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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #55 I, The Complainer

Posted by Limitations Tuesday July 16 2013 at 5:37PM
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I complain to much, but it is because I have so many reasons to, I spend a lot of time playing games, reviewing them, learning about them, etc. Whenever I do, I pick at the game and see what I like, and don't like. Many free to play games I look at it, I go through a lot of different things, but of course, what is the biggest part? Cash shop, and content. I really believe there is more to it than that, but you know... A lot of things come into play when I review a game, it could be a pay to play game, or a free to play game. Most of the time, I give the game about a week, or until I reach a certain level were I gather enough information to give a balanced review. I typically don't pay for anything in a cash shop game, when I am trying it out, I will only spend money if I know i'm going to love the game, or plan on playing the game a lot. An example, when I was addicted to Neverwinter, I actually spent a chunk of money on the game, because I liked the game a lot, more than most games I play, or have played.

Was it a mistake? Not really, because I enjoyed the game, but after the downfall of it all, I quit, and moved on, I still hope it will all balance out, and fix itself, and I hope they are just not milking the game, until it dies. I truly hope that they aren't. I want them to fix the game, and eventually I would love to come back to it. I was reading that the expansion is coming out, and I will revisit the game when it is released. I'm praying it will fix a lot of problems, balance issues, pvp issues, and dungeon issues. Time will only tell with that game. I hope cryptic will do the right thing, and so will PWE. I would literally unsub to World Of Warcraft if they made those major changes, just because I really loved that game. Of course, I will still complain about it, it could be this or that, but you know... Nothing is perfect, and I accept that. Because of it all, that's why I resubbed to WoW. Harsh harsh thing to do, but I couldn't enjoy the game entirely in it's current state of play.

Back to my original subject. There is no perfect mmorpg, there is no perfect game. I wish there was, but you know... Another major problem I have, is hype. HYPE. I hate it. I really hate hype, when there is very few information. I hate to call out a game, but I feel like I should talk about this, and this is my personal opinion. One game I was really looking forward to was Firefall. I really was, and when it hit open beta, I was really interested in the game play, I followed it for awhile, so I installed it, and see what it was like. I was really disappointed in the game. Yes, it's open beta, and it hasn't been "Officially" released, and they will fix a lot of issues and things like that, but my first impression made me doubt the game a lot. I hope they will do a lot more to the game, and improve it over time, and I will look at it again, and hopefully it will be more polished in time. Hype has ruined a lot of games for me. I get into the hype, I listen to all the information, I follow what people say, the game gets released, and I'm playing it saying to myself "What is this? This isn't what I was told it would be". When I game I am interested in is announced, I will wait awhile, probably closer to it's release date and look at all the information at hand.

I could go into more and more reasons why I complain about these things, but I don't want my blood boiling to much. I shouldn't complain as much as I do, but sometimes I can't help myself. If you could leave some comments on what you complain about, and why you complain about it. Join in, I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Cheers mates!

Blog #54 Return To Azeroth, For The Horde

Posted by Limitations Sunday July 14 2013 at 11:19PM
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"All we can do is walk the road we are given with such dignity as we can muster, each to our own glory or demise, and pray that there yet remains something of our own hearts when all is said and done. By the Sunwell, I hope that there will remain something of mine." -Lor'themar Theron

I've played Alliance since vanilla World of Warcraft. Played every Alliance race, been there done that. What else is there for me to do? Raid, PvP, all the good old end game things, but I haven't done ever since the start, I have not taken the Horde side seriously. I've made maybe one alt, created him, and then never touched him after that. I was trying to figure out what to do, I was stuck in Stormwind, and thinking to myself, I need to do something different... Something more than what I am doing now. My guild raids here and there, and we pvp together, which is all fine and dandy, we are friends and all, but I'm missing what I need the most in a game, fun. Fresh air, something different. Why not switch sides? My favorite race has always been Blood Elves, I like their Lore, and just everything about them. I'm not even playing a Blood Elf Paladin, I actually made a Monk. I wanted to see the point of view from the Horde side.

I wanted to see what my server had to offer in terms of Horde. My server's ratio is basically 1:1. It goes from Med to Large from time to time. It's not as popular as say Proudmoore, or Tich, by any means, but we have a good server, and a lot of people are talkative on the official Skywall forums. A lot of good people on the Alliance I have made friends with, but all in all, I needed a change. It's not the end of my Alliance characters, but I am taking the Horde side very seriously. It's going to be fun starting all over again, new starting areas, etc etc. Plus, like I said before, I love my Blood Elves. I am hoping it will be just as fun as when I started my first Alliance character, back in Vanilla. A lot of things have changed since the beginning, but I am hoping for the same course for this side. Honestly, I've always been a Horde person, but my IRL buddies, and such play the Alliance, hence why I am Alliance to start off with. 

After dealing with games such as Neverwinter, Rift, Tera, and etc. I just went with WoW in the end, I've stated in previous blogs why, but just to sum it all up in a few words. It keeps me happy. Some people hate the game, which I can see why, but you know, it's all personal preference for me. Even though the games I have mentioned are now free-to-play I still can't get into them, I wish I knew why, but I prefer subscription over free to play games now. I used to be the opposite, but now I prefer to pay monthly for my game. I guess i'm not a cheap bastard anymore.

No game will be as good as World of Warcraft for me. People yawn and laugh when I say that, but you know... No game can come close to giving me the hours of fun WoW gives me. Neverwinter gave it a run for it's money, but since Perfect World runs in, and after all the bugs, I couldn't keep going. Sad day. In the end though, I sit on my computer, check twitter, and facebook, and eventually click on the World Of Warcraft Icon, and play, and play. I've learned to deal with the grind, with all the other stuff they have for you to do, besides questing/leveling, it keeps the game fresh. Professions was never really my thing, I have a level 90, who has like level one professions. I have learned from that, and I level my professions with the area I am, and continue to do, until I can go to the next area, and level it there. I grind my quests, and level my professions at the same time. It works out very well for me, and I don't get frustrated or bored with doing them.

I planned on writing a Rift free to play review, it's saved as a draft for now, I have been playing to much Horde to really work on it. I plan on finishing it, and releasing it here for you all to read, I think it is a very fair view on the game, and the free to play aspect of it. Besides that, I will keep writing about World Of Warcraft, and my new Horde adventures. It'll be fun, and It'll be fun writing for you all to read. Cheers!

"The beginning of wisdom is the statement 'I do not know.' The person who cannot make that statement is one who will never learn anything. And I have prided myself on my ability to learn" -Thrall

Blog #53 A Trend of Horrid Proportions

Posted by Limitations Monday July 8 2013 at 1:06AM
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Trends are everywhere in the world. Fashion, Music, Gaming, etc etc. We either follow them, or stray away from them. I've really focused on the bad free to play games/concepts lately, to let off some steam about them. I'm sort of getting tired of writing about it, but I feel like if I don't, i'll go crazy inside about my dislike about them, or how it's implemented into the game. I never like to list publishers that do the whole free to play forever thing, but there are some big names out there. Perfect  World, GPotatoe, and Gravity. They publish a lot of free to play games, that share the same shop "currency". My problem is, they do the same thing, over and over again. Either overprice items, or make the cash shop have gear, rather than cosmetics and etc. I remember back when Allods Online was first released. It was one of the bigger "wow clones". It was fun, a tad generic, but fun. I never really cared about the cash shop back then, but then I saw what they were selling, and how you could obtain those items in-game (Almost impossible). Since then, they have made some drastic changes to the cash shop, but a lot of players said "To late for us". It was late for me, when they made the changes, players like myself just moved on. I'm not sure how it is now, but from what I have heard, it's improved a lot, and the game still goes on with a solid player base. 

With American publishers, publishing a game that was not developed by them, is really annoying to me. In the sense that I know they don't have the power to change this or that right away, but I think some of them don't actually care. The American client is like three patches behind, due to translations and other things. I get that, but I would love more communication from them about what can we expect. Most answers people get are "Thanks! We will spread the word to them". Do they really? Because it seems to me, that the next few client builds will sometimes not address those issues. A lot of bugs that plague the game, don't get fixed for a long time, and remain until some players get to fed up with it.

My example of that would be Neverwinter Online. The game with SO much potential, a blockbuster hit, that was turned into a hate talk game. Because of the bugs, and imbalances, and the cash shop. I really adored that game, played it every day until my eyes gave in to the screen and wanted to sleep. As more people talked about it, the more I listened and paid attention, and really got annoyed with it all. Bots in PvP, afk people in dungeons, multiple bugs, and a horrible cash shop. Don't get me wrong I love the game, but after what happened, I really couldn't go back to that game. The new module I heard is scheduled for a later date, that brings a lot of changes, maybe i'll glance back at it, but not until more information is released about it.

Everybody has the right to be mad at something, I just wish mine were only a few problems, not a whole lot of problems. I'm not going to like everything in the game, I will dislike some aspects, but I don't want to be able to count on all my fingers the issues I have with the game. I don't need a perfect game, I play the games I like, and that settles it, but sometimes don't we all wish there was something better, or the game we play was a little better at this or that? I used to cycle through games like crazy, jumping from the next game within a few days. Because the first impressions never seemed to linger with me. I was enjoying the first couple of days, that sort of left a big impression on me. I now stick to a couple of games. Playing them all regularly and enjoying them a little at a time.

I've learned not to rush into games, play them until I pass out, it really ruins the next time I play it, I don't know why, it's just me maybe, but I can't really play a game for a long period of time, or i'll get sick of it. With that being said, I used to follow my own trend of cycling through games like a mad man. I told myself to STICK to a few games, and that will be it. I will try my best, and I've ended up enjoying the games I play a lot more now. Even though I have had a lot of free to play nightmares, I still enjoy the games I play, and that is what is important. I hope publishers will learn from better free to play models, and learn that those work better than their own. Who knows right? One can only hope! Cheers mates!

Blog #52 Welcome, One and All

Posted by Limitations Thursday July 4 2013 at 2:10PM
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Lately, I went re-subbed to World Of Warcraft, and I've enjoyed it a lot. Though, I've done a ton of raiding, ton of quests, and a TON of PvP, On Alliance side. Now, I'm switching to the dark side of the game, Horde. I have no idea, what race, or class I will be, but I am hoping this will keep the game's spark going. I'm usually playing Free to play games, and not paying a dime, now that i'm paying a monthly sub, the game suddenly means more to me. Odd eh? A lot of games have gone "Truly" free, like Aion, Tera, Rift, and more. They are really good games in their own aspects. I tend to dislike Rift more, because it really feels like a Generic mmo. My opinion of course, I couldn't get a hang of the game. I have a lot of problems with Free to play mmorpgs lately, and that's why I went to pay to play games. Publishers in particular seem to nickle and dime you for everything. Some cash shops are better than others, that just offer Cosmetics and other sort of things. Some games actually offer Gear, for PvP, raiding, etc. Not the average XP pot, or more drops pot. They will actually sell you gear. Which I despise beyond everything else. Daddy's credit card will make you amazing, with no effort put into the game. I just hate that.

Most games have a way of you to earn two types of currency. The actual in-game currency, and the cash shop currency. I like the idea a lot, but you will have to put a lot of effort into the game to actually buy some of the simple items. I think LOTRO implemented this game pretty well, where it's fairly easy to rack up TP points, to unlock areas. I think if you really enjoy the game, and do what you can do to earn TP points, you can unlock all the areas. I would personally just buy the expansion when you get to that point.

Now with all these AAA games going free to play, there are others who give you really bad restrictions. Limited chat, limited mail, limited this or that. You can explore the whole game, except you can't do this, or wear this, or do that, but everything else, you go ahead and play it. They got to make money some how right? Many games have the option of paying like 5 dollars, or a one time purchase of the currency to relieve you of the limits by a fair amount. Still, nothing compared to the actual sub account. Some games implement it well, some games don't. Either way, it's how the publisher seems fit to make money. Whether we like it or not, that's how they do it, and the players will either pay, or have some sort of restrictions to their account. Some people, don't care, some people will end of subbing, and that is their own choice. Most games that give me that option, I haven't subbed to, but have gotten pretty far into the game.

I've heard a lot about this new game Dragon's Prophet. It is in Open Beta, and the cash shop is already implemented, but the game seems to have a lot of bugs, and incomplete things. I could say the same thing about Neverwinter Online. They are in a "beta" I believe NWN:O Is officially live though. Most patches will either have bug fixes, or cash shop additions. I'm all for them making money, but I would like to see them release patches of just bug fixes, than "We added four more mounts, and four more costumes, Hurray!" Let's make you spend your money on a bug filled game? Not interested. Some people will do it, because they like and will support the game, fair deal, good for you. I give a lot of publishers a hard time, because most of them poorly implement the cash shop. Aion, Rift, and Tera do a really good job with the cash shop. From my understand you can buy "Entry" level raiding gear in Rift, i'm not sure if I can confirm that or not. Well, here's my rant for the day! Cheers!