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Author: Limitations

Wildstar Revisited [P3]

Posted by Limitations Monday August 25 2014 at 10:34PM
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And so it continues...

So apparently, Carbine will be addressing the low population server issues soon. Frost said in a tweet: "we are working on some tech regarding that issue. You should hear about it soon." Well, at least they are not being completely silent about the situation. So, what does this mean exactly? Are they going the WoW route? Mega-server tech? Well, I mean it could be as simple as just merging the servers. I must admit they did have to many servers at launch, but I don't blame them for that. I mean, I am one one of the more popular servers, and sometimes it seems dead. I must admit I am a fan of a single mega server. It gets rid of the whole ghost town to a point, and I always see people. (Eve, and ESO, have spoiled me with that).

In other big Wildstar news, they will no longer be doing monthly updates. Well, my whole opinion on this is... I would rather them not bring out monthly "buggy" content. Instead doing what FFXIV does, and bring out solid content every few months. I believe it's 3 months for FFXIV? I don't know if they were over confident, or what, but I think reality is setting in for Carbine, and hopefully with that, players are being listened to more and more. It's not all roses in the Nexus. I may write and you may think it's the perfect game, but it's not. Even though the performance has improved, there are still a lot of bugs that needs to be fixed. Even though performance has improved, there are still instances where animations are going off correctly, or the damage isn't be read on the health bars. (When soloing group quests, and you don't know the actual HP on the mob... Yeah, it sucks).

I mean yeah, every game has bugs, and no game is bug free. I shouldn't complain to much, because I would be like everyone else talking about Wildstar it seems. Yes, i'm still staying away from Reddit, and Official forums. Going back to a point I was making... I think reality is setting in for Carbine. Maybe their realizing there game isn't as popular as they thought, there are a LOT of dead servers, and most people's complaints are valid. What should they do about it though? I mean if reality is setting in, they need to do some planning ahead. Break out some developer's blogs, and be real with people. I do not think the game failed at all, but it defiantly did not live up to many people's expectations. You hear a lot of "Glad I canceled my sub" or "Good thing I didn't buy that game". I mean yeah, a lot of people feel this way. We are I believe 4 months in, and zone chat was talking about "My god, it's WoW in space".

It feels like nowadays, every game is being butchered if it's like another game. Some more extreme than others in the hate. I mean I am all about voicing opinions, and having debates and stuff, but there is a point where I'm like "That's enough". I've muted a lot of people because they just log in to hate the game. I mean is there really a point to that? Hell I don't think so, but to them they have some sort of point they need to get across. "Hey, I spent 60$ to flame a game". Wise decision? Not to me. I mean here I am talking about a game that gets a lot of dislike. (Hate seems like a really strong word). I mean, I've canceled my sub before, I am not one of the extreme followers of the game. I play it because it attracts my attention, and scratches that MMO itch for me. Is it going to last forever? Probably not, but I'm going to enjoy it for as long as I want/can.

If I'm going to be perfectly honest with you all, I think sooner rather than later Carbine will adopt another model for the game. Whether it be buy to play, or free to play. Only they know the exact numbers, and we sort of have a clue with all the dead servers. Maybe when they announce what they are doing with the servers, the game will see more alive. I don' think NCSOFT will bring the shut down hammer before free to play in my opinion. I think they game could do extremely well off a free to play model, and if they did... They should carefully plan what restrictions, and what is offered in the store. Hell, they could even go the Rift Route, or something like that. I can't see into the future sadly, and we don't know what the people of Carbine are thinking. Anyone a mind reader?

Despite all of this, I'm having a blast leveling still. Almost level 30. Have dabbled into some dungeons, which I will talk about in the next post. I have yet to dabble in PvP, sorry, sorry. PvE is just to much fun. But yeah. If you want to discuss Wildstar, please leave a comment below, or tweet me @SIrIsaacJewton Cheers!