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Author: Limitations

To Heavensward![P2]

Posted by Limitations Friday August 14 2015 at 11:36PM
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Well, Warriors Of Light… I have made it. I’ve been playing non-stop and we’ve made it to Heavensward… After days of playing catch up and doing a TON of story quests and other missions, we have made it to Ishgard… What does that mean now? Well, I think I am going to take a route I’ve thought about doing since hitting Ishgard. I’m going to level my Dark Knight class to level 50, before I take on the storyline quests. I think it’ll be a refresher for me, and i’ll enjoy the content more doing it that way, plus I still get to stay a tank! Woo hoo!

Let’s back it up a little first, I just wanted to announce that I got all caught up haha. I really enjoyed patch 2.x-2.55. The storyline was amazing. (I won’t post any spoilers). A lot happened, and watching all the cutscenes and just enjoying the storyline unravelling was so awesome. I’m excited to see where the Ishgard/Heavensward storyline leads to after all that has happened. I was actually kind of shocked to what transpired!

The storyline grind was a little heavy, but it’s my own fault/doing because of how far I was from catching up, so I couldn’t be to like “Oh my god, it’s such a drag.” It felt heavy and long, but it was so worth it, I swear! My buddies are all happy that I finally made it to Ishgard. I’m really stoked for more primals, dungeons, and etc. I heard Alex is really, really hard. At least that is what my FC mates tell me. I still of course need to do the extreme modes of the primals I do have unlocked, but I think I want to save them for my Dark Knight. (Currently level 40). Oh, the dungeon/fate grinds I will enjoy leveling him.


It’s not so bad really… It’s a whole new class, whole new rotations I am learning so it’s something new and different so the grind won’t be as bad as the first time I think, and I am staying with my favorite role while doing all of this. Hooray for insta-ques! I will probably eventually try the other two classes that came with the expansion, but for now I am sooo diggin the Dark Knight. Also, I used some fantasia to turn my character into an Au Ra. (Yes, I am that type of person, don’t judge me.)

Going back to the 2.x content, the game makes me appreciate well done, well written content. Every fight, every raid, every primal was really thought out, and I enjoyed learning all the different fights, and things like that. Granted it was easier because of my Free Company, but the point remains it was very, very enjoyable. Although some were more annoying than others, it doesn’t take the enjoyability out of it. Which is the great thing.

I’m very curious on how the Heavensward content will match up to previous content. I hope it’s just as good, and hopefully better than the previous content released. My buddy who has already completed the story content in the expansion says it is, and I hope he is correct. I may take a different approach than him though, because he sort of blew through it, and I have learned with all Final Fantasy games, you take the story slowly, and enjoy everything the game has to offer.


I doubt I have much to worry about, because of all the high quality content they released so far, I can only imagine how the quality is for the first expansion! Let’s not hype it up all the way, since I am going to be leveling a Dark Knight to 50 before I even touch the quests! I’m still giddy from the thought of it all though. I’m sure patch 3.x will be released before I finish it all, which is fine.

I have no intentions of taking a long break like I did last time, and doing all that catch up work. Although, I don’t want to get too far behind, so I am definitely leveling my DK as fast I can, because I’m not really questing with him, it’s just about power leveling him to 50, then continuing on, if that makes sense at all...   

I sound like a very, very broken record by now, but I am looking forward to what’s next on the adventure. I don’t think the next post will be till after my Dark Knight hits 50. It probably won’t be awhile, but I want the next post to be about Ishgard, and actual Heavensward content, I know that’s lame, but whatever yo. Until next time Warrior’s Of Light!

If you enjoyed this post, and would like to talk about FFXIV:Heavensward, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton and as always, thank you for reading! writes:
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