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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #12 Equilibrium, The Great Misdirection

Posted by Limitations Saturday October 31 2009 at 11:52AM
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Players are the core of any game. Mmorpgs feed off the players, if they didn't they wouldn't get anywhere. Developers try to feed the gamers with what they want to see in the game. Can we mis-lead them? I think it's very possible for us the players to confuse the developers, and other players. I have learned that specifics is how we love the game. We can't just say... "Oh my god, the gameplay is so good". What about it? Is it just another hack-n-slasher? Is there skill input? You have to be detailed when your giving an opinion. Can't really leave people hanging wanting more info, when that is all you give them. It's the same principle when it comes to telling developers what you want. You can't just say... "Oh, i want this skill fixed, and this added, etc". Doesn't work like that. In my head, if i was a developer and asked that, i wouldn't know what to do. No details we're added why the skill needed to be fixed, and why that needed to be added. I'm just using that as example, that doesn't always happen. Details are key to an mmorpg. When i tell friends about the mmorpgs i am currently playing. I give the pros and cons. Detailed versions of them. It's really hard for me to say... "Omg, this game.. Like... Totally has the best gameplay ever, and omg the classes are like epic" For one, i don't even make sense. Haha. Secondly, i don't tell him/her why the game play is so good, or why the classes are "Epic". Your leaving them hanging. I always try my best to give an honest review of the game, verbally and written. Usually saying something like this... "Yeah, the game play is okay, you have some grind, but i think the combat system makes up for that. It's unique, and it's not your average point-n-click game". Honesty will get you far in this. Bending the truth doesn't cut it either. I hate when people "bend" the truth. It's the exact same thing as lying, just in a different term.

Advertising is a pet peeve of mine. It's misleading. I recently saw an ad that stated "Join the epic gaming experience, the best mmorpg out there". Okay, yeah i get that they are really trying to expand their player base. I'm not for sure that helps it though. My first thought is... "No way, it's not the best, there is no best". I'm intrigued to try it though, just to see if there is any fact to what they stated. Usually, there isn't, but whats the loss here? I played the game... I'm not going to lie, i wasted about three hours of my life. (You can count that as a flame, if you'd like). Reason why i say that, because i hated how they advertised it. I wish, some game would actually have some truth to ads. Example: (We are a WoW-Clone, come join us). Haha. I really don't think that will happen. No games wants to state they copied off a sucessful game. In my humble opinion, it's kind of sleezy. Don't get me wrong, i do believe i know why they shoot out some advertisements like that. They want your attention, they all do. Honesty i think would help them more though. Don't you think? Most of us, love honesty. We like hearing the truth, when disappointed. We don't want excuses for lies. It unattractive. (Haha, i used the word unattractive when it comes too a game. Wow).

How do we fix misdirection? We don't. I don't think we can. We can always ask for more honesty from developers, publishers, etc. Will we get it? Probably not. They don't want to admit they screwed up. None of us, want to admit we have screwed up. In games, or in life. It's something we don't like to do. I'll admit it myself. I hate admitting i did something wrong. It makes me feel like complete crap, and it's not a good feeling. Maybe, we could ask for honesty after they fixed the issue at hand? Asking how they fixed it, and why they had too. It's same thing, we have to ask them to explain why/how they screwed up, but... We have given them the chance to fix it before hand. We are always search, seeking, wondering, reaching for answers. Do we get them? I think most of the time, we get an answer. I don't think it's the one we were looking for though. Usually, the answers we do get are very misleading, and confusing. I do believe we are learning, developers and players. Which is a good thing. People are now some-what used to dissappointment. We are also used to improvement though. I mean, we all love "Good" Improvements to the game we play. 

I apologize for the randomness in this article. I didn't get much sleep. Thank you for reading though! Hope you've enjoyed it! Cheers!

Blog #11 Hey There Mr.Brooks

Posted by Limitations Monday October 26 2009 at 11:04PM
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I tried something new recently... Quitting. Well, not exactly, i'll explain how it worked. I recently quit my main mmorpg. It was a struggle for the first day or two, i got the thing hang of it after awhile. I told myself i was done for good, and i won't play the game till a week has passed. After about the third day i got so frustrated with my mmorpg. How you ask? I wasn't playing it, but it was still in my head. What quests i am on. How is my guild coming along? Any good raids? Etc. It's kinda pathetic that i was thinking that in my head... I must be a total dork. I came to a realization that it was good that i was thinking these things. Let me be honest. I was playing my FPS during this trial period. What am i really getting out of an mmorpg, that i can't get out of an FPS? Well... If you think about it... I got friends on my fps, a clan, i can shoot people head's off. I can still talk to them on vent and teamspeak. What am i missing? Depth. Every game has some depth too it. Where it be... Chinese, or Western. Sci-Fi... Or even hello kitty online. It all has some depth too it. It doesn't matter how small or how big, we can always immerse ourselves deeper into it. If we haven't already. Time to get serious... This is how i broke it down. Bear with me.

Counter-Strike:Source is my FPS Shooter. For those who have played it, it is quite fun. It can be very dull at times, but what isnt'? You can rescue hostages, plant a bomb. Blow some body parts off. Mix and match some wicked skins. You keep your fingers crossed, hopefully you won't die from a sniper. Which happens often to me. Unless i get to him/her first. Why i play this game? Friends, servers, communities. I've grown into them. Plus, who doesn't love a good match once and awhile? So, when i'm not playing my mmorpg. I am sitting on my chair playing that. It does get boring at times i will admit. Mostly i find myself distracted from everything else around me when i'm playing it. Some matchs get intense and heated, or they are very mellow and relaxed and we are just chilling. I call it my de-stresser. I play it after my mmorpg, sometimes even before. Depending on what kind of mood i am in. A lot of us are like that. We play depending on our moods. Most of us have several mmorpgs we play. Some of us play consoles as well. I do as well. We are diverse in the games we have chosen. We play to our style accordingly. If we don't know our style. We search until we find our style. Gamers are so diverse. We have so many styles, so many requests. We take our time and search for a game for our own needs. If one game doesn't fit our style, we move on. There are a ton of games out there on the market. Fitting everyone from toddlers, to adults.

Everyday i struggle playing my main mmorpg. I play Dungeons & Dragons Online, Alantica Online. Currently looking for one more to play. Why do i play these games? Aye, well... I play P&P DnD. I'm a huge fan of it. I've been DMing and Playing for years now. Alantica Online reminds me of old school final fantasy with some cool features. I grew up on final fantasy series, and still play them today on my spare time. So i have some good reasons why i play these games, because they remind me of something else? Well, isn't that a clone of something? Alantica, cloned final fantasy? Hell no. Turned based games have gone far beyond final fantasy. I will say final fantasy is my favorite all time turned based series. Cloning is a process. We all know it now. A game is a clone of a clone. It's a never ending cycle. We must find what the game has that isn't cloned, so we can feed off that and live of it. So, we don't feel we are just playing another clone. Alantica is popular for a free-to-play a game. Depending on what server you play on, you will have different people. I play with a bunch of teenagers and adults, whom i enjoy playing with. It's unique, it's fun, and most importantly it's a time waster. Oh, thats so bad you call it a timewaster! No it's not... I said it's fun beforehand right? Someone could find jogging fun, and i could call it a timewaster right? Whats the difference? Not much really. Why do i play Dungeons & Dragons Online? Every weekend i play the P&P version with a bunch of friends. It's a hell an adventure everytime. D&D is a wide game. It has unique features too it, and some old. Though it does differ from the P&P version. It has it's kicks and punches which keep me going. Same with Alantica. You can say it clones a game so much too me. I couldn't care less. I will defend the game because i enjoy it.

I've stated many times. I do not love an mmorpg currently. I used too back in the olden days. Now it's just sort of bland. I'm contradicting myself i know. How can a game be unique and bland? Very simple. It has bland features and unique features. Every game has them. It could be outside, or inside the game. It varies from people. I love simple things, and i also love fancy things. Simple things keep us going, fancy things keeps us thinking, on our toes. A game can improve so much for the players, we have to improve for the game. What i mean by that is... You must try to love. You can't just say in the first day... "Omg, i love this game, it roxors my socks off" No it doesn't. It may impress you a lot. Good for you, you found a good game. My friends have done that so much, and it's always led to dissappointment a couple of days into it. A mmorpg does play the same tune. It always has. It just how you tweak the tune to your liking. You have to handle it delicatly. Rushing into a game, full speed, not stopping, marathon will get you nowhere your first time. It will lead to quick boredom, and a rush that won't sustain for long. Of course, don't get me wrong... When you get a new game. It's like a present. You wanna play with it all you can, and all you want it. Because it's yours now. Party right? Yes, party! My parties last around 4-6 hours the first day. It's pretty long if you think about it. If you play a new game for that long... You can get a couple levels in, some quests done, meet some people, join a gang, who knows? Might even find true love. Haha, who knows?

I said, i went a week without playing my main mmorpgs. I'm not gonna lie, it was tough, it was different. It taught me a lot of things. Some people say they are just a huge waste of time, and they are just games. They are an experiment too me. Yeah, i might be using the computer a lot. But i'm actually doing something. Helping people, talking to people. Meeting new people. I'm saying people a lot because it's true. We all interact in the real world. We work, we have families, we have friends. It's the same as online games. We have work, we have friends, we have families(Guildies). It's just we act differen't don't you think? Some people might be E-thugs. Some people might be 13 and act so mature we would never know. It's the personalities, and uniqueness in games that drag us down for me. I'm beginning to feel it again. We all have been discouraged, and disappointed. A light will shine down on us, and give us hope. It could be this year, or next year, or the year after. Who knows? The future is always changing it's course. Developers are always thinking. We are always changing. Mmorpg's are every evolving with the world. People are too. They want us to have fun, we want to bring the fun. 100% is given, 100% is taken. I've been posting a lot of blogs, because i have a lot to say. I don't care if people read them or not. At least it's out there for the public's viewing eyes. I love interacting. I love making friends, i love meeting new people. I think in some sense we all do. We just gotta find the right people to do it with.

Experiments end. Just like life does. Some people make gaming their whole lives. I'm not gonna hate you for that. Your choice. Mmorpg our sometimes our lives. We put 100% into gaming. Some of us don't, some of us do. I applaud the people who do. Because we should. Developer's work hard for us. Atleast, i still think they do most of the time. Haha. Enough of this blog. I'm done for the night! Cheers!

Blog #10 Blessing With A Curse

Posted by Limitations Wednesday October 21 2009 at 7:50PM
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It's been a long time since i've been truly in love with a mmorpg. It's really sad to say really. I don't like saying it. I have to be honest with the readers. Loving a mmorpg is just hard now of days. I always found mmorpgs to be a huge blessing in my life. Silly to say that a online game is a blessing. In all honesty. I've been blessed when it comes to playing. Not in combat, or intelligence or whatever. It's the people i meet and just the feel i get from online games. I've met some of the most peaceful people. I've met some of the most arrorgant, jerks around. Mmorpgs are a way to get anger, stress, fear, anxiety out of your system. For me, i play games whenever i am anxious or angry. I mainly use my FPS game for anger though. I'm going to correct myself right now. I love playing online/console games. It's just do i love the game? Do i hate it? Is it so-so? So-So is mostly my answer now of days. I review the game by myself. Most of the game's i've played have been so-so. They have unique features, but they blend in with the crowd. They don't shine. I've encouraged players to give time to a game. You can't really give an honest review to a game at level 10. At level 10 you have barely done anything. Maybe some quests, killed some mobs, got used to movement/attacking. The general basics. Thats how some people get first impressions. It takes a hell of a long time for me to get some first impressions. Usually around 3-4 days. I break down games into a very complex system. When i first came up with it, it took me hours and hours to finally find a good way to review and judge games.

As i mentioned before, i have met some amazing people in the gaming world. So true. I have met some of my best friends on games. You find the people you enjoy being around and you stick too it. I have quit countless games because of the community. It is very important to me. I don't think anyone wants to hang with haters and jerks. Not I. In the game i'm currently playing, i'm playing with a rather decent, helpful community. Which i love. I have a question, it usually gets answered quickly. One of my most disliked things about communities, is the haters. What i mean by that is... People who slam newbies for asking questions. We were all newbies at one time or another. Being at a high level, or high in the community doesn't mean you can slam people lower than you. Unless your in PvP. Then by all means go ahead. Haha. I will usually stick up for the person being slam and try to be as helpful as i can. I've seen people quit games over those kind of people. It is hurtful. I had a friend who thought people didn't feel emotions in avatars. Incorrect statement. Every "Avatar" is an actual person, for all you know that person could be crying his/hers eye's out. (To be honest, i have seen that happen. It is a very sad sight).

I have been intermixing blessings and cursings for online games. Curses are a little more... Your own thing. I think the biggest curse is grind. For a lot of people actually. It's different with everyone. Mine isn't so much grinding. It's the community. Which is hard to explan really. Most communities are mixed. You have the good hand, and the bad hand. I'll move unto my next biggest curse. Blending in. For games blending into the crowd is the way to go! Woot! Not for me. I'm all for the sword and shield look. Wouldn't it be fun to have a shovel for a starting weapon or... A over-sized pencil? I would laugh my ass off if that actually happened. It goes deeper than just weapons. It can be spells, armor, pets, etc. Wouldn't it be awesome to hav a choo-choo train for a mount? Going around a town on that mount would be hilarous. Who knows? Maybe someday we will have a game in which you can design your own custom items. I think developers should try that sometime. "Design your own item, or spell" Whatever it is. With that there is always the immature type of people who will put out the most wierd idea. You will always have the intelligent/mature people who shine and put out good ideas. I would just love to see that happen. More and more.

To be completely honest... Games have a lot more blessings than curses. You just really have to dig deep to find the blessings. Usually it is well worth the time and patience you put in. It's a great thing mmorpgs are. Reap the rewards and see what happens. You never know, the next free-to-play game might be your savior, or the next pay-to-play game. Dig deep and see for yourself. Only you can choose if you love or hate a game.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

Blog #9 A Dance With Inamorata

Posted by Limitations Tuesday October 20 2009 at 3:17PM
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Killing grind? Is it completely possible? I've thought long and hard about grind. I've come up with a quick solution... You can always eliminate some of it. Never all. I can grind for about two hours before i give up. Sad eh? Not in my mind. I grind some much or the game becomes like the last one. Dull and boring. I admit i get bored easily. It is very hard to please and entertain me. Gaming is really much of a player in that field am i right? Pleasing gamers is some what hard. You can only love a game so much correct? I like the games that i am playing currently. I've only loved one game, and i wouldn't call it an mmorpg. When you step into the online game, you try to feel around and see what's going on. How people interact, what kind of quests there are. Experience/Loot drops. Whatever the case may be. I give myself a couple of hours of playing time when i first install the game. Usually i play during night hours since i am alone. I'll talk to myself through the game. It's my way of judging a game. Colorful games aren't really my style anymore. Of course everyone loves a beautiful game. I love beautiful graphics, but i don't like "Fruity" graphics. Where everything is over done. Graphics believe it or not come last on my list of things i want.

Playing a game is very... Different for me. I talk myself through everything. Self narration is what i call it. It makes the game more interesting. Sort of like i'm running the game? I find that fun and hilarous at times. Usually when i die it becomes extremely funny i'll do some cheezy voice over. Make it all desperate. I encourage other people doing it. When your alone though... If you do it with a crowd, people will give you some wierd looks(Personal experience). How do you make yourself love a game? Is that even possible? For me yes. I have made myself love a game, or something close to love. Certain features can be twisted in a positive way. Crafting, Gathering, Blacksmithing. Whatever they are called, you can have fun with it. Beats grinding doesn't it? I have a semi-low tolerance for grinding. I'll admit that when i first play a game. Depending on how much i like the game is how much my tolerance will go up. I always start with a low tolerance with games. Is that such a bad thing? After so many games i have learned i have to set limits with certain things. Learning is been a very hard and long process for me. To be honest.

Desiring a great game is hard to come by now of days. We have a lot of new upcoming games that promise a lot. I'll believe it when i see it. In my head. I'm excited for the new games. I'm not hoping for anything though. After so many years of gaming and playing different brands and genres. I've just given up on seeing brand new things. I would love to see something explosive and ground breaking. I'm sure for a lot of people there is already that game that did that for them. I'm not one of them sadly. I'm just hard to please like a lot of people. High standards? Haha, no. I have set standards, just not high ones. I don't want to disappoint myself with every game i install. I used to have extremely high standards and with that every game i installed was unistalled within an hour or two limit. Harsh isn't it? I've learned from my own mistakes. I've learned from other people's mistakes. It's just how you roll the dice really. Every game is looking for you to join. Are you willing to give it a small chance? Every game deserves some credit, some chance of playing. No matter how much you think it's ugly or bad. Every game has something good about it. I don't care what you say really, thats my honest opinion on gaming today.

I think i'm gonna cut short today. I have some gaming to catch up on! Thanks for reading! See you all soon!

Blog #8 Laughing In Silence

Posted by Limitations Saturday October 17 2009 at 11:25AM
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I see so much hate today in the online gaming world. Why? Honestly, i can't get a good reason. Though, i must say back in day like i've stated before i've done my fair share of hating. So, i'm sort of flaming my old self here. I'm not trying to flame haters in any sense. I'm getting tired of whining and complaining. They are both coupled with hating. I've seen plenty of people complain about a certain games upbringing. When the game is finally released, it's mainly a moment of silence for what could of come. What this game could have been if done correctly. We say that a lot to ourselves. "What could have happened?" The answer is always... A lot of things. Games aren't perfect. Some are very far from it. There is no sense of perfection in a game. A game will never be truly perfect. In that sense i mean, everyone will love it. Everyone has different taste, styles and wishes. I can't condone hatred. I can't stop it either. I wish i could. Hating a game just makes more people angry. Hence "Fan Bois" and the "Haters" Post.

I love being fans of online games. It makes it that much better for me to play. When watching sports. You love watching your favorite football team play. Them being your favorite makes it so much better right? Same with online games for me. If i'm a fan of the game. Oh yeah, i'm going to play it. Doesn't mean i'm going on the boards and defend it constantly. I may defend some aspects of the game i like. I won't stealth the boards waiting for a post to come up and defend it. (Not that people do that, just using that as an example). Difference has it's own style of hatred. Everyone is different we all know this to be true. Everyone has different style in gaming. I've found online games to be some what of a release for me. I get online, play a couple of hours. Raid, PvP, Level. It releases some anger, or whatever emotion i have inside me. Sadly, whenever i get on these forums it seems hatred is always here. I love reading what people have to say. It's one of my favorite things to do actually. It's just the fact of so much hatred out there it's just becoming silly.

I realize a lot of people like to express themselves. So do I. It just depends on how you express yourself that works. You can go out there, be a friendly guy, discuss in an intelligent matter or... You can be that guy who isn't really level headed and goes headstrong into a match he really isn't prepared for. We are all intelligent. I don't care how old you are. We all are smart in some fashion. Use some intelligence that you have when flaming. There is a thin line between flaming, and talking. A lot of people have a different way of reading flames. They may take a simple insult as a huge one. I'm not saying that's bad for a person. It's how it works for them. I take things with a grain of salt. You can insult me and my games all you want. I will barely care. It's not like that for everyone. I've seen in many FPS games, people who are newbies at the game get flamed and harassed for dying so many times. It's annoying and usually i stick up for them. No one likes to get laughed or made fun of. Think before you speak is what i'm really getting at. Sometimes even for me it's very hard to do in gaming. In the moment, don't want to lose your heat. I get that. Forums are a sense of free speech. When your flaming, are you actually hurting the game? Hurting yourself? Hurting the people involved?

When discussing games i love to be silly. Crack jokes about the game(In a good sense). Every game can have a good conversation peice. I must be honest though. I do get pissed off when a game doesn't deliver what the hype says. Sometimes thats my own fault though. Who knows? We believe in which we want to believe. Sometime it's not a good thing. I can't really hope in gaming anymore. Though, i believe in the future someone, something will give us hope. I believe that to be true. In saying that, i'm not saying i hope there is a messiah of gaming. No game will be god of all. I'll correct myself... I believe there will be a game in which it delivers. I know a lot of people wish for that too. I stand by you wishing for it. Who knows? Maybe it will come sooner than we thought, or later? Whenever it does come, i will be here watching and posting. I'm not dying anytime soon... I hope. Haha.

Thanks for reading guys. I'll be back monday. Cheers!

Blog #7 Nihility Of Gaming

Posted by Limitations Thursday October 15 2009 at 3:37PM
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What makes us addicted? What makes us want to play? I've been searching for that answer for so long now. I've come to a lot of conclusions. They can be enjoyed for a long time. Well, sometimes they can be. I found it very hard to stick to a game, even though i want to keep playing it. I can love a game so much, but still dislike it. Hard to understand? Yeah, i'd say so. I love playing a lot of online games. Trying to new genre's, new features, new styles. I have not found that one game to completely blow me away yet. I highly doubt there will ever be a game that does. I'm picky, yet i'm not. I love having some features in a game. I don't care if they are cloning off another game. I've very picky when it comes to PvP. PvP can be the best thing in the game, if done correctly. It can also be the downfall of the game if down poorly. This speaks for a lot of players. One whole thing can ruin the game completely for players or wither them down until they eventually give up and say "I'm done". Quitting is always hard for me. I always disappoint myself for not going farther. I always give myself and the game a chance. Usually i end up quitting. The game never quits us. The game tries very hard to keep us entertained for as long as possible. I can't blame us totally. It would be unfair. We can love the simple things of a game, then further down the road the developers will add a feature that totally screws up the gameplay. We've seen it happen a dozen times. It shouldn't shock us anymore. Sadly, it still does with me. Improve the features that work and keep people drawn. Don't kill it, and add something else.

When a mass of people quit the game due to factors that have done poorly. Your sort of left by yourself in a way. When guilds go from one game to another. You have two choices. Switch and keep your current friends whom you have played with all this time, or stay and play the game as is and find something new. It also works when a close friend quits and plays a different game. Whatever the situation is, all players have a reason why the quit the game. It could be how they are being treated, immaturity of the community. Developers. Lack of content. Whatever it is, we all have a solid, valid point to why we quit. I tend to stay for the players of the game. Along with some gameplay aspects. The gameplay can be the most horrible experience but your friends/guilds can make up for it. Cracking jokes between quests, doing whatever. If you have fun with people, and the gameplay sucks. Weigh the options out. I was shocked to find out. No matter how much i hate grinding and questing for hours and hours. Friends/Family make up for it in the end. I can be laughing my ass off completely and i wouldn't even know i've been grinding for three hours.

Character development is huge for me. Along with other people. I love games that have a very unique character development process. It could be in character creation(Looks). A unique skill tree path. Whatever it is. A character that is unique, is a character that stays. Awhile back ago, i had a character who looked so odd, and so silly that no one would ever take me seriously. I kicked some major ass though. I took all that critisim with a grain of salt. I didn't care if my character looked like barney(I still don't know why i was called that haha). I rocked in PvP, and PvE.  Now, even if people look like clones of each other. A skill tree is really important. I don't think people want a game, where you can look different, but still have the same development skill wise. Everyone spams 1,2,3. Everyone uses the same skills. What's the point? Difference is important too me. I like being different, i like being the odd ball. I can have the most different path of pvp, but if it works. Why not join me? Not call me a loser/freak. Difference is important. I can't really stress that enough. I research a game before i play it. I do not look at players opinions. I look at the features. Watch some youtube videos on gameplay in action. See what looks good and what looks bad. No matter what i'll play it.

Can a mmorpg have nothing new? Of course it can. It can offer the same features of the greatest mmorpg. Wait... Lemme rephrase that. Great mmorpg. The greatest mmorpg does not exist, and will never exist in my mind. Games clone games. Thats a very true fact. They can name it different, and tweak it all they want. In reality it's the same thing. I can't really get mad at cloning. I probably would too. If it works, why not copy? If it makes money, why not make money? I'm not siding with cloning. Don't get me wrong. Too much cloning does get ridiculous. We really can't do anything about it except offer our opinions and hope they listen to us. The players. I'm not sick of cloning. I'm getting close to that. I really can't do anything except express my hopes and opinions. Even though hoping doesn't really exist anymore. I don't really hope anymore when it comes to online games. I just get crushed like a lot of people now.

See you all next time. Enjoy!

Blog #6 This Love, This Hate

Posted by Limitations Wednesday October 14 2009 at 4:01PM
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After so many years of gaming. I've learned a lot of things. I can't trust my own opinion at times. I can't trust other people. I've stated in a lot of my previous posts. Players hurt games. Players can heal/support games, but they can also crush them completely. One flame, becomes multiple. You can play a game, come on here and post what you hate about the game. Why? For the sake of other people? Maybe. If i give a bad review i'll do it in complete honesty. I won't abuse the game. Exaggeration is a bad part of flaming. Players may hate the game so much. Do they really? Are they lying? Exaggerating? Players scar the game for life. I may love one game, and hate another. Of course i'm going to play the game i love. It doesn't mean i won't come on here go on the boards for the game i hate. Make a topic "This game sucks hard!!!" In the message it will state... Con... Con... Con... Con. Whatever.

Every game has pros. I don't care if you hate every factor of the game. There is always something good about it. As you noticed already.. This is the hate part. Hating a game can be so immature. It shows our true immature sides. Honestly. I've flamed a ton of korean games. Was i right? No. Most of my reviews we're really exaggerated just because of bad experiences. I'm sorry to say. Games are really two-sided now.

You have the "Fan bois". You have the "Haters". Haha. This is where the post gets fun. Fan bois. Have a sense of support. They love their games. They will defend it till the death. One flame posts come unto this boards. They are right there with a defensive post. So begins the flame war. Who wins? Nobody. When it comes to flaming. We are losing. We may make the most intelligent, true post. Hooray! You did it! Not really. Your still losing. You may state all the facts about the game. Point out every horrible thing. Your still making a fool of yourselves. Whats the point really? Mental authority? Power? Winning? Nobody wins though. You can make all the points you want. Your still going to have the fans coming out and defending the game. Seriously. Once you make your point just drop it. The sad thing is. Once i publish this post. People probably will flame me for this. Do i care? Nope. This all my humble opinion.

You know... I don't mind a good discussion. An intelligent one. Verses two games. You can point out different facts. Every difference in the game, but you can also keep it simple. You don't say "Your game sucks. My games kills yours" Kills? I haven't seen one game kill another yet. Even though people say "This game will kill this game!!" When? How? Why? I haven't seen one shred of evidence that one game kill another. I'm sorry for being so blunt about all this. I'm one of the people who are sick of it. You can make your points just keep it civilized. You don't have to hate another person's post. You don't have to hate the game. Dislike it.  Control yourselve and look at what you post before hand. Most of the time people know what they are posting and know, what will people's reactions will be. Why do it then? If you know the outcome why do it? Pleasure? C'mon. Your just causing people more stress.

I'm done with this post. I'm getting stressed even talking about it. See you all next time!

Blog #5 The Road That Never Ends

Posted by Limitations Tuesday October 13 2009 at 10:00AM
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I've noticed with a lot of new mmorpgs, there have been limitless possibilities. Pretty much everything has a different course or ending. It is sort of how we love an mmorpg. We don't want a game to get boring for lots of reasons. The developers don't want it to get boring either. A lot of things has happened in my gaming time. I've been content, bored, happy, disappointed. Lots of mixtures. I've beginning to notice a lot of people have been losing taste. Mmorpgs have yet to grasp me for longer than a couple of months. Sometimes it is hard to please me. Honestly i don't think anyone can be fully pleased with an online game. Unless your desperate and just go along with it... That isn't really happiness though, thats just trying really hard to love something you don't. Playing a game takes patience and effort. Usually for me the grind doesn't kick in till level 25-30 onward. Which is kind of sad. Most games you just do quests to gain experience and loot. Is that right? If the monsters your level give you little or no experience, and gold?

I really can't stand that. I would like to level without a quest once and awhile. Questing is not all that is cracked up too be anymore. I used to have a ton of fun doing quests. Now i just find it meaningless, but the only want to gain anything. I'm not saying this is the case in all games. Just in my experience. I would like to gain a couple of levels just grinding off monsters. I just find that so hard for it to keep my attention. Going into a zone, finding a couple of monsters and killing them to gain 0.81% experience. Ouch right? Wasted good time on that isn't really worth it in the long run. So people naturally go to questing. Woo! Quests! Go kill this monster 20 times, gain this item, go to this NPC, and return to me. Epic, let's do it. Oh wait... I just did this quest ten minutes ago. The only difference is the names and monsters. Haha. I always find that funny when it happens to me. It always suprises me in the beginning, then i'm like... "Hey... This was in that other game i played... Boo". That doesn't mean i hate the current game, it just means i'm looking for something completely new.

I'm gonna admit, i've had true nightmares about grinding. I've woken up from them, just thinking... "Damn, i play to much" Haha. For me there is a point in where you play too much of one game. I have my main game, and my alternative. My alternative happens to be an FPS. Not an mmorpg. I can't really do that. Cause essentially i'm getting the same thing with two seperate mmorpgs, just different plots, characters, etc. The grind is still there, the questing is still there. My alternative takes me away from that, blowing some heads off, t-bagging some unlucky bastard. Getting some steam off my chest. It's perfect. Then i go back to playing my main game and repeat process. I don't spend all day on the computer. I play some sports, hang out with my friends. Play PnP DnD, Etc. I can't focus on a game more than 4 hours. Gets so boring. I do make some exceptions when it comes to raiding, or PvP. If there is some good PvP matchs up i'll go for hours and hours. If we got some raids going, i'll tag along for however long it takes. So... I give and take a lot. Just depends on my wood, and what i'm looking for. If i wanna blow some heads off, i'll play my FPS. If i wanna raid, pvp, quest, etc. Of course i'll go with my MMORPG.

I can't handle grind well. I admit i get aggravated. I think thats the case for everyone. Grind factor. I think when we rate a game on any major gaming website there should be a block for "Grind Factor". So people who have actually played the game for awhile can honestly answer that question, and say "The grind kicks in around 30, and after that it takes awhile to level" It's easy and it takes about ten seconds to type. Haha. I don't know if everyone would agree with that idea, but i find it easy and very simple. A lot of problems come from or originate from grinding. If i'm wrong. Shoot me, just my humble opinion in this matter.


Blog #4 Destroy Thy, Destroy Thee

Posted by Limitations Sunday October 11 2009 at 2:52PM
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People can destroy games without even knowing it. I used to bash games to be honest... A lot. When i didn't like a game, i would list every possible bad thing about it and exaggerate it. I hate when i did that. So i don't do it anymore. I give a fair, equal review. Even though i give reviews it doesn't mean people would care, or even read it. Though, i do it in hope that people read it and take my review into consideration. Hype and disappointment for many players. You can hype a game so much, play the beta and just feel disappointed. Betrayed and hopeless. I feel that way all the time. If you can remember back in the day, when RF Online was just in development. It was highly recommended and hyped. It came out, and was a total bust. People blame the hosting company(Codemasters), and some people blame the developers(CCR). I can't really say who did what, but when it came out. I was disappointed to the point where i didn't believe good games could be made anymore in this world. So, i went back to basics and played games that i know and have played before. Nothing new, but i wasn't disappointed all the time.

I've been through many pay-to-play games. I've been through a ton of Free-To-Play game. Some are clones of clones. Some are very unique. Mostly i've found them to be a huge grind, and a borefest. I'm not going to list games in this post, maybe in a later one. I can say one thing, for every player there is a diamond. You can hate one game, but love another. I take features of a game and stick with them. A game may have good PvE, but sucky PvP. I would stick with the PvE parts and stray away from the PvP parts. I admit i am a huge PvP nut. I love kicking the crap out of other people, and be good at it. I love confronting new and old players, and try new tactics like i said in my last post. Though, I have yet to find a very good game out there. I play decent games as of now. Which they are getting better i must admit. I don't say in the first day "Holy crap, this game is the shiz!". Not in me, well... It used to be until late. I can't really do that or the game will get extremely old and lose taste in a matter of days. Days, not weeks. When i hype a game. I'm just lying to myself. When i hype a game that hasn't even had one beta. I'm lying to me and everyone else about the game. All i've seen are videos and pictures. I haven't read one page of the game, or played one minute of it. So, why lie to myself and others?

I told you so... I'm very fond of that saying. Depending on the situation. One of my good playing buddies recently played a mmorpg that he thought long before playing it. (I won't list the game's name, due to the fact i due not want to flame it). He bought it, and has been playing for some time now. I recently got a text from him saying "This game blows, Why do i even bother" I responded. "Told Yah So". He hates when i do that, because i always give him pro's and con's of the game beforehand, but he really never listens. I never say, "Oh god, this game sucks. Con. Con. Con" Every game has atleast one pro. You can't say otherwise or your just cheating other players. I dislike it when players do that. Just smash a game. Now if they have given the game effort and time. Then maybe i can take them seriously. Mostly it's immature and just rude. People work hard on the game, for it to be playable. I can take one or two bashing, but thats how far as i go when it comes to bashing. I rarely bash anymore though, due to the fact i've grown out of that phase and into a brand new one. So, when i use the phrase "I told you so". It just has to be the right moment, or it means nothing. It doesn't work, if you don't have your facts straight.

People can destory games and ruin them for other players. I admit i used to do it all the time. Bash games, and give people only con's. I don't do it anymore for one simple fact. Trying a game, particularly free to play games. You just have to make an account and try them. You might suprise yourself and your friends. Enjoy this read! See you all next time!

Blog #3 Ever-Growing Wonder

Posted by Limitations Friday October 9 2009 at 4:12PM
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What is our purpose of playing? I love playing mmorpgs. I meet new and very different people. Men and Women. I love to watch people interact. Recruiting guilds, forming parties and raids. People always use some method to get their word out i love to see that. I like wondering what will happen next. In raids, what is going to happen next? We will do this, skip that, run away? Tactics. I love it. Planning and thinking ahead. I love doing that because it's more time consuming. It never gets old. You can go into a raid and just run in, or you can plan it carefully and kill every mob and every boss. I don't like going in full strength. For me that is a big waste of time and very unfulfilling. You will die a lot more doing that unless you have some massive people in your group with elite items. I like running raids with strong and new people. New people get a sense of the thrill and the older, stronger people get the items. Of course the new people get items too, but i like it when everything is shared. When i hit a certain level and able to solo raids, i love running people through them. For money, quests, items, whatever it is. I accomplish something for myself and for that person or whomever is going. You also get a sense of respect from that. I don't ask for money, or anything in value. I usually do it in free time, when i get bored of grinding/questing.

When i'm at a lower level state. I always wonder what higher levels will be like. Same thing? Whole different game? That is what usually keeps me going. What is the next step on my path? What is down the road ten levels away? Thinking ahead is a good and bad thing for me. I think ahead for some insight of what is to come, but i also get anxious and just want to be that level already. Which is bad, i don't have much patience which is sad. I wonder if that high level guy in that town will be me in a couple of weeks. I love looking at a person's items. Wondering how he got it that way, how much damage it will do. How is it in pvp? PvE? Wishing i had those items, maybe i would be as kick-ass as that guy or gal. When i get into a guild, i love helping people obtain wishes and dreams. Getting that quest done, getting that item. Obtaining this title. Vice versa. I love receiving help. Most games you cannot complete just soloing it. There will be times you need help. Guilds are always a good resource. Half of the time, you are going to meet some kick-ass people, and enjoy the game even more. It also gives you a chance to see yourself. New people join, asking all these questions, and for once you see yourself and what you were like in the beginning. I always hate people who get annoyed with new kids on the block. We were all new at the game once. We all asked for help, and the people we asked help for could have gotten annoyed at the same time. Very humbling experience for me.

PvP is very humbling for me. When i go into a Battle Ground, i always wait to see who i'm fighting. If i've fought them before, or completely new people. Getting tactics ready. My favorite is CTF. How to get the flag without dying, or how to get it back without getting murdered. I wonder how i will do it, if my teammates will heal me, or even protect me. Tactics is the best way i approach things. With mostly all aspects of gaming. I don't like going head strong. I'm more of a planner. Most people dislike that. I don't disagree with them. Haha. It gets very annoying but it always pays off in the end. No deaths, maximum rewards. I love making things worth it. Just not another raid. A whole new experience. Going different paths, different bosses, a new point point of view? Whoa, i'm rambling. Back to the point.

Wondering about games is good. How will it turn out, what happens when i hit max level? When i get into a guild, when i do this raid. Wondering about the future of the game your playing is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I always do it, to keep things good and interesting. Mmorpgs can be humbling and very mysterious. I hope they are for you all too. I hope you've enjoyed this well... Random read. See you all nex time!

Blog #2 The Hurt Process

Posted by Limitations Tuesday October 6 2009 at 11:16AM
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Once your join an mmorpg you find yourself wanting to enjoy it, sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. Most of my experiences i haven't enjoyed a lot of mmorpgs. Mostly because games are fresh out of ideas, or they are just not doing well with updates and such. For me i call that the "Hurt Process". Developers who don't update the game often, or even if they do it could hurt the game. I've seen a ton of games lose players over updates or lack of them. Every game at release has a lot of things to do. Quests, Raids, Professions, Etc. What happens when that is all over with? What if the player has completed every task, every raid, every class/race? Thats where updates come in. They add new features, replace old ones. Give new raids, make new classes. I would love to see more games implement more classes than anything. You can play a dozen different classes/races but still do the same quests and kill the same mobs. It just gets annoying. Well in my humble opinion anyways.

How do we fix that? Well we can't for the most part as the players. The developers have to see it for themselves. Most games have humans and elves and sometimes dwarfs. Where has that gotten us? Not far really. We do have some games that offer more than humans and dwarfs. Some have robots, or even dark elves! *Gasp*. I find that every game that has the same races or the same classes tend to get boring and when you play them for so long you start to wonder "Hmm... This is just like that one game i played". That has ran through my mind so many times it's not even funny. There are many ways to approach this situation in my mind. You can start off with one race at the start of the game and add more as they go. I find that very effective. Players will get used to one idea and then shift to another. Some might like it and some may hate it. It's all in aquired taste. I'm not saying this is the main problem with games the lack of classes and races. I'll get back to my main point.

Updates/Patches are essential to any game. They bring more life into the game. They bring more players with the updates. Adding new quests for certain levels, certain zones. Etc. I love when games will add certain zones for certain levels. Not raids to be exact. Let's say... From level 19-25 you go here, or... 30-40. You go here. Which is nice. Some lower level players might join the higher fields but most of the time you will see people of your own level. Which is good. I like playing with people my own level, gets the fun out because we have the same quests. Adding new skills is a good thing too. I get bored using "quick slash" or "Fireball". It gets old after awhile i have to admit. Spamming 1 or 2. Don't get me wrong i'm not saying all games have this problem, some do. I would love to see new and fresh ideas for skills and spells. Not the same routine every game. I mean yeah, fireball is a sweet move, but doesn't it get old after the 500th use? 

I learned with mmorpgs i give and take. Some things i dislike and some things i love. It's like a relationship sometimes. You hate some factors, but love some. You love the game, just hate being with it. I don't really trash certain games. I give my honest review of them, a fair one. I can't play a game for 10 minutes and say "Holy crap, this game sucks. I mean look at it". I can't do that. It's not fair to the game one bit. You have to give a game time and a little effort. People who trash the game after a few hours of play, i don't pay much attention too. They haven't let the game grow on them. You may like some things and hate another but you have to give and take. When i give an review of the game i give it 1-2 weeks. Then i review it for personal support. You may read the hype or reviews of the game and most of them have a sucky attitude. Who knows? You could try it and love it, or you could hate it. You never know until you give it a shot. Reviews and hype hurt the game as well. People can hype a game so much and play beta and go. "Whoa... the screenies and videos... looked way better". The hype that you gave that game is now gone. Your left with disappointment. Which always sucks. I try not to hype a game so much. I get excited and leave it at that for now. Until i play beta is when i really hype it cause i get a feel of things. Not just look at one video on youtube, or one screenshot of a website and go. "Holy crap, this will be epic!!!" Nah, can't do that. Because when we actually play it. It always changes. I hope there is one game that is flawed perfection. That is has everything that i want, but at the same time it doesn't. I want a game to have sweet features, but also some i don't like. I don't want a game that has everything i like. I'll play it too much, and get bored of it.

I hoped you enjoyed this read. Comments are always welcome! I'll be back friday with a new post!

Blog #1 To Plant A Seed

Posted by Limitations Thursday October 1 2009 at 6:13PM
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What makes a good mmorpg? Originality? Ideas? Company? Graphics? Community? How about all of the above? When i play a mmorpg i look for three major things. 1. Quality. 2. Quanity(Players). 3.Originality. I don't see much of number three anymore. I have to admit games have not catched me lately. I've been bored and very distraught. I first started playing mmorpgs about 6 years ago.Since then i've grown into bigger and better games. Some of those bigger and better games have not given me hope. I miss the old days of mmorpgs, everything was not as fancy as they are now. I use to the world colorful a lot when i describe certain games. Example: "Yeah, the game may be colorful, but how does it play?". Which is sad, 3-4 years ago i would have never asked myself that question.

Cloning is a big mess in today's games. A lot of people blame cloning for the downfall of games. In some ways i do and some ways i don't. Most of the time it is true mmorpgs mimic others. Like i said before number 3 isn't around anymore. I would love to see more originality in games. I may not like the whole game, but some ideas i like will make me stick around. When i first started playing games i tried to like the whole game. Not possible. I have to like certain aspects of the game to stick around. Liking the game as whole was way too hard for me. There is always something i will dislike in a game. No matter how small, or how big it is. I don't quit a game after the first ten levels. It's kind of a waste of time for me. I will download or buy a game. Play it till around level 20-30. Get a feel of all the games aspects and give myself an honest review. I used to look at games and say "Eww, graphics suck. Kk Thx Bye". That is a little unfair to the game. Every game deserves a shot. You never know what your going to get, or who your going too meet.

I have played games for years, and only a certain few have kept me hooked. One thing i like about mmorpgs are the communities. Well the good ones at least. A community is a big thing. If you go into a newbie zone, and people are talking trash about the game or another person, it sometimes ruins the game for you and other players. I can take trash talking, but sometimes it is a huge turn off. I have met some of my best friends during online play. Mostly through guilds, raidings and sometimes even parties. Once you join a good guild/clan and your enjoying it. Odds are you will have more fun in the game rather than being alone. That is a huge case for me. I love soloing, adore it. Even sometimes a man needs to party and help each other out. Though i must say, you must not let one person ruin a game for you. When your in some random area, and you want to party with a random player, and he/she shuts you down. You can't let that ruin a game. It's one player out of thousands online. You will eventually find someone you will enjoy gaming with. A guild is a huge support for you. Most of the time guilds are a important factor in games. Personally i like smaller guilds(50-80 People). Now don't get me wrong, i have been in huge guilds before. I found it easier to party and raid with a smaller guild. Usually smaller guilds are a lot closer due to the fact of small numbers. Large guilds can be close, but i always found most people are confused about who they are talking too, or get lost in the amount of players.

Why i named my first blog post "To Plant A Seed" is because the first 20-30 levels of a mmorpg is crucial to the players. Some games have lower level raids (19-25.) So even at a low level you can feel what a raid is like. Some players don't give a game a good enough try to make it. Even i when i tested out games i quit at such low levels, i hardly even knew what the game was truly about. I'm not really into "colorful" games i'm into more originality and gameplay. For me gameplay can make or break a game into pieces. I can do so many quests in so much time, but after awhile i look at the screen, and scream "Why am i going to this npc again? Or... Why do i have to kill bunnies again?" When i just did five minutes ago for the same NPC. I can grind for so long before throwing the mouse or keyboard around trying to figure out what to do next. Yeah, there is a lot more to do in mmorpgs than grind for sure, but how do i use them wisely? I asked myself that a lot trying to figure out what to do after grind has wasted my brain. Professions, raiding, community can all help grinding. I found out just going into major cities or towns and just releasing some stress, auctions, meeting new people, pvp, etc has helped me cope with grinding. It kills time, and when you go back to the grinding you won't be used to it, or even if you are, it is not as bad since you took a break.

You will see more blog posts weekly here at Hope you've enjoyed this!