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Author: Limitations

Firefall Revisited [P1]

Posted by Limitations Friday July 18 2014 at 4:39PM
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Note: I have done a blog post about Firefall/Red5 Studios. That post was done in January. It is now July. This game is set be finally released... Let's see how far they have come.

Man oh man. Firefall! I have followed this game since it was announced, and I have had mixed reactions to the game. I have liked more than disliked the game, so with Early Access now, and the release soon. Is the game truly ready? Well, after the longest CBT/OBT period I have ever seen for a game, I think the game is ready. I recently logged on to see what has been going on, and I know there was a huge controversy over the wipe, but they did indeed wipe. I have no problem with that, I like the whole fresh feeling with the game, but boy oh boy did I have a huge surprise for me waiting when I logged in. I felt like I was playing a brand new game. A leveling system!? A new UI. (I like the new one better than the older versions). A EPIC, EPIC tutorial. Man, I felt like I was going to war in the tutorial. The music was down right epic, I was under attack, I was defending, and then the tutorial was over, and I entered what was really Firefall.

My biggest pet peeve for this game, was I felt like I had no sense of direction. No true questing, (I guess I am used to themepark games). Well, they tore that pet peeve out the window. A job board!? Story quests!? My god, it was my dream come true. A sense of direction in this game is what I truly needed. It seems to me the new CEO has a good sense of direction. For those of you who did not know, Mark Kern was removed from his position from Red 5 as CEO. I'm not going to go into full details about the situation. The new CEO is James Macauley.

Let's hope he has learned from Mark Kern's terrible mistakes, and makes this game what is was born to be. What exactly is that? Well, have you ever played Jet Force Gemini, for the N64. One of the my favorite N64 games. For some odd reason, Firefall reminds me of playing that game, which is such a good thing. I didn't mind playing CBT/OBT Firefall, I logged on, did my thumping, and random things I did, and logged off. Now with this Firefall, I log on, play, do all these new things, and then log off, WANTING to log back in.

I want to talk about what launch means for Red 5, and Firefall. Red 5 has done a lot of changes, big milestone patches during their testing phases. For the players who have been through many of those, I think you all know what I mean. Firefall either progressed, or did a complete 180, and failed, but we forgave Red 5, because we believe in them, and we believed in what Firefall could do. So, we are done with the testing phase, the game is going to launch! I think Red 5 has been waiting for this moment for than anyone has. This is their pride and joy, their baby. They have done a good job listening to the community about what the game needs, and doesn't need. They need to continue that. Firefall seems to be the game that has a really strong unique community.

A lot of people even though they disliked some of the changes, like I said before stuck with the game, because it was unique. An open world MMOFPS. Something I have been waiting for, it seems like forever now. (You can play this game in the third person, just so you all know, MMOFPS sounds better than MMOTPS). To continue what I was saying before, Red 5 needs to continue listening to their community, to the best they can, and continue to have these milestone patches. Instead of changing major things, just add more content to the game. The game is already huge! They have added a ton of content to the game, but just keep going...

Now, I know I seem to be talking like a huge fan boy, but I am a huge fan of this game, I saw it's potential. To see it getting closer, and closer to what I want it to be like? It makes me jump for joy. Red 5 has openly shared their vision of the game, while other people have different things they want from the game. Whatever it may be, it finally got me to the point where I have put a huge amount of hours into the game so far, non stop. (Okay, well I stopped to write, and watch the International. Don't kill me please). I'm very excited to see where this game will be headed post launch. I'm actually happy that this game is getting launched. Even though some may claim it has been in launch mode for several years, this... This is what we have been waiting for all along.

These blog posts will be a mini series, leading into my Firefall review. There will be four posts in total. Part 1-3 I will be talking about what I do in the game, Red 5, you know, my usual stuff, post 4 will be the end review. I'm limiting the total posts because sometimes I say it will go on forever, and it only last about 4 posts. I think four total posts will suffice. One will be longer than the last. I think it will be easier for you all to understand, and read. I'm super excited about this.

An Important note to readers, this game is in Early Access. This is taken from the Offical Firefall Website.

As a reminder, any player who created their Firefall account before July 8th has access to this Early Access period, and any new player who wishes to participate can do so by purchasing one of our Firefall Launch Packs. For those who don’t want to spend the money, don’t worry! It’s only two short weeks until July 29th when the doors open and Firefall becomes officially launched and available to anyone and everyone for free!

Part 2 will be coming up after the International is over. I hope to see you all in Firefall! If you enjoyed this post, or want to talk about it, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton. Cheers!