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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #37 I'd Hate To Rain, On Your Parade

Posted by Limitations Saturday August 28 2010 at 12:21AM
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Last post, i was talking to you all about the mmorpgs i am currently playing, but i want to focus on some rants that i have came across in progressing in my gaming adventures. Recently, i've been playing less, mostly because of life issues. I was encountered with a question, can a mmorpg sometimes only be a social experiment, or better way to put it... A social gathering? Think about it, can it be used like that? I think it can be. I mean, we have events in-game, and community things, that brings us together, and makes us stop the usual. I told him, it could be used like that, but why would it be? When we install, a mmorpg, we expect is to have that usual feeling, you know the feeling i'm talking about. I mean yes, we want interaction, i'm a big believer in a good community, a friendly one. I couldn't solo a whole game, i think i would go mad, by myself. I would bore myself to death, and i think that is the case for a lot of people. Soloing a whole game, would just make me crazy. Some people can, and props too you, but i need some sort of social interaction. Honestly, i wish every game had that certain community feel to it, if a game has world chat, you could ask a question, and not get flamed, or get that response... "Stfu noob, google it". My god, i hate that response so much, it's just a waste of time, and i don't really understand how that person could feel good about himself, he just wasted my time, and his, and it's probably worse for him, cause i have all the time in the world. Mmorpgs are like life though. We have those... "Good days", and those horrible days. We have break ups, we gave memorys, we have those things that we carry on in life too. "Breakups don't exist in mmorpgs n00b". I was in a very popular guild in one my old mmorpgs Knight Online, it was a sad day, when we parted ways, and we disbanded the guild. We were left with that empty feeling. Most of went too different games, i mean... Yeah, some of still played together, but it's defiantly not the same feeling as being in a guild, with over one hundered people, and having that bond of brothers. Honestly, believe it or not, but it does happen a lot. Mmorpgs are never truly paradise. It's not just one line of greatness, there are many bumps and bruises that we get from these games. I've talked about this before, some games aren't meant for the light hearted, and weaked skinned. It's true. I talked about my good friend who committed suicide, due to cyber bullying, (May he rest in peace). This isn't what it's about, but it's a small part of it. When we enter that new game, we have no idea what to expect, but we do think about it. What will happen, what could happen, and what am i getting into myself into. The first question i ask myself, before even installing, i know that sometimes harsh, but i ask myself "Could i see myself getting addicted, or this being my type of game" (Sounds like, could she be my type of girls), well... Install/Ask and find out right? Yeah, yeah... I'm treating a new mmorpg, like a new date... Eh, i feel like it's like that sometimes... I'm always paying though, which makes me have a sad panda face. Haha.

Addiction is a big part for me... Oh god, that sounds really bad, but like i've stated, i want to have a good, long experience. I want that game to be like... My dream to come true, or even half a dream. I don't want to be bored, i don't want to be flamed. I honestly, want a good experience. I pay the price, i don't want crap to fill up my computer screen, and have to apologize to my hard-drive for installing a peice of crap. (Not saying i've done that, but i've come close). Ever install that game, where you get into it, and you look at your screen, and your like "Oh, wtf". Yup, i'm that guy with every mmorpg. I'm just like... Ah, wtf man, i wanted more. Damn advertisement department. "We have the best game-play on the market". Ohhh, point and click, and spamming 1-2-3-4. Amazing system you got there, man where have i seen that before? Oh, yeah... Maybe every game? 1 Josh, 0 game. I obviously win. Sick of dumb advertisements. I know they want players, but i would have the honest truth, but some fake crap that makes me go "OH yeah, sweet", but when i get in the game it's like "WTF BITCH". Then i wanted to make some rage post on the forums, on how i was cheated on half of my time, while in the game, and start some pointless rage quit, that wastes my time. Yeah, thats me. It annoys the crap out of me, wheres the innovation? Where's the guts, the glory, and the difference. I'm actually sick of seeing the same crap smeared unto my screen. "OMG, it's a naked half elf chick in full plate" "Omg, your a perv" Noticed that? All chicks that wear "plate" mail, are half naked, honestly, if i was that chick i would be like.... "Dude, you expect this too protect me, my boobs are like 90% showing, asshole". You know i am right, but we enjoy it, when we use the jump command, and her chest goes up and down, yeah... We've all done that. My girl hates me for it, but it's just for kicks and giggles.... Right? (Nope). You know, one of these days i want to see a penguin as playable race. Yeah, human's are nice, we're so bland. Omg, it's orcs... World of warcraft much? Omg it's elfs... Boring, those five hundred games have done that? Robots? Yeah... A little over-done sometimes, and they feel like it's not really robotics, its just... Sci-fi that went horribly wrong in the sketch room. Yeah... C'mon we want penguins, or at least i do. Maybe even a dolphin here or there, but land fighting, dolphin loses, so... We can't have that.

Honestly, i just want something that is like... "Whoa, did i see that correctly, YEAH someone's finally done that". Recently, i've seen Aglagon(Spelling?). Go free-to-play, and yes... I did some trash talking. This is really off subject, but Derek Smart, is a real ass-hole. I find that man, really irritating, and just retarted. (Down syndrom maybe?). Hey, i might get some flame, but he starts things, he can't finish. Carry on. I said, when i heard it went too free to play, and i never heard of it before. I was like, hey... What is this? I looked at the website, maybe something different, but no... It's a clone, of a clone, of a clone, etc etc. What is the world coming too? Honestly, we're just fed up. I see on other websites, in a Looking for game section... Most of the games they want are a free world of warcraft, yeah thats all good and stuff, but... Why? I mean, yes world of warcraft has done great, but i know some people can't pay, but... Look for some difference. If i want WoW, i'll pay for it. Most free-to-play games have turned to wow, because if that can work, it can work for me. Right? Right. I want a company to grow a pair, and make something we have never seen before. If it fails, let it be, but if it works, it will be a trend setter. "Omg, they did something different and it works. My turn" Meh, when that happens, either hell will freeze over, or my girl will leave me. I don't think those two will happen. So, i'll be on dota clones, waiting for something too hit the market that will wow me, until then... Off too heroes of newerth. /EndRant