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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #34 The Intelligence Of Gaming

Posted by Limitations Saturday July 17 2010 at 3:18AM
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Define Intelligence: The ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience. The last part, "Profit from experience". I wish more mmorpgs did that. In the free to play market, there has been a huge dispute on the Allods Online change. I used to play this game, and really enjoy it. The recent patch really changed a lot, and i am really disgusted with the changes that the game has been through. "But, Gpotato has no say in what happens". I sort of beg to differ. Indeed, they are just the publisher, but i am assured that they get a say, in the meeting "We shall make this game, 10x harder, and make the curse system". "Brillant, we will bring in loads of cash, and have some fun!". Did they realize, that they would lost a ton of players? I don't think so. Will i say it's pay to win? Techically it's not, but... I won't get into that for your sake, not mine. One of the most popular, if not most popular mmorpg is of course, World Of Warcraft. A game that did a lot of things right, even if you hate it, you must agree. So, of course, we can say... "Hey, lots of games are WoW copies". Well duh, if one thing suceeds, why not copy? It's like in school, if you don't get the test, you cheat off the smartest kid. Cheat was kind of a harsh word, i would say copy. My bad. Are we going to get a unique game? "Oh joy, there is sandbox games out!" I'd rather slit my sloat and listen to miley cyrus. I want to see a very unique game, i don't care if it's fantasy genre, where is the hope? We have good companies out there, we have smart people, we just can't really hit the spot for the gamers. It's hard. Games don't come cheap, but why not make it more... Unique? "Hey guys, let's make a free to play game, that looks like wow, feels like aion, and plays like lineage" Brillant, you have a game that is just a major copy. People will play it, but will they enjoy it? Some will, but i bet your ass, they will think this... "Hmm... This game seems very close to wow/aion/lineage". The method works, but we get tired of it. They have players, but some of us, like myself aren't just buying it. We find ourselves bored with the current market, and we find our intelligence lowered. Back when i played mmorpgs. i found them extremely fun. I didn't complain alot, but now i have a lot of build up, so i can complain about my experiences. I hope to play another mmorpg soon, but i don't think so. I am currently looking into playing some.

What i really want to see from our current market is something... That could potentially blow our minds. I don't want mindless grind, i want a sense of fun. "The fun factor" if you want too call it. I don't want the game to be a huge grind fest, to get gear, and some other stuff. We have the same quests, the same monsters. "Go here, collect this, go back". "Kill 10 goblins, and return". Oh, man... Do i love killing the goblins. Jeez, i can't get enough of them. If your a true nerd, you dream of mmorpgs, i have... I usually try to picture the great mmorpg that will change the market completely. I don't think there is such a thing as perfection, but i think something can come remotely close. I may be wrong, but i think there is some idea lurking in someone's head about to be released. Players have intelligence too. Players, well actually play... Developer's should really take input on the players. We play the game, we know what's wrong. In the game i play, (League Of Legends), i give huge input, on champion feedback, if their under-powered, or over-powered, what can be fixed, what can't be. Riot Games (The creators), actually listen, and are really smart. Why can't more people be like that. It's just in that nature, we have so much potential to help the dev's, it's not even funny. Of course, we want too put our input it, we play the game, we want to enjoy it as well. It's sort of a slap in the face, when they don't listen to us, don't you think? I have lots of reasons i don't play mmorpgs right now, mainly i am the enjoying the game i am playing. I will take suggestions, if you want me to play an mmorpg with you, just leave a comment, i am willing to try anything. I guess, i mean... Games could be a lot better, i am happy for people who enjoy their current games, and i am jealous of you. I hope your happiness continues, and i really hope i find mine. I really do, want to love an mmorpg again, it's just not happening right now. It's only a dream right now.

If you want to rant as well as i am, leave a comment, i promise to respond. I have been blogging for months now, and i have no plans to stop. I enjoy posting for you, and i hope you enjoy reading it. If you want me to try an mmorpg with you, (Pay-to-play, or free-to-play), it does not matter, i will try anything. I will give my input, and i may even play longer. If you want to play the game i am currently playing, sign up @ Season one just started, you can add me in-game, @ Joshthenewt. I will add you even if your level one, i do not care, and i'll throw some games with you :). I hope you enjoyed this rant/post. I will be posting around monday again.