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Author: Limitations

Firefall Revisited [P2]

Posted by Limitations Thursday July 24 2014 at 1:51AM
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Note: This post will be shorter than the previous ones. Sorry.

As I was playing Firefall I was thinking to myself, what a ride this has been for Red 5. I think Firefall is officially the game that had the longest Beta stages ever. Do I blame them though? Not really. In many stages of beta the game was not ready for launch. PvP wasn't in, game was missing some coordination. (Thank god for Job Boards, and Story Quests now). Throughout the entire beta process, the game was just missing some core elements. Sure, some people don't like the changes, and there are people like me who adore the changes, and makes Firefall seem like a full fledge MMORPG. I have always thought this game had massive potential, and doing a ton of good for MMOFPS games. There aren't a lot of Open World MMOFPS. Most of them that classify them are room based/lobby based. (I will not name them, sorry).

Back to the topic I was on though, what a ride it's been for Red 5 and the players. Sadly I wasn't one of those players who stuck by thick and thin. I never truly lost hope for the game, but I did stop playing it for a long time, and I mean a long period of time. Coming back and seeing it all being put together, and things are finally looking good for the game. Is it to late for the game though? I don't think so in the slightest. Sure, we have a lot of MMORPGs released, and going to be released soon, that are AAA titles. Firefall isn't the same old game though, sure it has a lot of core elements that most games have, but it's an FPS. Hoorah! I don't think it's going to be the saving grace of the game, because the game plays so smoothly, and It's just a ton of fun. Smooth gameplay, while being fun? I like it. (I'm saying it runs smoothly, because some of the newer games have played, don't run so well...)

Red 5 I think had overall done a good job, despite the fact of their Ex-CEO. (We've all been through this discussion about him). I feel like their time line could have used a lot of work, but I'm sure they had their reasons, and did what they thought was best. Launch is coming up, and it's going to be a blast to play. I just hope they do what's best for the game, and release good content, not broken, terrible content. What I fear the most for the game is that Red 5 will lose what I like about them the most, that they communicate with the players a lot. I hope they continue to listen to players, and value our opinions. I mean, I have a lot of ideas for the game, but I'm no developer, or designer or anything, but what I hope is when players really want something to change, or have something implemented, Red 5 will take a look at it, and be like well... "Either we can balance this, and put it in the game", whatever it may be, I want R5 to seriously look into it.

I know companies are out to make money, and I'm sure Red 5 wants to make a lot of money of this game. I don't want them to become greedy free to play developers. I don't want updates to be cash shop only. I don't want to login and see a patch and read the notes and be like "Nope, no bug fixes, just cash shop additions). That is the one thing I truly fear for this game, is greed. It happens to the best of us. I've been greedy before, and it's cost me a lot. (Not in real life). Yes, they have to make money, I'm sure we will have cash shop additions here and there, but I don't want that to become their main focus. I'd like to know Red 5's state of mind going into launch, and post launch. They have to excited, and maybe afraid at the same time. God knows I would be terrified right now. In closing, it's really awesome to see Firefall officially launching, and becoming what I always hoped it would be.

Since the International is over, part 3 of this series will be up this weekend. (Friday, or Saturday). If you enjoyed reading this post, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton I hope to see you in Firefall! Cheers!