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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #36 Swords, Dragons, And Diet Coke

Posted by Limitations Friday August 6 2010 at 10:10PM
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As I said in my last post, my new mmorpg adventure is now in Runes Of Magic. I'm going to go off my rants, and problems, and actually focus on gaming for once, which is going to be awesome. I haven't done that in awhile, and i think it's a step forward for me, and my blog. For those of you who do not know, Runes Of Magic, is a free-to-play mmorpg. Many people say it is a WoW clone, i say it is, and it isn't. It is a great mmorpg, that offers some unique things to the mmorpg. I think one of the most notable features of the game, is the Dual-Class system. For example, i am playing a Rogue/Scout. (My main class is a Rogue, and my secondary class is a scout). I know this sounds more of a review, but i'm just giving off a few beginner things about the game. My current view on the game is very pleasant, i'm in a guild, and i'm having a blast. The one thing i am enjoying about this game, is that the grind does not affect me as much as other games do. I can play this game for hours, and hours on end, and have a blast. (Well, i can mostly blame that on my guild's vent, after midnight, things get wack, sad eh?). I've stated in previous blogs, that guilds can make or break a game, and in my case it made it for me. So, i'm happy in that case. Am i completely happy with this game, most of the way i am. It is gaining on me, and i'm finally playing a mmorpg. In my previous blogs, i've stated that i didnt, and have played DoTa clones. I haven't played anything else for awhile. It's interesting. Most of my blog posts are about failure, and false hope, and here i am now, playing a free-to-play mmorpg. I got asked, why a free game? No, it's not about money issues or anything else, i could have chosen a pay to play game, but i didnt feel there was any for me out there. I wasn't going back to WoW, and most of my old pay to play games, are, or going to be free, so i was stuck in a decision. My woman introduced me to Runes of Magic, and i'm hooked. So, what else can i say about it? I'm having fun, i found a good guild, and i'm having fun trying the interesting features in the game. Will i do a review of the game like i did LoL? For sure, i feel once i get more into the game, and i know more about it, i will defiantly review the game. I'm defiantly looking forward too it. If you do play RoM, and you are on the Reni server, feel free to add me, my in-game name is Perception. I love meeting new people, and playing with my readers or just folks. I'm open to anything. (Sounds dirty doesn't it?)

As for the blog name, it's a Devil wears prada song name, and ironically, i found that i was wielding a sword, killing a dragon, and drinking diet coke. So, isn't that cool? Yes, i am huge Devil Wears Prada fan, The band, not the movie. Though, my wife does love the movie. Anyways, back on the subject. I am having a blast on the game. I haven't touched League Of Legends in awhile, or Heroes Of Newerth. My guild has kept me in the game for hours on end. Yeah, the game does have it downsides, the biggest one for me, is the jerks. Of course, it is a free game, and every game has it's jerks, but i can't stand the, jerks in any game, so it's not just this game. Now, i'm not saying there is a lot. I've met about two. So, i'm not cramping the game's style or anything. It's a great game, i found the server i am on, has a wonderful community. I'm enjoying my experience, and i don't think it's going downhill anytime soon. Which i am very grateful about. After all my mmorpgs, after all my rage quits, i found some happiness. I hope it does last, because i'm having a blast. Haha, but seriously, if you play the game, and wanna chat it up with me, go for it, i will never ignore a fan/reader/ user. Exciting isn't it? (I sound just like my nerd friend, but i'm a nerd... I'm confusing myself /facepalm).

I've been asked about League of Legends, and why i quit. There are many reasons why i unistalled that game. I felt like my place in that game was done. I was winning, and losing i wasn't having the fun i was having when i first joined. I felt that the game's punch that i used to love, what never there anymore. I found myself bored, and just miserable. I played every champ, i knew every counter. I just wasn't in the LoL mood anymore. I told my friends, and team goodbye, and gave up. Unistalled. I have nothing against the game, it will always have place in my heart, i had fun, but it didnt last. So, that would be the end of that era of my gaming experience. Sorry to all the people who added me. Maybe i will come back soon, but i don't think so with RoM creeping up my sleeve. (Doesn't make sense, but whatever). Most of my blogs from now on, will be about my RoM experiences, and hopefully some rants about the current industry! Cheers!