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Author: Limitations

It's A Rough Road [P9]

Posted by Limitations Thursday July 23 2015 at 3:00AM
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I’ve been thinking lately that I haven’t been posting as much as promised. I’ve been rather busy. Hanging with the girlfriend more and more, and less and less time to play some vidya games. (It’s not all of her fault.) It’s more of my own fault. I’ve spent too much time trying to decide what game to play, rather than playing them. (One of my biggest issues.) It’s between a lot of games really, and I should really limit myself to having only a few games installed at a time. So, what I have decided to do about this, and hopefully it’ll become a long term remedy. I know I’ve stated before that I really only play two or three games at a time, but sometimes I get an itch for more.

What kind of more am I looking for though? I guess, because of the new releases out now, I just want to play them all, but it’s not realistic. I think I was most hyped for Heavensward, the FFXIV expansion, and currently playing that a lot. (Yay, my Paladin!) A bunch of IRL friends renewed their subscriptions and bought the expansion as well, so it’s a joy to run the new content with them. I wonder how long the content will last, and how long will I continue to play it this time around? I never know with myself anymore, and it’s honestly sad. It’s the pain of playing MMORPGs really. It’s a constant rotation for me, and it irks me.

2-3 months of this game, and then 2-3 months of this game, a gigantic circle. Why can’t it be like the old WoW days where I just had one sub for years, and years. Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy have come very close though. (Final Fantasy is the closest though.) I feel like that rotation needs to end. I need to do my best which I really haven’t been, because I’m so used to this rotation that it’s become the normal for me, you know?

Although, it’s funny how close FFXIV has come with subscription time and time played. There is a difference between the two sadly! I’ve subscribed to WoW just to play a couple of days, and then never touch it again. It’s sad eh? Don’t make fun of me, I am sure other people have done it too! I often wonder what it would be like to just stick with one game, one subscription and then be done with it. Of course, life isn’t that simple and new games come out, older games get updated and life becomes hard again in the MMO world.

It’s not as bad as I am making it out to be though. I am enjoying my time in FFXIV, going through Heavensward content, and playing all the new classes! Dark Knight is by far my favorite, since I love tanking in this game. Although the game does have a multi-class system, and you could technically have all classes on one character, I don’t really do that… That being said, my alt lancer is bringing me a lot of fun. I hope for him to become a Dragoon soon!

What else has been going on eh? I’ve officially stopped playing Destiny, which I will wrap it all up in the last post which will be posted soon. (Soon as in two days.) It’ll be a hefty, long read, so I hope you are all prepared for it. I’ve been jamming to Heroes Of The Storm a lot recently. I have actually put some money into it. (Skins and such, you know.) I gotta look pretty going into battle yo. It’s all fun and games outside the world of true mmorpgs.

I really haven’t written anything substantial in a while, I have been writing some stuff here and there and adding stuff to blogs not posted yet. (Destiny, FFXIV, Etc) It’s rather interesting to see my Google Drive. A lot of stuff haven’t been posted, a lot of in progress things, etc etc. It’s a complete mess, but at least I know what’s going on in there…    

If you are reading this far down, I want to apologize for a lack of direction this post has… It’s around 3 in the morning when I am writing this whole thing and my mind is sort of wandering while I am typing so I guess it’s sort of being represented here pretty strongly. Anyways, to wrap this all up, I will tell you what’s going to be posted in the follow days/weeks/months. I actually have this all planned out this time, hoorah!
Upcoming days: Destiny Final Post

Upcoming Week: FFXIV Heavensward opinions/review

Upcoming months: A series of post about: Shroud of the Avatar, The Repopulation, and Wildstar Free to Play!

I want to be clear on what things I have ended as well, just so people don’t expect another post about a specific game. The series that have concluded, or will conclude as of this post will be:

The Secret World (Sorry)

Destiny (See Above)

Tamriel Unlimited (I’m just going to play the game, and not write about it)

Pathfinder Online (We know what happened here)

Wildstar until free to play transition is live! (It’s still worth a sub though)

Anyways, I hope that clears anything up, and gives you some answers on why I haven’t posted on said games. I’ve just made the decision to conclude them, because I either have no interest in writing them anymore, or have lost interest in the game. I know it sucks, because I kept telling you all, more is coming, more is coming! I’d rather be honest with you now, and with myself that none of that stuff listed above will be written about again. (Besides WS)

Also a huge thank you for my loyal fans/readers. You keep me going with all the views and stuff, it’s really great. I hope more and more come because it just brings a huge smile to my face, and warms my heart that people continue to read my nonsense! Thanks again, and cheers!