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Author: Limitations

ArcheAge [P2]

Posted by Limitations Monday September 22 2014 at 12:52AM
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I think I should rename the title to QueAge, but I think that joke is a little bland, and old. From the massive posts from various forums, even on the main website, the game is hitting some really tough times. I mean sure, it's in the first week of launch, but I think Trion miscalculated. The debate I run into with this game is this... "Well, there wasn't enough servers" "Well, once the hype dies down, some servers will be ghost towns". I mean look what happened to Wildstar, they are switching to the Mega Server tech.

I have battled the Que times, and have successfully played on on the server I first chose, (Ollo). Luckily I haven't run into any disconnects so far, so I consider myself very lucky, but the free to play community has plagued this game. Now before I make any rash stereotypes, which I will, because that's just how it is, I want to say... I don't care. Harsh eh? Anyways, what I mean by this is, the "Plague" is the constant "Want to cyber" chat in faction, shout, and even Trial chat. Now even in pay to play games you have this, we've all been there, done that, and seen it. There is just more of it because the game is really popular right now, and it is kind of fun. One of things I've done to combat this is join a guild. I've been through many guilds, and I've found a reasonably mature guild. So I can ignore the faction chat/others for the majority of my time.

The "Plague" can be funny at times, we do have the one liners, and the funny people, and at times I will join in, if I find that I can add to the comedy. Most of the time it's like how I just explained. I haven't played a free to play game in a long time, well... I don't count Rift because I paid for the Patron. (I think I should count it, but I didn't play it as a free player". Most of my time I've spent on the newer released games. So, how does the "Plague" affect my game play, and should it even affect it? No, it shouldn't, but it does. It's an annoyance to me which I wish I didn't have to see. "Yo, man, just ignore it". Ignore the people? Ignore the whole channel? Sooner or later my list is going to be full, and I'm just going to get more and more annoyed with it.

I guess it's the little things that bug man, then the things that bother people. I don't care for the bugs or what not, I care about this you know? I'm an odd duckling, I hope most of you have realized this by now, but that's just how I am. ACCEPT ME FOR ME MAN. So, after getting past that, and you know... Playing the game. What do I actually think of the game play, mechanics. I've touched on it before. I was a little harsh I felt on the first/previous post, and I've already complained in this one, so I would like to take some time to talk about what I do like about the game, and what I find really fun.

Gliding: I've touched on this before, but damn man, it is fun to Glide around, and just do that. It's a great distraction from the grind of questing. The questing in the game is the same ol "Quest hubs". If you disagree, I am sorry but that is how I feel it is. I mean we have the quests that you find after killing something the "Hidden" quests, that you just finish when you find it. Gliding has been a very fun, and cool thing to do. Find some epic spots, and just go for a ride.

Crafting: I've dabbled a lot into the crafting. (For the amount of time I've been able to play). For me, most of the games I haven't even touched crafting. The games I have is basically World Of Warcraft, and Elder Scrolls Online. I do like the crafting in the game, and the quests/story, however you want to put it, has you find some materials and craft some better loot. (Unless you find some sweet epic drops).

Randomness: The best example I can give for this, is pretty much this... I was questing in an area with lots of people, and there was elite mob, you could say that was a level 30. People we're going in guns blazing trying to solo it, and people just got wrecked. In faction/shout chat people were forming a raid for this, I was like "Eh, why not" joined the raid, and we went TO KILL THE DRAGON THING. Many of us died trying, and about thirty minutes of the epic fight, the beast was defeated... What did we get? Nothing. For me though, that wasn't the point, the point was people go into this raid, quit questing, or whatever they were doing and went to kill this beast.

It was a blast even if we didn't get anything epic out of it. Time well spent. Alas, everything isn't perfect in this game. There are still bugs, and most people are calling it QueAge. Some people say Trion is way over their heads. They did underestimate a lot of the popularity of the game. Maybe Trion wasn't he best company to oversee the publication for the US. Who knows? I do feel like most people are spending all of their time waiting to play the game than actually playing it.

My buddy is a free to play player, and has been waiting since the launch began for free players, and has played the game maybe about six hours, his wait time? Around 20. No joke. He's tried different times of the day, and when he finally got in, he was kicked around 2 hours in, and reque'd. My hope is defiantly they fix it. To combat my Que times, I play Dota 2, or HearthStone during my Que time. 3/4 of the time honestly I have given up, and just played something else. It's really a shame. They are"working" on it.

You all know how I feel about Trion Worlds, and how they run things. (I almost typed Ruin, instead of run). Maybe people are right, and the hype will die down, but will it die down because of how it's being run right now? A lot of people say the first impressions are the last, and some launches have doomed some MMORPGs. This post is a little jumbled so I apologize for that, but I do hope I get my point across.

If you want to talk about ArcheAge, leave a comment below or Tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!