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Author: Limitations

A Change of Pace

Posted by Limitations Wednesday September 9 2015 at 7:23PM
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I’ll be honest, I have been doing all of this for a long time, and you know it’s really gotten a lot of fun in the past couples of months. Been posting more and more, and really get the quality of my content up there. (Of course, it’s far from perfect.) So, I’ve been thinking to myself a lot recently, on what I could do to really up my game, or a change of pace (See what I did thar!?) I want to spice things up…

I won’t be changing the name of the blog, or anything like that. What is going to change is how I put out content. I’ve always liked longer posts…4-5 pages of content. I know I usually don’t do that, but I think that is going to change. I’m going to now do episodic content. They will be spaced out more, and will have vastly more content to them. What does this exactly mean though? I will be continuing the series I am on now, and starting a new one. The newest one will bring in the new change of episodic content.

The posts will be spaced out more timewise. This gives me the chance to play the game at the pace I would like to, and then talk about it in the pace I would like to as well. Huge read, and lots of fun stuff to talk about. I think the biggest reason I am changing this is because I am often writing about it too much that I lose the fun factor on playing the game. I know that sounds very strange, but that is just how it is for me. Laugh all you want. (Please don’t.) You can expect 1 or 2 monthly posts and the length of 5-6 pages of content.

I’m working on how to format all of this so it’s readable and not very boring. Even I have a short attention span at times and don’t want to read wall after wall of text. I’m continually looking into how to format the new stuff better to make it more readable and enjoyable. Wish me luck on that. I really think this is a change I need to make just to make myself a better writer and overall just a more enjoyable experience.

That’s all in the realm of writing though, what else is going to happen? I’ve been trying out streaming stuff with different software and hardware. I had to contact my ISP and had them give me the best of the best they offer, and I saw a huge improvement of quality. Hopefully with all of the successful changes to the stream, I can start streaming PC games instead of just PS4 games like I have been doing. As much as I think I would enjoy video reviews, I am too self conscious about my voice and how well I would perform.

I know I would literally just be talking to my computer while doing the review, but something about posting my voice on the interwebs just irks me the wrong way… I am too self conscious maybe? Probably. I am my own worst enemy am I right? It’s funny, because streaming is just fine, I talk and crack jokes, but when it comes to serious time, I don’t think I could. Isn’t that strange? I guess I am odd like that. I often wonder if I would good at that kind of stuff or not. It doesn’t even have to be a review, it could just be what I am doing now just in video form. Who knows, maybe I’ll give it a shot down the road.

Unique names. When I first started every blog would have a very unique name, and wouldn’t pertain to the game I was talking about. Often odd phrases I would hear, or cool song names that I liked at the time. I’ve become more mainstream with my names and such. I.E “Tamriel Unlimited!” It’s not unique, but people know what game I am talking about, you know? I kind of want to get back to my old roots and find those unique names but try to involve the game I am playing. I.E “Swords, Diet Coke, and Elder Scrolls.” Something like that would be cool to do on a regular basis. Just become me again when it comes to names. (You have no idea how important titles are to me, just don’t think about it too hard or you brain might hurt!)

At first I thought I wanted/needed to spew out more content at a faster pace, but deep down I really just needed to space it out, and do more during the posts. Instead of 1-3 pages, it’ll be 5-6. or maybe even more depending on my writing mood. I sort of feel like I’ve cheated you all in a way thought. I’ve talked about this before how I would randomly stop talking about a certain game because of X reason, or Y reason. That really needs to stop and I need to stick to my guns on what I promised/said I was going to do.

I change my mind more than my girlfriend does with her shoes… It really effects my morale because I said I would write so much about the game, and for some God forsaken reason I don’t because I am a wimp. Maybe wimp isn’t a good word, but it gets the point across. Take for example: The Secret World. Play it every day for about 4-5 hours, and stopped talking about it. Why? I don’t think even God knows why I did. I play it more than any other game currently, but refuse to talk about it more. Maybe that’ll change…

I did get a message from someone asking for me to talk about it more, maybe it’s a sign... Who knows? I think I really need this change overall. I honestly haven’t bored myself to tears with how I do everything now, but I think it’s time to spice things up to get me motivated to do more things. I hope many of you will enjoy the change as well, and hopefully really dig longer posts. I know I will enjoy writing them, like I have always. I really just need to keep to my word and not let myself get discouraged over small insignificant things. Referring to The Secret World…

Just to recap, I think this change will be positive for the blog overall, and you will see better, longer content in the weeks/months to come. I will of course take feedback on formatting and everything else so it’s a smoother reading experience for you all. I don’t want your eyes to bleed, nor do I want mine to bleed either… I’ll do my best for the first time around to be the best. I’m really trying hard on this, and I hope all my efforts pay off.

Also, would any of you want a game to come back to be talked about? I mentioned before I got a message about The Secret World. Would you guys like to see that game talked about again, or any other game? I really want you guys to have an input on the games I play. It can be any game I’ve talked about, or haven’t talked about, just please let me know. Thanks again for reading the changes to come, and I will see you all in the next post. Cheers! writes:
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