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Author: Limitations

ArcheAge [P3] [Final]

Posted by Limitations Tuesday September 23 2014 at 10:24PM
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Note: Since this will be the last post, and since it was a short series... This post will be a longer one than previous. I will try to make it as bearable as possible. I promise.

I don't think I'm ending this series prematurely, and I will go over why I think so later in the post, it will be spread throughout the post, so I hope you all can follow along. I honestly didn't expect to even play this game, with it being free to play and all. The "Plague" has surely ended up in this game, and has grown a ton. I told you all before, that I play on the server Ollo. Even with the character creation restrictions, the plague is still huge there. I actually had to switch servers to play with a buddy, and it was there even! Not as bad, but still... It reminds me why I prefer sub games. The plague can still exist in sub games, but aren't there as much. You know? The game was hyped a lot as all of us know, whether people think it will be the savior of MMORPGs, The WoW Killer, or whatever it is. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not. "You don't know that, you didn't make it till end game!". True story. I did not give up on the game as quickly as some people do. I did give it a fair chance in my eyes.

It is defiantly a decent free to play games. It might be the more popular ones of the Market right now I'm sure. Going back to over hyping of the game, it's a cruel mistress when it back fires. Of course I followed the hype, but never believed in it. The game was meant to be like this, or do this, but it doesn't. The game really just fell flat in certain areas that I deemed more important to me as player, than other things that I found more fun. I'm a picky player, as we all are. One player might like this more than another, and not like this much as the next guy. I haven't even reflected on the launch side of the game yet, I will eventually get there. One thing at a time with the game, ha. To the people who think I am ending this series prematurely, and thinking that I really did give up on the game to early. I don't feel sorry in the slightest, as harsh as that truly sounds.

The game didn't hit me in the sweet spots. It didn't bring back old feelings, or anything like that. One player was telling us in faction chat that it felt like old Vanilla World Of Warcraft. Only if it did that for me, but it doesn't. I honestly didn't even expect it to, so I am not sad it didn't. Remember, I did not have high expectations for this game, I was gifted this game, and didn't have any plans for playing the free to play release... Since I was gifted the game, I felt obligated to play the game. The room for improvement is vast in this game, and I could say that about any game, but we are focusing on this right now. One of the problems with this subject is that Trion is just the publisher, like I've talked about before. Before the new content hits, it has to go through a process of translation, and etc. (I Don't know the full details). Along with new patches, content, or however you want to put it, there will be bugs.

I have a huge fear with this game, that it will eventually be overwhelmingly plagued with bugs, and the fixes won't come fast enough. Due to Trion being the publisher, and not the developer. Who knows, maybe XL Games doesn't like how Trion is running things so far, we don't know. What is exactly my point for all of this? I've seen many games that have oversea developers, just fall behind in content, and plagued with bugs. No game deserves that treatment. I hope quality things come from XL, and is easily converted to the Trion servers. I always hope for the best for games, even when I don't play them.

To expand on this some more, we all know how the launch has been going for ArcheAge. Some people have re-named it to QueAge. Funny enough, it's true. Que times, bots, afkers have plagued the game so far. I've waited my fair share of time in the Que to play the game. Granted I've played Dota, or Hearthstone while in Que so I wasn't just staring at my screen watching the numbers go up and down. Yes, they have gone up on me. Trion has added additional servers since the launch, but even they have ques now. So, what does launch mean for any game? To give an example: FFXIV. FFXIV had a pretty bad launch. I tried to repress some of the launch woes, but it happened. People couldn't enter the servers, couldn't play.

I expect the worst when launch happens for any game. Servers can't handle the amount of people, bugs, can't enter the game, whatever it may be... It happens. Launch can make or break a game. We've seen it happened. Will it break this game? I don't think so, because it's a free to play game, with a higher production. (Higher production to me at least). So, it's going to a very popular game, because of the hype, and whatever. Launch will break it for some people, and some will stick it out, and bless the people who do. I think after all the woes, the game will just be okay. They probably won't have to drop any servers, they may have to add some, who knows. The FFXIV launch did not break the game for me, It's just different for everyone.

The final subject I would like to talk about, and it isn't talk as much as before, but I think it'd be a nice finisher to this. Pay To Win. Oh god, how could I talk about this? Well suck it up, it's happening. Sorry! Is this game pay to win? With how labor works, and things like that... I feel like the game is pay to have things done. Which to me, is not pay to win. Pay to win, is really subjective. Everyone has a different opinion on this, whether we are talking about this game or another. The labor system I do not like, but it's there for a reason. I believe the game was actually meant for the sub model? (I could be wrong). My verdict on the game is not pay to win, again it's subjective.

All in all, I would give this game a 6.5/10. I hate the scoring system, but eh... Might as well use it. I hope you enjoyed this last post. Maybe it wasn't as long as the previous, but I'm just tired at the moment, and this part of my MMO journey is over! If you would like to talk about Archeage, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!