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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #39 With Roots Above and Branches Below

Posted by Limitations Friday September 24 2010 at 9:48PM
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I want this blog to be more of a rant, than anything, so be prepared for some hardcore ranting going on here. Remember a time, when gaming used to be about the fun, or in another way to put it... Remember when music had some passion in it, and not justin bieber? Honestly, it's becoming sickening. I love playing games, so does my woman, it's just like our bonding thing. It's how we release stress. I go to work, i have to deal with crap all day, what do i want to do? Game. When i play an mmorpg, i feel like it's a second job, i grind, and grind, i do the same exact crap, i do in my job every day. When did my mmo, become my second job? Yes, i get that people invest a lot of time into mmorpgs, and so do I, but i want to be fun more than stressful. As a matter of fact, i don't want it to be stressful at all. People can't seem to figure out the right formula for anything. I have more fun playing old Final Fantasy titles, than playing the current mmorpg's released. "Now now DaKurlzz, be nice, it's only fair". How is it fair? I watch this website a lot, i mean... I Blog on this website a ton, and i see a lot of... "This game will flop". "Did this game disappoint anyone else?". There is a line between discussing, and flaming. I wish people would get that through their skulls, and just figure that out. I hate flaming games. If you have noticed, i rant a lot, but i never release game names, that is just not me. I will discuss why i don't like a certain game, but i will never truly flame a game. It may be the worst game every spawned into the mmorpg world, but that is no reason to hate it. A mmorpg took the life of one of my best friends, i still don't hate it. There is no real reason to hate an mmorpg, we just think there is. We may truly dislike the game, but i truly believe we don't hit the point where we hate it completely. I don't think i have ever really truly hated a game, i may have really really disliked it, but not hated it. I think that is something we need to learn as a whole. We shouldn't hate a game. People have put hard work into it, and we may not like it, we may not like how it looks, how it plays, but that doesn't give us the right to go on the forums, and be like "OMGWTFFAILGAME". When i see titles or posts that include hatred, i automatically do not believe a word that person has to say. You haven't truly explored the game, you haven't tried hard enough. Some mmorpgs i have seen, follow a story line, follow that... Maybe find something cool in that. Most games have more to offer than just questing, pvp, and grind. You just have to work for it. I wish i would have realized that a long time, and maybe i wouldn't be ranting so much now. I just didn't take the time... I didn't learn the patience it took to dive deep into games, and find what they are really about. I took a first glace, got to level 10, and made my decision there. The worst mistakes i have ever made in my life were giving a false judgement on a game.

I'm not saying it is easy to dive into games, by no means it is. It's hard. It takes practice, it takes effort, and most importantly it takes time. Time is a problem with some people, i've learned to just accept that as a problem, and try to make it easy to deal with. Give a game the time it takes, set your goals, and try to find something in that game that will make you like it. Not just give up within the first 30 minutes, and make a flame post that says "Unistalled within 30 minutes, stay away". I mean c'mon. Thirty minutes? Really? I don't think it could be that bad, maybe it's bad, but it can't be that bad. It's just a waste of your time to write that, and flame a game, you never gave a chance. Do some research before you download, so you know what your getting into. Most games are becoming free, or have a trial version of the game. Which is the beauty of it all. If someone writes a post saying... "Got the trial, went the whole time... Here's my opinions". Hell yeah i will defiantly read that. Because someone gave some effort, and had some patience, and dived deep into the game. That is what i am looking for... People can't seem to understand that concept, and just give up so quickly. It just makes me so angry. Game's deserve some sort of chance. I'm getting a headache from writing this, honestly. Haha. I think i will end my rant here, and try to calm myself down, and medicate this headache. Ranting is fun, but it's a head killer. You know, eventually i write about the good things about mmorpgs, but i really have more to write about when i rant, because i guess it's easier too, if you really think about it. Just think about this next time you want to try a game. Give it a damn chance, you won't get anywhere, if you don't... Just remember that next time you all try something new out. Take it from me, i wish i would have done that sooner than later.


Blog #38 Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together

Posted by Limitations Thursday September 23 2010 at 12:12AM
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As the title states, "Those who slay together, stay together". Which is true in every game, well most of them anyway. I've met some good friends in Runes Of Magic, and Heroes Of Newerth, and we still slay together. It's kind of like a bond of gamers. Every game has them, you just have to find those people whom to create that bond with. We all already have something in common, we play the game. I've talked about it so much in other post's i have done, that communities are so important. You have the good, and the bad. I go into a game looking for those few people that will change the game for me. I don't go looking for those people that have the hater attitude, because every game has those people. For me, it really depends what kind of mood i go into playing, if i have that "Omg, this day sucks, i hate life" attitude, i'm pretty sure my gaming day won't be any better, and the same goes for the opposite. We all control ourselves, and what we do, who we meet, and how we interact with people. I'm still playing Runes of magic, and having a blast leveling, and found my old guild from when the game first launched, and it's really fun playing with them again. It's those little things that make games great, yes, every game has has those "big, amazing" things, that people love, but for me, it's the tiny things that get me to play, that make the game different for me. I've found what i'm looking for in RoM, and i'm having a blast with it, anything wrong with that? I would really hope not. Of course, i have my issues with the game, i will defiantly tell all when i review the game in the upcoming weeks. (Trying to get into the higher levels, before i review anything). What i'm really trying to get into, is that the tiny things, the people, and everything tie together, when we try find our mmorpg. You can't really give the game ten levels, and call it quits, if i did that, i would have played every game on the market, and probably never play any mmorpg ever again, cause nothing wouild get accomplished. Usually i go to level 30-40, before i quit the game, because you can't get into the game really until those levels, raids, instances, pvp, whatever it is. You can't get those things at level 10, so when i read that is what people do, it just makes me want to post a rage post, and start a flame war. If you are one of those people, suck it up, and quest some more, do whatever it takes to get a complete, fair review. Not just "Just hit level 10, my personal review". I could go into the game, spend an hour, hit level 10, and get my opinion. Most people are looking for some sort of realistic point of view, not just the point of a newbie, who just hit level 10, and has traveled one map, and done 5 quests. It's a waste of time, and i find it a waste of their time too. Most people won't listen, but if you do congrats, but i personally don't.

I could be a little more nice, but i honestly don't think i could when it comes too that. There are more things i could rant about, but i think people are getting bored of me speaking the same thing over and over again, so we will switch subjects, and talk about my gaming life, which this is partly about, haha. Runes of magic is going great for me, i'm currently on the Artemis server, in-game name is Dakurlzz, i'm rolling a scout/rogue, and having a blast with it. They keep on releasing some great patchs, and some great additions to the game, helping newbies, and just trying to get more content into the game. I like what they are doing, i defiantly think they could improve in some ways, but i'll say my praise, and hates for later. It's going really good, my girl and i are enjoying it, if you wanna game with me, and play on that server, or even think of playing the game, hit me up, i'm always willing to meet new people, and create bonds, or even help out. I've done a lot of re-rolling, but i find my home at scout/rogue, i like it, it fits me, and i have a fun time questing, so what's not to love really? Apparently, i got a lot of emails stating that i was online in League Of Legends, no, my friend plays on my account, that was not me, sorry. I have it unistalled, and i do not play it anymore, like i've stated before i play Heroes Of Newerth, and i am also having a blast with that. Loving it, and i play about 3-4 hours of it a day. Depending on my girl, and life issues. So everything is going good for my side. Haha, really enjoying gaming for once, after a long break from actual mmorpgs. So, i am very happy with my current state.

Let's do something different, if your reading this, leave a comment, talk about what you play, why you play it, and what keeps you going. I really wanna hear your all's opinion, how you guys play, and what makes you happy. I wanna know different people's opinions, instead of reading just mine, or just post a comment, always reading, and always replying! Cheers!

Sorry, I deleted this blog, and i'm re-posting, sorry!