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Author: Limitations

My Hopes and Worries of Wildstar Free To Play

Posted by Limitations Wednesday August 19 2015 at 12:20AM
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So, the beta for Wildstar free to play is in closed beta. I have not tried out the new changes, I am just playing on the live servers for everything to be a surprise for me when it comes out. Like the title says, this is my hopes and worries when the transition arrives. It’s going to be in a list format so bare with me for awhile as we go through this list. Let’s start shall we?

The fall of the community: We all know what happens when any game converts to the free to play system… Sometimes the community goes down hill to gold spammers, jerks/trolls, and overall degrades the value of the game as a whole. I worry about this because i’ve seen it happen before, an amazing community destroyed by the free to play plague. Most of my readers know how much community affects how I perceive and play the game. I hope for the best but I am definitely preparing for the worst outcome possible.

Future content updates: I don’t want to see future updates lack the content as if it were a pay to play game. I don’t want all the updates to be about the cash shop and not actual in-game content. Playable content. We see countless times how the cash shop gets updated regularly and nothing else. I hope Carbine has seen this in past games, and seen how badly it gets receives and changes that format.

Lack of QoL changes: This could go into the future updates section, but I wanted to talk about this separately. As I’ve mentioned many, many, many times before… I want Wildstar to succeed in the MMO Market, I want it to thrive and have a ton of players, and just be an enjoyable experience for everyone. That is, if we lived in a perfect world, which we don’t. I want the game to improve monthly. I believe they said they would keep the pace of content updates every 3 months. Let’s keep the quality of life updates coming, along with the cash shop stuff. (We all know how much the cash shop will probably be updated, and added to).

I honestly beg of you Carbine, listen to the players, keep making this game awesome and don’t let greed push you around. Make this game what you want it to be, now some cash cow that you will give up on in six months. I have high hopes, and high expectations, and maybe I shouldn’t, but I am preparing for the worst, but let’s not make the nightmare come true… Please?

I love Wildstar, and I continue to sub to the game, and I see the potential it has to be an more amazing game than it already is…

My hopes for the game are less than my worries. My general hope is the game flourishes in players, and becomes popular. People will either stay as free to play, or sub to the game and enjoy all the wonderful content the game has to offer. I know a lot of people will try the game once free to play hits, but I want most of them to stay and see the potential the game has. Is that to much to ask for? I sincerely hope not. I’m not as skeptical as many others are, because I like Carbine and their staff (Even if Frost is no longer with them.) I want them to do well, and it’s like a broken record once again, but I really do…

This last message is to Carbine Studios directly. If any of the staff are reading this, please take this to heart…

I want your game to be as successful as many other MMORPGs. I want you to thrive with more of an amazing community, with a bigger player base. We want you to bring quality content to the game that leaves us wanting more and more. I don’t know what’s to much to ask for, so I guess i’ll just stop here. I’ve been a believer since day one, I know i’ve harped on a lot of your problems in the past, but let’s keep them in the past and focus on Wildstar’s bright future… As a long time lover of Wildstar and Carbine, please… Don’t mess this up.

Are you excited for the conversion of free to play? Please let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Thanks again for reading, and as always, I’ll see you in the next post!
Kyleran writes:

While I understand your trepidation at the influx of F2P gamers, and their impact to the greater community, keep in mind that along with the bad you will find far more good players to associate with, you'll just have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

True, you'll have to do a bit of work, but in the long run, having more good players join the game even though it will bring the bad is far better than having the game close down due to a lack of revenue and players.

Thu Aug 20 2015 7:38AM Report
gervaise1 writes:

This might be a valid topic if there was evidence of WS developing a stable community. NCSoft's quarterly reports clearly show that this didn't happen. Maybe 30k based on their last report and nothing to suggest the decline has stopped; throw in time zones, people not playing every day.

Tbh I am not sure there will be an influx of players - let alone enough players to "save" WS. People talk about SWTOR but more people bought SWTOR in the 6 months after its launch (2.4M) than signed up for it in the 6 months after it went f2p (2M). Going f2p guarantees nothing. Certainly didn't save CoH. 

Tue Aug 25 2015 3:36PM Report writes:
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