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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

So... What's Going On?

Posted by Limitations Wednesday September 24 2014 at 10:49PM
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Sorry for posting a ton, but I've had a lot of spare time recently, and this is what I've chose to do.

This is just a small little update about what's going on with me, and moving forward with this blog. Funny enough, I do take this whole blog thing seriously here. I may not be perfect or the best, but I really do enjoy it. So, with the ArcheAge saga being over, what's going to be next here? Well, I am still playing Wildstar, but I am waiting for the Mega Servers to take affect before I continue on with that series. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about that game. I still have some drafts in the works, and it will be finalized when the mega servers go live. I've gotten some messages, and tweets about what game I should play next, and if I'm going to break away from MMOs, and do single player game reviews. I don't really feel the need/want to review single player games, I like how I do things now.

I do not talk about Dota 2 here as well, I do briefly talk about it in some of the posts here, but MOBA thing isn't a thing I want to talk about, I have enough content to talk about it, but it's more about balancing, and things of that nature. Theory crafting if you will.  I have played a ton of games here, and talked about the majority of them. A lot of the unreleased MMOs, I haven't talked about, because I am not excited for them. I'm not in any early access games, or kickstarters either. So my content sheet right now is a little dry. I was going to ask you all, what you would like to see me play, or talk more of. There is still Guild Wars 2, EvE, and a bunch of MMORPGs I'm willing to try for you all, if you want to hear my opinion about them.

It doesn't matter if it's sub or free to play, depending on how I like it, is how many posts there will be about it. I think the longest running one I have written is probably SWTOR, or ESO. God damn, I did enjoy me some SWTOR. Even if you would like me to go back to previous games, and have be do like a rundown of what's changed, and what I like about it... Don't be afraid to ask or anything. I still have a ton of gaming time, even with school and work.

The last thing I would like to update you guys on, is my twitch channel. (Shameless advertising ahead). It's been operational for awhile, and I'm going to stream hopefully on a daily basis soon, and start doing like video reviews while I play the game. I think that will be something I would enjoy, and would be easier for people to look, rather than read you know this massive posts like you are. Depending if I like it more than I do writing, you could see more video content rather than word content. Please, let me know if you like me to review any game, or just talk about it. Leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

Update: I've gotten some tweets/messages stating people would like to see a review of TERA. I'm actually looking into that right now, and see if I should give it a go. Downloading the game over night while researching. Will likely be doing that. I know it's a game that has been ported to the NA by En Masse. So, we shall see where it takes us.

Update 2: Destiny will be the next game to be reviewed... Stay tuned!

ArcheAge [P3] [Final]

Posted by Limitations Tuesday September 23 2014 at 10:24PM
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Note: Since this will be the last post, and since it was a short series... This post will be a longer one than previous. I will try to make it as bearable as possible. I promise.

I don't think I'm ending this series prematurely, and I will go over why I think so later in the post, it will be spread throughout the post, so I hope you all can follow along. I honestly didn't expect to even play this game, with it being free to play and all. The "Plague" has surely ended up in this game, and has grown a ton. I told you all before, that I play on the server Ollo. Even with the character creation restrictions, the plague is still huge there. I actually had to switch servers to play with a buddy, and it was there even! Not as bad, but still... It reminds me why I prefer sub games. The plague can still exist in sub games, but aren't there as much. You know? The game was hyped a lot as all of us know, whether people think it will be the savior of MMORPGs, The WoW Killer, or whatever it is. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not. "You don't know that, you didn't make it till end game!". True story. I did not give up on the game as quickly as some people do. I did give it a fair chance in my eyes.

It is defiantly a decent free to play games. It might be the more popular ones of the Market right now I'm sure. Going back to over hyping of the game, it's a cruel mistress when it back fires. Of course I followed the hype, but never believed in it. The game was meant to be like this, or do this, but it doesn't. The game really just fell flat in certain areas that I deemed more important to me as player, than other things that I found more fun. I'm a picky player, as we all are. One player might like this more than another, and not like this much as the next guy. I haven't even reflected on the launch side of the game yet, I will eventually get there. One thing at a time with the game, ha. To the people who think I am ending this series prematurely, and thinking that I really did give up on the game to early. I don't feel sorry in the slightest, as harsh as that truly sounds.

The game didn't hit me in the sweet spots. It didn't bring back old feelings, or anything like that. One player was telling us in faction chat that it felt like old Vanilla World Of Warcraft. Only if it did that for me, but it doesn't. I honestly didn't even expect it to, so I am not sad it didn't. Remember, I did not have high expectations for this game, I was gifted this game, and didn't have any plans for playing the free to play release... Since I was gifted the game, I felt obligated to play the game. The room for improvement is vast in this game, and I could say that about any game, but we are focusing on this right now. One of the problems with this subject is that Trion is just the publisher, like I've talked about before. Before the new content hits, it has to go through a process of translation, and etc. (I Don't know the full details). Along with new patches, content, or however you want to put it, there will be bugs.

I have a huge fear with this game, that it will eventually be overwhelmingly plagued with bugs, and the fixes won't come fast enough. Due to Trion being the publisher, and not the developer. Who knows, maybe XL Games doesn't like how Trion is running things so far, we don't know. What is exactly my point for all of this? I've seen many games that have oversea developers, just fall behind in content, and plagued with bugs. No game deserves that treatment. I hope quality things come from XL, and is easily converted to the Trion servers. I always hope for the best for games, even when I don't play them.

To expand on this some more, we all know how the launch has been going for ArcheAge. Some people have re-named it to QueAge. Funny enough, it's true. Que times, bots, afkers have plagued the game so far. I've waited my fair share of time in the Que to play the game. Granted I've played Dota, or Hearthstone while in Que so I wasn't just staring at my screen watching the numbers go up and down. Yes, they have gone up on me. Trion has added additional servers since the launch, but even they have ques now. So, what does launch mean for any game? To give an example: FFXIV. FFXIV had a pretty bad launch. I tried to repress some of the launch woes, but it happened. People couldn't enter the servers, couldn't play.

I expect the worst when launch happens for any game. Servers can't handle the amount of people, bugs, can't enter the game, whatever it may be... It happens. Launch can make or break a game. We've seen it happened. Will it break this game? I don't think so, because it's a free to play game, with a higher production. (Higher production to me at least). So, it's going to a very popular game, because of the hype, and whatever. Launch will break it for some people, and some will stick it out, and bless the people who do. I think after all the woes, the game will just be okay. They probably won't have to drop any servers, they may have to add some, who knows. The FFXIV launch did not break the game for me, It's just different for everyone.

The final subject I would like to talk about, and it isn't talk as much as before, but I think it'd be a nice finisher to this. Pay To Win. Oh god, how could I talk about this? Well suck it up, it's happening. Sorry! Is this game pay to win? With how labor works, and things like that... I feel like the game is pay to have things done. Which to me, is not pay to win. Pay to win, is really subjective. Everyone has a different opinion on this, whether we are talking about this game or another. The labor system I do not like, but it's there for a reason. I believe the game was actually meant for the sub model? (I could be wrong). My verdict on the game is not pay to win, again it's subjective.

All in all, I would give this game a 6.5/10. I hate the scoring system, but eh... Might as well use it. I hope you enjoyed this last post. Maybe it wasn't as long as the previous, but I'm just tired at the moment, and this part of my MMO journey is over! If you would like to talk about Archeage, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

ArcheAge [P2]

Posted by Limitations Monday September 22 2014 at 12:52AM
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I think I should rename the title to QueAge, but I think that joke is a little bland, and old. From the massive posts from various forums, even on the main website, the game is hitting some really tough times. I mean sure, it's in the first week of launch, but I think Trion miscalculated. The debate I run into with this game is this... "Well, there wasn't enough servers" "Well, once the hype dies down, some servers will be ghost towns". I mean look what happened to Wildstar, they are switching to the Mega Server tech.

I have battled the Que times, and have successfully played on on the server I first chose, (Ollo). Luckily I haven't run into any disconnects so far, so I consider myself very lucky, but the free to play community has plagued this game. Now before I make any rash stereotypes, which I will, because that's just how it is, I want to say... I don't care. Harsh eh? Anyways, what I mean by this is, the "Plague" is the constant "Want to cyber" chat in faction, shout, and even Trial chat. Now even in pay to play games you have this, we've all been there, done that, and seen it. There is just more of it because the game is really popular right now, and it is kind of fun. One of things I've done to combat this is join a guild. I've been through many guilds, and I've found a reasonably mature guild. So I can ignore the faction chat/others for the majority of my time.

The "Plague" can be funny at times, we do have the one liners, and the funny people, and at times I will join in, if I find that I can add to the comedy. Most of the time it's like how I just explained. I haven't played a free to play game in a long time, well... I don't count Rift because I paid for the Patron. (I think I should count it, but I didn't play it as a free player". Most of my time I've spent on the newer released games. So, how does the "Plague" affect my game play, and should it even affect it? No, it shouldn't, but it does. It's an annoyance to me which I wish I didn't have to see. "Yo, man, just ignore it". Ignore the people? Ignore the whole channel? Sooner or later my list is going to be full, and I'm just going to get more and more annoyed with it.

I guess it's the little things that bug man, then the things that bother people. I don't care for the bugs or what not, I care about this you know? I'm an odd duckling, I hope most of you have realized this by now, but that's just how I am. ACCEPT ME FOR ME MAN. So, after getting past that, and you know... Playing the game. What do I actually think of the game play, mechanics. I've touched on it before. I was a little harsh I felt on the first/previous post, and I've already complained in this one, so I would like to take some time to talk about what I do like about the game, and what I find really fun.

Gliding: I've touched on this before, but damn man, it is fun to Glide around, and just do that. It's a great distraction from the grind of questing. The questing in the game is the same ol "Quest hubs". If you disagree, I am sorry but that is how I feel it is. I mean we have the quests that you find after killing something the "Hidden" quests, that you just finish when you find it. Gliding has been a very fun, and cool thing to do. Find some epic spots, and just go for a ride.

Crafting: I've dabbled a lot into the crafting. (For the amount of time I've been able to play). For me, most of the games I haven't even touched crafting. The games I have is basically World Of Warcraft, and Elder Scrolls Online. I do like the crafting in the game, and the quests/story, however you want to put it, has you find some materials and craft some better loot. (Unless you find some sweet epic drops).

Randomness: The best example I can give for this, is pretty much this... I was questing in an area with lots of people, and there was elite mob, you could say that was a level 30. People we're going in guns blazing trying to solo it, and people just got wrecked. In faction/shout chat people were forming a raid for this, I was like "Eh, why not" joined the raid, and we went TO KILL THE DRAGON THING. Many of us died trying, and about thirty minutes of the epic fight, the beast was defeated... What did we get? Nothing. For me though, that wasn't the point, the point was people go into this raid, quit questing, or whatever they were doing and went to kill this beast.

It was a blast even if we didn't get anything epic out of it. Time well spent. Alas, everything isn't perfect in this game. There are still bugs, and most people are calling it QueAge. Some people say Trion is way over their heads. They did underestimate a lot of the popularity of the game. Maybe Trion wasn't he best company to oversee the publication for the US. Who knows? I do feel like most people are spending all of their time waiting to play the game than actually playing it.

My buddy is a free to play player, and has been waiting since the launch began for free players, and has played the game maybe about six hours, his wait time? Around 20. No joke. He's tried different times of the day, and when he finally got in, he was kicked around 2 hours in, and reque'd. My hope is defiantly they fix it. To combat my Que times, I play Dota 2, or HearthStone during my Que time. 3/4 of the time honestly I have given up, and just played something else. It's really a shame. They are"working" on it.

You all know how I feel about Trion Worlds, and how they run things. (I almost typed Ruin, instead of run). Maybe people are right, and the hype will die down, but will it die down because of how it's being run right now? A lot of people say the first impressions are the last, and some launches have doomed some MMORPGs. This post is a little jumbled so I apologize for that, but I do hope I get my point across.

If you want to talk about ArcheAge, leave a comment below or Tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

ArcheAge [P1]

Posted by Limitations Sunday September 14 2014 at 4:15AM
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Note: I was gifted this game, I did buy into the head start. I also did not play in any of the beta events. None.

I kind of told myself I would not write about this game, I was gifted the game, and played it, and I decided to give my two cents about the game. I fear the fan boys, but whatever... After downloading, and installing the game, knowing it was the first day of the head start, I assumed the worst... What did I run into? Well, massive Que times, and bugs. If you are a reader, you know how I feel about Trion Worlds. All the servers had a massive Que time to get into the game. I believe I waited an hour before I actually got in? I did however tinker with the character creation, and I did enjoy what I could get out of it. You can make some rather... Interesting looking people. The Que time didn't really bother me, I just put the game into windowed mode, and played some HearthStone while waiting. No big deal. After an hour past, we got into the game...

I've watched a few videos on the game I will tell you that, but nothing truly impressed me. Did the Game Play impress me? Well, yes and no. The game is not as refreshing as many people said it would be. I did enjoy how the game looked and felt. The game wasn't crashing, I wasn't having massive FPS issues, the game ran well rather well. I do like how the game sort of just helps you into all the aspects of the game. Mounts Land & Sea, Housing, Gliders. (I do love my Glider). I did spent a good 45 minutes just gliding around... Not going to lie. Anyways, back to the point, I'll get back to that later on. The game has the standard story lines, and then the "Quest hubs". I don't mind, a lot of people said it wasn't as Sandbox as many people led me on to believe. I don't mind. I mean it was the standard kill X those, find X this, but I do like the little twists they put on the quest. You can tell them in early, and get less rewards, etc.

Here was my main complaint, and which had me mumbling to myself some nasty words. First come first serve. Now, you'd think I would be used to this, but it's still so annoying. So, what am I talking about? So, I'm on a quest, kill X monster. Well, I didn't get to this monster first (I didn't hit it first), the person who did hit it first gets credit. God, how annoying. Now, because it's the first/second day of the head start, there is a TON OF PEOPLE. People who are currently playing the game, will understand my pain. Yah know? Now the respawn rate wasn't that bad, so it was okay, but with an overwhelming amount of people doing the same quest, that respawn rate doesn't matter as much anymore. So, luckily I have a lot of patience, so I got through it. but it's like this... It's annoying, and I dislike it.

So the whole gliding thing is fun, like I stated before, I spent around 45 minutes just gliding, and messing around with my horse. I still haven't gotten the full hang of it all, but it's fun, and it's a nice distraction from the daily grind. I think the game has a lot of distractions, and side attractions from you know the base MMO aspects. Which is why people call it Sandbox? I'm not sure. Most of the side attractions I did, while messing around with the game was fun. Going over all my skills, what my character can and cannot do. So it's sort of different from an average MMO. I know i'm not going into detail, and I apologize for that.

Before I end this post, I would like to address my main concern about the game. XL Games, and Trion Worlds. Why? Well, to get the point, for me I am used to be the game being developed and published by the same people. I.E World Of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, and Wildstar. There is a bug that needs to be fixed? We can hot fix it. Since Trion Worlds is the North American Publisher, and XL Games in the Developer, there won't be those hot fixes, as fast as other games. I could be proven wrong, maybe there is something that is going down to fix that. From past experiences, there has ALWAYS been a delay on that, and there are some very annoying quest bugs that I have encountered so far.

Ugh, I'm sorry I'm whining a lot in this post, I'll tone it down for the next post, I'm very tired. I apologize fan boys, but I would love to hear from you all, if you are playing in the Head start, or just want to talk about ArcheAge, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SIrIsaacJewton Cheers!