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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #35 Masses Of A Dying Breed(In Recognition)

Posted by Limitations Wednesday August 4 2010 at 6:28PM
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It's been a very long since i posted, so i thought i'd take a break from my mmorpg, and actually write. (If you caught that, i said mmorpg). Yes, in fact i am playing an mmorpg currently, and i am having a blast with it. I will release details on that later. Before i started playing again, i felt like my scene of mmorpg is dead, or dying. Why? I feel like we are going down a hole, we can't get back up. I feel like, we need more of a sense of danger when it comes to playing mmo's. I want to feel like... I'm going into a brand new scene, but i can't. I gave up my hopes for that, because i realized, If it makes money, it will be released. I can't blame them, but hell... I may as well go with the flow right? I feel like i'm trying too hard to believe in something i can't see. If your saying, that all my post about beliefs are just crap now, your probably right. It's like life, if you believe in love, but you can't feel it, you give up, instead i put in the back of my head, until i see undeniable proof. "All love, can be traced to a maker". We make the game into what we want it too be. Casual, hardcore, PvP, PvE, we carve it into what we want it to be shaped into. It is a simple as that kiddos. I drove myself mad trying to find my fit into games, and i just felt crap, i love mmorpgs. I hated not playing them. So, how do i feel now? I'm mad at myself, but i feel like if i suck it up, and play a game, that i can see myself enjoying later on, i will be happy. It's difficult for me to enjoy anything. In gaming, i am very picky, in music i'm very picky, my lifestyle is a picky one. (My woman hates it). It's really funny, my girl got me back into mmorpgs, and she's not picky at all, when it comes to gaming, we are on a totally different page, she convinced to me try a new one, that i've heard of many times, and heard good and bad things about, but she's like... "I enjoy it, i play it constantly, just give it a shot". I did, and i have enjoyed it a lot since installing it. It's almost my salvation, we play together a lot, and i feel it's a decent game. I will give you a hint, it is a free to play game. (Oh god, not those). I could have went into a pay to play game, but i feel like this makes me happy. So, why would i wanna stop that happiness? Alright, so, i feel like i should release the game i am playing. I am currently playing: Runes Of Magic. People say it is a WoW clone, and it does have a very close resemblance to it, but i am enjoying it. If you play it, or you want to play it, We play on the Artemis server, and the Reni server. (Both PvE Servers). I will probably write a review about it, and defiantly blog about it, for sure. So, i am enjoying it's features, the people i have met, and the quests i have enjoyed so far.

What about League Of Legends, and Heroes Of Newerth? Sadly, i have quit League Of Legends. I am no longer online for that game. I am currently playing HoN a lot though. I am enjoying it, very much so. Why did i quit LoL? I got a lot of wins, Season one came out, and i found that the game went down the hole, and i really didn't enjoy myself, my friends do miss me, my teams want me back. I don't feel myself going back any time soon, sorry for anyone who added me, but you can find me in HoN, and it is currently free till August ninth. So, that is sort of my life right now, and what i am up too, what i am playing. So, if your playing Heroes Of Newerth, or Runes Of Magic, leave a comment, pm me, whatever you wanna do. Tell me what you play, if you wanna play with me. I'm always wanting to meet new people, and game with some new, and old friends. I will even come into your server, and game it up with you.

More blogs to come. Cheers!