *Gasp*. I don't think RNG likes me in this game, and it's sort of the same with every action game. Because screw me right? God bless. I think I have gotten maybe 3 legendary engrams, and 1 for my class, and 2 for other classes. Now sure it's great that I got one for me, but I feel like, the game toys with me, and other people. Oh my god, legendary engram? TO BAD ITS NOT FOR YOU. It's like a huge slap to the face. It's like that in any MMO I guess. It did it to me in FFXIV as well. Oh you need these class specific boots? To bad, so sad, suck it up fatty. That's how I feel the game speaks to me when I don't get what I want. Wahhbulance please.

Desync is also a huge issue, I won't get into desync because I've already explained it in previous posts, but it comes with Action games/mmos. It's just part of the package, so I've gotten used to it. The effing random disconnects though? (Note, that they did patch the game, and there are less of them now.) OH YOUR ABOUT TO KILL THE LAST BOSS? Nope, sorry disconnect. "You have been removed from the game world). My god, the rage has ensued on my computer desk. If it was a person, I'd probably be in jail for like 3 counts of murder. For real. Everyone gets upset, so don't be like "Oh my god calm down" NO YOU CALM DOWN.

Anyways... I am going to be streaming my first run through of the Vault of Glass, and I will tweet it before I go live, if anyone is interesting in seeing my crying while I fail. It's a pretty good show, I should probably charge people. It's just like a train wreck of fails, while you hear a grown man cry. Wouldn't you pay to see that? It doesn't make you a terrible person if you want to I promise. Action MMOs/Games tend to bring out the worst in me. Every week I play with my IRL brother in Path Of Exile and when I die, World War 3 Erupts for about 3 minutes until I calm down. Same thing in Destiny.

For those of you who play Destiny, when you see teammates try to melee the three boss flayers, and all die... Feel my pain please. I had to do that three times in a row, and my teammates thought it'd be a great idea to do that. FEEL MY PAIN PLEASE. Anyways, that's enough from me. Until next time!

If you'd like to discuss Destiny, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!