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Author: Limitations

My Hopes and Worries of Wildstar Free To Play

Posted by Limitations Wednesday August 19 2015 at 12:20AM
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So, the beta for Wildstar free to play is in closed beta. I have not tried out the new changes, I am just playing on the live servers for everything to be a surprise for me when it comes out. Like the title says, this is my hopes and worries when the transition arrives. It’s going to be in a list format so bare with me for awhile as we go through this list. Let’s start shall we?

The fall of the community: We all know what happens when any game converts to the free to play system… Sometimes the community goes down hill to gold spammers, jerks/trolls, and overall degrades the value of the game as a whole. I worry about this because i’ve seen it happen before, an amazing community destroyed by the free to play plague. Most of my readers know how much community affects how I perceive and play the game. I hope for the best but I am definitely preparing for the worst outcome possible.

Future content updates: I don’t want to see future updates lack the content as if it were a pay to play game. I don’t want all the updates to be about the cash shop and not actual in-game content. Playable content. We see countless times how the cash shop gets updated regularly and nothing else. I hope Carbine has seen this in past games, and seen how badly it gets receives and changes that format.

Lack of QoL changes: This could go into the future updates section, but I wanted to talk about this separately. As I’ve mentioned many, many, many times before… I want Wildstar to succeed in the MMO Market, I want it to thrive and have a ton of players, and just be an enjoyable experience for everyone. That is, if we lived in a perfect world, which we don’t. I want the game to improve monthly. I believe they said they would keep the pace of content updates every 3 months. Let’s keep the quality of life updates coming, along with the cash shop stuff. (We all know how much the cash shop will probably be updated, and added to).

I honestly beg of you Carbine, listen to the players, keep making this game awesome and don’t let greed push you around. Make this game what you want it to be, now some cash cow that you will give up on in six months. I have high hopes, and high expectations, and maybe I shouldn’t, but I am preparing for the worst, but let’s not make the nightmare come true… Please?

I love Wildstar, and I continue to sub to the game, and I see the potential it has to be an more amazing game than it already is…

My hopes for the game are less than my worries. My general hope is the game flourishes in players, and becomes popular. People will either stay as free to play, or sub to the game and enjoy all the wonderful content the game has to offer. I know a lot of people will try the game once free to play hits, but I want most of them to stay and see the potential the game has. Is that to much to ask for? I sincerely hope not. I’m not as skeptical as many others are, because I like Carbine and their staff (Even if Frost is no longer with them.) I want them to do well, and it’s like a broken record once again, but I really do…

This last message is to Carbine Studios directly. If any of the staff are reading this, please take this to heart…

I want your game to be as successful as many other MMORPGs. I want you to thrive with more of an amazing community, with a bigger player base. We want you to bring quality content to the game that leaves us wanting more and more. I don’t know what’s to much to ask for, so I guess i’ll just stop here. I’ve been a believer since day one, I know i’ve harped on a lot of your problems in the past, but let’s keep them in the past and focus on Wildstar’s bright future… As a long time lover of Wildstar and Carbine, please… Don’t mess this up.

Are you excited for the conversion of free to play? Please let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Thanks again for reading, and as always, I’ll see you in the next post!

To Heavensward![P2]

Posted by Limitations Friday August 14 2015 at 11:36PM
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Well, Warriors Of Light… I have made it. I’ve been playing non-stop and we’ve made it to Heavensward… After days of playing catch up and doing a TON of story quests and other missions, we have made it to Ishgard… What does that mean now? Well, I think I am going to take a route I’ve thought about doing since hitting Ishgard. I’m going to level my Dark Knight class to level 50, before I take on the storyline quests. I think it’ll be a refresher for me, and i’ll enjoy the content more doing it that way, plus I still get to stay a tank! Woo hoo!

Let’s back it up a little first, I just wanted to announce that I got all caught up haha. I really enjoyed patch 2.x-2.55. The storyline was amazing. (I won’t post any spoilers). A lot happened, and watching all the cutscenes and just enjoying the storyline unravelling was so awesome. I’m excited to see where the Ishgard/Heavensward storyline leads to after all that has happened. I was actually kind of shocked to what transpired!

The storyline grind was a little heavy, but it’s my own fault/doing because of how far I was from catching up, so I couldn’t be to like “Oh my god, it’s such a drag.” It felt heavy and long, but it was so worth it, I swear! My buddies are all happy that I finally made it to Ishgard. I’m really stoked for more primals, dungeons, and etc. I heard Alex is really, really hard. At least that is what my FC mates tell me. I still of course need to do the extreme modes of the primals I do have unlocked, but I think I want to save them for my Dark Knight. (Currently level 40). Oh, the dungeon/fate grinds I will enjoy leveling him.


It’s not so bad really… It’s a whole new class, whole new rotations I am learning so it’s something new and different so the grind won’t be as bad as the first time I think, and I am staying with my favorite role while doing all of this. Hooray for insta-ques! I will probably eventually try the other two classes that came with the expansion, but for now I am sooo diggin the Dark Knight. Also, I used some fantasia to turn my character into an Au Ra. (Yes, I am that type of person, don’t judge me.)

Going back to the 2.x content, the game makes me appreciate well done, well written content. Every fight, every raid, every primal was really thought out, and I enjoyed learning all the different fights, and things like that. Granted it was easier because of my Free Company, but the point remains it was very, very enjoyable. Although some were more annoying than others, it doesn’t take the enjoyability out of it. Which is the great thing.

I’m very curious on how the Heavensward content will match up to previous content. I hope it’s just as good, and hopefully better than the previous content released. My buddy who has already completed the story content in the expansion says it is, and I hope he is correct. I may take a different approach than him though, because he sort of blew through it, and I have learned with all Final Fantasy games, you take the story slowly, and enjoy everything the game has to offer.


I doubt I have much to worry about, because of all the high quality content they released so far, I can only imagine how the quality is for the first expansion! Let’s not hype it up all the way, since I am going to be leveling a Dark Knight to 50 before I even touch the quests! I’m still giddy from the thought of it all though. I’m sure patch 3.x will be released before I finish it all, which is fine.

I have no intentions of taking a long break like I did last time, and doing all that catch up work. Although, I don’t want to get too far behind, so I am definitely leveling my DK as fast I can, because I’m not really questing with him, it’s just about power leveling him to 50, then continuing on, if that makes sense at all...   

I sound like a very, very broken record by now, but I am looking forward to what’s next on the adventure. I don’t think the next post will be till after my Dark Knight hits 50. It probably won’t be awhile, but I want the next post to be about Ishgard, and actual Heavensward content, I know that’s lame, but whatever yo. Until next time Warrior’s Of Light!

If you enjoyed this post, and would like to talk about FFXIV:Heavensward, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton and as always, thank you for reading!

To Heavensward! [P1]

Posted by Limitations Tuesday August 11 2015 at 10:28PM
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Author’s Note:

As many of you know, I have written multiple articles/series on FFXIV. I will not be rebuilding those, instead making a completely different set of articles with a different name. Also, I have did a return to this game series already, and we all know how that went. (I’ll explain later in this post) This first post will be mainly a catch up post, and how my journey to Heavensward content is coming along. Hint: I’m not even close. Thanks for reading, and sorry for all the confusion!

So what’s been happening in the land of Eorzea? A lot recently. Moved servers, different FC, but same old Paladin! Good ol’ Ulamog Yawgmoth. For those of you who don’t remember, or maybe I didn’t even say it, I raged quit the game due to Garuda Extreme… The good news? I got my revenge, and beat the living crap out of her. I’m catching up on Storyline quests, and my next adventure will be World of Darkness 24 man raid! I’m very far behind Heavensward content, but slowly and surely I will get there. Have faith in my little man! (My Paladin Tank, is a Lalafell!)

I don’t want to talk about how far off I am, but I did purchase the expansion, and am looking forward to eventually getting there. How long? Who knows. The journey to get there is what matters. That sounded really cheesy, but that is the best way to put it, also it’s 3:45AM, leave me alone and don’t judge please. A lot of has changed in the game, but the same great atmosphere and community is still there. One of the most wonderful things about the game is the wonderful community it has. I also found a new FC, which I transferred servers for, and I could not be happier with them! (They helped me beat Garuda EX) and will probably help me down the road with more primals and things of that nature.

Of course playing the catch up game isn’t all fun and joy, it’s repetitive, but I’m just looking ahead, and unlocking all sort of content. I’m excited to fight Leviathan, Ramuh, and others! I think my next Extreme Primal is Titan, which I am nervous about, but also excited because I am tanking it!

I love tanking in this game, and I haven’t really done anything else besides it. It is just too much fun, and those que times! Phew! Gotta love quick or instant que pops. Such a joy to behold!

I’m sure when I get to Heavensward I will be making a Dark Knight, those abilities look amazing! They also just look fun to play as well, which is always a plus. Until then I will fully enjoy my little Paladin. (I might get some Fantasia to turn him into the new race Au Ra though)

I know I am missing a lot, and have missed the boat by not doing all of this from when they were released, but at least I am slowly catching up. Did I mention my hatred for Garuda EX? Haha. Alright fine, I know it’s childish to rage quit a game due to a raid/instance but gosh darn she was hard, and I hated her. I know the other ones will be more challenging, but with my new FC, and my new hope I will prevail dang it!

In the Author’s note, I told you all I would explain what happened in the previous series, and why I did what I did… During the time I was writing those, I was playing, maybe 3-4 MMORPGs? I was really trying hard to write everything down, and in the end it just ended up all being scrapped, and one was written, another wasn’t. FFXIV was the one that got scrapped. (Out of the many that did.) I told myself I would be honest with myself, and only do what I thought I could from now on. (If you read my It’s A Rough Road series, that gives you a little insight on what goes on.)

Unfortunately that's how my brain works, and how everything goes on. With finishing the Destiny series, it’s a little relief to focus on FFXIV and one other for right now. That being said, I have a lot of content to cover, and a lot to talk about in between all of what I accomplish in the game.

I’m really, REALLY interested to see how the storyline continues. As many of you all know I am a HUGE fan of the Final Fantasy series, and their story telling. The story line in this game keeps me going for more, and that’s how it's continuing to be. I’m not skipping any cutscenes to save time, I’m just breathing in all the story and loving every moment of it!

We’ll see what happens in part 2 of this series! (It’ll be posted very soon). If you’d like to talk about FFXIV please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton cheers! Thank you again for your continuous support and views, it means the world to me! 

Destiny[P8] [Final]

Posted by Limitations Saturday August 1 2015 at 1:32AM
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“So Guardian… You are leaving us. It’s a shame… You were one of the good ones. Please, tell us your journey before you depart. Let us remember your deeds before you say goodbye”

Man, it’s been a fun journey. As mentioned in the “It’s A Rough Road” posts, this will be a doozy. A long, probably drawn out post, that will cover everything from the beginning, to the very bitter end of my Destiny journey. Even the next expansion isn’t really hyping the game for me, alas… This is the bitter end, and I want you all to enjoy it with me, in this long, last post. Here we go…

It is fair to say, that the money I spent on the base game, and the season pass was very well spent. I definitely got my money’s worth, even with the woes of the game. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the content, gotten mad at the PvP side, and made some friends along the way. So what’s there to quit? You just said you enjoyed it! Key word. Enjoyed. There is a lot of things that I didn’t enjoy as well, but let’s not harp on that to much shall we? Maybe later. I’m kind of at a loss of words for this.

The majority of it is, I wish it was a different type of game. Open world. Not instanced based. Of course, that didn’t kill it for me. I still had a blast with what the game offers currently. The same cannot be said about the PvP point of the game. (Hand Cannons and Shotguns all day, erry day.) The frustration kicks in, the want to kill someone settles in, and there is nothing you can do about it, because sadly.. You are doing the same thing. Yes, I use Hand Cannons, because I want to win. I am one of the people that I have come to hate. I, hate myself.

Let’s use a weapon that’s easily a two hit kill, if not one. Now I have used different weapons, mostly Scout Rifle, and Sniper, but everyone including me is using Hand Cannons. It’s more frustrating than anything. Some variety? Nope. Hawkmoon, Thorn, The Last Word, thats it. Suffer the wrath of the Hand Cannon. Destiny: The Hand Cannon game. At least, that is what PvP is anyway! I liked pretty much every map, I guess it’s just how weapons are designed is what killed PvP for me. Don’t get me wrong, every FPS Shooter has a “Cheesy” weapon, but nothing like the Hand Cannon.

Another problem with PvP is the blinking. Please nerf, or put a cool down on blinking, just in PvP! I never did use blink, I used triple jump more than anything really. Blinking is just such a pain to deal with.. My reflexes aren’t fast enough to keep up with double blink. It’s so upsetting it’s not even funny. Well, I didn’t play PvP as much as I did PvE, but my dislike for PvP is way above the PvE aspect of the game. There are many more things I could talk about with PvP, but I could go on for pages, and pages… I’ll end it here for now.

Let’s talk about PvE before I venture to other things shall we? Yes, it’s a grind. All games are grindy in a sense, but I have defended the grind in Destiny because it’s an FPS. I have a ton of fun, and challenge (With some things) and the grind does not affect me as much as other games. That being said, it still can get stale and very boring, very quickly! I didn’t make much sense there did I? It’s fun, but can get boring quickly? The same maps, the same quests, the same strikes. I get the same quests, a lot of MMOs have the same type of quests. Maybe, I am just asking to much for a little more variety. I guess that is too much to ask for, who knows?

I don’t know where else to go from here, so I’m going to just talk about stuff that happened along the way. A lot of fun was made since the beginning. I made some cool friends, and some sweet enemies along the way. It’s a bittersweet ending, because it was this FPS MMO, that just wasn’t good enough for me in the end, and as much as I wanted it to be, it just won’t. I think one of the best moments in Destiny is when I did the the first raid, for the first time “Vault of Glass” I did it with a bunch of IRL friends, and didn’t die once! I listened to instructions, and just had a ton of fun doing it. It was challenging, and we did it with the first try!

Although, I wish the game had Matchmaking for raids, one of the things that really gets to me as well, is that! I don’t have the kind of time to find the people for the raid, and then actually do the raid. I may sound a little spoiled there, but I’m sorry, I guess I am accustomed to a LFG tool, or whatever you want to call it. Spoiled me! Don’t get me wrong, once you're into the raid, and hopefully you have a decent group, it is a lot of fun!

Back to another point, despite it’s shortcomings and bad balancing issues, PvP was fun. The adrenaline when you are on a kill streak, the no scope head shots, etc etc. It sort of balances each other out, the love hate relationship with it. Although, I saw myself getting more angry than enjoying myself. That’s not talking about just at the end, I’m talking throughout. To each their own I guess, but I just found myself more angry than anything…

Another thing I would like to talk about, that I didn’t touch on at all during the series was: Storyline. I didn’t feel compelled to follow the storyline at all. I couldn’t tell you much of story because quite frankly it bored me. I don’t know if it’s just me, or what but I found the storyline to Destiny to be very lackluster and ultimately boring. With every game I try to follow the story some what but I don’t know why I couldn’t follow Destiny’s storyline. Did anyone else have this problem? I sort of just breezed through all the quests without following my dialogue or anything. I usually don’t have this problem, but alas I did with this game!

Maybe it was the voice acting, or the lack of depth to the story, I’m not sure. It’s probably a combination of many, many things. I don’t know what else to say about the storyline than it’s bland, and boring. Well, it’s almost time to wrap things up for this series, and Destiny. This became more of a rant post more than an ending to the series, so I apologize for that, but I just write what comes to me, and how I feel I need to end it.

Destiny is a great game, that could have been an amazing game. I know it’s more about personal balance and things like that to me, but you know… I feel like I am not the only one with the opinions I laid out. I will not be buying the Taken King expansion, because I don’t feel the want/need to buy it, and play the game anymore. It’s truly sad, but that’s just how I feel. What else can I say eh?

Who knows what else Bungie can do to the game, but I hope they continue to improve the game. I will definitely still read about Destiny, and things like that, and maybe in a year or two, or whenever Destiny 2 comes out I’ll check it out again. I think the last two weeks of playing the game really put a lot of things into perspective. I was talking to a buddy and sort of just venting and he agreed with every single thing I talked about, and gave his opinion. Telling me pistols will be nerfed when The Taken King expansion comes out, I guess I am tired of it now, and have no patience, to not play half the game until the expansion comes out. Nerf now please!

I’m not even sure if they fixed/added all the things I am talking about, I would come back to play the game more. Interesting eh?

I really tried to ignite my love for the game by doing various other things, playing more with friends rather than solo play, creating the other classes and leveling them, but none of them really gave me that passion back. It’s not you, it’s me Destiny, I assure you. I wanted more than what you had to offer, and continued to offer… My frustration got the better of me, and to that… I say my farewell to you, and take you out of my PS4, and place you back into the place you came from…

It’s been a fun series to write about, and I hope you all have enjoyed it! If you wish to discuss Destiny, if you still like it, or dislike it, please leave a comment below, or tweet @SirIsaacJewton I would love to hear what you all have to say about the game, good or bad. As always, thank you all for reading, and see you in the next post! Cheers!