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Author: Limitations

Wildstar Revisited [P1]

Posted by Limitations Sunday August 17 2014 at 11:55PM
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To space! (Once again...)

So, what's been going on? Wildstar again? Yeah, I know I wrote about it, but I was a little unfair I felt like, so I wanted to give the game a second chance! (This doesn't happen often). Why WildStar though? To be honest, I finished the story line in ESO, hit VR7, and just let my subscription expire. I was thinking to myself, what else is there? I saw the WildStar icon, and thought I would catch up with the game. If you have read the previous series to the game, you will know I have terrible performance issues, and de-sync issues. So, what has changed since then? Read on, and find out!

Okay, so the most important part? How is the performance? Well, I will tell you this though, it has improved a lot. I went from 15 fps, to around 40-50 fps. Steady fps that is. When streaming I hit around a steady 35 fps. Also, the game doesn't look like complete crap. Which is a huge plus. There are some parts, (Towns, and high mob areas), where the FPS does drop, but it's not as common as before. It's no secret that the game has some empty servers, there have been some forum posts, and some complaints, so I'm not going to give some rose tinted glasses about that situation. I re-rolled servers, and went to a PvP server, and went to the Exile faction. Normally, I would just play a human race, or human like race depending on what the game offers, but I actually went off and a made a Mordesh race, and I must admit... They look Badass.

There are still some huge complaints from the community, and the subreddit for the game is a lot of doom and gloom. So I'm avoiding going to them for information, I'm actually going to try to play the game start to finish. (In a sense at least). Since the performance issues are for the most part gone, I feel like I can fully enjoy what the game has to offer. As for the de-sync issue, I haven't noticed as much, but I did upgrade my internet, and things of that nature. It could have been that, or because of the server changes. Who knows, but it hasn't presented itself as much as it used to previously.

I think the first step for me for liking the game more and more, is to remove the doom and gloom from the situation. Even when you truly love a game, and you read doom and gloom it makes you think you know? I don't need negativity when playing a game I want to like. So I'm avoiding the sub reddit, and the official forums for awhile. I mean I browse reddit when I'm bored, and I tend to like reading forum posts also when I'm bored. So I'm going to do my best to avoid them. I think some readers will understand. As for people say "Well it deserves the hate". Maybe so. I don't need to read about it though, I don't care for the sub count, the game is playing better and that's what matters.

So new race, server, and the game plays better? I don't remember off the top of my head what the level I hit before I quit, (I could look, but lazy). I intend to beat that record, and just look forward to what the game has to offer. I did that with Elder Scrolls Online, and I hit VR7. So, I could take what I did with Elder Scrolls, and apply it here, and see what happens! You have no idea how excited I was when my FPS was you know like... 0?

There have been two major updates since I last played. The Strain, and Sabotage updates have hit the official servers. I've been reading up on what they have to offer. I mean, most important once AGAIN is performance improvements. I do believe Sabotage had to due with PvP. (Which I have not dabbled a lot into). I'm very curious on how PvP is now, and what not. I will be streaming Wildstar now and then. Because I can without getting crap FPS! I know with the Firefall series I gave an exact number of posts that this series would have. I don't have a clue how much this one will be. I expect more than 4, hopefully more though. I aim for around 8 posts for this one. So, I guess we will shoot for 7 more posts after this one!

Until next time. If you wanna talk about Wildstar, please leave a comment below, or send me a tweet @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!