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Author: Limitations

Blog #57 The Final Fantasy XIV Effect, Part II

Posted by Limitations Sunday September 8 2013 at 5:01PM
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Oh boy, oh boy, it' been an amazing week for gaming. FINALLY, Square Enix has fixed their servers, and we are logging in without issues. Their are still restrictions on some servers that characters cannot be made on certain servers, but they change in time. Luckily, I was able to make my character on the server I am on! (Behemoth). Let me tell you something, I am addicted to this game, more than ever. The questing, the animations, and the music is so amazing. Usually, I listen to my music while I game, but this game... I love how the music changes, and it's just so beautiful. The scenery is amazing as well, it really is breathtaking. Of course, I love the game play, and the combat system. It's overall a very polished game, I think. Sure, the server problem was a huge setback, but as they promised, they have fixed it, and we are able to login and play, and to me, that's what is important. Digital sales, are still down I believe, Amazon had a quick run at it, but it didn't last long. Like I said in my last post, I got the last physical copy in my area, which I am sooo thankful for.

There is no date when they will make digital sales available again, but keep trying your local stores if you are interested in the game. The community in this game, well at least on my server is very welcoming, and extremely nice. I actually WANT to log on and play because of how nice people are. My FC, which is basically a guild for people who don't know. FC= Free Company, are extremely nice people, and even random people are very helpful. Dungeons are actually fun, and crafting does not feel like a chore, or a job within the game. My craft actually helps my class make weapons, and armor, which is very helpful, and it does not bore me to craft, isn't that awesome? I'm saying all these nice things of the game, because it is truly wonderful. I have yet to come to one thing were I am like, this is stupid, and it shouldn't be in the game. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I cannot wait to play more, and more. 

People are still debating whether or not the game should have been free to play or not, I think this game is worth the sub. It's polished, and it really brings that Final Fantasy feeling. I am going to pay the monthly sub, because I think this game is actually worth the sub. I don't think it should be free to play in all honesty, and I have played many F2P mmo's in my day, and I'm glad for once, I am subbing to a game. I am not looking to cause a huge debate in all of this, these are just my opinions on it. I think it's worth the sub, and I am going to be playing this game for a long time, I promise you that.

I've been playing Final Fantasy games since I was born, all of them, and this game really brings the feeling you get when you play one of them. You can delve into the story lines, and fall in love with some of the people you meet along the way. You get interested in what is going on. I've found myself reading a lot of the quest texts to know what is going on, and I never read the quest texts. I am truly involved with the universe this game brings, and I really like exploring in the game. The game is truly beautiful.

I play on the Behemoth server, and if you are on that server, my IGN is Jace Beleren, hit me up sometime! Cheers mates!