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Author: Limitations

Blog #61 May The Force Be With Us, Always. Part III

Posted by Limitations Friday October 25 2013 at 7:55PM
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“I can use my powers to conjure up your worst nightmares and bring them to life before your eyes. I can drive you mad with fear, shred your sanity, and leave you a raving lunatic for the rest of your life.”?

I'm a huge lore nerd, and I have read a ton, TON of Star Wars books. As I read them, and when they talk about the Sith and the dark side, it always catches my attention. What would it like, to feel only pain, and only want power, and make people suffer? To strike fear into your enemies with just looking at them. It's how you use the force, and what actions you make. Just like in the game. I can do good things, or I can do terrible things. Within Flashpoints, regular quests, and chatting with companions. Choices define my role in the game, and how I will play it out. Do I want my character to be a beacon of light in the dark days, or do I want my character to drive fear and pain into their bodies. Touch choices, tough indeed. I can say I like both aspects of the force, in different ways of course. I think everyone wants to become the best at what they are. Best Jedi Master, best Sith Lord, etc. In a lore perspective that is.

I never really looked into Lore, only two games I have really accepted and delved into the Lore is Lord Of The Rings Online, and Star Wars. Not because I didn't care, it just didn't grab me like those two did. Because it goes so deep, and so well written. If that makes sense at all. Anyways, the lore allows me to get deeper into the game, and that means more fun for me. That is what it's all about right, having fun? Enough about lore, let's get into the actual gameplay.

I've only created one alt so far, and he is on the empire side. Mixing it up a little bit! Sith Sorcerer, and I'm liking it so far, force lighting is bad ass, am I right? The game still is fun to me, has not gotten dull at all. I've dabbed into a little PvP, and I must admit it's really fun. I like it. I only pvp'd in certain games. Guild Wars, World Of Warcraft, etc. I don't think it's the best PvP, but it is defiantly fun. I'm more of a PvE guy, but I like to mix it up a little every now and then. I'm not planning on making to many alts, because then it becomes a stress thing for me, and I get overwhelmed. That usually leads me to quitting the game entirely. Weird eh? It's becoming more apparent to me, that this game is just right for me. Because of the Lore, the game play, everything that I want in a game, is there. The next digital expansion will bring space pvp, and that really excites me, like I said in the previous post. I hope down the line they will add more PvE stuff to the mix.

I have spent more money on this game, along with the sub fee. The cash shop part. My feeling about this, is a little meh. I bought some stuff, some cosmetic stuff. There is gear you can buy, which... I don't think to badly about, I'll never buy straight up gear off a cash shop, not in any game. I don't think that allows a player to have an advantage over another. I don't think it's that big of a thing. I haven't spent a lot of money, but I like cosmetics. Pets, cool mounts, etc. There are experience boosters, and etc you can buy. Like I said nothing to game breaking, not in my eyes at least. I'm pretty weary about cash shops in the first place, even more when it's with a sub game. Alas, I don't mind it here, it's not something that will cripple players in the end, nor give an advantage. It's there purely for money, and fancy stuff. They wanna make more money... Right? Anyways, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I never really went through it when I first started playing. I might buy some more cosmetic stuff in the future, if the release something so badass, that I must have it.

I'm still playing it constantly. I'm actually taking a break just so I can write this. I've been playing pretty much all day. I will playing more, when I'm done eating. Sleep, rinse, repeat. I'm glad I am playing and writing about this game, it gives me a lot of things to write about, and it does not get boring. I think i'll keep the title going for the series. Hoping it will last a lot longer, so I can use more roman numerals. Ha. Anyways, cheers! Till next time!